Manhattan’s 6 GRE Online Adaptive Tests Review

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Manhattan Prep offers great preparatory material for the GRE exam – probably the best in the industry in terms of quality. Their 8 GRE study guides along with the Manhattan 5LB book are the best resources after the GRE official guides to study for the GRE exam. A few students studying for the GRE exam are aware that Manhattan offers 6 full-length adaptive tests for the GRE; worth $30 in total i.e. $5 per GRE mock test.

Given that there is a dearth of full-length GRE practice tests that are similar to the actual GRE tests, these 6 mocks are a welcome relief. That is not to say that these tests are like the actual level of the GRE exam, but they are clearly the best – and I would not hesitate to say this but they are much better on the quantitative sections than the 2 practice tests available in the power prep software.

What is great and not so great about the Manhattan GRE Practice tests?


Overall, the questions on the Manhattan GRE online adaptive practice tests are almost the same nature as the actual GRE – however the data interpretation and word problems are extremely hard and time consuming. In my experience, students generally score 2-4 points more on the actual test than they have scored on the Manhattan practice exams. The word problems are verbose and lengthy, which is a good thing because they over prepare you for the test. The only issue is that a few of the questions were not as tricky as the GRE but they were just long and required lengthy calculations.

A note about the computer adaptability: One observation is that Manhattan adapts in a different way than the actual GRE exam – the first section of the quant and verbal portions on the Manhattan tests are difficult than the actual GRE test’s first section. However if you do well on the first section of the Manhattan mocks the next section will be a little harder – but on the actual GRE once it adapts to a higher level, the next section gets really tough.


I feel Manhattan lacks here – many of the Text Completions and Sentence Equivalence are straightforward; they do require some thinking but the sentence structure is not that tough as the actual GRE. Moreover the vocabulary that you would see on the Manhattan full-length tests is not what you will see on the actual GRE. Except for a handful of passages, most of the Manhattan reading passages are easier than the actual GRE and the questions are also straightforward.

The text completions and the paragraphs may be long but not that convoluted or as artfully crafted as the actual GRE. I am surprised that Manhattan has not improved their GRE practice exams verbal section over time – they have not spent too much time updating their verbal content and writing better questions and complex sentences. Most of the questions are definitely helpful and won’t hurt your preparation.

What does this all mean? Well, the verbal section of the Manhattan online tests is not standardized. So sometimes you will get hard questions and very long passages while at other times you will get much easier stuff. So if you are looking for better verbal material then the best sources are the new and old GRE official guides along with the power prep mocks.


Well in short, the Manhattan practice tests are the best GRE practice tests after power prep exams and the paper based GRE tests at the end of the new and old GRE official guides. The quantitative is really up to the mark of the actual GRE and is a reliable measure of your performance. However the verbal section questions are not an imitation of the actual GRE verbal questions but they are still the best compared to other unofficial practice exams.

I collected data to determine a correlation between Manhattan scores and the actual GRE scores. For 736 students that I analyzed I saw a massive correlation between the scores. Over 80% of the students actually scored plus minus 3 points of their Manhattan scores. Manhattan does indeed predict your actual score well.

So should you buy these? Definitely. Practicing 6 adaptive tests will build your stamina of taking a grueling 4.5 hour-long exam. It will give you the confidence of sitting through a hard exam under difficult and stressful timed conditions. Moreover there are not many official tests to practice from and Manhattan has the best unofficial exams out there so it is better to practice these than not doing them. They are affordable and valued at only $30 so definitely worth your money.

Quantitative Overall: 9/10
Verbal Overall: 6/10



You can get the 6 practice tests for cheap!

1. Create an account in the Manhattan Prep Website. Here’s the link… (

2.Buy a kindle edition of any one of the 8 books (Costs approx $13 – $16) (you have to buy from the same mail id you have registered in manhattan) and then send the order confirmation mail to (


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    Great review sir.

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    Sir plz also post review of
    (1): Official GRE® Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions, Volume One
    (2):Official GRE® Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions, Volume One
    Sir I heard that Quantitative is much harder then powerprep in these books.

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      Sure 🙂

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        Thanx for your response Sir..

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          Hi Omer,,

          Thanks for the incisive analysis.
          Could you also comment on the quality of the Post Test analysis and the individual question analysis offered in these Tests?

          Prince S. Ali

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            Hello – that is pretty accurate.

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    Sir how can we judge our performance in AWA.I find a website ,want to ask you whether I use this site or not ??

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    Sir there is always an experimental section in gre apart from 2 Q and V sections…..Then which 2 are scored the two with better scores or what??

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      01. I scored 311 (v 153, q 158) in Manhattan paid test-02 and 314 (v 156,q 158) manhattan paid test-01 there and six days ago. My intended score is 310. Should I register for my GRE after one month??
      02. Is it possible to practice the manhattan 5 mock tests more than one time??

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        1) Yes you should register.
        2) yes you can retake them as many times as needed.

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    hi sir! HOW R U? plz guide me how to apply for GRE test?? website or application form?? and is there any choice of subjects in GRE test as we have in CSS paper?? and I m doing Masters in Education from Education University Lahore. what is the procedure of apply the GRE test without cost as i m enrolled with the university??? and I m in the last semester of M.A and I will get my Masters Degree in September 2015 inshaAllah can i apply for this scholarship??? plz reply

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      you can apply for this scholarship and to find out more about GRE you can go here: It costs 195 USD to take the GRE exam 🙂

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    How accurate are the kaplan and manhattan full legnth tests

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      Manahattan onces are but not the Kaplan ones.

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    From where in Islamabad can I buy Manhanttan GRE guide?

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      No idea. Generally these guides are available for over 20,000 PKR in original form.

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    Hello Sir! Is it possible to regive the tests.. Means if I have given 1st test then it is possible to repeat it.. Or I will have to complete all the 6 tests in one attempt.. Plz reply ASAP
    Thank you!

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      Hello Karan – yes it is.

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        Hello sir – I have started with the manhattan mocks. Gave 2 mocks recently. 1st mock test score 310(151V,159Q) 2nd mock test score 302(146v,156Q). 20 days are left for the real GRE. so sir is there any chances of improving the scores…any suggestions are appreciated. Waiting for your reply.Thank You!

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          Hello Karan – I really can’t say since I can’t evaluate you but focus on your weaknesses and work on those.

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    sir, which company has their verbal section test series similar to that of actual gre?

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      ETS Official guide and none other.

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    Sir, how can i purchase 6 manhattan practice test online? I’m not able to find the exact link to get them.

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    Hello, I have a question regarding the GRE practice test. I understand that we could get access to those 6 tests from purchasing any of the 8-book set that they have. However, I am also aware that they do provide 1 free full-length test for anyone to take. I was wondering if this one free test is included in the 6 test from the purchases, or if it is a different one which would mean we could get a total of 7 tests overall. Thank you.

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      Free test is part of the 6 tests.

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    hello sir
    I had to ask is the 2nd edition of Manhattan books allright instaed of 4th edition if I want to score high in Gre?
    My present cgpa is 3.89 and I plan to give gre in the first week of september 2016.

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      Hello Momina – well the 4th edition has some new questions so if you can get hold of it.

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        Ok thanks a lot Sir! Also can you guide me from where I should START my preparation? Should I first do ETS book and then the other books eg manhattan or the other way around?
        I dont know where to start.

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          You must start with Manhattan series.

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    hi is manhattan prediction accurate???
    I scored 318 316 and 318 in 3 test???

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      Yes Manhattan is pretty accurate.

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    Hi, I am not able to access Manhattan GRE 6 adaptive full length test, Although I have already bought for them. I can only see free practice test in student centre.

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      You can check with Manhattan regarding it 🙂

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    please, sir, can you tell me how can I reset the GRE 6 online exams on this site

    please I’m going to take the GRE Exam after 2 weeks

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      Hello – those cannot be reset 🙂

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      I need a clarification! Can the Manhattan GRE tests be reset after completing one cycle of all 6 tests? Here you say no but in the posts below you say otherwise.


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        Hello Lavanya, Yes you can reset them now.

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    hello,is there any way to take my manhattan 6 online exam 2nd time?i mean to say,after completing my full 6 online test,can i retake my exam??

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      Yes Nayan – you can retake them – just reset the practice mocks on the mocks homepage.

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    you can get the 6 practice tests for cheap!
    1. Create an account in the Manhattan Prep Website. Here’s the link… (
    2.Buy a kindle edition of any one of the 8 books (Costs approx 8-10 $) (you have to buy from the same mail id you have registered in manhattan) and then send the order confirmation mail to (

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      Thanks for sharing this valuable info!

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        How to buy kindle edition. Also if I buy 5lb paperback will I be able to access Practice Tests?
        As Online Resources of the book don’t include practice tests

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    A.o.a sir. Can the manhattan mocks be taken for the second time?

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      W.S. Yes they can be taken a second time but do note that you wont get new questions

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    Does the technique of buying amazon kindle book for accessing 6 test series still working ? Please let me know.

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      Yes it does work still from the U.S.

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    Dear Talha Umar

    I am going to prepare for the GRE test. I have completed the official guide and the Manhattan 8 books. I need the 6 online practice tests of Manhattan. It costs about 39 dollars. Is it possible to have it free, Please,

    Thank You

    Best regards

    M. UMAR

    • Avatar

      Hello, You can email Manhattan to check if they can offer it for free. They do sometimes give out coupons etc. Maybe you get lucky!

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        Hello I just got a kindle book and I have mailed the confirmation mail I got from amazon to manhattan. But the 6 online practice test is still showing the 39$ buy option. Apparently its still locked. How do I go about this?

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          Hello – you will have to email Manhattan help center…..they will sort it out…

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          I am also facing the same issue.Purchased a kindle version of Data Interpretation guide on amazon and mailed the order confirmation to are not yet activated

          • Avatar

            Kindly contact Manhattan by phone then!

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    Should be the latest edition in order to access their online mock tests?
    For example I found 1st or second edition cheaper than 4 edition.

    • Avatar

      Yes should be the latest edition

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    Manhattan has recently updated their policy on giving tests on a purchase of their books. You get one test per book. Also the
    Manhattan tests are not 4.5 hours. They do not offer the experimental section, its a shame. Also, they have updated their price for tests to 49$ but have the same low level of verbal.

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    Is the kindle trick for buying 6 mocks still working?

    • Avatar

      Haven’t checked it in a while but you can see if it does

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    Hello Sir,
    I wanted a clarification with respect to the resetting of the test series.
    Will I be able to reset the tests even before completing all the 6 full length tests ?

    • Avatar

      Hello – Nope – only after completing all 6 tests!

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    Hi Talha,
    Great web site. It’s really helpful. I always use your blogs and Magoosh for reviews
    One question
    If Manhattan verbal is not like ETS GRE(especially it the TB and SE relies too much on obscure vocabulary than sentence complexity) what should we use for verbal practice tests?
    I know Manhattan is the best in quant?
    However, ironically even for verbal I can’t find better verbal practice tests.( I looked at Barron’s and Princeton review)
    I’m scoring around 156 for verbal. I want to improve 4 to 7 points in one month.

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    Hello sir,Thank you for wonderful article,
    I have decided to give GRE and took one Manhatten mock test before starting the preparation.. I got 159 in quant and 149 in verbal. Are they good scores with avg profile. What is the method to improve? Please help me out.

    • Avatar

      Hello – the scores competitiveness depends on the programs where you want to apply to. For tech/eng they are below avg for others they are average or above average. Go with ETS guides and Manhattan material

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    In Manhatten mock test I see they always show verbal score plus 5/6. For example: In a mock test verbal section, I have corrected 15 question out of 40. But Manhatten is showing verbal score is 152. But I think it should be 145. No?

    • Avatar

      Yeah the verbal scoring algorithm might be a bit off but the level of questions is nearly the same as that of ETS.

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    Hi talha, I recently saw your video on your experience with the quant section in the actual gre. I wanted to ask, do the Manhattan mocks still mimic the actual GRE? And you mentions there were lots of questions on Venn diagrams. We’re they like the standard overlapping sets problems. Can you elaborate on this a little. Thank you!

    • Avatar

      Hello – I still feel that Manhattan is the closest to the real GRE although not a 100%. Yes they were 3-4 questions on double venn and 1 question on a triple venn diagram.

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