LUMS MBA or EMBA: Which is Worth More?

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There are certain differences and similarities between the LUMS MBA and EMBA programs. Let’s list a few first before seeing which one is more value for money.

– You can finish the LUMS EMBA in approximately the same amount of time as the regular MBA even though LUMS conducts EMBA classes only on weekends.

– At LUMS, EMBA students are primarily above 30 years old whereas at MBA students are around 25 years old. LUMS places stricter work experience requirements for EMBA applicants.

– The good thing is that for an EMBA program, you don’t have to quit your job.

– An EMBA is a toned down version of an MBA and it is far less rigorous than an EMBA.

While MBA program at LUMS strives to prepare students for executive level management positions, the EMBA program prepares students for upper management and C level positions. Now let’s discuss in detail that which program is a better value for money and time in the video below.

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