LUMS MBA Fees and Costs 2015

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LUMS MBA program is a premier MBA program in Pakistan and has been ranked as the top MBA program in Pakistan by HEC. It is also amongst the top 500 Business programs in the world. LUMS MBA graduates normally find high paying jobs at top organizations even before graduating with starting salaries ranging from 90,000 PKR to 500,000 PKR for those hired by top firms like McKinsey consulting. Hence it is expected that LUMS would be an expensive university to get an MBA.

The total cost of studying at LUMS for a two year MBA program can range from 1.5 to 2 million PKR. Here are the estimated costs of LUMS MBA for the year 2014 and 2015.

Tuition Fees: Rs. 642,000 (321,000 per semester)
Admission Fees: Rs. 64,500 one time
Other Fees: Rs. 65,450 one time and includes reading material etc.
Registration Fees: Rs. 17,500 per semester
Refundable security deposit: Rs. 15,000
Hostel Charges: 26,250 per semester
Hostel Registration Fee: 1,600 per year
Hostel Security: 13,000 one time refundable charge
Laundry: 3,000 per semester

The living expenses vary depending on your living standards and the number of dependents you may have. You must plan for increases in tuition and fees for each year of enrollment since costs may vary without prior notice. If you have dependents then you will incur approximately 40% additional expenses.


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    Sir can you publish cost of graduate studies in USA for pakistani students including visa costs..

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      It ranges from 40K to 80K USD depending on the university 🙂

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        Thanks Dir for your reply.What is the cost of visa if someone is offered fellowship with fee waiver.And in this case bank statement is required or not?

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          around 40,000 for visa and processing. No bank statement in case of full waiver

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            Thanx Sir for your reply.Sir I am intended to do MS Petroleum with BS Mechanical.Most of universities(approx all) accept that cases as core courses are almost same.What you think will it be a problem for FullBright Scholarship or not??

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    Sir,i want to ask about reccomwendation letter,because i am not cleared regarding this can u plz help me out on this isue?!

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    Pls confirm the total number of semister of MBA from LUMS

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      4 semesters for LUMS MBA program.

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    respected sir. if someone have no experience so is he can successfully get admission in LUMS MBA?

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      Without experience it is nearly impossible.

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        What kind of work experience ? In an organization or can be in local factories or managing a boutique is also acceptable?

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          Any kind of experience where you actually learn some business, management etc.

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    Hi Sir,

    I did ACCA from LSBF London in 2012 & also have a 2.2 in applied accounting from oxford brooks. Since 2012 i have been working as an accountant in one of the SME importers in UK. I have gained thorough understanding of accounts and management reports.Do you think i can easily gain admission in lums? If yes then does this assures a good future in Pakistan? I am already 29 years old and really stressed out. I cant stay in Uk because my Visa is coming to an end.please share your valuable opinion.

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      Hey Kamran – well rare to see someone at 29 get into LUMS MBA – they generally recommend people around that age to go for EMBA.

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    i have passed b com hons i want ms plz guide me

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      What guidance do you need Inam?

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        after hons mba is 1.5 years?

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    Hi Talha,

    I would really appreciate it if you could give me an advice. I am an ACCA member and have been associated with auditing and accounting all my career. An MBA from LUMS appeals to me, but is it really worth it to pause my career for 2 years and also risk starting afresh in a relatively newer field? I would like to stay in accounting/auditing or perhaps Islamic finance, but again, I am not sure if an MBA from LUMS is the best choice for the said field. Thank you.

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      Well Hammad – an MBA for a specialists such as you would not help much since you want to stick into your field. I would suggest, a better degree would be a specialized masters in accounting. An MBA makes you a generalist not a specialist.

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    what is the GMAT specified book for preparation ?

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      GMAT official guide is a great book to prepare from.

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    Hi Sir, can a call center job experience be counted an appropriate work experience to apply?

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    sir please tell me that total number of gmat and about loan or scholarship?

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      There are no scholarships. Only loans

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    Please share no. Of semesters for MBA course for undergraduate students.

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    is there any programe for 2 years???
    or only sixteen years education is compulsory for MBA????

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    Hey !
    My gud Name is Umer Qayyum . Iwant to know That LUMS Offered MBA , if the student Pass The Degree of BA in General Subjects.
    Futhur Know about the Total Fees Of MBA after BA 🙂

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      Hello Umer – LUMS offers MBA admissions after 16 years of education and 1+ years of work experience – Total cost is 2.5 million

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    Sir i want to ask that what we should do for getting admission in mba after 2 year

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      WAS – For MBA at LUMS you need 16 years of education

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    What is better
    Ca or lums mba
    After graduation

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      Both are equally good and depend on what you want to do in the future (of course your interests too)

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    Is there any scholorship for MBA Programme?

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      There is an MCB loan given out to LUMS students

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    A.O.A …SIR I didn”t get that ..what do u mean (after 16 years of education):o

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    If someone have Bsc science 2 years second division and MA Economics private 3rd division total 16 years educarion with very sound companies work experience eligible for 2 years MBA or EMBA ?

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    Hi Talha, how can we connect you on social media?? thanks

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    Hello Talha,

    In your opinion what is ROI for LUMS MBA? and can you compare LSE MBA with LUMS?

    Thank you!

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      Hello Junaid – I would say the ROI is 2-3 years easily for LUMS – I cannot vouch for IBA since I haven’t had much experience dealing with IBA admissions and graduates but I must say that LUMS is number 1 by far when it comes to MBA!

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    What is the approximate cost for EMBA at LUMS.

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    After mcom how many semester required for mba?

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    Aoa sir ,, i want to know i did and now which course should i need to do to get admission in MbA in LUMS

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    ONE more thing i want to know am in china now doing some work can i do private BA OR B.SC to get admission in lums in future

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      No you cannot do private degrees to get into LUMS

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    Hi sir is there any schoolarship for MBA? If yes then how can i get like i cant offord 1.5 millions

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    I have completed my bachelor’s in accounting and finance with 3 CGPA can I get direct admission for MBA without work experience
    If no than which university among the top in Pakistan would give direct admissions without work experience

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      Hello – Other than LUMS and IBA all programs can give you admission without work experience.

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    how much work time is required for do MBA from LUMS

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    Do we need GRE subject test or GRE general for admission in Executive MBA. and GMAT is better or GRE

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      GRE general – both are equally acceptable

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    Thanks Talha
    Can we get equal opportunities after EMBA and MBA from LUMS. do they differ in curriculum

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      Hello – they differ greatly in curriculum as well as opportunities

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    Hi Talha,
    I have BS(CS) and MS(CS) degree and also work experience of 3 years as a senior software engineer and one and a half year as a entrepreneur.
    GRE-307 and GMAT-560
    Can I get admission in LUMS MBA?
    Also tell me that can one work while doing MBA at LUMS or no?
    Also answer my second question that can i get into EMBA?

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      Hello Ali, Yes you have good chances for LUMS MBA – but you cannot work while doing MBA – EMBA is not an option in your case – it requires at least 6 yrs of work experience.

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    sir Please tell me that i am a chemical eng. from can i get admission in lumbs mba

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      For LUMS MBA you need 2+ years of work experience with a 310+ GRE or 600+ GMAT.

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    Hello Sir. I have completed my bba from IBA university. I am 22 years. I have 2 three months (six month in total though different jobs) job experience. My exams were held in feb so can i apply for mba in lums in april? I have also completed interior designing and photogrophy diploma from karachi university of arts. And event management and buisness communication diploma from indus valley school of arts. I live in karachi and i want to apply to lums. Will they accept me?? How can i better my chances o getting into Lums?

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      LUMS MBA requires full-time work experience after graduation. Although you can apply with internships but chances of admissions will be very low. You must work for 2 years now before applying in order to improve chances.

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    Hello Talha! I am an electronics engineer in air force with CGPA of 2.38 in BE from NUST . have 22 years of job experience. have done masters in Computer Engineering from UET Taxila with 3.85 CGPA. can I get admission in MBA/EMBA at LUMS. ? how to do you compare the opportunities after MBA/EMBA. are there options of interest free loans? or scholarships?

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      Hello, Well with such a vast experience LUMS EMBA will be more suited to your needs – well honestly MBA is more apt than EMBA when it comes to better opportunities but in your case LUMS might not take you in their regular MBA program because of your experience. However EMBA also does provide with alternative careers.

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        thanks Talha

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    Hello! Is the high cost of LUMS MBA justified? Don’t you think that with this amount of money one can pursue MBA abroad …..

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      Hello. If you want to stay in Pakistan then LUMS MBA cost is justified. MBA from abroad has no recognition in Pakistan unless it is from a top 5 global program.

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    hello sir. does LUMS offer MBA in marketing ??

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