LUMS MBA Admissions Criteria and Requirements

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The Higher Education Commission in Pakistan has ranked the LUMS MBA program as the best in the nation. LUMS MBA comes under Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) and is a rigorous two year full time program that cannot be as part time or with a job etc. Over the past decade LUMS has produced the best and the brightest business and corporate leaders – one of the reasons is their non-traditional teaching technique, namely the case method. These cases are based on real world practical problems and encourage class participation.

In my experience LUMS wants applicants who have a variety of skills, accomplishments and aspirations. This year (in 2014) LUMS admitted 86 students from thousands of applications all across Pakistan. This gives an idea of the level of competition for the LUMS MBA program. Here is the admissions criteria and mandatory requirements that one must fulfill while applying to the MBA program at LUMS.

LUMS MBA Admissions Criteria

A 4-year undergraduate degree or its equivalent
A 4 year degree program at an accredited Pakistani or foreign university is mandatory for LUMS MBA admissions. Applicants who have a bachelor’s degree of less than four years will have to submit equivalence certificate from the HEC.

GMAT Test Results

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a prerequisite for admission to LUMS MBA program. Previously LUMS used to conduct the LMAT exam which is no longer valid – every LUMS MBA applicant must take the GMAT exam in order to qualify for admissions to LUMS.

Work Experience

Although LUMS clearly states on its website that work experience is not mandatory for admissions to LUMS, however in my observation, it does prefer students with some full time work experience. In fact the LUMS MBA program is designed for students having some work experience, therefore one must seek some work before applying.

Two recommendation letters

In order to apply for the MBA program at LUMS, you will need to submit two reference letters from professional who have worked with you. Ideally one recommendation should come from a current or recent employer and another from a professor who knows your work.


After you submit the online application along with all the documents to LUMS MBA program, you will then be shortlisted for an interview. The interview is mandatory and part of the admissions process – it is a positive indicator but not a guarantee of admission to the LUMS MBA program. Interviews are scheduled on the LUMS campus always and there is no fixed format or timing for it. Interviews can last from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and are conducted by a group of professors and MBA Admissions Board member who have reviewed your application.


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    AOA. I wanted to ask that whats the criteria for doing MS in Economics from Lums??? whats its test called and what will be the documents required??

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      WAS.Hi Sarah, For MS in economics please go here:

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        Respected sir
        I want to know am I eligible for lums MBA program
        My status is
        Metric 69%, Fsc 46% ,bcom(2 year) 3.5 GPA
        And I am CA final passed and did articles for 3.5years I also want to know those articles counts toward my work experience for the eligibity of LUMS mba.?

        Kindly suggest me



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          Hello. LUMS MBA needs 4 years undergrad

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            Sir can we do BBA from lums? What is the qualification required? Can we do it after intermediate?

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            Yes you can do it.

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            What is criteria for MBA ? For the students who passed 2years ??

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            4 years Bachelors with 2-3 years work experience and 600+ GMAT

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            I am doing pharm.d from university of Punjab. I want to do MBA after my graduation. Please tell me the procedure and do tel me fee structure .

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            Hello – you can check details from here:

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            Sir I have done intermediate FSC with pre medical
            Now what will be the next procedure

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            Details can be found here:

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          Sir i have 2 As 1B 6 Cs in olevels
          I have given 1st year of As level
          Currently also preparing for SAT
          What is the minimum score for me to get admission in LUMs
          And what will be total epxense in a year if i go for Marketing and finance

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            1300+ is a safe score. The program will cost you around 2.5-3 million in total

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        Hello sir which qualification is required for taking admission in mba finance sir i have pass fsc in pre eng sir what i have do now ?

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            i wanted to take admission in mba finace i have pass bsc in double maths,statistics what i have do now?

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            take the GRE or the GMAT exam and gain 2-3 years of work experience.

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            hello sir.
            is ACCA Qualified with 2 years of working Experience Eligible to take Admission in MBA? No Degree just Inter And ACCA Qualified?

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            Hello, Yes it does as long as you have 16 years of complete education!

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            Hello sir which required for cgpa in Mba Taking adsmission

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            anything above 2.5 is fine.

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        AOA ,sir im doing bba right now and my question is what minimum cgpa is required to apply for Mba in lums? and what other things are required?

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          WS – 2+ GPA, Work experience of 2+ years, 600+ GMAT

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            hi sir What kind of Work Experience do you guys require for MBA SIMPLE and MBA Executive?

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            Any type of experience works

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            I’m BSC (Hons) IT. Degree holder from Bahrain..My Gpa is 2.44 so m I eligible for MBA OR MIT in LUMS ?

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            Hello – yes you are eligible!

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        hi sir i did it 2years and i want to do MBA and master in HRM

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        Hey i have done engineering with a 2.4 gpa. Have you ever seen students with 2+ gpa getting into lums? Should i expect lums to consider me? If so, how can i make my profile strong?
        I dont want to get my hopes up if there is no chance.

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          Hello – Yes students do get into LUMS with lesser GPAs like yours. Work experience and a good GMAT score matter a lot for LUMS! GMAT score in the range of 600s and 1-2 years of work experience after engineering.

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            Sir with a 2.38 CGPA in bachelors can one apply with 5 year good work experience and a good GMAT score what are the chances?

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            Definitely chances will be very high

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        Hello sir .ii want to know that for MBA what are the requirements. Like my olevels and fsc had 60% marks and I’m currently doing Bba ? And another question is that if I want to transfer to lums for bba .what is the procedure and requirements. Can I transfer with 60% marks in olevels and fsc .please help me

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          Hello – Transfer is not allowed by LUMS. MBA requirements can be found in the article above.

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        hello Sir,
        i have scored 55% marks in FSc .
        can i apply for BBA,

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          Yes you can!

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            I have scored 52% in i. Com
            BBA cgpa. 3.2
            Wor experience 1 year
            Can i apply MBA executive

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            Nope – MBA executive needs 5 years of experience

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        Hy I have Oxford brookes graduate degree it’s 4 year degree but I got it through ACCA route
        And also I have equivalency from HEC they given me 16 year education please tell me am I eligible for mba programme? ?

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        AOA sir i did in 2014 with 79.50% marks, after this i did with 65% marks, now i am studying in CA I have passed 5 papers of CA plz tell me that am I eligile for taking admission in MBA finance with 100% or lessor scholarship plz reply

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          Yes you are eligible.

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            Helo sir . I have passed my fsc in madical by 57 % what can i do now for addmition in mba. Plz guide me.

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            For MBA you need to have 16 years of education. Thanks

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        I am doing bsc in business management from Roots University Islamabad. It is a 3 years programme. I intend taking admission in MBA at LUMS. Would I be eligible for that?
        Rafea Ahtisham

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          Yes Rafea, you will be eligible for it.

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      Hello Sir I had completed BBA from QAU and now i am preparing myself for GMAT and got 400 score in Mock test and I have no experience . Kindly guide me I make prepare myslef for GMAT or take admission in QAU

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        Hello Naeem – for GMAT you must refer to GMAT Manhattan books and the GMAT official guides. They will prepare you well

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      Hello Sir, I am an o’level student and I am planning to do M.B.A from LUMS after a’level and graduation. Is that possible?

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        Yes after graduation it is possible!

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    Sir I am a student of paf-kiet doing bba . this is my last semester ..I want to do MBA from lums …my question is does cgpa is important ?

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      Hello,Yup it is important part of the application process 🙂

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        How much cgpa we should have in our four year degree

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        Hello Dear Sir
        . Kia Him Ky bad .M.A Lums Sy Kar skty Hy…..

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          Hello Nope.For LUMS you need 4 years undergrad.

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    sir my profile is somewhat like this 3.5cgpa bba from a reputed university..almost 8 months experience in a renowned bank..610 in gmat…3 internships in leading multinationals…do you think it serves as an overall good profile fr the mba programme?

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    sir kia b com ke bad lums me admission mil skta he

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      Only after 16 years of education.

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        Aoa sir can i apply form MBA program in LUMS by giving GRE Exam and having 71% marks in BBA Hons

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    sir, i have done 2 years and then 2 years mba. no work experience. what are my chances of getting admission and how much score will be good in gmat?

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      With work experience chances are next to none. At least an year of experience with a 600+ on GMAT will help you get in inshAllah

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    sir i’m doing bba ,my cgp is about 3.5, i want mba from lums .
    test will be conducted or only interview for seeking admision in mba ?
    if test, what are the subjects from whome the test will be conducted?

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    hi, i have completed my certification from icmap. i am acma qualified and serving as a government job in 17 scale as assistant manager. am i eligible for mba in lums because i just want to test my knowledge from lums mba as compared to professional studies therefore i want to get admission in lums…

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      Yes you are – you will just have to give the GMAT exam now.

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        I did associate degree of 2 years so after this can I get admission in MBA? I have also work experience

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    sir kia bsc ke bad mba me admission mil sakta he

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      Yes of course but after work experience.

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    sir how many marks requiried in for admision in mba

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    i am a indian…can i get admission??

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    I hv two years degree. I want to get admission in MBA at lums. So is there any kind of opportunity to get admission. Bcoz two years is recognised by HEC.

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      LUMS does not admit students with a 2 year degree – they require a 4 year degree, a GMAT score and some work experience.

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        Hello, hope y you are doing well. I want to share my profile with you for getting admission in mba. I am acca qualified and done bsc in applied accounting 3 years program. That was awarded degree by acca. I also done msc in accounting and finance from uk. My percentage was quite low it was 55% and i also have 1 and half years experience in small accounting firm in uk. Do u think i have chances to get addmission as my marks were quite low in msc. Waiting for your response. Thanks

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          Chances depend on your quality of work experience and GMAT score!

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          Aoa sir . Can i do mba after acca ?

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    sir why no admission after in lums mba degree proggram

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    Sir kia fsc k bad MBA m admission ley sakhtey h kia lums m ….

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      MBA after Bachelors.

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        can i do MBA after BA with English, sociology, Education subjects.

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    sir plz tell me k BS engineering k bad MBA kr saktey hn lums se?

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      Yes but with some work experience.

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    slam, sir i have a 2 years degree and work exp, ov more than 2 years……. and as u say it requires a 4 year degree to seek admission at lums… so what would u suggest in my case……..

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      WAS – Do a 2 year masters degree before applying.

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    sir I have done master in English and foundation in CA, now an educator in education department for 3 years, am I eligible if leave the job. plz guide

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    sir I have done master in English and foundation in CA, now an educator in education department for 3 years, am I eligible if leave the job. plz guide plz

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    After b.a 2 years we can study in lums

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      You need 16 years of education for LUMS MBA

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    Sir cpgpa 2 in bba with 1 year exp in private organization can i get admission if scoring 600 gmat score

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      16 years of education is mandatory.

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    Hey I think its great your still replying to people even though this post is pretty old. I’ve just finished my Bachelors in computer science and I’ve been doing a bit of research.

    I have 6 months of experience working in a professional environment. And probably around 2 years if you count the free lance work I’ve done. Though I plan to bring it up to 1 year of experience. I need to know a few things.

    1) My cgpa is 2.6. What are my chances of getting in?
    2) I’m starting prep for GMAT right now, what will be an ideal score for Lums to even consider taking me.
    3) Admissions for Lums start in september 2015 . I think. Am I right about that? Can you give me some sort of timeline? When do I apply? If I work for 6 months till around March 2016 can I apply then or will it not matter in the general scheme of things?
    4) When should I start applying?

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      1) GPA is one factor but you can make up for it with a good GMAT score of 650+
      2) 600+ for LUMS
      3) In Jan/Feb 2016 the LUMS admissions are due
      4) Jan/Feb 2016

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        Hey thanks for taking time out to reply. My gmat diagnostic was 540. I have a long way to go. Hopefully I can make to 600

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          Not a long way really 🙂 inshAllah with consistent effort in a months time you will be all set.

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    Respected sir,

    Can we done MBA from LUMS after completing Masters in Economics and have sufficient work experience.

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    Sir, I have done bachlor in engineering with 73%.currently I am working in professional field to gain some work experience .what should be best score for me in gmat to get ticket of shortlisted canidates for lums. Also suggest me smart ways for gmat preparation.

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      600+ would be a decent score for LUMS MBA with a year or two of work experience.

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        sir is it necessary to have a work experience of 1 or 2 years after graduation…I am engineering graduate

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    Sir i am student of hons i want to take admission in m.b.a. please give me complete information .i have also 2 year experiance

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      You need to give the GMAT exam to apply to LUMS and also get some work experience along with a 4 year degree.

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    Sir i cant fullfill on lums matric criteria but if i fullfill the intermediate criteria .did i able to apply for bsc {accounting and finance}
    if not tell me the pathway to get admission.

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      Yes you can after you give your SAT exams

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    Sir please tell me since i have done bachwlors in engineering with 2.9 am i eligible for lums mba? What is the target score to garranty my admission? Plus iam currently my family business dows it coun as work experience?

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      Sir please reply regarding wiork experience .

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        At least one year of full time post graduate work experience is required for LUMS!

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      Yes you can apply – family business counts as experience and GMAT score of 600+ would be needed.

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        even if family buisness is not related to your bachelors degree does it count? plus gmat score of 600+ can be achieved if we do the preparation by ourself without any academy ?

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          Yes it does count. Any score can be achieved without going to any academy!

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    Ive a cgpa of 2.26 in engineering uni. uet taxila
    i have 1 year work experience in a big power sector.
    i have good grades in fsc (930) and o levels (5As)
    what are my chances of getting into LUMS?

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      Chances are good – work hard on your apps and apply 🙂

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    sir i do bba from agriculture university faisalabad with cgpa 3.7…is there any chances for mba admission in LUMS??????PLZZZ TELL

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      Yes if you have 1-2 years of work experience.

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    sir . bba ma katny cgpa hona zarory hota ha . for MBA .

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      minimum 2.0

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        Sir i have passed my matric. In 2002 with 79% marks. Fsc in 2005 with 60% marks. Bsc (hons) with 3.17/4.00 Cgpa.
        With four years of work experience.
        I want to apply for mba in lums. Am i eligible for this program

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    I have done simple BA from Punjab University. I have 6 plus years of professional experience in an MNC, am i eligible to apply for a LUMS MBA??

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      Yes you can apply for LUMS but you have to first give your GMAT exam 🙂

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    Sir, I had completed my ACCA and has been awarded the degreee or BSc applied accounting from Oxford Brooks University London which is recognized with full credit hours by HEC and is now working in UAE . I want to know can I get admmision in MBA program and what are the chances of getting admitted

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      Hello Jawad, Chances depend on many factors including the GMAT scores. If you score something around 600-650 and have good quality work experience then LUMS is certainly a great option 🙂

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    sir can i get admission in mba i hace done mba 3.5years from superior with 3.5 cgpa,currently i am working in sefam pvt ltd for more than 3 years ? I actually have 53% and 55% marks in fsc engg and simultaniously.

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      Yes of course you can – just give your GMAT exam and try to score something above 600.

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        Is the work experience for mba admission is compulsory?
        If yes than is the teching profesion exceptable?

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          Hello – It is highly recommended but not compulsory. Teaching is also considered as experience but not preferred though. Business or professional experience is advisable.

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    I am doing want to do mba..plz tell me what is the criteria or merit of mba?…

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      LUMS looks at your overall profile and not just a single criteria – they look at your work experience, UG degree/GPA, your GMAT scores and your quality of work experience.

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    Can a person do mba from lums after mcom?

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      Yes if it is equivalent to HEC recognized 16 years of education.

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        Hi sir
        I am from Canada and finidhed my undergrad (4yrs) from a Canaduan University. I have more than 2 yrs of work experience and still working. I have dual nationality. My GMAT score is 590. Am I eligible for admission? Is my GAMAT score is enough to secure a seat? Please let me know. Thanks

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          Hey Mishaal – i think you are definitely a strong candidate for LUMS – just apply.

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        Hello sir
        Thanks for responding to my question. I have another question. I finished my undergrad (4yrs) from a famous Canadian University (McMaster). Do I still need to get equivalence certificate from HEC?

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    my cgpa is 2.8 and i am currently doing bba from ucp is there anychances to get admision in lums

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      Without work experience it is not possible

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    Sir plzzz tell me about next date of gmat test and how much score is required in gmat for apply in lums.kindly tellme

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      GMAT for LUMS is 4th Feb for round 1. You can take GMAT at anytime of the year you want.

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        sir i done M.COM from ucp with the cgpa 2.42 can i get admission in MBA lums???? plzzzzzz reply

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          Yes but after 2-3 years of work experience and a 600+ on GMAT

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    Sir I have two C grades in my academic career, one in matriculation and other in bachelors while i have a 3.5 year MBA with 3.55 cgpa. Will those C grades afftec my chances for admission in lums?

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      Definitely C grades will effect your admission chances if those C’s are in relevant and important courses.

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    Sir I have passed B.A
    And after that I am studying BSCS ,my last semester is going on, very soon I’ll get my bscs degree(4 year degree)
    Now my question is that Am I eligible for MBA in lums or not.

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      WAS – LUMS MBA requires a GMAT and 2-3 years of work experience. Do you have that?

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    I have a GPA of 3.5 from a top ranked university of Pakistan, and about 2 years of work experience, one of it was as a consultant in one of big 4 global accounting firms. The issue is my GMAT score is an abysmal 560. Can this profile land me in LUMS MBA?

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      Hi Ahmed – you might get in on the basis of your experience.

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    Hello brother, I am a CA PAK final student and doing articles from one of the big four accounting firms (E&Y). I worked on 3 big clients so far (2 years) in Audit and Advisory departments. I know nothing about LUMS MBA and its test except that its some serious shit. I am planning on to do MBA but have lot of questions, like: 1. Do you think MBA is better than CA? I mean in terms of monetary rewards/remuneration packages that they grab. 2. I have also heard about IBA’s MBA..which one is better option? 3. This training that I am doing is called Articleship/sort of internship in CA…do you think it fulfills the criteria of work experience that LUMS demands or intead they ask for experience after completing a particular degree, which would be CA in my case? 4. And I have heard very much about LUMS fee structure. Do they have merit-based scholarships? If they do what kind of merit one should expect? 5. In your experience do you think my resume will attract the panel’s attention? And that should I join GMAT preparation academy or ,as I am pretty good in Accounts and Auditing, just give the bloody test??? My educational background is something like this: Matriculation=93%, F.Sc=80% and now CA Finalist/CFAP level. waiting for your reply. Thanks

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      LUMS MBA is the best if you want to stay in PK. MBA is one of the best degrees in terms of long term monetary outlook. As long as your work experience is after the 3 year acca degree it will help. They only give loans that you have to pay back in conjunction with MCB. GMAT and 2-3 years of work experience is just that attracts them. Without prep GMAT is impossible to give so prepare for 2-3 months.

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    sir i have done with 60 percent marks can i get into lums?what gmat score is required for admisssion?

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      650+ with 2-3 years of work experience.

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        Can I do bba and then mba from lums after fsc in medical ? And whats the merit for bba in lums ?

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    Assalam o alaikum sir for mba which is the best option between or bba honour tell me

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      WAS – BBA makes more relevance.

  42. Avatar

    Would a 3+ CGPA, one year work experience and 600 GMAT score be strong enough?

    • Avatar

      Yes definitely. It is a decent profile for LUMS

  43. Avatar

    Assalam o alaikum I want to ask something about MBA from lums uni I have done Bsc double math physics in 2014 annual Kia Mn MBA Kr skta hu lums se or iski date Kya hai or.criteria

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      WAS yes you can if you have 600+ on GMAT and 2-3 years of work experience.

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    Aoa sir, I did BBA (Hons.) with a 3.67 CGPA and I’m preparing for my GMAT exam. I don’t have any work experience. Is it important? Moreover, what is the minimum score required for GMAT? Can you kindly give any tips for the GMAT exam?

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      WAS – Work experience for LUMS is super important – 600+ with 2-3 years of experience will get you in. For GMAT just follow the official guides and the Manhattan guides.

  45. Avatar

    sir, what percentage should be in fsc that we can apply for lums

  46. Avatar

    sir i hav done bs physics with 70 percent marks…sir what would b the enough score in gmat…and sir u almost says work exp nom as i m science student..what type of work exp should i hav pl guide…

    • Avatar

      650+ would be a good score on GMAT. Any kind of industry experience will help

  47. Avatar

    Sir What would be total fees of MBA 2 Years ?? and Is there any Kind of Scholarship ??

    • Avatar

      2.5 million PKR – loans are available at LUMS for MBA

  48. Avatar


    Sir i did two years graduation in from Punjab university but i have 8 years professional experience can i do MBA from lums if cant then any suggestion


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      WAS Yes you can – but you should apply for EMBA as you have lots of work experience.

  49. Avatar

    Dear All,

    I want to inquire that does LUMS accept ACCA members in its regular MBA program.
    My current status is mentioned below.
    ACCA affiliate
    3 yrs plus working experience ( gained during qualification )
    B.Com graduate from University of Karachi with 2nd division
    Able to claim M.Com equivalency from University of Karachi as per HEC rules

    Please guide.

    Syed Maaz

    • Avatar

      Yes they do – GMAT 600+ and you will be all set.

      • Avatar

        Slm Talha sir. 14 yrs education k bad MBA kr skty hn Kia Lums se..? Plz, I need guide sir..!

        • Avatar

          WAS Aslam, nope, you need 16 years of education for LUMS mba.

  50. Avatar

    Respected sir i want to take admission in economics (2.5 years) in LUMS. Plzz sir tell me how many score of GRE are required to take admission.

  51. Avatar

    I’ve done B.A economics ( 2 yrs) and M.A economics (2yrs) from university of Sindh with 2nd division. I’ve 3 year experience of auditor in my father’s firm. He is income tax associate. Presently, I m in hyderabad to search best place for GMAT preparation.

    • Avatar

      Well there is no good place for GMAT prep in Hyderabad 🙁 To self prep you can get hold of the 8 Manhattan GMAT guides and some actual GMAT questions for practice from somewhere. These would suffice. If you have any queries let me know. If you can’t find the books, please call my office and ask them to arrange them for you.

  52. Avatar

    Sir i am textile graduate (4th year program) i am been working with Gul Ahmed having a 1.2 year experience my cgpa was 2.4/4 cani apply for Mba Fiance

  53. Avatar

    i done my chemical engineering with cgpa 2.43 from HEC recognized uni during my core studies i done 2 intenships as a internee chemical engineer
    i want to apply in LUMS for MBA what is minimum cgpa criteria ?

    • Avatar

      WAS – You have to take the GMAT exam to apply to LUMS

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    Well I dont know but MBA program at lums is over hyed and definitly there are better things than this MBA program for following reasons.

    a. To tough for the end reward – More than 20% drop out rate
    b. No international nonrecognition
    c. For Job if your age is above 27 you cannot apply to most MT programs
    d. Limited number of companies are willing to MBA on lateral positions if someone lacks clear previous experience
    e. List can go on but rather go for international degree if you have a good family background and stay there

  55. Avatar

    sir i am d0ing engineering and this is my last year. sir suggest me the best institute in lahore for gmat prep. and one more thing which test should i prefer among gmat n gre.

  56. Avatar

    I have completed my engineering from fast my cgpa is about 2.5 and I m interested in banking and finance MBA as a regular student is it possible???

    • Avatar

      Yes after 2-3 years of work experience and a 600+ GMAT

  57. Avatar

    can i get asdmission with GRE?

  58. Avatar

    Sir g MBA Ki total fees kitny he 2 years program ki????

    • Avatar

      2.5 Million pKR

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        Sir i have 59% in O level and 60% in A level after that i have done simple BA 2 years with 59% and after that 2years Masters in public Administration with 2.96 cgpa and i have 2 years work experience of bank
        So kindly tell me if i get 600 marks in Gmat or in Gre test should i will be the strong candidate for MBA
        Please sir guide me

        • Avatar

          Yes so if you have 600+ GMAT you will be a strong candidate for LUMS. Or a 310+ GRE.

  59. Avatar

    Plzz sir tell me fees and cgpa of Bcon Hons for admision

  60. Avatar

    and sir what cgpa requir if i can done b com hons for hailey college..

  61. Avatar

    Sir I hopes you’re doing good,
    I have clear 16 year degree I have passed MCs with 3cgpa,
    I have no any 1 year experience,
    Cam I get admission in MBA lums?

    • Avatar

      WAS – Yes you can – take the GMAT exam

  62. Avatar

    AOA Talha, just wanted to ask whether there is a minimum % requirement in matric/inter for admission to the LUMS MBA? Thanks.

  63. Avatar

    Sir I am currently doing CA and also want to have the degree of MBA from LUMS because CA+MBA = More Prestigious job after qualifying CA I have to do job in morning hours to earn my bread and butter so I am a bit confused then how i will be able to complete my MBA from LUMS because LUMS is bit expensive and I have to work to pay its fee

    • Avatar

      Hello Jazib – you can take a loan to do your MBA from lUMS

  64. Avatar

    Sir my question is that will it be possible to study from LUMS and do my job at a time after completion of CA ?

  65. Avatar

    And does work experience count after CA to do MBA from LUMS ?

  66. Avatar

    How much working experience matters after CA to do MBA and how much loan for MBA is provided

    • Avatar

      LUMS provides 50% loan – work experience matters for anyone who applies.

  67. Avatar

    sir can i take admission after in mba

  68. Avatar

    Are ACCA members with 3 years of work experience eligible to apply for LUMS mba program?

  69. Avatar

    Sir i have of 2 year from the islamia universty now i want get addmision in lums in MBA is this posible????

    • Avatar

      You can apply to LUMS after 16 years of EDUCATION

  70. Avatar

    Sir how much salary one may expect after qualifying MBA from LUMS and what are the career opportunities one may get, Is there any chance to work abroad?

    • Avatar

      70K plus is the salary generally after LUMS – Work abroad opportunities are hard to come by

    • Avatar

      Aoa sir i have done my 3 years bba from roots . Can i do MBA from lums? And what are the requirements? Waiting for your reply sir.

      • Avatar

        W.S Shiza, Is the 3 year BBA equivalent to a 4 years undergraduate degree as recognised by HEC? If yes, then definitely you can apply for LUMS MBA!

  71. Avatar

    i am currently doing b com so can i apply for lums mba program after this

    • Avatar

      No – you need 16 years of education

  72. Avatar

    Can a Chartered Accountant take MBA course in LUMS? I will complete my CA in a couple of months. As Chartered Accountancy degree is equivalent to by HEC? Will my MBA duration be of 1.5 years?

    • Avatar

      MBA duration is 2 years for all – you can apply for LUMS MBA after CA

  73. Avatar

    Can i do MBA from LUMS after doing CA

  74. Avatar

    Hi, Sir.
    I have done FSc and i left my education due to financial issues. Now, my age is 26 and i want to start my education again. Is it possible to get admission in any university because i heard that after 24 years of age you cannot get admission in university.
    Guide me please.

    • Avatar

      Hello – you can get admission of course because your is a specific case and universities will allow you to apply 🙂

  75. Avatar

    sir i do BBA from uol with cgpa 2.98. can i apply for MBA in LUMS university?

  76. Avatar

    Can a Doctor apply for MBA in lums?

  77. Avatar

    for ms physics i need guidance

  78. Avatar

    Sir kia pharmacy k bad MBA ma admission le skte han LUMS ma

    • Avatar

      Yes if you have proper work experience.

  79. Avatar

    hi sir i have recently done my BBA and i have done one internship in an multinational company and now i am working with a software firm as an internee but its leading to job kinda thing, unfortunately my CGPA is between 2.2 – 2.5. SO IS THERE ANY CHANCE FOR ME FOR DOING MBA FROM LUMS? AS I WANT TO END UP WITH A GOOD INSTITUTION.

    • Avatar

      Hello – for LUMS MBA you need full time work experience and not just internships. Also make sure you get a 600+ on GMAT

  80. Avatar

    I have recently completed my Bachelors in Computer Sciences with 2+ CGPA. I wanted to ask about my chances to get into EMBA at LUMS. I am willing to put in a year’s worth of work to add job experience into my CV.
    What are the chances for me getting into LUMS?

    • Avatar

      If you have 6+ years of work experience then you can apply for LUMS EMBA and GPA doesn’t matter then. Make sure you take 500+ on GMAT though!

  81. Avatar

    Do Matric marks and inter marks matter,if we want to take admission in LUMS for MBA?
    Currently doing BBA from UCP.

    • Avatar

      For MBA only undergrad education matters plus your work experience and GMAT score!

  82. Avatar

    dear sir , i am doing BBA (4-year program) from a reputed university and want to apply in lums for MBA i have done my o and A-levels and just wanted to confirm what academic documents does lums require and what is the grade requirement in all o levels, a levels and bba.

    • Avatar

      Hello – please check the LUMS website thanks or call us at 0331-4513196 🙂

  83. Avatar

    Sir can i do msc economics from lums after completing my degree of bsc from bzu …. But my bsc is 2 year degree programme and reegular from bzu …. What cgp required for this?

  84. Avatar

    sir now i have a 2 years with 49 %
    and going to get admission in sargodha university for,if i will get marks 2.7 cgp and some work experience after that may i qualify for MBA admission in Lums

    • Avatar

      Yes if you have a GMAT of 600+ and 1-2 years of work experience

      • Avatar

        I have Done B. Com from PU 2years Program and next admission in UCP Do u Tell Mr About that what thr cgpa required and total info for MbA in LuMs??

        • Avatar

          There is no minimum GPA requirement for LUMS MBA program!

  85. Avatar

    Sir I have done MPA. mujhu MBA industrial management krna ha. Kia mujhy admission mil sakta ha aur eska duration 1.5 year ho ga kia q k I have already 16 year education. Aur MBA industrial management ma admission k lia specific business administration ki degree honi chahya ya PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION wala ko b admission mil sakta ha aur uska lia duration 1.5 year ho ga??

    • Avatar

      Duration is 2 years – yes you can get admission. Any background is accepted for an MBA program

  86. Avatar

    Can an engineer do MBA? if he can, then whats the process?

    • Avatar

      Yup – you need to have 2+ years of work experience and GMAT score

  87. Avatar

    SIR Does LUMS give scholarship on merit and if yes then normally what are the minimum grades for it?

  88. Avatar

    Sir.after BSc engineering can i do MBA.what cgpa is required for it.

    • Avatar

      Yes you can 🙂 You need GMAT of 600+ and 1-2 years of experience

  89. Avatar

    What is the age limit for LUMS MBA ?

  90. Avatar

    Hello, I did (HONS) from Hailey College of Commerce in 2013, Now, I am working as a Account executive in US apparel & textile since last 2.5 year. My overall CGPA 3.56. Now I want to get admission in MBA through full funded scholarship. Can I get scholarship in LUMS or US universities after GMAT text.

    • Avatar

      Hello – yes you can get into LUMS but they give loans through MCB not scholarships

  91. Avatar

    Hello Talha. I have done bcom and have 6 years of professional working experience and doing MBA marketing right now from iqra uni. After doing this MBA can i apply again for 2nd mba from lums?

    • Avatar

      Hello – Yes sure you can – just take the GMAT

  92. Avatar

    Sir agar hsc part 2 ma marks 60 hai… toh lums ma admission hosakta hai… balochistan qouta system hai lums ma… agar hai toh waha balochi ki sears kitne hai…

  93. Avatar

    Sir i have done my g.p is 3.5 so i can MBA of lums

    • Avatar

      Yes – do your GMAT and get 1-2 years of work experience

  94. Avatar

    Dear Sir,
    I done BS in computer sciences 4 year and my CGPA is 2.71 and i have 3+ year of experince in job can i legible for MBA if yes the what i am required now.16 year education holder in any field can do MBA? and after 16 year education then 2 year MBA is equal to M-phil?please answer


    • Avatar

      Hello – You need to at least 1 year of work experience and a GMAT of 600-650

  95. Avatar

    sir i have passed my IT last year.And i have one year work experience.Can apply for mba at lums

  96. Avatar



    I have completed my ma eco and in past bcom can i take admission in lums for MBA and what will my MBA duration after MA ECO.

    • Avatar

      WAS – LUMS MBA is 2 years lon.

  97. Avatar

    Sir can i apply for BBA in lums ?

    • Avatar


      • Avatar

        sir i have completed my MBA (HR) with 3.6 CGPA. Before MBA i did 2 year B.COM with 59%. But i have no work experience. can i apply for MBA Executive at LUMS?

        • Avatar

          Yes you can apply – but work experience is recommended for LUMS

  98. Avatar

    hi,I am student of ACCA my first 9 Papers are clear so now may i eligible to get admission in LUMS for MBA or BS…?

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply.

      • Avatar

        Hello dear
        I am ACCA qualified, can I apply for MBA?
        If yes what is the process?

        • Avatar

          Hello – yes you can apply for MBA – process is detailed above.

  99. Avatar

    Do BS Engineers require experience to apply for MBA in LUMS? If yes, will engineering designation experience work?

    • Avatar

      Yes experience is required – any designation will work.

  100. Avatar

    Sir, I have BSc Honors degree in Economics from LUMS and my cgpa is 2.48. I have 2 years of work experience in a reputable accounting firm from London. Am I eligible for MS Economic programme in LUMS?

  101. Avatar

    Sir I got 60% in my fsc and and my BBA gpa is above 2 can I apply for MBA at LUMS? and does they give fee consessions? and Iam not very wealthy But its my parents dream to study in LUMS.

    • Avatar

      Yes you can go for MBA but they will give you loan – and if you score 700+ they will give scholarship

  102. Avatar

    Aoa sir,
    How do you see GRE score of 307 and GPA 2.97 from NUST with 1 year work experience for LUMS MBA.

    • Avatar

      WAS – It is a good profile – definitely good chance

  103. Avatar

    Bsc double math physics can I get admission in MBA

  104. Avatar

    Hi! I have confusion regarding work experience. Does it include the experience working as a free lancer? Is Doing work during graduation being counted as a work experience? Kindly clarify the points

    • Avatar

      Hello – any type of full-time work experience counts except internships done during studies.

  105. Avatar

    sir can i get admission in lums for bba some say 60% marks is minimum required while some say 65% can you plz help me with that

    • Avatar

      Yes you can given that you have 2-3 years of work experience and a GMAT of 600+

  106. Avatar

    Hello !After 2 years exprience is enough to get admit in MBA??

    • Avatar

      Nope – 4 years undergrad is required.

  107. Avatar

    sir maine ucp se mba kiya hai…kia main mba ke bd phir lums se mba kr skta hoon?

    • Avatar

      LUMS discourages another MBA

      • Avatar

        Requirements for admission in lums for mba

    • Avatar

      Hello sir I am Usama rehman from peshawar I need admission in lums I got 74 percentage in metric and 70percentage in fcs so I can get admissions in lums in mba sir please tell me

      • Avatar

        For MBA you need a Bachelors degree.

  108. Avatar

    Sir i Scored 60% marks in fsc. Can i get admission in lums for undergraduate programme!

  109. Avatar

    sir lums says work experience is strongly preferred. how strongly they follow this statement, are there cases without work experience, secondly u said in above comment 2nd mba is discouraged, does that mean a straight No to applicants who are already MBA

    • Avatar

      Without work experience it is nearly impossible to get into LUMS MBA program. Moreover LUMS also rarely takes students who already have any MBA

  110. Avatar

    Sir i have done my BA( in english literature ) + 2 years family bussines exp ,may i get admission in MBA

    • Avatar

      Yes definitely. Take your GMAT 🙂

  111. Avatar

    hello sir,
    i want to know how can i mention my family business experience. i have completed my bba and have 2 years family business experience.
    second which one is easiest for entry test GMAT or GRE?

    Best regards

  112. Avatar

    Asalam.o.alikum. sir i done my bba hons with 70 % and i have experience of 1 year and 8 month and still working as an account officer is i am eligible for mb.a or Ms in finance if yes kindly inform me the process

    • Avatar

      WAS – You are eligible for MBA program.

  113. Avatar

    Asalam.o.alikum. sir i done my inter commerce with 40 % 2006 main kia tha kia mujhy Cobain main admission mil sakta hai

  114. Avatar

    Sir I want to ask you about my eligibility to gain admission.
    I am an ACCA Affiliate and I have submitted my thesis for the BSc in Applied Accounting of Oxford Brookes University. That is my status right now.

    Next I plan on taking GMAT in 2017 and get 1 year experience in a job too.

    Will I be a strong candidate for admission in LUMS? if not then how can I become a STRONG candidate????

    • Avatar

      Oh yes Zafar – this is a pretty good profile given that you get above 600 on the GMAT exam as well 🙂

  115. Avatar

    As.alaikum sir ! Guide me plz. I want to know that how much CGPA will require to get admission in MBA lums on scholarship. ? If Lums requires CGPA plus GMAT score then tell me the criteria and how much cgpa + gmat score will need ?

    • Avatar

      WAS Jansher. CGPA is not a requirement but 700 GMAT is.

  116. Avatar

    Hello Sir, I just did GCSE and AS (A levels first part) and BTEC level 3 from a UK college. I have just come back to Pakistan and want to take admission in BBA in a reputed University. Kindly guide me can I take admission with just AS Level and BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma (One Year).

    Note; I did 3 subjects one with AS Level (BUSINESS) and two other with BTEC (Information Technology Diplomas). I got Top grades in both AS and BTEC Level 3.

    Kindly let me know if my qualification suit the requirements of BBA.

    • Avatar

      Hello Hassan – you cannot take admission in a reputed uni without A Levels. 🙁

  117. Avatar

    Sir can i take admission for MBA after bcs two years degree?

    • Avatar

      nope – 4 years required

      • Avatar

        AoA sir i want to ask whts the latest criteria i am doing bcom(IT) from hailey college of commerce and my 2 years is completed soon now my cgpa is 3.7 my matric marks is 689 out of 1100 and my icom score is 909 out of 1100 so kindly guide me i want MBA(3.5) at lums whats the cryteria

  118. Avatar

    Sir l want to admission in lums in MSC chemistry but I cannot appear in entry test organized by the university due to some problems now how can I apply in MSC chemistry in lums

    • Avatar

      You have to take the test first.

  119. Avatar

    Do lums need equivalance certificate fro Olevel and Alevel ?

  120. Avatar

    Sir I got 60% marks in fsc can I get admission in LUMS

    • Avatar

      Yes but you have to give the SAT test.

      • Avatar

        Sir, does O/Alevels result matter for taking admission in Lums MBA degree?

  121. Avatar

    Sir the 3 year acca bachelor (bsc hon in applied accounting from oxford brookes university) gets 15 years of education equivalence by HEC if the candidate has done A level before it, how come these candidates get admission in lums with 15 years of education equivalence??

    • Avatar

      Hello Sameer – LUMS does accept students with ACCA

  122. Avatar


  123. Avatar

    Sir i have done O Levels, however i failed to complete A Levels (gave only 1 paper). I have done ACCA from the UK along with its BSC degree (2.1 score). I have 3.5 years of work exp. (2.5 years in the UK and 1 year in Pakistan). I will be 27 next month. Will i be a suitable candidate for LUMS MBA program?. Thanks in advance !

    • Avatar

      Hello Imran – by looking at your profile I would encourage you to apply nonetheless – make sure you have a 600+ on GMAT

  124. Avatar

    Dear Talha, I will highly appreciate if you guide me regarding the experience requirement for admission into Executive MBA. I have gained 4 years of work experience in total while working for two multi-national organizations and have a BS in Engineering from GIK Institute. What are my chances for EMBA?

    • Avatar

      Hello Babar – thanks for the email. Well honestly in my personal experience for EMBA people have 7+ years of avg. work experience. Although you can apply and might get in as well but probably the experience would not be worthwhile.

  125. Avatar

    AoA, Dear Talha, I have a score of 590 on GMAT and 1.5 years of experience and a CGPA of 3.77 (BBA). I applied last year too for the MBA but didn’t get through. Could you please comment on my chances of getting through this time? Also, will getting rejected last year have any negative consequences for my chances this year? Thanks!

    • Avatar

      WAS – Reapplying has no negative affect. Last year I assume you had very little experience but 1.5 years of work experience is decent for LUMS

  126. Avatar

    Dear Talha,

    Is it possible to do MBA from Lums After M.A Eco Private 2 year AND of 2 year having 3 year of job experience at manager level. and i heared that after M.A eco MBA duration will be of one it correct .

    Thanks and best regards

    • Avatar

      Hello – nope – MBA for LUMS requires 16 years of education

  127. Avatar

    hey Sir!
    i want to know how can i mention my family business experience. i have completed my bba hons from ucp and have 1 year family business experience.can family business experience should be count?
    secondly tell me the Cgpa or gpa eligibilty fo
    r mba admission.
    thank you

    • Avatar

      Yes family business counts. there is no gpa criteria just gmat and work experience.

  128. Avatar

    Salam Talha Bro !!
    I have done B.A 2 years private after that i did M.A (Economics) private , that jointly make 16 year education , i also have some work experiance , please tell me am i eligible to persue 2 year MBA programe at LUMS ?

    • Avatar

      WAS – You are eligible – take the GMAT

      • Avatar

        Aoa sir I pass simple b.a and DAE can get administration in lums for mba??

        • Avatar

          W.A.S Yes you can if you have 16 years of education completed.

  129. Avatar

    AoA Sir,

    I have done my MS in Mechanical Engineering from NUST and have 3 years work experience after my B.E. I also have a GRE score of 310.

    I want to get into LUMS MBA program. Kindly advise me should I take GMAT at this point or my GRE score may suffice ?

    Thank you.

    • Avatar

      WAS – GRE score is fine 🙂

  130. Avatar

    How much should I aim for in the GMAT/GRE to have a good chance of getting in the MBA program ? I have a bachelors degree in electronics engineering with 1 year of experience and my cgpa is 3.16

    • Avatar

      310+ GRE, 580+ in GMAT

      • Avatar

        I work as a protection engineer in Saudi Arabia, do I need to provide company letters to show my work experience ? Also do you think can I qualify for IBA fall semester MBA in 2018 given that I graduated in June 2016 and started working immediately

        • Avatar

          Yes definitely you need to give proof. Yes you are eligible for IBA MBA

  131. Avatar

    Assalam o Alikum sir!
    sir i want to know that is it possible to get the admission on self finance. I mean if one couldn’t meet the merit set by the university then is it possible to get an admission???

    • Avatar

      WAS – Nope there is no self finance criteria of LUMS

  132. Avatar

    hi sir i have done bsc civil engineering from lahore leadds uni with cgpa 2.5 i have no experiance how much cgpa and experinace is required for admition in mba

    • Avatar

      2+ CGPA 2+ years of work experience and 600+ GMAT

  133. Avatar

    Hi i am currently in bs electrical engineering i want to do mba from lums
    what is the minimum cgpa ? and what about its worth in admission?

    • Avatar

      Min GPA Is 2+ – GMAT 600+ and 2+ years work experience.

      • Avatar

        Can we apply for the mba program after completing 4 year bachelors degree without any work experience? I mean directly after degree.

        • Avatar

          You can apply but chances of being admitted will be low.

  134. Avatar

    Hello, I want to know what are the odds of getting admission in EMBA executive for students? What percentage in is required? In case of equivalnce certificate is required, in what way? HEC will give an equivalent certificate of 2 years degree then I will get admitted in EMBA? How many years will I complete it in then? Does the academic backround really matters? If yes, then what percentage in matric and inter is required?

    • Avatar

      For EMBA you should have 6+ years of work experience – nothing else matters

  135. Avatar

    Dear brother can i get admission in lums after fsc pre engineering ? What will be my further steps to get admit in lums ??

  136. Avatar

    I m an ACCA member (Exams + Experience ) & currently working in accounts department of renewed company . I have also done my bachelors in commerce (it) before Acca . I just want to know that may be eligible to get admission in lums Executive MBA Program ….?

    • Avatar

      For LUMS EMBA you need 5+ years of work experience

  137. Avatar

    hello sir,
    i just want to ask that the 3.5 years MBA degree holder students are eligible for MS or PHD programme or not???? if yes then pls tell me the procedure…..

    • Avatar

      They are eligible for both MS and PHD

  138. Avatar

    ACCA affiliate can MBA from LUMS and required with ACCA affiliate

  139. Avatar

    Asslam o Alaikum! Sir I am a chemical engineer from uet lahore with cgpa of 3.12 and have working experience of on year. What are the further requirements for my admission for MBA in lums and IBA karachi

    • Avatar

      WAS Ali, GMAT score of 600+ is also required!

  140. Avatar

    Hello sir ! Can i get admission in lums MBA after doing intermediate ?

    • Avatar

      How much score is reqired to get admission in MBA

    • Avatar


  141. Avatar

    Sir I’m student of Bs Electrical Engineering. What minimum Gpa is required for MBA. Thanks

  142. Avatar

    Aoa.. ur reply really do help a lot. I want to discuss my scenario with you.
    I am CA finalist with 4 years of articleship from firm. Prior to that I did BBA from FAST university with cgpa 2.71. In 2010. As far as now, I am stuck in my final exams and really want to complete my education with masters. As I will be considered only bachelors till I get the certification of completion from icap of CA. So now I want to joins lums for MBA not EMBA as I don’t like it. I prefer doing full time MBA with majors in my field plus it will give boost to my current professional status. Or if not then MBA from lums standalone will be sufficient.
    What do U say? Plus I am not very sharp student I am just above average. My English analytical or quantitative all are above average not excellent.
    So what should I go for GMAT or gre ? Plus when I see their past exams I lose confidence k I would not be able to do this or pass through this.
    I can now join in next year only. And pls suggest how should I prepare . Please give me a guideline which I follow

    Wait for your reply

    • Avatar

      WS – MBA is better than EMBA from LUMS and definitely your profile is a good fit for the LUMS MBA program. GRE is better if you have average analytical skills. For GRE prep, consult the Manhattan GRE guides and the ETS official guides

  143. Avatar

    Sir I am student of 2 years program…After this In what courses i could apply in Lums? whats the criteria ?

    • Avatar

      You can apply to all programs at LUMS

  144. Avatar

    sir jin students ny fsc (intermediate)medical mn kia hy.wo lums k liye eligible hen.ya nhi.
    Plz sir i need ur help.

  145. Avatar

    Agr eligible hen tu B.A LLB k liye konsi admission test len gen.
    Mtlb admission test mn kis kisam k question hongen.

  146. Avatar

    sir agr study k sath job ho tw thek?ya degree ki base pe job experince ho?bcz i m doing bba as well as doing job…is it necessary to do job after graduation?

    • Avatar

      Work experience is considered after graduation. So work after graduation that will help

  147. Avatar

    Salaam Sir, I have a query regarding admission in Mba programme as i did bba recetly. following aare the thing i need to know
    – what is the required cgpa if the cgpa is less then required what could be the alternate route?
    -GMAT score?
    -Work experience required? does internships count?

    these are the several questions sir
    Thank you
    Salaamty khair Ameen

    • Avatar

      WS Raza, GPA does not matter for LUMS MBA, GMAT 600+ or GRE 310+, Internships don’t count only full time work experience after graduation counts.

  148. Avatar

    I got 54% in matric and 65% in ICS . Can I apply for software engineering.

  149. Avatar

    sir can u please tell what are the dates for GMAT test in 2017 for LUMS

  150. Avatar

    Aslam u Alakum sir ! Can you please tell me students who have a bcom and mcom degree with two year work experience and also passes GMAT or GRE are eligible for admission in MBA or not ?
    Hinza Naz

  151. Avatar

    Hi sir I wana ask that what kind of work experience is required to get admission in LUMS

    • Avatar

      any work experience is acceptable, business, technical, etc.

  152. Avatar

    Aoa sir my qiestion is i have done bba can in how many fields i can apply

  153. Avatar

    Sir, I have done fsc pre medical with 82% marks and now I am in Bsc in general maths combination. Can I get admission in MBA after my graduation?

    • Avatar

      Yes but only if you have work experience of 1-2 years and GRE score of 310+ or GMAT of 600+

  154. Avatar

    Assalam o Alikum,
    sir i’m student of hailey i’ve got 78% marks in matric and 81% in intermediat. I’ve 3.66 GPA . am i eligible for MBA after my 4 year graduation . I also want to know about full scholarship.

    • Avatar

      Yes but only if you have work experience of 1-2 years and GRE score of 310+ or GMAT of 600+

  155. Avatar

    Sir I waana to take admission in lums for mba after 2nd year can it possible and what are the requirements any test???

    • Avatar

      You need to have 4 years of undergrad degree and 1-2 years of work experience to apply for LUMS MBA. Thanks

  156. Avatar

    Aoa Sir I want you to evaluate and tell me about my chances for LUMS MBA admission.Thanks in advance
    Accounting & Finance graduate from top business school of pakistan
    1 Year Banking experience
    2 Internships in Local Companies
    Gmat score of 600
    ACCA 11 papers Cleared

    • Avatar

      WS Shahnawaz. Pretty good profile. Chances are pretty strong

  157. Avatar

    Aoa sir there are two questions are from my side the first one is that i am 14 years educational student with b com it from p u can i apply for bs programme .and the second one is that i got 68 % marks in matric can i apply for MBA after 16 years education. sir u have talked about experience is it means the intership from any firm plz guide me……

    • Avatar

      Nope you cannot apply without 4 years degree. Yes you can apply after 16 years educations. Internships are not counted as work experience.

  158. Avatar

    aoa i hope u r fine.. sir consider it that i am full filled for the admission criteria with work experience but i have secured 68 % marks in matric can i eligible? for MBA….

    • Avatar

      WS Hasnain, Yes you are after your bachelors.

  159. Avatar

    sir I did Mcom wid 68% marks from PU. having 4.5 years experience in health dep. punjab but not related to account or finance does this experience will count??

    • Avatar

      WS Abid, Yes definitely it will count

  160. Avatar

    sir my marks in fsc are 54% in which fields can i get admission in.

  161. Avatar

    Aoa sir . I have secured 92 % marks in matric . 85% in fsc pre medicl . I have done bsc in clinicl psychology with 3 85 cgpa masters in HRM with 3.7 cgpa. No work exp . M i eligible for mba 1.5 yrs ?

  162. Avatar

    Sir can I apply for LUMS MBA program on basis of my GRE Score which is 302 (158 Quant and 144 Verb) ?

  163. Avatar

    Does lums aceept the HND business program for mba? It is equivalent to 2 years of bachelors in pakistan.

  164. Avatar

    AOA Sir.
    Will I be eligible for LUMS MBA with a CGPA of 3.5 + and a work experience of around 11 months when the admissions of fall 2018 open?
    And how much a score in GMAT is required under the forth mentioned circumstances?

    • Avatar

      WS Ali – Yes you will be if you score around 650 on GMAT

  165. Avatar

    Aoa Sr can i do mba after bsc dual math physics..i have a no experience. .please tell me ?

    • Avatar

      WS – without experience MBA is hard to get in.

  166. Avatar

    May I apply for MBA while in job…

    • Avatar

      Yes – but you will have to leave job. Thanks

      • Avatar

        Sir i am in fsc part 1 i had got 78% marks in matric so please guide me future programs to be a part of lums family

  167. Avatar

    Hi ..sir I need to know About recommendation letter..wht is that ? And what is its purpose ?? Kindly guide me

  168. Avatar

    hello sir can I enter mba direct after my alevels in business subjects.
    can I skip bba degree.

  169. Avatar

    can I do mba direct after alevels

  170. Avatar

    Sir ACCA affiliate can get admission an MBA have 1 to 2 year experience.

  171. Avatar

    AOA sir!!
    I want to know that i have done my master in public administration with 3.55 cgpa with no work experience then may i eligible for MBA in lums??
    N i think experience is required for executive MBA

    • Avatar

      W.S. Without work experience chances of admissions for LUMS MBA are near to 0

  172. Avatar

    Sir i want to find out if i would be eligible for mba after 5 year bechelors in architecture and if practice and internships count as work experience when it comes to my application.

    • Avatar

      Practice and internships don’t count significantly but yes you should definitely apply.

  173. Avatar

    Hi, Talha

    I hope you are doing great. I have my BBA from FAST with CGPA of 2.3 but i have an experience of 2.5 yrs with one foreign internship. What should be a safe score for me in GRE or GMAT to get an admission in LUMS.

    • Avatar

      Hello Ammar – I am doing well – hope you are fine too. GRE 315 with a 163+ quant or a 650+ with a 48+ on quant

  174. Avatar

    i want to apply for Mba in lums
    now am doin bba,, i want to know what is the CGPA criteria for admission.

    • Avatar

      Hello Aqib – CGPA should be 2+

  175. Avatar

    Dear Concern,

    I have done my Bachelors in Electrical (Electronics) Engineering and current working in a telecom Company and in March 2018 my experience of 2 years will be completed. i am very much interested in doing MBA from LUMS but the only barrier in my way is that i’ll not be able to bear the financial expenses (Mainly the fee of PKR 385,850 per semester) at LUMS. Can you please guide me how can i clear this hurdle, for your further info I have no issue working par time in University, is there any financial aid ? some loan ? scholarship?

    Looking forward for your kind response

    • Avatar

      Hello Usman, LUMS offer scholarships to students with a 700+ on GMAT or with a 326+ on the GRE. Also for LUMS, loans sponsored by MCB are an option for all students. Thanks

  176. Avatar

    Dear Omer,

    I want to know am I eligible for lums EMBA program
    My status is

    Metric 58% in , Fsc 55% ,BA(2 year) 42.5% & MA(Islamiat) 55%

    Please Advice urgently
    Best Regards
    M. Omer Shahzad

    • Avatar

      Hello Omer, You are eligible if you have 5 years+ of work experience after your MA.


  177. Avatar

    Hello Umer
    Hope you will be fine,

    I am textile Engineer From National Textile University with 3.72 CGPA, please advice can i get scholarship form LUMS for EMBA or MBA.

    Usman Siddiqui

    • Avatar

      Hello Usman, LUMS offers scholarships to students who have a 700+ on GMAT or a 326+ on GRE.

  178. Avatar

    Sir i have done my bba in affilated institute and i have no work experience is it possible to getting admission in lums

    • Avatar

      Without work experience, it is nearly impossible to get into LUMS MBA Program. Thanks

  179. Avatar

    I need help.. Can i take admission in mba in base of ba mass communication…. Kindky rply

  180. Avatar

    I have Done after that I have got HND so now i want to do MBA so how long does it take

    • Avatar

      GMAT test and work experience of 1-2 years at least is what is required next

  181. Avatar

    Sir after bs physics can i take admission in MBA (1.5)

  182. Avatar

    what is the difference b/w MS finance and MBA finance ??

    • Avatar

      MBA Finance equips students with broader skills and knowledge in business and helps graduates apply them in many different areas.
      MS Finance program is more finance-specific and very technical too.

  183. Avatar

    I am an I a level student. I have heard that merit scholarship offered on admission covers only first year if university. What about subsequent years . how is this scholarship maintained in subsequent years?

    • Avatar

      Hello Hassan – we are not aware of the undergrad process at LUMS, I ll advise you to check with LUMS directly.

  184. Avatar

    Hello. My Profile
    GMAT Score: 630
    CGPA: 3.77/4.00
    Work Experience: 2.5 years.
    Was denied admission this year after interview (when experience was 1.5 years).
    Would applying again have detrimental effect on my admission chances?
    How shall I approach my interview this time, given that I get a call?

    • Avatar

      Hello Aqib, Thanks for writing to me. Reapplying does not in any way reduce your chances of admissions. Once you get an interview call again you can contact us at 0331-4513196 and we will help you out with the interview!

    • Avatar

      Why on earth u didn’t get admission with such good profile

  185. Avatar

    Can we apply for mba after bsc with computer stats and maths?

    • Avatar

      Yes but only if you have 1-2 years of work experience.

      • Avatar

        work experience in the field of??

  186. Avatar

    Dear sir,
    to get admission in MBA LUMS, is it appropriate to take GRE?

    • Avatar

      Hello – Yup GRE is equally accepted by LUMS!

  187. Avatar

    Sir can u plz tell me what CGPA in bachelors is required for the admisssion in MBA ?

    • Avatar

      There is no minimum GPA requirement for LUMS MBA

  188. Avatar

    assalam o Aliekum
    sir i did 2 years 64%, then did 2 years 56% , and having 1 year of experience in Audit firm , May i eligible for MBA LUMS?

  189. Avatar

    Sir ma ny BS physics kiya ha kya ma MBA or EMBA ma admission ly skta ho

  190. Avatar

    sir I want to take admission in mba 2 years , marks 950, can I get admission in mba

    • Avatar

      Yes with 1-2 years of work experience and a GMAT score of 600+ or GRE score of 310+

  191. Avatar

    Hi sir! I am doing MBA 3.5 years from BZU Multan Is Lums also offers 3.5 years MBA? And I want to get transfer in lums from BZU it Is possible??

    • Avatar

      LUMS only offers a 2 year MBA and you cannot transfer to LUMS

  192. Avatar

    Dear Talha, kindly guide me how can i secure my admission in LUMS MBA programme as i did MS Electrical Engineering from NUST and 1.5 years job experience in NESPAK, Now i want to get admission in LUMS MBA programme. Kindly guide me.

    • Avatar

      W.S. Well so everything looks fine, now you need to ensure a GRE score of atleast 310 or a GMAT score of at least 600 to get into the interview rounds!

  193. Avatar

    A.O.Alaikum Dear sir, I hope u will be fine
    Sir i have done my 2 year and now near to complete 2 year also so sir i can apply now to MBA ?
    but to which part i can apply after for MBA 1.5 year or to MBA 2 Year ?

    • Avatar

      W.S. Naqeesh, LUMS only offer a 2 year MBA and for that you can apply after having 1-2 years of work experience.

      • Avatar

        sir i checked the websites it say that Candidates holding only a Bachelor’s degree of less than four years’ duration will be required to produce an equivalence certificate of 16 years of education issued by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan. what does that means?? that if i do a 2 year then i have to to produce an equivalence certificate of 16 years of education issued by the HEC please can you tell me in detail about this

        • Avatar

          It means that someone with a 3 year UK degree or ACCA, for example, will have to get an equivalence. Yes if HEC gives you a 16-year equivalence with a 2-year BCOM then LUMS will accept it.

      • Avatar

        after what age you cannot apply for admission in LUMS MBA. Is there age for example if my age is 28 can i apply for MBA degree??

        • Avatar

          If you have more than 5 years of work experience, then LUMS will generally require you to go for their EMBA program.

  194. Avatar

    Sir, I have done BBA from comsats Islamabad, I have 3.01 Gpa. No specific work experience but 2 internships in well of organisations of Pakistan of 8 weeks each. I am gonna start my classes for GRE preparations in bright link from 21 nov. Is it wise for me to apply for LUMS now or I should gain more experience. Please advise

    • Avatar

      Hello Hunza – thanks for writing. Well honestly LUMS encourages females a lot to apply for their MBA program. I know a couple of my own female students who got into LUMS MBA just based on internships. So applying right now may well be a good shot as you can make it. However, if you apply with 1 year of experience then chances are really really high.

  195. Avatar

    Sir, i have done BSCS but i passed my FSC in pre medical subjects . My CGPA is 3.25 . Is there any problem occurs during admission regarding FSC pre medical?

  196. Avatar

    Because i want to further study. can you please guide me?

  197. Avatar

    sir i am doing private so if i get 70% marks in it then can i apply in lums for MBA 2 years plan and i am having job experence aroung 1 year as well so kindly guide me

    • Avatar

      LUMS requires 4 years Bachelors degree.

  198. Avatar

    Hello Sir,
    i am passed Bachelor in Technology civil 4 years program & i have 5 years working experience in construction field at managerial level so can its possible LUMS give me opportunity for doing MBA?

    • Avatar

      Hello Waqar – Your’s is a borderline case. Chances are you might get into the MBA but it could be possible that LUMS requires you to apply for their EMBA program

  199. Avatar

    Anychances for the one who got 286 in gre??

  200. Avatar

    sir is there any chance for the one who got 286 in gre??

  201. Avatar

    how much percentage is require for MBA executive in intermediate

    • Avatar

      LUMS MBA only requires BS GPA/%

  202. Avatar

    Can you plz tell me the criteria of MBA through NOP…. i’m doing B.COM

    • Avatar

      MBA is not applicable via the NOP

      • Avatar

        I am doing CA from ICAP,I can apply for the MBA after my CA Certification?

  203. Avatar

    Sir , I Have 55%in Matric ,41% in In Intermediate(iCom) & 2.26cpga in BBA(hons) Also having 14 Month Experience … Any Chance For Lums MBA? iF Yes Then how Much Scored Required In gMat Or Gree??

    • Avatar

      Yes but you wll need something like 650+ GMAT or 317+ GRE

  204. Avatar

    2.9 gpa from NUST with 307 GRE score and 1 year experience.What are chances?

    • Avatar

      Chances might be a bit low for this year as most people applying this year have 315+ GRE and 2+ years of work experience.

  205. Avatar

    Dear talha
    I hv scored 510 in GMAT i hv 7 years of professional experience. Can i hv a chance for EMBA from LUMS

    • Avatar

      hello Saqib – yes for EMBA this profile is good!

  206. Avatar

    Can one apply for LUMS MBA program with GRE test results, or is it exclusive to GMAT only?

    • Avatar

      GRE is equally accepted by LUMS

  207. Avatar

    Hi Talha, I scored 610 on GMAT and I have 1 year of experience as testing and commissioning engineer. What are my chances to get in the MBA program?
    3.18 cgpa in undergrad

    • Avatar

      Hello Waleed – chances are pretty decent. You will definitely get the interview call!

  208. Avatar

    Hello sir
    I have done BBA HONS and MBA both in FInance
    I have work experience in standarda chartered and now currently working with HBL .. i desire to further study more .. need some suggestion

    • Avatar

      Hello Ahmed – Yes you can ask me, what suggestions do you need!

  209. Avatar

    can i do MBA from LUMS after FSC please guide me sir???

    • Avatar

      MBA after 16 years of education

  210. Avatar


    i want to know i have currently study Level 7 from UK-ed excel but Hec have no role in pakistan for Level 7 equal to 16 years of education so i have chance for admission in M.B.A in lums?

    • Avatar

      Hello – yes definitely you do!

  211. Avatar

    Hi, i am really thankful to you for giving answered to all the questions,
    i just ave one concern,
    for lums which test we should go for
    i have 60% numbers in matric
    50 % numbers is Fsc
    45% in B.A
    and 2.2 Cgpa in masters
    my education is of 16 years
    if i work hard and get good score in GRE/GMAT, am i eligible for LUMS

    • Avatar

      GRE is easier than GMAT – So go for GRE

  212. Avatar

    I have completed my BBA with 3.9 CGPA in 2017. i am planning to get Admission in MBA. Kindly let me know about details and requirements. Currently i am doing my family business.

    • Avatar

      Details and requirements are shared above.

  213. Avatar

    Hi Talha !! What are my chances of getting in LUMS with a gmat score of 650 and Sub par Work experience of 1 year ? Thanks

    • Avatar

      Hello Hamza – Well work experience might be an issue but a 650 would probably get you to the interview table!

      • Avatar

        How can I improve my chances? What can I expect in the interview ? Thanks

          • Avatar

            Thank you

          • Avatar

            Thanks for all the help, one last thing, could you tell me which MBA is better IBA or LUMS when it comes to employ-ability rate and quality of education? if one plans to look for job opportunities in Karachi after his MBA is IBA the better option?

          • Avatar

            IBA is good for Karachi side and LUMS is great for Punjab side. In terms of education quality, LUMS is a better option. But employability depends entirely on where you want to work!

          • Avatar

            So would you recommend IBA if one plans to seek employment in Karachi?

          • Avatar

            Yes definitely

  214. Avatar

    What GRE score would equal to a score of 650 in GMAT

    • Avatar

      324 is the equivalent GRE score!

  215. Avatar

    Dear sir,i did my Master in IR wirh 2nd division as a private candidate in 2015, now i would like to do MBA in marketing,kindly advise.thanks

    • Avatar

      For LUMS you will need to take the GMAT and score 600+ alongside 2+ years of work experience

  216. Avatar

    Sir i am a chemical engr, my degree ( BS 4 yrs) will be completed in this august ( 3.2 cgpa), i have only done internships in engineering realated fields of about 4 months, with 620 marks in GMAT, are there any chances of my admission in Lums?? Thanks

    • Avatar

      Well with internships getting into LUMS is hard. But you can still apply and check!

  217. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I have got 83 percent marks in both matric and fsc .
    In engineering i got cgpa of 3.38 and currently having 2 years of work experience .
    But my gre score is 298 , what are my chances?

    • Avatar

      Hello, 298 is a very low score. 310+ is a safe score.

  218. Avatar

    Aoa, I have successfully completed by bachelors with a 3.4 gpa. But unfortunately I don’t have any work experience. Am I eligible for LUMS MBA program?

    • Avatar

      W.S. Without experience chances are negligible.

  219. Avatar

    AOA sir is any requirement of parents study for admission in MBA in lums

    What is the scope of MBA in Pakistan

    Now I will start bba

    What is the fees of bba and how many credit hours in bba

  220. Avatar

    Hi sir I am the student BBA(Hons) after compeleting my degree I want take admission in LUMS what CGPA is required and what is the quatta for sindh ???

    • Avatar

      No gpa requirement and not quotta for Sindh

  221. Avatar

    Hello, I wanted to ask if I can get admission in LUMS MBA program after completing my CA certification. Since CA is just a certificate and not a degree, I’ll be 12th pass unless I give papers with it. I will also only have graduation degree of i.e. of 2 years. So I’ll be a 2 years undergraduate but a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT also. I want to ask if I can apply for LUMS with this academic background. Although CA is equal to M.COM as per by HEC.

    • Avatar

      LUMS requires 16 years of education for their MBA program.

  222. Avatar

    I’m a foreign student. If i am completing my BBA in 3 years, can i applu for MBA in LUMS?

    • Avatar

      Hello – only if the HEC body of Pakistan accepts your degree as a 4 year equivalent

  223. Avatar

    Assalam o Alaikum Talha bhai,

    Hopefully you are doing good!

    I am a Chemical Engineer with 3 years of work experience. I want to apply for full time MBA program in LUMS.
    I made account on GMAC for GMAT test. Deadline to take GMAT for Round 2 is 5 April 2018. I want to ask that how close i can get test appointment before GMAT test date?

    Means can i register for test before a week or 10 days?

    • Avatar

      W.A.S Anfal, Yes you can register any day before the test day. To be on safe side register for GMAT at least 5 days before you plan to take the exam.

  224. Avatar

    Hello sir can I apply for Lums after A levels and what’s the procedure,b com is required or not.I’ll be thankful for your reply

  225. Avatar

    Assalam o alikum!
    Actually I want to ask that how can I do MBA after F.Sc (Pre-Engg) & How ?
    Can I do MBA after BSc (Engg) & How ?

  226. Avatar

    what is more recommended to take admission in lums gre or gmat

    • Avatar

      gre & gmat are the same level for LUMS – I ll advise go for GRE as it is far easier.

  227. Avatar

    Hi Talha!! Which streams of MBA are good at LUMS between supply chain, maketing and why do you believe that particular stream is good?

    • Avatar

      Hello – well that depends on individual interests and career goals but I believe marketing will have a wider application in Pakistan than Supply chain for many more years to come.

  228. Avatar

    Hello sir I wanted to ask can I apply for MBA from lums after A levels what’s the grade criteria I,m having 5 A’s and 3 B’s in O level
    Sir what is the pay of fresh graduate after MBA from Lums.I’ll be thankful for your reply

    • Avatar

      Nope you cannot apply for LUMS MBA after A levels – you will need to do the Bachelors first. MBA LUMS grads generally get paid in the 80k-120k range.

  229. Avatar

    my Cgpa is 2.53 and i did my bachelors in BSC economics and management from LSe. lums website cgpa reuired for mba program is 3.75 . can i apply for lums mba program?

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply for LUMS MBA program

  230. Avatar

    Hi Talha!! Do you think I would get an interview call? My GMAT score is 640 and i have work experience of 1 year and 3 months. Also when can Karachi candidates expect interview calls for round 1 MBA?

    • Avatar

      Yes I am sure the chances are pretty bright for an interview.

  231. Avatar

    Aslam o Alikim sir .
    sir what is the criteria for admission in EMBA ?

  232. Avatar

    Can Acca member (3 years experience) get admission in EMBA?

    • Avatar

      Nope! but you can apply for MBA

  233. Avatar

    I’m an Electrical Engineer… Can I apply for Regular MBA

  234. Avatar

    Does the MBA program of IBA accept GRE scores for admission? Their website only mentions GMAT score exceeding 600.

    • Avatar

      Only GMAT – but you can call them to request accepting GRE as I have seen a few students get in on the basis of GRE

  235. Avatar

    sir , i have bs computer science degree, with cgpa 2.6, done matric with 70% and fsc with 54% marks can i apply for mba , and ms computer science in lums ???

    • Avatar

      Hello Asad, Yes you can definitely apply

      • Avatar

        sir, but according to my knowledge, 60% marks in fsc are compulsory for ms computer science , can you plz guide me, what is minimum criteria for ms computer science and mba ???

  236. Avatar

    Sir i have done private of 2 year from punjab university and now doing ma in economics private of 2 year in punjab i wanted to ask if i have a 3+ year work experience and 600+ gmat score does i stand a chance in lums mba…

    • Avatar

      Yes, indeed you will stand a chance with that score and work experience.

  237. Avatar


  238. Avatar

    Hi Sir , I am a LUMS computer Science graduate. Its beautiful seeing that you’re replying to the post asap. Sir I will be starting an mba from ksbl or iba perhaps. is it possible to transfer credits to lums from ksbl or iba ?

    • Avatar

      Hello – nope – transfer of credits is not possible.

  239. Avatar

    Sir i have done BBA and want to apply for MBA to LUMS. I dont have relevant work experience. I am working as a government school teacher. So are there chances of getting admission.

    • Avatar

      Nope chances are very low – you need to get a non teaching experience to have a sound profile!

  240. Avatar

    sir kindly tell me tht i have done in 1st year and 2nd year and bba from lse and want to done mba from lums is it posible

  241. Avatar

    Hay sir i am graduate in Arts simple B.A can i apply for mba in lums

    • Avatar

      Yes you can if you have 16 years of education completed

  242. Avatar

    sir for ms in economics what are the requirements?

  243. Avatar

    Sir i have done bsc chemistry. can i do MS chemistry after that from LUMS?

  244. Avatar

    Asslamo alaiukum sir
    i am the student of charted accoutancy and i have passed 8 papers of CA.
    i have done BA and then MA Economics privately from the Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur, which is HEC recognized University. now i want to do Mba and wandering for best option.
    so, my question is that can i get admission in mba on this profile. and i don’t have work experience.
    what should start preparing for admisson.
    waiting for ur reply.

    • Avatar

      Waalaikum Asalam, Well work experience is most important for LUMS MBA so getting 2 years of work experience and then apply. Rest of your profile looks pretty good!

  245. Avatar

    Hey Talha!! Do you think I have any chance of getting in the MBA program with a sub par interview performance, felt like panel was not convinced with my reasons for getting an MBA ? GMAT 650, work exp 2 years

    • Avatar

      Hello Ahmed – well profile looks good. Can’t say much about the interview performance.

      • Avatar

        Rejected unfortunately :/

  246. Avatar


    Dear can you please tell me what GRE scores do I need to secure my admission in LUMS ? do tell me the minimum scores for AWA as well.

    Thanks 🙂

  247. Avatar

    how much work experience is required after Bachelor in Engineering

  248. Avatar

    AoA,I have done B.A with 2nd dvision 360 Marks.Can i apply for MBA ?

    • Avatar

      W.A.S Nope – for MBA you need 16 years of education!

  249. Avatar

    Aoa I have done 6yr BS hons cmpletedwith 55%
    Matric in 80%
    Am I eligible for this degree???

  250. Avatar

    Assalam O Alaikum. Talha Sb, I just got into Lums MBA programme. I am also accepted at IBA Karachi, and a couple of Universities at Germany (Mannheim & Cologne). I am finding it really hard to finalize a university. My long term goals are to live in Pakistan, but in the next 5-8 yrs I am open to relocate anywhere around the globe for experience. But, people who I have consulted say that if your aim is to stay in Pakistan, the best choice is Lums. I did my bachelors from IBA. What would you suggest in such a scenario. Hope you do answer my query. May Allah bless you.

    • Avatar

      W.A.S Taqi, I agree with the fact that if you want to stay in Pakistan then LUMS in #1. However, do note that neither LUMS nor IBA will help you go abroad or relocate elsewhere. That is only possible with an int’l MBA. I will advice LUMS given that eventually you want to be in PK. Going to Germany etc will not help you settle well in Pakistan in the longer run!

  251. Avatar

    sir i hv B grade in fsc and B grade in matric and i hv done BBA from comsats with 3.2 cgpa i hv 2 year job experience in Jazz company can i get admission in mba in lums after GMAT

    • Avatar

      Yes your profile is good for LUMS. Take the GRE instead of GMAT if you are applying only for LUMS MBA

  252. Avatar

    Sir i did my bachelors in electrical engineering and working as a cotton dealer from last 2 years.i do have license of this work too. Will this experience count for lums?

    • Avatar

      Yes yes definitely this experience will count!

  253. Avatar

    Sir does experience of a registered lawyer of a bar counts for mba admission?

  254. Avatar

    AOA,, SIR hope u doing well..
    sir simply i want to know what requirements are needed to get admission in MBA..
    i have done my fsc pre med with 70%.. so what can i do plz suggest me right and scoopefull field in medical ..
    personally i m interested in pharmacy.. technician but we are not able to afford clg fee requirements… so what can i do??

  255. Avatar

    Hi Talha !! I didn”t get in LUMS MBA but goy in IBA,. should I go for IBA? Is it a good option

    • Avatar

      Hello Ahmed, Yes IBA is a really good option as well. Next best to LUMS

  256. Avatar

    Sir , I Have 75%in Matric ,61% in In Intermediate(iCom) & b. Com result waited … Any Chance For Lums MBA? iF Yes Then how Much Scored Required ?

    • Avatar

      Try to get 2-3 years of work experience and 600+ on GMAT. Then LUMS MBA chances will be high!

  257. Avatar

    sir i got 66% in metric or 48% in fsc part1 there is any option for self finance admission in lums in accounting and finance

    • Avatar

      Yes only if you get a 1400+ on SAT.

  258. Avatar

    Sir I am a chemical engineer, with one year experience in a ghee mill and a cgpa of 3.10, What score is needed of gmat for lums mba?

  259. Avatar

    Asalam O lakoim sir…Sir I Got 75% Marks in BBA From Peshawar uni..And How much Score Is Required In GMAT For taking admission In MBA 1.5 in Lums..

  260. Avatar

    I am graduate in double math and physics
    Then cleared out BBS with 3.5 Gpa
    And having an experience of 3 years in sales dept of an reputed pharmaceutical company
    Am i eligible for Mba 1.5 years
    What wiuld be safe score in Gmat

    • Avatar

      Hello – yes you are definitely eligible. A 600+ GMAT is a safe score or a 310+ GRE.

  261. Avatar

    AOA SIR, What is GMAT???

  262. Avatar

    Salam, I’m a (hons) student and I would like to do my MBA from LUMS. I have done 3 Months of Internship at a Multi-International Firm, I would like to know what kind of work experience is required by LUMS for the admission of MBA? Should it be relevant to the field or any kind of work experience? Does work experience in a call center count?
    Thanks For the reply

  263. Avatar

    I am ACCA Member. can i get admission in MBA LUMS ? if yes, are there any exemption available to me in MBA on basis of ACCA membership?

    • Avatar

      No exemptions are available. Yes you can apply

  264. Avatar

    Sir I have done BS-Accounting and Finance from Institute of Management Sciences as well as got exemption in ACCA till F9, so how can i persue my MBA in Lums?? Your reply will be highly Appreciated

    • Avatar

      Yes indeed you can apply for MBA at LUMS

  265. Avatar

    Sir I did 2 years , and after I did Masters in masscommunication from Punjab university and also completed M.phil degree in media studies from Pu , and I have 2 years experience of media field, Am I eligible for MBA admission in Lums or not ?

  266. Avatar

    Assalam o Alaikum Talha Sb.

    First please accept appreciation for the great job you are doing by guiding people.

    Talha sb I am doing CA at present and wish to do MBA after completing CA. My question is that since CA is totally practical education and one has to be a part of business environment during the course of completion of CA, even then one needs to have 2 years’ work experience to get to LUMS MBA program???

    • Avatar

      W/S – nope for CA people you don’t need any additional work experience.

  267. Avatar

    If matric with arts then intermidiate then can apply for BBA in lums ……?

  268. Avatar

    is mba from lums worth it if one want to work in finance industry particularly in investment banking or in private equity in the middle east or even in pakistan or do i need to go for mba outside of pakistan ….also guide me plz if there is are any investment banks and private equity firms in pakistan….

    • Avatar

      LUMS is not a good option for Finance industry. There are no investment banks in Pakistan.

  269. Avatar

    Hello, does lums offer MBA in operations management and what are requirements and admission procedure.

    • Avatar

      Hello – yes they do. Check this:

      • Avatar

        I applied for LUMS MBA this year and I had my interview around 2 weeks back.
        My question is, if LUMS calls you for an interview, does this mean that our academic record, work experience and GMAT have qualified the initial stage? And now everything is dependent on the interview? Is it so?

        • Avatar

          Yes once you are in the interview, the rest is all cleared and all depends on the interview.

  270. Avatar

    Sir i have completed my and secured 1053 marks out of 1500. can i apply for MBA in lums?? and also tell me the scholarship regarding MBA.

    • Avatar

      Yes you can. LUMS gives scholarships to top GMAT scorers (700+) and applicants.

  271. Avatar

    Sir , I want to apply for llb in lums . what is matric percentage criteria and is lat test score valid to get admission in lums?

  272. Avatar

    Hi, Hope you are doing well. I want to ask that as my bachelor is from Bahria University, Islamabad in Software Engineering with cgpa 2.71 completed in 2018, now i want to get admission in FAST or ITU. Is there any chance for me to get admission in FAST or ITU with this CGPA ? Also I have 1 year job experience .

    • Avatar

      Hello Osama, Yes you can get admission with this GPA given that you have relevant job experience.

  273. Avatar

    I Had done Bs. Software Engineering with CGPA of 3.47. I want to proceed further my education I want to now Can i get admission in lums in this situation.

  274. Avatar

    Does lums offers charted accountant (CA) degree.

  275. Avatar

    sir i m doing b com after that i want to do MCS .. is that good idea?? is there is scope in MCS.. Tell about this in detail i m very confuse guide me what should i do in your opinion

    • Avatar

      Yes MCS is much better than MCOM etc. It has a good scope too.

  276. Avatar

    Is bba necassary for admission in MBA?

    • Avatar

      Any undergrad degree is acceptable.

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