KAUST Scholarship for Pakistani Students

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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is awarding Fellowships to students in Pakistan for pursuing a MS or a PhD program. Highly talented and qualified students are encouraged to apply and will receive 100% tuition support, a living stipend, and return tickets to Pakistan each year.

Eligible Subjects: Engineering, Mathematics, or the Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences

Degree Level: MS and PhD

Scholarship Provider: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Scholarship is availed at: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Eligibility & Selection Criteria:

• For MS applicants you need to have an undergraduate degree in your relevant field of interest
• For PhD applicants you need to have both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in your area of interest
• No minimum GPA requirement (The average GPA of admitted applicants is above 3.5)
• A minimum of 79 on TOEFL (The average TOEFL score for admitted students is 96)
GRE test is highly recommended with a high score on the quantitative section, preferably 155+

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• Official university transcript from every institution previously attended
• 1 page statement of purpose
• 3 letters of recommendation

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Scholarship is open for: Pakistani students can apply for the scholarship program.

Number of Scholarships: All admitted applicants

Duration of Scholarship: For MS 2 years and for PhD 4 years

Award of the Scholarship:

• Annual Stipend of $25,000 i.e. $2,000 per month approximately
• Free housing for married and single students
• Free health insurance of up to $15,000 per year
• One return ticket each year for student and dependents
• 100% tuition fee waiver
• Chance to work for a research lab, university or a corporation
• Free bus travel to Makah twice a week for Umrah

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How to Apply: Students are requested to apply using the online application form.


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    Aslam o alikum… Sir on Kaust website there is nothing mentioned about Pakistani students scholarship. Also whats the last date.
    I have letter of recommendation but they are not powerfully written.
    I have done IELTS
    I have passed BE Electrical Engineering with 86 % marks.
    What else required.
    Also for which year we should apply. Fall 2014….. or Spring 2014 or etc
    Plz reply as early as possible. Thanks

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      WAS Basharat. KAUST gives funding to all international students including those from Pakistan – last date to apply is the same as last date of admissions. You must have 3 powerful recommendation letters along with a decent IELTS score. You also need to take the GRE test and score 156+ on the math section and 146+ on verbal section to ensure funding. Let me know if you need any help. Thanks

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    There website (http://ags.kau.edu.sa/admplus_out/INDEX.ASP) on “Create your account” link says

    It’s the end of the registration program to apply for graduate studies for the 1434/1435 H

    See you next year, God willing

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    Sir I have done B.E in Civil Engineering and my percentage is 74.89 % so sir as it is mentioned here the minimum cgpa should be around 3.5 but my gpa equivalent is 3.4 so is this the case that am not eligible for the scholarship program of postgraduate study ?

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      Hi Muneeb, do apply. I had a GRE student from last year who made it to KAUST with a 3.21

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    what’s the last date to apply?

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      Hi Nayab, you can check with the KAUST website about the deadline. Deadline varies for each year 🙂

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    Salam! Can you please guide me about the last date to apply ? Also, can results awaited students apply or not? Thank you

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      Hi Madiha, Dates vary for different fields each year – check with KAUST what is there deadline to apply in your discipline 🙂 results awaited students can also apply

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    i have 2 gpa so can i apply ??? plzzz be a little bit explanatory about this what is the weightage of gre ielets nd bachelors degree i shall be very thankful for this….

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      Hi Bilal, GRE weighs the highest and your degree the lowest. IELTS does not weigh at all. Yes you can apply with a GPA of 2 and make sure you do great on the GRE. 310+ at least.

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    I have a GPA of 3.34 only and an F grade in a subject too (which I cleared after repeating) in Bachelor; but I have a 107/120 TOEFL and am expecting 320+ in GRE. Do I stand a chance in getting admission into KAUST?

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      If you get a GRE of ore than 320 your chances are really high – GRE is very important for KAUST.

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    I have done B.E in Metallurgy and Materials ,With research work on Asbestos Free Brake lining,I have got 82% .
    What you suggest for me.

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      Hi Noman, Have you taken the GRE exam yet?

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    Aoa. I have done m.phil mathematics. Does GRE is must for too. Also I want to ask that what is the duration of ph.d for a student having m.phil degree.

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      WAS Sadaf, GRE is a must regardless of your background if you want to apply to KAUST – 4 years is the duration of PhD.

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    Hi there, I am planning to go for MS in Computer science with CGPA 3.1 at KAUST. Just want to know do they really provide this MS program? I checked their website but its page for CS is not opening. Is there any chance for me to get into KAUST with such a low CGPA? I will try my best to score good in GRE and IELTS.

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      Hi Sarah, Yes they do offer the CS program – GPA won’t matter much if you score 320+ on the GRE 🙂

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        Sir i am applying for earth sciences with a Gpa of 3.76 but i have no appearance in any GRE test. so am i eligible for any sort of scholarship or admission. What should you suggest for me???

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          Hi Faisal, Without the GRE you will not be able to apply to good programs – i would advise you to take the GRE test first before pursuing the admissions. Let me know if you have any further questions – thanks

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    AOA..Sir,i want to take admission in KAUST for electrical engineering.My CGPA is 3.60.
    What is the chance to get admission with such CGPA?
    Also, should I prepare for Ielts or Gre first?

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      Hi Ali, Without knowing your GRE score i can’t tell about your chances – you must take the GRE and IELTS first 🙂 Let me know if you have any further questions – thanks

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    Hello sir

    I have done BENG (HONS) MECHANICAL ENGINEERING From UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH WALES UK WITH SECOND LOWER CLASS DEGREE, My question is can I Still apply for KAUST Scholarship based on my good GRE Score and if yes, then Since i am Pakistani national, can i submit my TOEFL SCORE From 2008 or will i have to submit recent TOEFL Score.

    Best Regards

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      Hi Omer, You don’t need to submit the TOEFL score as KAUST will waive it for you. You must however take the GRE exam 🙂

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    Hi Talha,

    Nice effort and great work. I am interested in taking admission in KAUST. I am final year of BEng. Electronics ENg. from the Republic of Ireland. I had full 4 GPA last year and inshALLAH will get 4 GPA degree. I know that i dont have to sit in IELTS but confused about GRE. I am in Ireland, i will apply from here so i wont really have time to sit for GRE exam. What do you reckon. Thanks

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      Thanks Zain 🙂 Well regardless you will have to take the GRE – every one does even those from USA 🙂

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        Hi Talha,

        I wanted to know how is this GPA calculated? Is it out of the scale of 4 or 5??

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          Hello Sarah, GPA is calculated on a scale of 4 🙂

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    I am an aspirant for MS, Mechanical stream from KAUST. Currently, I am in my final year of B.Tech. I have 5 research papers published and a SPI of 8.63 in a scale of 10. Also, I have participated in numbers of events and competitions at at graduate level.
    What are my chances of getting admitted into KAUST?

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      Hi Aquil, What is your GRE score?

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        My GRE and TOEFL scores are 317 (Q-166, V-151) and 102 respectively. What are my chances?
        Please mail me if you can aquil99@gmail.com
        Eagerly waiting for you reply

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          You GRE is pretty decent for KAUST – i feel you have strong chances.

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    i did MS in physics .got gold medal in Master’s .got gold medal in F.sc .currently lecturer in education department of AJ& K Pakistan since last 8 yrz.i want to do Ph.d from KAUST and also wants a job there in lecturer ship plz plz plz guide me and help me

    • Avatar

      Hi Shabana, Please follow the link at the end of the above article.

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    Sir , i want to apply for undergraduate (engineer) study in Kaust..can i apply in scholarship? . IS there any scholarship for undergraduate students in Kaust? please guide me.

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      Hi Komal, This is not for undergraduate students.

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    SIR.i want to apply for PHD and know this is my last semester in MBA(hnr) which is equal to m.s by hec can i apply for phd(management science) 0r not


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      Hi Maaz, Yes you can 🙂

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    Dearsir is there any scholarship available for MS in Clinical pharmacy or Medicinal chemistry…Deqr sir i have complet my Pharm D.

    • Avatar

      Hi Mutahir, You can check the Fulbright program Pakistan – http://brightlinkprep.com/fulbright-scholarship-pakistan-2015-now-taking-applications/

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        AOA..Sir,i want to take admission in KAUST for M.Phil Math.My CGPA is 3.50
        What is the chance to get admission with such CGPA? How much minimum number is required in GRE to take admission in KAUST?

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          AS Samad, It depends on your overall profile and GRE score which is mandatory.

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    Hey Talha!
    when do the admissions open?could u plz tell me about the statement of purpose, what do i have to write in that?

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    i did Master in IT, have job experience more then 8 years, CISCO certified, CGP 2.7 want to get admission in kaust, one of my brother also doing job in Kaust as a Research associate, guide me to get scholarship in MS CS , networks is my specialise field,

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    Respected Sir
    I have applied for MS (EE) at KAUST for fall 2015.
    I have gone through two skype interviews – one regarding mathematical background and the other one regarding my future plans and stuff like that.
    Now, I have been invited for a Personal Interview at Istanbul Turkey. Do you have any idea regarding the nature of this interview?
    Keeping in view the progess of my application so far, what do you think are my chances of getting admission? I have done BSc Engg from UET Lahore with a cgpa of 3.900. I have not taken my GRE exam yet.
    Please reply soon.

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      WAS Bilal, no idea about this 🙁 Well without GRE it looks glim.

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    sir I am doing MPhil in mathematics and I passed my ist semiester can I apply for scholarship and it is possible that I convert my credit hours

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      No you cannot apply – you can only apply after graduating.

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    salam sir talha. my gpa is 3.97 and i have applied in materials sciences and engineering at KAUST. My TOEFL score is 109 (28R, 27L, 26S, 28W) and GRE to be taken on 13th april. I graduated in 2010 but have relevant field experience. What are my odds for selection keeping in view my profile? and are pakistanis admitted easily as i have heard that KAUST loves diversity and its hard to get there?

    • Avatar

      WAS janab – yaar honestly without GRE it is hard to say – KAUST really weighs in GRE scores so once you have those inshAllah I can guide you better

      • Avatar

        Sir I just took GRE general today; scored 161 on Verbal and 170 on Quant. Kindly now comment upon my odds for KAUST

        • Avatar

          This is a really strong score for KAUST and I am pretty sure you will get in 🙂

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        Salam sir talha. I took GRE General today. Got 161V 170Q. Now what are my odds for selection at KAUST

        • Avatar

          WAS – just replied 🙂

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    what is the weightade of Cgpa and GRE ?

    • Avatar

      WAS – GRE has highest followed by CGPA

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    sir i had done public administration as 2nd position holder and also done DCBM as 1st position holder seeking for scholarship and international scholarship having high amount of applying fee which i cant affort can you tell me some uni which without ilets tofel allow me go get scholarship on letter base so kindly let m eabout this

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    Sir I want to know about fee for GRE preparation at You?

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      25,000 for two months.

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    Respected Sir
    I have done Electrical Engineering from UET Lahore with a CGPA of 3.51. My GRE score is 303. I have two years of research experience and three solid recommendations.
    Kindly comment on my chances of getting admission in KAUST
    Pl reply
    Thanking in anticipation
    Waqas Ali

    • Avatar

      WAS Waqas, Well chances are good since your profile looks pretty solid.

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    AOA !Respected Sir !
    I’m An Electrical Engineer Specilization(Computer Sustem Engineer) Sir I In interested in KAUST and applying For MS leading to PHD. Plx Guide me what is the criteria. what is the minimum GPA is required for admission as well as for scholarship.I’m doing IELTS test preeperation plx.Kindly tell me the tution fee(Accomodation,Mealing) And other expenses.Hopefully i will get the required score. Any more Information yew have please share it .Thank’s

    • Avatar

      WAS Zain – well all the information is provided in the blog post above and you can also check KAUST official website. There is no minimum GPA but if you have a low GPA then give the GRE exam!

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    Talha Omer, first of all thank you very much for letting us know about this kind of prestigious university and its scholarship for Pakistani students.
    Right now, KAUST is accepting students for admission in MS leading to PhD and PhD whose last date for application is 8th-Oct-2015.
    I have completed my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering with a CGPA of 3.69, and I am looking to get MS leading to PhD in this field at KAUST. My IELTS test is on 19-Sep-2015 and I am expected to score a very decent score in it.
    After reviewing KAUST official website about admission in MS leading to PhD, I found that GRE is not compulsory for admission rather it is recommended to take GRE exam to enhance the chances of successful admission.
    My Question is, for such a high CGPA of 3.69, do I need to take the GRE test?
    I will be anxiously waiting for your reply.
    Allah Hafiz.

    • Avatar

      WAS Usama – honestly when it comes to PK students applying abroad, I always recommend them not to take any chances or leave any stone unturned. I know your profile looks strong but I would advise you to further strengthen it with a decent GRE score 🙂 AH

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    Respected Sir. i have don MSCS without thesis but complete course work with requerd cradit hours and secure 3.5 cgpa. Now i want to get phd scholarship of kaust. whats requerments are further which i need to fullfil. sir it is possible to get phd scholarship on the behalf of without thesis degree?

    • Avatar

      WAS Nadia – Yes it id definitely possible – have you taken the GRE?

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    Assalam-o-Alaikum Sir !
    first of all thankyou so much for solving problems regarding admissions in KAUST !
    sir I’m doing chemical engineering from Punjab University Lahore . my CGPA up to 5th semester is 3.5 and three semesters remaining . my question is should I appear in GRE test now or not ?
    the other question is both GRE and TOEFL (IELTS) are compulsory ? or just GRE ?
    and test of which GRE ?

    • Avatar

      WAS Nabeela 🙂 GRE is valid for 5 years so you can appear now for the test! GRE and IELTS are both needed. GRE general.

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    Asalam o Alaikum Talha bhai.. i have done Bsc Engg (GEOLOGICAL) with cgpa 2.81 ,,and applied for admission in KAUST.. what are the chances..??

    • Avatar

      WAS whats your GRE?

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    AssalamuA`laikum Talha bhai.

    I am from india. Done my engineering in IT. Had 2.5 years of industry experience in Software Development.

    I want to know is there any Specific Format for Recommendation?

    My professors in india are asking …… is there any “Recommendation Letter Format” for King Abdullah university.

    Second Question Q) all 4 years aggregate are considered in GPA or only Final Year Percentage is considered in GPA?


    Please reply. I want to prepare for TOEFL.

    • Avatar

      WAS Salman – no format 🙂 just a plain 1 page letter. All 4 years are considered. Unfortunately we do not assist with TEOEFL 🙁

      • Avatar

        Hello sir . How to prepare for GRE exam ?? Any reference books ??

        • Avatar

          Hello – you can start with Manhattan prep books! also ETS official guides 🙂