Ideal GRE Score for Getting the Fulbright

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Applying or have applied for Fulbright Scholarship? Not sure what’s the desired GRE score?

The Verbal and Quantitative sections of the GRE General exam are scored from 130–170 in one-point increments. The Analytical Writing section (also known as AWA) GRE is scored from 0 and 6 in half-point increments. Let’s take a look at the ideal scores on the GRE for the Fulbright program.


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    I have completed my m.phil in Biotechnology.. please tell me the maximum score I should achieve for admission in Ph.D. in biological sciences program.. and the total cost of preparation for full bright…

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      160+ Quant and 155+ verbal, 4.5+ in AWA. Cost of taking the GRE is 205 USD

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    I am doing computer engineering currently i am in 7th semester. Kindly tell me the score I should secure in GRE for fullbright scholarship. and also the books from which I should prepare.. I will be very thankful to you.

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    I have done MS in teaching English to students of other languages (TESOL). I want to apply for phd degree program of fullbright. What should be my marks in quant and verbal?

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    I want to apply for a Masters in Public Policy. What should be the minimum score I should have in all three components to have a chance at the more competitive programs?

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      160+ Verbal, 155+ Quant and 5.0+ AWA

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    Does any requirement AW scores for fullbright scholarship PHD Electronic engineering?

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    Hi Talha, I am a lawyer, and i want to pursue an LLM degree through fulbright. I had a 154 in English and 146 in Math for GRE. I know that my score isnt ideal, i wanted to know how important is my math score for an LLM?

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      Hello – Math score is not at all important for you. In your case, you have a pretty safe score.

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    Hi Talha

    I’ve recently been selected as a Fulbright semi-finalist. I would like to pursue a PhD in Public Health. What scores do I need on the GRE?

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      Hello – 310+ will be fine. 155+ in each section

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    I have done MBA finance and have more than 05 years experience in the energy sector and want to pursue a master in Energy and Climate Policy related discipline through Fulbright from the top ranking university of America. I need you humble suggestion that after almost 07 years of gap in my last obtained degree would it be advisable to go for GRE and apply for Fulbright Scholarship 2021. If yes how much score I need to score in GRE?

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      Fulbright does send 30-35% people with over 5 years of experience. In your case, given your discipline, you would need around 310 on the GRE. I would highly encourage you to apply as this is one of the preferential areas of Fulbright program.

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