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ETS (Education Testing Service), the organization that develops the new revised GRE test, has worked hard to ensure that convenient GRE test dates are available in Pakistan in 2016. Unlike other tests like the SAT, ACT or university admissions tests in Pakistan, the GRE can be taken any day of the week from Monday to Thursday throughout the year (except public holidays in Pakistan). Many GRE students in Pakistan are surprised to know this – it is only possible because of the fact that GRE is a computer based test and therefore it is convenient for ETS to administer it any time of the year in Pakistan.

Note: The paper based GRE is no longer offered in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. However it is offered in Balochistan only.

Prometric is the company that conducts the GRE test in Pakistan in 3 cities; Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. ETS mentions that GRE test dates are updated on a monthly basis and therefore you must check the most recent test dates for GRE in 2016 regularly. In order to view the GRE test dates for 2016 you should go to the ETS website and make an online account. Once you create your online account, you will be able to view the available GRE test dates in 2016. Many GRE test takers in Pakistan get confused when it comes to checking the GRE test dates. Here is a step by step guide for checking the most recent available GRE test dates for 2016 in Pakistan.

Step 1:

Register yourself for an online account with ETS before you go on to look at the 2016 GRE test dates in Pakistan. You can do this by going here.


Step 2:

Once you have registered for the GRE account on the ETS website, then you need to go to the “Register for a General Test” link.


Step 3:

From the drop down select Pakistan as the country of test and your respective city. As you can see that for 2016 the GRE is only available in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi. It is offered in the computer based format in these 3 cities and as paper based format in Sindh. However it is only offered up to 3 times a year in the paper based format.


Step 3:

From the drop down select Pakistan as the country of test and your respective city. As you can see that for 2016 the GRE is only available in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi. It is offered in the computer based format in these 3 cities and as paper based format in Sindh. However it is only offered up to 3 times a year in the paper based format.


Step 4:

Thoroughly read the ETS policy for the GRE general test and then click next. s4

Step 5:

In the search box, type the name of the city where you want to take the computer based test. In the image attached I have typed Lahore.

Step 6:

Once you search your respective city, then from the desired location where you want to take the test, click “Schedule an appointment”s6

Step 7:

If you want to check the availability of GRE test date on a specific date, then you can do that on this page. If you are unsure of when to take the test, then you can also find the available GRE test dates in 2016 in a 3 month period. Chose what option suits you the best and then press “Go”.

Step 7:

You will be shown the dates on which the GRE test can be taken in 2016 in Pakistan. You can select the date of your choice and the time at which you want to take the GRE test. The GRE can be taken either in morning (9:00 am) or in the afternoon (1:30 pm) on any day you want. Select your desirable date and press next. Fill in the form that comes next and make sure all the information matches with your passport. Make your online payment and you will be registered instantaneously.

Just a reminder that you must have a valid passport that you must take to the exam center. A passport is not required to register for the GRE test but it is required as an ID on the day. Also please be sure that your name on the registration matches the name on your passport. Good Luck!


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    How do I make online payment???

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    When are GRE test dates for 2015 here in Pakistan? Can we submit the Full Bright Application Form form earlier and later apply for the test in June /July( if the dates are available)?

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      For GRE dates go to – you have to take GRE before 13th May to apply for FB

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        Sir. Plz tell me uf i don’t have passport to

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    How many days before should I register myself for a Gre test. how many test centers are working in Karachi . How can I find their addresses . Since I live near Gulshan ,is there a center near my location . Thanks

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    what are the dates for GRE test in this month(april) and can i get registered on monday ? can i get results before fulbright scholarship deadline?

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    want to know may i submit my application for GRE test in these dates , mean to say the date of registration available or not, if not then ?

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    l m from quetta,Balochistan and want to take GRE test. plzzz give me information fees and centres..thx

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    Kiendly tell me how can I apply?

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    what if one don’t have credit card and cannot pay online?

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      Well you will have to borrow somebody else’s then

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    Mr. Talha, It seems that one should not/ can not go for a GRE unless have a valid passport?

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      That is right. Without a valid passport you cannot take your exam.

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    sir the deadline for fulbright scholarship is 1st june can i apply now for the test? and if not this time then when will this scholarship be offered again?

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      No you cannot apply now – it will be offered again next year in Feb 2016.

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        dear i am belonged to jhang’i want to get admission in law in ph.d to any world wide good reputation university.plz guide me about the gre test.the name of books which help me to pas the test with good marks without get admissionin any academy.

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          Hello Ghulam, Manhattan series, Official guides are good prep sources. If you need hard copies of these, do let me know and I can arrange these for you!

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          dear start ur law from any of pakistani university in punjab and then go for LLM to any foreign country.
          or srart ur law in london and then persure barristor carrier .

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    What is the official fee and other charges for GRE?

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    I want to ask about the payment methods of the test fee

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    Can you arrange soft copy of Manhattan series, Official guides? if yes, plz provide me for further test preparation. plz, Also comment how many days can get it to prepare if i give full 3 hours for study/preparation? Regards Bagh Hussain

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      Soft copies of these books are generally available for somewhere around 6000 PKR and if you require we can order them for you. Moreover number of hours don’t matter – the quality of prep matters plus your background.

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        other than purchasing soft books no free material is available on line to support the preperations?

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          Hira – it is hard to find good material for free.

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    I dont now when I habe to apply and when test of gre plzz guide me

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      You can apply anytime when you are ready 🙂

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    Please inofrm me how can i get register for GRE? and how many years do GRE test valid .

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    can you refer some online links or books to prepare for this test ?

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      Manhattan and the official guides are good sources but they are not free.

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        in case of no credit card… how to pay?

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          No other way – borrow from someone in that case 🙂

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    GRE paper can be taken throughout year

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      Yes it can be given all year round.

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    My name is Muhammad Arsalan Tariq. While registering for registering for GRE, You can only write one letter of your middle name, so I have written Muhammad-Arsalan as my first name. Will that be okay? and Tariq as my last name.

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      Yes that will be perfect 🙂

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    Talha Omer bro,i have done my master in political science and now wants to go abroad for MPhil leading to PHD.Can i apply ?

    • Avatar

      Yes of course 🙂 but in US MS and Phd programs are offered not an MPHIL

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    what scolarships are available if one will clear gre exam, n plz mention atleast how much % is use for good scholarships

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      The Fulbright program is available along with direct scholarships that US uni’s give. Other than that, Germany and Middle east also gives funding based on GRE.

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    which test date for yes scholarship?
    i am waiting

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    I need to turn in my GRE scores to US institutes before 15 Dec. How long does it generally takes the computer-based GRE scores to reach the institutes?
    I am actually confused when to take the test so my scores reaches institutes in time ? Thank you

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      It takes 8-10 working days. 🙂

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    Hi! Talha I am very glad to see your blog post regarding GRE Test date 2015 in Pakistan because I want to take this exam but have not any detail information. I read your whole blog and question answers so most of the students talking about the Manhattan test books which are not available in local stores and only available at Amazon online books stores in Pakistan. So are these books are best for Test preparation??

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    Dear Talha, pls refer me some books or guide me to improve verbal section score … how to improve reading comprehension

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    Is GAT Subject conducted by NTS in PAKISTAN is similarly valuable as GRE?

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      GAT is only for local uni’s – GRE is for int’l

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    salam sir, pls tell me is GRE test compulsory for applying for Turkish scholarships aswell? i want to apply for MS Chemistry scholarship in Tiurkey in sha Allah

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    I want to ask that how many subject we can choose in GRE…1 or more

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    kindly help me in finding test dates in islambd for GRE . in this december or in january 2016. from where i may find dates of test ?

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    GRE 2015 schedule?? Anymore attempt in DEC 2015?

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      Yes GRE can be taken any weekday throughout the year.

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    what about mangoosh videos are they good?

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    are any basic difference in fat and GRE test. mean to say if i get prepared for GAT test will i supposed to be prepared for GRE test.

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      No idea about the GAT test actually 🙁

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    AoA I hv done graduation and my transcript is not issued yet it will take a month. How long on average it takes to prepare days+number of hours fot GRE and what score is required to get foriegn scholarship.

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      WAS – you can apply still – send them the degree and transcripts once you get them. It takes around 2-3 months to prepare for GRE and 315+ is a good GRE score.

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    AoA, I have registered for GRE in Faisalabad. Can I change my test center to Islamabad?

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      WAS yes you can by paying 50 USD

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    hi, I am planning to sit for GRE exam from islamabad but I need to clear one thing before registering. THe dates for GRE exam, are these conducted once in every three weeks or each week. thanks.

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      It is conducted 4 times every week.

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    bro can i apply for ful bright scholarship now without GRE and later submit the test scores when im gonna passed it?

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      Nope – GRE needed before the FB deadline

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    when will the fulbright scholarship be available after the month of may?

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    Salam, M confused. can we give GRE online from home too?? Instead of appearing in a test center in khi, lhr or islmbd?

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      WAS – nope – you have to give it in the center

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    what is the next date of GRE?????

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    Plz sir guide me I got MSC physics and I want to go USA for MPhil and pHD in MMp plz tell me

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        Dear Talha,

        I really appreciate your support to the students seeking higher studies. I have a question for which I need your response. I am an Engineer with 10 years of work experience.i want to apply for FB scholarship. If I can do well in gre exam can I get FB scholarship? How does no of years of experience matters in award of FB scholarship? Please reply

        • Avatar

          Hello Muhammad – GRE though is an important component but it is not the only one. The overall profile is what really matters. 10 years of work might be of disadvantage since it is rare for such experienced people to get in.

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    Are paper and pencil given in both paper and computer based GRE tests? And which is being offered in Karachi these days?

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    if i am running for Fulbright scholarship, when do i need to take the test and when do i have to apply or register myself in?

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      You can take the test by May 2017 and register for the test anytime before that

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    I am trying to apply for gre but no seats are available, is anybody facing the same problem? plus there web site also gives some sort of errors.

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      Seats are now available and the system is back up now.

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    A-O-A. i want to some information about GRE INTERNATIONAL subjective like chemistry,

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      WAS – Unfortunately we only deal with GRE general test – for subject test you will have to contact ETS. Thanks

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    i have done BCS and now want to get enrolled in graduate studies in either information technology or Management Info tech . but only 1 option between these two can be selected in GRE form . some uni s offers ms MIS some ms IT what if i select one and the some university doesn’t offer that program ? will it effect in any way ? or no problem with that? thanks

    • Avatar

      Hello – This will not effect in any way – it is just a survey form that they want you to fill – nothing important.

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    would u please tell me about IPC division test (Cultural exchange/china govenment scholarships programme for the year 2017) GRE test?? either page pencil or computer based test?and also is it a simple mcq type test? and where should i prepare

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      Hey – we are unaware of this test 🙁

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    iam doimg library science in final and after it i want to continue my furthur study for doing mphil nd phd then when should i prepare for GRE nd how can i do perparation of GRE

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    Aoa, Talha sb I am planning to apply for Fullbright scholarship this year, the deadline is 17th may, Can i take GRE on 31st april or is it too late?

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      WAS you can take GRE on any date before 17th May

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    AoA Talha

    I am in my final semester of Mphil/MS and want to apply for FB this year.I have not applied for a GRE yet and haven’t done any preparation. Is it a good idea to register for taking GRE when there are few days left till application deadline?(may 17) Are there any chances to get desired success or i am jst going to waste money.
    secondly i have a huge gap in my studies, coz of some unavoidable circumstances, there is a 10 year gap in my Masters and Mphil. And i have no remarkable work experience in between. will it have a negative impact on my application/selection process (even if i get good score in GRE, along with a good academic record and proposal).Hope you got my point. need your valuable advise in this regard.


    • Avatar

      WAS Fauzia, Well better take a diagnostic first and then see if you can prepare in the short time. Well gap is fine as long as there is a valid reason for it. So I will advise you to start with GRE first and if the score is in the desired range, then you can think of applying.

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    Can i prepare GRE Test in 20 days.. as i am doing job as well as my study gap is 05 years… I want to apply for US Fulbright scholarship.
    Please guide me whether it will be usefull or a waste of money…
    Ubaid Khan

    • Avatar

      20 DAYS will be too hard to get by. I recommend at least 6 weeks.

  51. Avatar


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      Tests which are conducted on Monday

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    AoA!! I want to take GRE test for Phd in USA. I m final smeater of M.Phil. plz guide me about GRE test procedure when will be held …test center & dates…& also provide me books for preparation on softcopy on email address.
    Plz reply me as soon as possible.

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    if i sit in gre by ets than how i will get full bright scholarship from usa, for full bright scholarship where i have to give test ? to ets or USEF?

    • Avatar

      You have to take the test to ETS and then apply to USEFP for Fulbright!

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