Is GRE Subject Test Required for Fulbright Scholarship?

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GRE subject test is not needed in order to apply for the Fulbright scholarship program in Pakistan; even if you do take the subject test it will not help you in any way strengthen your application.

However certain programs in the US require this exam in addition to the GRE general test. In that case Fulbright will intimate you to take the GRE subject test but only after you are selected for the Fulbright scholarship. In such a scenario, it will be mandatory on you to take the GRE subject test.

Specifically from 2016, Fulbright will advise Computer Science and Engineering Candidates to take the GRE subject test if they get selected.

GRE Subject Test if offered in the following areas:

  • Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Literature in English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology

To register for the GRE subject test for the Fulbright program and to learn more about it, please visit the ETS website.


  1. i am a student of bs agriculture. now in 6th semestr wan to get full bright scholarship what should i do???

  2. aoa…. i want to knw some information relating fulbright scholarship 2016.
    i recently complte bsc (honrs) in computational physics from punjab university.
    my CGPA is 3.39 and 81% and 79% markx in matric and intermediate respectively
    how i prepare myself for appling fulbright scholarship program.
    is GRE general is enough ????

  3. Hi , i am a Cs student . If in my application to full bright scholarship , GRE subject test become mandatory and if my prospective degree is also related to cs .So in which prospective fields i will give the subject test because all above fields are irrelevant to CS

    • GRE subject test is never required by FB

  4. i have done BS(Hons) physics .my cgpa is 3.2 does GRE is compulsory for full bright scholarship.

  5. is there any priority for rural sindh students in full bright schorship?

  6. Hi. My score in gre is 139 quantitative and 141 in verbal. Is it enough to take admission in Phd in Fisheries ?

    • Nope you must retake it – competitive people have 315+

  7. I completed mathematics i can apply for fb and how can i aply for eb pleas inform

  8. Hi, i’ve done BS Geology with 82% marks from Peshawar University. Is GRE required for full bright scholarship regarding my subject????

  9. Dear Talha,
    First of all let me thank you for this informative page. The question i want to ask is; i am planing for PHD, however my 18 years education will complete in November. Is there any way for me to apply for PHD as an result awaiting candidate?

    • You are welcome Ali 🙂 You can apply this year for FB if you get your degree by Dec 2016.

  10. i am a student of bs finearts. now i am doing thesis want to get full bright scholarship what should i do???

    • Take the GRE general test and apply

  11. I did MS in Business Studies, interested in PHD. Business Studies. So GRE is required or not.

  12. Aoa, how much I should score in GRE General in order to easily take admission in PhD (Physics)? Thanks

    • WAS – 165+ Quant and around 150 verbal

  13. hello Sir I am a dentist and want to apply for fullbright scholarship for 2016/17..My question is can I apply without taking GRE and then take GRE later or is it compulsary to write GRE before applying???

  14. Is toefl or gre is required for fulbright?

  15. Hello there
    I want to know if toefl or GRE is required for Humphrey Fellowship Program.

  16. Hi Talha,

    is there any age limit for the eligibility of FB?

  17. I am a student of Bs( BBIT) done with 6 semesters . . . want to get fullbright scholarship for further studies after graduation ? what should i do so that i can take admission after my graduation in abroad ?

  18. Hello sir,
    Sir i have recently completed my graduation in textile designing and i dont know rather to apply in usaid masters program or not because the Gre test is being a confusion that if i am so not good in maths so should i take subject test and for which subject?..please will you tell me about this it will be helping

    • Hello – you only need to take the GRE general test not the subject test

  19. Sir I have done BS(Hons)PHYSICS, Then MS in Nuclear ENGINEERING.. is there any chance for me to get PhD SCHOLARSHP in USA being a Nuclear eng. Should I give GRE to try my luck?

    • Well lodhi i know a couple of people from PK doing their PHD/MS from UIUC in nuclear engineering so I guess it is doable.

      • Hi I m Riaz and I want to apply for Fulbright Scholarship. I have two options which are:
        1. To apply for educational Phd Degree as I am school teacher and school coordinator. Which Gre test I will give for this?

        2. To apply fro Physics PhD, which GRE I give?

        • Hello,

          1) GRE general
          2) GRE general
          Subject test is not required

  20. Hello I have done masters in economics and have 8 years experience in public sector agriculture organization. Can I apply for PHd.

  21. Hi Talha! I am still u need the GRE score to even apply for FB or we get GRE score after applying for FB and if selected?

    • Hello – you need GRE to apply for FB

  22. when is the latest gre test going to happen..can i provide my gre score after submitting the form?

    • For GRE test dates go here: Yes you can provide GRE by 31 may

      • a zoology student ill complete my masters degree in 2018 i wanna apply for fb scholarship…..i wnt to ask that GRE is compulsory for fb bright scholrship…i want to apply for MS…will ielts be enough???????

        • GRE is compulsory and IELTS is not accepted.

  23. Hi,

    I am a physics major doing my MS from LUMS. My field of research is String Theory. I want to do my PHD from USA via Fulbright Scholarship program. I want to know that what are the best GRE scores which i need to achieve? Waiting for your response.


    • Hello Junaid – for physics you will need 165 around to get in. Verbal is not very critical

  24. Im a doctor by profession but after 20 yrs of working in the field of medicine , i want to b a chef . Can i get a FB scholorship for that field?

    • Yes – but you only need to have valid and strong reasons for the switch – if you do then no problem

  25. I have done Mphil in English Literature. Am i supposed to take GRE Subject to get a PHD Scholarship?

    • Nope GRE subject is not required

  26. Sir my MPhil in physics is complete..I want to do phd ..I have to appear for GRE subject (physics ) or GRE general or ToEFL??

  27. i did my msc physics recently and i have got 70% marks. i am eligible or not? what i have to prepare for the test ? only physics course or something general?

    • Yes you are eligible. You just take the GRE general test!

  28. I am a student of bs Physics. now in 8th semestr wan to get full bright scholarship what should i do???

  29. i Will complete My 16 years Education in 2018 dec. M.Sc Mathametics. can u guide me about Subjective test and things that i should know..

    • You don’t need the Subject test to apply for FB – only the GRE general test is required

  30. Hi Sir, I want to ask that in case GRE verbal score does not meet on minimum USEFP criteria for Fulbright. Application will be rejected or they will give relief to retake GRE exam.

    • Hello – Application will be rejected

  31. Sir i am currently enrolled in 4 years bsc civil engineering program i am looking forward towards FB scholarship , currently in 4rth semester my cgpa is 3.976 , sir how much gre score should be enough and should i go for gre subjective as well ? , and sir i wanna know since when should i start attempting so that i might not get too late after completing my BS . thanks !

    • GRE score should be 320+ – Deadline to take GRE is May. GRE subject is not needed

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