GRE Sample Mini Test Quantitative Section

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Thinking of taking the GRE exam? Haven’t yet started your preparation? Take this min GRE quantitative test to find out what the GRE Math section is like. After all, you need to know the details of the test to score well! 🙂


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    can i have the answer key of GRE sample mini test quantitative section

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      Hi Saad. can you retake the quiz now? You will find the answers

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        thank u very much sir , i got the answer key for GRE mini sample test

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      Can you please post detailed solution for each question ? Tq

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    The area of a triangle cannot equal zero. I quote: “If the area comes out to be zero, it means the three points are collinear. They lie in a straight line and do not form a triangle.”

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    Very first question required me to find all possible medians of the numbers (6,5,x,6,3,x). Let’s assume that one x is equal to 1 and the other x is equal to 9. This would mean that the median would be 5.5. However, the question said that 5.5 was not a possible outcome… Please fix this so that students aren’t getting correct answers wrong.

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      if x is 1 then both x’s will be 1. similarly if x is 9 then both x’s will be 9. You cannot give different values to the same variable at the same time.

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    Select all that apply:
    If x is an integer, which of the following could be the median of the set {6,5,x,6,3,x}? Indicate all possible medians.

    5, 4.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5.5, 6

    It says 4, 4.5, 5, and 6 are correct, but what if x=7? Would the answer 5.5 also not be correct?

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      Hi Nelon, If x=7, then the set will be {3,5,6,6,7,7} and the median will be the average of the middle two values which are 6 and 6. Hence (6+6)/2 = 6. not 5.5

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    Can I get your email?

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