2014 GRE Registration in Pakistan

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GRE is a highly competitive and challenging entrance test for all Pakistani students planning to pursue higher education in the U.S. Moreover most of the GRE students in Pakistan are unfamiliar with many of the periphery steps required for GRE registration in Pakistan. In this article I will elucidate the various methods for GRE registration in Pakistan.

Prometric testing center, which is located in Lahore, Karachi & Pakistan is the organisation that conducts the GRE exam in Pakistan. It does this in collaboration with the United States Education Foundation in Pakistan – in short the USEFP. The single biggest reason that students register for the GRE exam in Pakistan is the Fulbright scholarship. Every year the US government, through the USEFP, provides hundreds of scholarships to Pakistani students for higher education in the U.S. GRE is the core requirement for the Fulbright scholarship program.

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Before I explain the various methods of registering for the GRE exam in Pakistan, let me give you a breakdown of the fees associated with taking the test.

  • The GRE general test costs $185 in Pakistan.
  • The GRE general test can be rescheduled by paying an additional $50.
  • If you want to change you GRE Test center it will cost you an extra $50.

4 free score reports are associated with the GRE test. This means that by paying the GRE fee of $190, you are allowed to send up to 4 score cards for free to various institutes and organisations.

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  • For each extra score report you will have to pay an additional $25.
  • If you want to get your GRE test reviews it will cost an extra $50 for verbal and quantitative sections and another $55 for the analytical writing section.

There are multiple ways for registering for the GRE test in Pakistan. Before you register for the GRE test, you must check the available test dates for GRE in 2014 for Pakistan. Following is an exclusive list of all the different methods that can be used to register for GRE test in Pakistan.

Important: You do not need a passport in order to register for the GRE test. However you need your passport on the test day since it is the only ID accepted by the ETS. Therefore make sure you have a VALID passport at the time you take the GRE exam.

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There are 5 different modes of registering for the GRE.

Visit the Prometric testing center

This is a preferred method for GRE registration. It requires you to visit the prometric testing center in any of the three location; Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. You must take a bank draft in US dollars in favor of “United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan”. The demand draft should be of $185 in value. Simply fill the registration form available at the Prometric test center and attach the bank draft with it. You will be intimated of your test date in a couple of days via mail.

Online Registration

For Pakistani GRE applicants having access to a credit/debit card can also register and schedule their GRE test Online. Please remember that you must have either one of the following credit cards in order to do GRE registration in Pakistan online: American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, VISA.

By Fax

  • Fill the International Test Scheduling Form and fax it to 60-3-7628-3366.
  • You can get this form here
  • A confirmation number, reporting time, and the test center address will be faxed or mailed backed to you. If you provide an e-mail address, you may receive a confirmation by e-mail. You need to take this confirmation code with you on the test day.

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By Phone

  • To register for GRE in Pakistan you can also call Regional Registration Center, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at +60-3-7628-3333 at least two business days before your preferred GRE test date. For GRE students in Pakistan, the regional center in Kuala Lumpur.
  • On call you will submit your credentials and a confirmation number, reporting time, and the test center address will be given to you when you call. As usual you will have to take this code with you on the test day.

By Mail

  • For students in Pakistan planning to register for GRE in Pakistan can also register for the test by mail. Simply download the GRE Registration form from the website www.gre.org and mail it to the Regional Registration Center.
  • The form must be sent at: Prometric P.O. Box 12964 50794 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  • A confirmation number, reporting time, and the test center address will be faxed or mailed to you. If you provide an e-mail address, you may receive a confirmation by e-mail.

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  1. for what subjects i should prepare? on gre web site ther are 8 subjects i have to prepare for all of them or i will select some subjects?the subjects are
    Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
    Computer Science
    Literature in English

    • Hello Ahmad,

      First of all you must take the GRE general test since it is mandatory for FB scholarships. Then contact your chosen program in the U.S. directly and ask them what subject test do you want to take. They ll tell you which one of these 8 is mandatory for you.

      Apologies for the belated response – lately have been engrossed in the FB flood :-)



      • salam sir i want to only pass the quantitative part of GRE test what will be the procdure Plz sir send me some informatin about on my emial abdullah_2296@yahoo.com

        • Hello Abdullah, What do you mean by only passing the quant section of the GRE? There are no passing marks on the GRE so what kind of scores are you looking at? What about verbal?

          • Salam….i hav done bba(hons) and want to do mba now through this scholarshp..but i m confused about gre test…that how can i attempt this?when?the whole procedure?i hav visited many websites of usefp but it coud’nt clear me out anythng..what is cmputer base test mean here?is there any proper center for test as there is in nts or gat test …?plz rply

      • Dear TALHA bhae
        I am in Karachi, Which academy out of PRINCETON REVIEW or PROMETRIC TESTING PREP is better for GRE preparation? Please guide me

        • Hey Azad, Unfortunately I have no idea :(

          • Hi dear
            let me know i have to preparation for a GRE subjectl test. from which book could i get help?

          • Which subject?

  2. Could you please tell me how much time does it take to get registered and how much time does it take to receive the results?
    Also please send me some contact number of GRE Pakistan.
    Please guide me what is GRE Subject special test?

    • You can register at anytime for the GRE you want given the test dates are available….test dates for GRE are available 4 – 5 days a week throughout the year. you can get all the information from http://www.ets.org/gre

      Unfortunately regarding the GRE subject test you will have to contact the prospective graduate program in the U.S.



  3. I have only one month to prepare what do i do?

  4. Hey,
    Can you advise me any good institute here in Karachi that will increase my scores in GRE ? apart from that if i am planning to join any graudate school next year, what should be my plans? how early should i give gre ielts?

    • Unfortunately we are not aware of any institutes in Karachi. Please give TOEFL for US and not IELTS.

  5. kindly inform me about upcoming date of gre subject test and registration 2013

  6. talha i have done textile enginnering from ntu fsd.
    i m doing job since a year and half now i m planning to do Masters therefore ought to take GRE.
    please Guide
    M.omer Wahla

  7. salam…sir i m a final year student of mech engg at UET lahore,i will pass out in june next year.sir i want to apply in american universities for masters in my engg.so here they require gre and toefel,basically i want some guideline from u that should i join academy for gre or should i prepare it myself,and when should i appear in gre test as per my final year.kindly reply…

    • Hello Tahir, I replied to you in your email. Please refer to that :-)

  8. salam…sir i m a final year student of mech engg at UET lahore,i will pass out in june next year.sir i want to apply in american universities for masters in my engg.so here they require gre and toefel,basically i want some guideline from u that should i join academy for gre or should i prepare it myself,and when should i appear in gre test as per my final year.kindly reply…

    • Hello Tahir, Please refer to your email

  9. sir i want to join preparatory classes for GRE but i m in islamabad and The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) offering classes so should i join them.please sir suggest me a good institute.

    • Well in Islamabad I think USEFP is the most reliable place for your GRE prep.

  10. Dear Sir Could you please tell me about possible GRE Registration fee required?
    what are the minimum marks to pass in GRE?
    How can i apply for fully funded scholarship after passing GRE
    Please help me

  11. AOA Talha,

    Me again. I’ve read your afore mentioned thread. however, I’d still need some clarification in possible. So in order to apply for FB, one needs to take GRE General, wait for the process and once chosen then take GRE again? Lets say I get selected for my preferred program MBA marketing and get FB, do I still need to take GRE again? IF so whould would the subject be?

    Additionally, once i get accepted for FB scholraship and take a specialized GRE test again but the scores dont fulfill the requirements of my school, then what?

    • You don’t need to take the GRE general again. However if your scores are low and get FB but don’t get admission in a uni then you will have to take the GRE again. Moreover subject tests have to be taken once FB makes you an offer. Subject test is only required by certain programs in the U.S.

  12. Hey i am getting problem registering via VISA credit card since last 4 days. I have tried multiple visa cards ( of different banks) but i get the error:

    Your selected payment method has failed.

    Please make sure all information was entered accurately including the card Security Code, if applicable, or try another payment method.

    A retry may result in additional temporary holds on your account in the amount of the test fee.

    Should a hold occur, it will not result in an actual charge to your account.

    Please check with your card issuer for the specific reason authorization and/or the Card Security Code check failed.

    Please help

    • You can go to the prometric testing center to get yourself physically registered. Else ask a friend to give you a credit card that you can use :)

      • Drea sir,

        I can not submit online fee for GRE test,
        kindly send me the bank information in which bank i will deposite fee of GRE general Test,Islamabad.

        my test center is Islamabad .

  13. Please inform me Gre subject test fee and test date fr 2014

  14. Hi dear
    let me know i have to preparation for a GRE general test. from which book could i get help?

  15. Hello! kindly tell a few things more about it like what is the difference between GRE and GMAT? what the fee structure and basic requirements of GRE test.

  16. Hello Sir I have done my master in Mass Communication and Education as well, and I have working experience with different National and International NGOs like Islamic Relief worldwide, UNICEF and right now working with Red Cross Red crescent Movement/Pakistan red Crescent Society I have a more then 7 years development sector, I would like to be a part of such prestigious scholarship please guide me my email address is akhtar.ayoub@gmail.com

  17. Hello sir!
    i want to apply for FB therefore i’ll have to give GRE which means i have only month to prepare for GRE. what do you suggest? should i go for FB this year or next year? i will graduate in june 2014.

    • Well if you think you have ample time to put your heart into GRE and do well then definitely go for it.!

  18. which bank i prefer to make a Pay Order for GRE registration?

    • You can make a pay order from any bank Jam!

  19. What to write in this section ?

    this page is appearing after the test date and centre selection.

  20. While filling the fullbright 2015 application do we need to have score report at that time ? I am planning to attempt GRE on 13th may, still I can apply for fullbright 2015 and would be eligible for reimbursement by usefp as well? Same query for the TOEFL test as well, can i attempt TEOFL later on or we need to have scores before filling the 2015 fullbright application ?

  21. AOA….can u guide me for the sign up procedure of gre subject test…..i did’nt understand what is middle initial, social security number, adress line 1 and 2, zip/postal code

    • WAS! Maria, Social security number is only for US citizens. In you case just put your ID card number there. Middle Initial is only if you have a middle name otherwise leave it blank. In address just put you permanent home address.

  22. sir Talha OMER i need your help
    i am kamran rasul
    i have done my M-phil.I am interested in P.hd please send me complete information GRE test USA is my favorite country
    for my Admission.send me complete information regarding GRE test on my email.thanks a lot

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