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Free GRE Trial Classes in LahoreAt BrightLink Prep, GRE Preparation in Lahore, I help students prepare for the GRE test and apply to U.S. universities. I do this using my GRE teaching expertise and the best resources that I have designed and developed over the years.

A bit about me: In 2007 I took my GRE exam and scored 1590/1600 (current equivalent of 339/340). Then I went on to graduate from a top ranked U.S. school, Cornell university and also did a couple of courses at Harvard. To learn more about me please click here.

A top GRE score allowed me the opportunity to do truly inspirational work at Harvard and Cornell – for which I was awarded the second highest achiever.

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GRE Preparation in Lahore

Great Teacher

You know my score and I have been mentoring GRE students for 2 years now. My students have made it to great places like Harvard.

No Need to Buy Books

You do not need to buy any extra material for the GRE course. I teach using my own methods and material which has proved to be highly effective.

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Over 2500 Practice Questions

I have carefully written and edited over 2500 questions of various difficulty level. They all are very close to actual GRE questions.

6 Hours of Private Tutoring

In order to facilitate my students I give them the option of seeking private tutoring for up to 6 hours every week at no extra charge.

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Online Quizzes/Homework

GRE being a computer-based exam requires a lot of rigorous preparation on the computer. For this reason, I will provide you with tons of online quizzes and questions that will be linked to your online account. Every week you will have to do many timed quizzes.

12 Adaptive Mock Exams

With every GRE preparation class in Lahore you will get 12 Computer adaptive practice exams. This way I ensure that you spend ample time in going through the four hour long exam.

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GRE Preparation Seminars & Workshops


In order to increase awareness of GRE in Pakistan, every year I visit universities all over Pakistan to conduct GRE seminars and workshops. Early this year I was at NED University Karachi for a seminar on “GRE – What Why How?” and studying in U.S. Here are some glimpses of the occasion! I hope you enjoy them.


GMAT Preparation Seminars & Workshops

Every year I visit several universities in Pakistan to deliver seminars and workshops on GMAT preparation. This year I went to NUST Islamabad and NED Karachi. Here are some of the pictures from those events.
NED Seminar on “GRE – What Why How?”
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NUST Seminar on “GRE, GMAT and Fulbright Scholarships”
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My Student Reviews!

Since I started in 2011, I have helped precisely 253 students with GRE and their university applications. My students and admiring people like you get all the credit in the world for giving me so much praise for my efforts – for that I will remain eternally grateful to all.

If you ever took any GRE course from me, I would love to hear your thoughts about my course. Feedback in any form is highly appreciated. Email me your review and I will post it on this page as it is. Thanks for taking out the time to help me improve my GRE courses.

Go on my Facebook page to find the feedback and rating that students have given me for my courses.

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+ 8 Weeks Long
+ 3 Classes per Week
+ Over 2500 Practice Questions
+ 12 Practice Tests
+ 72+ Hours Lectures

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SEE ALSO: New GRE Course Starts 24th December 2016 – Duration 8 weeks!


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I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions regarding my preparation course for GRE in Lahore.

Please send an email to or call 0331-4513196 and I’ll be happy to answer your queries. You can also look at the FAQ’s below if you have any queries about my GRE test prep course and the exam itself. Cheers!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will your GRE preparation course cover all the content tested on the GRE?

A. Yes, my courses are designed to cover all topics tested on the GRE. My focus is on real conceptual learning for both the Math and Verbal sections, rather than just test-taking tips and tricks. Thereafter, I emphasize on how to apply these concepts on actual GRE questions from previous exams – ensuring that my students hone their skills and application of strategies for each question type.

Q. How do I enroll for a GRE preparation course?

A. In order to register for a GRE prep class you must visit me at my Lahore office.

Q. What preparation resources are included in your GRE prep course?

A. When you enroll with me for a GRE course in Lahore, you receive a comprehensive set of preparation materials. This includes access to a personal online account with 2500+ questions and soft copies of the lectures and access to online quizzes and assignments.

Q. How much homework do you give each week?

A. A lot infact. Each week you will get up to 100 homework questions plus 10 online quizzes which you will have to do over the week. Every week we will be discussing the homework questions. Please expect to spend up to 10 hours each week on the homework.

Q. I took your GRE trial class in Lahore. If I want to sign up for a Full course, is my admission assured?

A. Usually yes. But in rare cases if the class size exceeds the limit or if I feel that your basic pre-requisites are too weak to take the GRE test prep course, then I will have to excuse you from sitting in my course.

Q. I missed your GRE prep class. How can I make it up?

A. If multiple students miss the same class then I can arrange a cover up weekend class. But that is a rare exception. I highly encourage students to attend all classes in full and I am very strict when it comes to missing my GRE classes for no reason.

Q. What is the duration of your course for GRE Preparation in Lahore?

A. The duration is 8 weeks. I would like to point out that there is no other GRE preparation Institute in Lahore that offers a GRE course with a duration of 8 weeks.

Q. What is the cost of your GRE classes?

A. The GRE preparation course costs PKR. 25,000.

Q. Who teaches the GRE courses in Lahore?

A. I head the GRE prep program in Lahore. It is due to my individual attention that BrightLink Prep is one the best GRE preparation institutes in Lahore. Not only do I offer an outstanding course, but I also supplement it with free admissions consulting for all my GRE students. This way you get all the advise and consulting you need regarding GRE, admissions in U.S. and studying there.

Q. Do I need to buy any outside material for this course?

A. No. All the preparation material is provided to all of my students at NO extra charge. The course fee includes the cost of the material and resources.

Q. Do you provide online GRE preparation classes?

A. I am sorry but at this point in time I only conduct GRE in-class at Lahore. However I am in the process of creating an online GRE program for Pakistani students as well but it may take some time.

Q. Do you offer GRE test preparation services in cities other than Lahore?

A. Unfortunately I do not. At the moment all of my GRE study prep is available Lahore only. This is due to the reason that I do not rely on external GRE teachers as that would compromise my quality. Therefore I have to restrict myself for GRE classes in Lahore.

Q. Do you help your students apply to American Universities and Fulbright Scholarship?

A. Yes I do. In fact I provide free admissions consulting services to all of my GRE students. If they want assistance with their Fulbright application in Pakistan, I am happy to assist with that. I help my GRE students search suitable universities in U.S. I also provide counseling in applying, editing and completing your application components which include: Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Resume etc.

Q. How many practice tests do I get to do during this GRE course?

A. I provide 12 real practice tests on top of the 2500 practice questions that I provide as part of the preparation material. These are the actual tests from past GRE exams and therefore help students apply the concepts learned in class on real GRE questions.

Q. When do I get to do the GRE practice tests?

A. The practice tests are like the real exam. These tests are timed and would require you to strictly follow standard testing procedures for the GRE. They also provide me with a way to diagnose your progress and help me evaluate each students weaknesses. This would allow me to work more closely with the students and provide them with a better GRE preparation experience. You will get access to them during the 5th week of the course.

Q. Who writes all the GRE Questions and how real are they?

A. I design and edit all the questions myself. They are as close to the real questions as possible and reflect a true test experience. I continually update these questions and incorporate new question types being currently tested on the GRE. I do this by closely observing the latest GRE Pakistan tests and questions to make sure that my preparation content is up to the highest level.

Q. How difficult are the GRE prep test questions that you provide your students as part of your course?

A. I cover a wide range of difficulty from easy to hard and have designed the questions to help you master the content completely. This uniqueness in content and customized questions is one of the major reasons why I believe BrightLink Prep is a one of the leading GRE preparation academies in Lahore.

Q. Do students who attend your GRE international revised test preparation course get good scores in the actual GRE test?

A. Yes many of them do. Since I started with GRE prep classes in lahore more than a year ago, 87 of my 253 students have scored more than 90 percentile on the exam. Of most importance is the fact that 7 of them have gone to Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and Columbia.

Q. I do not want to enroll in a preparation course for GRE in Pakistan. I think I will manage it myself but can I buy your GRE preparation test material only?

A. Unfortunately not. This material is used to assist me and my students for GRE exam preparation. It is only helpful if it is supplemented with my teaching expertise. Otherwise it is not effective for self-study.

Q. Do you offer selected options of preparing for GRE general test? By this I mean can I choose your preparation class for a particular section only?

A. Unfortunately due to the large number of students coming in we are unable to offer partial courses – you will have to take the full course regardless.

Q. Where do you conduct your GRE prep in Lahore?

A. My office and my classes are located at the same place. My address is 190-C Model Town, which is the center of Lahore and conveniently accessible from all parts of Lahore. In order to visit me please contact me and set up a time convenient for both of us.

Q. What is the class size of your test prep for GRE?

A. Usually the GRE exam prep class size is between 20 and 25 students. In order to give personalized attention to my students, I give them the option of taking up to 2 extra classes every week (3 hours each) free of cost to cater for their weaknesses.

Q. Do I have to pay the total fee in advance?

A. Yes, you pay 100% of the GRE prep class fee before the start of the course.

Q. Is it possible that if I enroll for GRE test preparation in Lahore and then delay/defer my joining?

A. Yes. I respond to student requests that suit them entirely. If you want to defer to another GRE session, it is definitely possible.

Q. How can I register for GRE test in Pakistan?

A. Once you have completed your GRE preparation in Pakistan, next comes the process of registering for the test. Find out how to register for GRE in Pakistan or you can also get the complete information from the official ETS website.

Q. Is GRE International different from GRE Pakistan?

A. Yes both are completely different. The local GRE is designed and conducted by the authorities in Pakistan called the NTS. It is only accepted by some public universities in Pakistan. On the contrary the international GRE is conducted by ETS and is for foreign university admissions.

Q. Is the test preparation for the GRE general test same as that for the local one?

A. No. The GRE general test preparation and course content is completely different from that of the local GRE. Please note that many students of GRE in Pakistan conceive the two as the same. However they are totally different.

Q. In case I am do not want to register for the course can I get some advice from you on how to prepare for GRE test?

A. Definitely you can. You can meet me in person or send me an email. However I usually respond a bit late due to my busy schedule. But surely I am willing to offer some valuable tips on how to prepare for the GRE exam.

Q. I need to get an overall perspective on how to prepare for GRE new pattern exam. The reason being that I gave the old GRE more than 5 years ago and scored well. I did well on the GRE exam earlier and I think that with just the knowledge of how to prepare for the new pattern GRE I will be able to do well.

A. I deliver GRE seminars and workshops 3-4 times a year. You can attend one of those to get a feel of what the real test is like.

Q. What is a good score in GRE to get admission into a top university?

A. Every foreign university has a different criterion. In order to confirm GRE score requirements please contact the university directly. But keep in mind that top U.S. universities require scores in the 90th percentile in order for you to have any chance of qualifying for an admission.

Q. Do you think that 8 weeks of preparation for GRE is sufficient? I heard that it takes more than 3 months to prepare for the GRE exam in Pakistan.

A. In most cases it is. But if you think that your individual needs are different, then you can spend more time until you are satisfied with your prep for GRE. I work with my GRE students in Pakistan until they are satisfied with their ease of dealing with all kinds of GRE questions. However without the guidance of a good GRE tutor in Pakistan, it easy to spend more than 3 months for GRE preparation without getting much benefit out of it. Please be careful when selecting resources for GRE studying. There is nearly an infinite amount of content available online and you may end up studying the wrong or irrelevant content. This will not only hurt your GRE score but also waste precious time. Therefore please chose rationally.

Q. After completing the GRE test prep course at BrightLink Prep, what are my chances of getting a good score?

A. It depends on the individual student actually. However of the 253 students who took GRE classes with me, 87 got more than 90 percentile – 6 of whom went to top schools in U.S.

Q. Is it possible that I can prepare for the exam before the scheduled end of your classes for the GRE?

A. No. I would recommend that even if you are good at the GRE exam, still you should stay till the end of the course. There are many invaluable GRE math and verbal concepts that you will learn.

Q. What pre-requisites do I need, in order to enroll for a course of GRE at BrightLink Prep?

A. You must have taken Math courses at the Intermediate level and have most of your recent education in an English medium environment. If that is not the case than I would advise you against taking the GRE and look for other alternatives instead.

Q. I think I am good at GRE exam. Can you give me some tips on how to prepare for GRE on my own?

A. GRE cannot be prepared just with the tips. It needs a lot of hard work and dedication both from the teacher and the student. I would suggest that rather than focusing on GRE tips and strategies, sit down with the book and focus on some through studying and practicing.

Q. Do you think if I prepare for GRE on my own I will get a good score?

A. Yes you can. Preparing for GRE does not always require coaching or support. Many self-study GRE aspirants have devoted time and energy to achieve their end. I know many students for GRE in Pakistan who have, through hardwork and dedication achieved top positions.

Q. Are there any other GRE general test prep courses available in Lahore?

A. There must be other GRE preparation institute in Lahore. Unfortunately I cannot advocate any. You will have to ask around and research about them on your own. However BrightLink Prep is one of the best GRE prep places in Pakistan and I would recommend that you visit me to get a feel of how it is like studying here.

Q. I want to know whether you teach at other institutes in Lahore for GRE preparation?

A. No I don’t. I am fully focused towards BrightLink Prep and my vision is to make it the best GRE preparation institute in Lahore and eventually in Pakistan.

Q. I have heard that preparing for GRE requires a lot of dedication. Is that true?

A. Yes. Please keep in mind that for an above par GRE score, you must dedicate atleast 100 hours of smart studying.

Q. Are there any GRE prep guides that you provide?

A. Yes I do. I provide you with all the material required to get over 90 percentile on the revised GRE exam.

Q. After giving the GRE exam, which countries can I apply to?

A. Anywhere in the U.S. except for some business schools. I am not aware of other countries since they are not my domain.

Q. What courses do I need to study in order to prepare GRE?

A. You need to be apt at basic (O-Levels/Metric) Mathematics and basic understanding of the English language. Although some high level vocabulary is required, but it can be learned through my classes for GRE Preparation in Lahore.

Q. How do I prepare for the GRE from you given that I do not live in Lahore?

A. I am sorry but at this point in time I do not provide GRE prep courses outside Lahore. You will have to come to Lahore in order to benefit from my GRE expertise. More than 40% of my students are from cities other than Lahore. That will give you some encouragement to join me even if you are not in Lahore.

Q. Can I prepare for the GRE with a degree in arts?

A. Yes you can. But only if have taken Math subjects in your O-levels or HSSC/Matriculation. Otherwise it will become a bigger challenge than it already is.

Q. What is the difference between ETS GRE and NTS GRE?

A. NTS GRE or more commonly know as GAT Test by NTS is conducted and applicable in Pakistan only. However ETS GRE is a universally accepted standardized admissions test accepted by all international universities.

Q. While searching for GRE preparation courses I came across an online prep course. Can you explain if it will be helpful?

A. I am sorry but I cannot comment on other GRE course providers. You must contact and research about them directly.

Q. I was searching on how to prepare for the GRE and found out that I cannot retake the test before 2 months. Is this correct?

A. Yes this is true. Since ETS revised the GRE exam in August last year, one can no longer re-take the GRE test before another 2 months as stated by the ETS.

Q. I think I need help with the GRE quantitative section only.

A. Unfortunately we are unable to offer partial courses due to the large number of students coming in. You will have to take the full course

Q. Do you offer GRE prep classes in Karachi and Islamabad?

A. No. Right now I only offer GRE Preparation classes in Lahore.

Q. When I read about how to prepare for the ETS GRE, I realized it requires a lot of vocabulary. Is that true?

A. Thorough GRE preparation requires learning 1000-1500 frequent GRE words. Otherwise the chances of getting a high score are really slim. But you must be smart at choosing those words since you must focus on the most GRE relevant vocabulary.

Q. Does your test prep GRE course concentrate more on the verbal or the quantitative section?

A. My course is a balance of the two. However some students have special needs and they want more attention on certain sections. In this case I have extra classes with them.

Q. Is the GRE acceptable by business schools as well?

A. Since GRE got revised in august of 2011, a lot of business schools have started accepting the GRE exam in lieu of GMAT. However I would recommend that you check with your individual university.

Q. After taking your preparation classes for GRE, how long can I wait before I take the GRE test?

A. I recommend my students to take the GRE exam within one week after they end with my classes. The longer you wait, the higher the chances that you will lose momentum.

Q. For a beginner like me, how long do you think I would need to fully prepare for the GRE?

A. In my teaching experience it should not take more than 8 weeks of dedicated preparation. This means that you are spending at least 3 to 4 hours each day studying for the GRE test.

Q. Is the GRE exam accepted by Pakistani universities?

A. Some do. For instance LUMS, FAST and NUST. Still you must make sure by contacting the specific university and department. You would not want to prepare hard for the GRE only to find out that it is not acceptable for your majors.

Q. Do you offer courses only in GRE general test preparation?

A. Yes. I only provide GRE preparation classes for the general test. I do not offer any GRE classes for subject test preparation.

Q. Does everyone need coaching for the GRE?

A. Every student is different. Before you enroll in any one of my GRE courses, I recommend taking a free trial class and mock test with me. Then you can decide if you need a GRE preparation class.

Q. What makes your GRE test prep course different from the rest in Pakistan?

A. I am one of the few people in Pakistan who took the GRE and did well. So I have real experience of preparing and taking the test. On top of that there is no other GRE coaching institute in Pakistan that has a faculty with such an experience.

Q. Is BrightLink Prep like any other GRE preparation academy in Pakistan?

A. Absolutely not. Since I am the only one teaching, I make sure that every GRE student of mine gets his performance improved. Moreover my class size is medium which is not the case in other GRE tuition centers or GRE academies in Pakistan.

Q. I saw you conducted a GRE preparation course in Karachi but you said that you do not offer GRE classes too in Karachi?

A. Yes that is correct. Every year I visit the top universities of Pakistan to conduct GRE seminars, lectures and workshops. This way I am able to increase the awareness of GRE in Pakistan. Also I am able to share inside knowledge of how the admissions and scholarships procedure work in the U.S. In 2012 I was invited by NED University of Engineering and technology, Karachi to give a one day seminar on GRE. But I did not conduct any GRE preparation courses there.

Q. Can I go to U.S. without taking the GRE exam?

A. Unfortunately GRE is a compulsory requirement for all universities in the U.S. Even if a certain university gives you an admission without the GRE test, there are chances that the embassy will deny you the visa. Therefore in rare cases where your university does not require the GRE score, it is always recommended to have it in order to avoid any unwanted events such as visa denial. Also please be advised that in order to get scholarships from your host university you must have a GRE score. Almost all U.S. scholarships and financial aid programs require you to have the GRE score.

Q. Do you give individual coaching for the GRE?

A. You can contact me to discuss your individual needs and requirements.

Q. Has there been any change to the pattern for the GRE in 2012?

A. Yes. The GRE test was completely overhauled in August 2011. Drastic changes were seen on all GRE sections especially on the verbal section. 2 questions types were discarded and replaced by newer questions on the verbal portion. More emphasis is now being laid on reading comprehension than on the vocabulary. However that does not mean that you can do without learning words. Still you must prepare over 1000 GRE words to ace the verbal section. Subtle changes were seen on the Math section. Find out more about the new GRE test pattern.

Q. Do you offer a crash course in GRE?

A. No. I do not offer a crash course for GRE preparation. The reason being that GRE is a tough test and it requires a lot of dedicated and individualized preparation. This can only be achieved through devoted and persistent effort. On the contrary a crash course is only meant to provide a cursory overview of the GRE exam and in my experience students who endeavor to take this short cut route eventually hurt their scores. Hence I always advise my dear students against taking a GRE crash course.

Q. Can you accommodate my study schedule?

Q. I will take your schedule into account but it all depends on what the majority of the class wants. For my classes for GRE Preparation in Lahore it is very rare that my class days and timings change therefore expect to follow my timings.

Q. I took my GRE and did well. Now I need help with writing my personal statement. I found our that personal statement is a very crucial component of the application along with the GRE. Can you give me any assistance in writing one?

Q. I help students in every way possible and at every step of their application process for admissions to U.S. universities. If you need further help with writing the statement of purpose, please contact me. We will then move forward from their.

Q. Do you offer GMAT preparation classes in Lahore?

Q. Yes I have a separate course for the preparation of GMAT exam. You can browse to the GMAT section of my website and find the details of the course and its offerings.

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