GRE Practice Question 1 – Percentages

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Try this GRE quantitative question [Difficulty Level – Medium]

The original price of an item was increased by 35 percent, resulting in a new price. The new price of the item was increased by 20 percent, resulting in a final price. What percent greater than the original price is the final price?

A. 42%
B. 49%
C. 55%
D. 62%
E. 70%

Here is the solution:

This is a good question to solve by Picking Numbers. Let’s say that the original price is 100 dollars. The new price, in dollars, is 100 + 0.35(100)= 100 + 35 = 135. The final price, in dollars, is 135 + 0.2(135) = 135 + 27 = 162. Thus, the original price is 100 dollars, and the final price is 162 dollars. The final price of 162 dollars is 62 dollars greater than the original price of 100 dollars. The percent that the final price of 162 dollars is greater than the original price of 100 dollars is 62%.


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    What if we take some other number as sample to solve?
    the ans turned out to be different.
    Please guide

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      Nope it will not – can you give me an example?

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        Same answer can be obtained by taking any other value,add the percent increase to number or value taken and then take difference of the new value from the older one (which you assumed in start),lastly take their percentage.

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    sir could you kindly suggest me the book to practice for hardest quantative questions of GRE?

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