GRE Practice Question 1 – Geometry

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Try this GRE geometry question [Difficulty level – Hard]

In the figure above, what is the area of triangle BCD given that the area of triangle ADE is 16 & the area of triangle CDE is 12?

A) 12
B) 16
C) 20
D) 28
E) Cannot be determined

Here is the solution:

Correct answer is D.

We know that the area of a triangle is 0.5*b*h where h is the perpendicular height between the base and the vertex opposite to the base. By this logic:

Area of triangle ACD = Area of triangle BCD. This is because the base, CD, for both the triangles is the same. Moreover the perpendicular is also same for both the triangles and it is equal to AD.

Untitled-1 copy
Area of triangle ACD = Area of triangle ADE + Area of triangle CDE = 16 + 12 = 28

Therefore area of BCD = 28.


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    Please dear sir i want to appear for fulbright scholarship. when i appeared in GRE and my score was 47…….! please suggest me….

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      47 on the GRE? GRE is scored on the range of 260-340. Let me know!

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        i guess zulfiqar got 47 on local gre 🙂

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      i want to preparation for GRE plz help me

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        Yes – ask what help you need!

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        dear tell me the books of gre perparation or common wealth scholarship

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          Hello – Manhattan GRE guides are the best resource for preparation.

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            AOA Sir where from i can get Manhattan GRE guides? both in hard and soft form

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            WS you can buy them on Manhattan’s website both hard and soft form

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    can you please tell me if there is a one week or two weeks course for the maths potion of gre starting from 1st april

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      Which course are you talking about Salman?

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    I live in karachi, and i want to join center for GRE, kindly guide me or suggest me any center.

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      Hi Bilal, Unfortunately we are only based in Lahore – moreover we are not aware of any good GRE prep places in Karachi!

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        is there any preparation venter for gre in rawalpindi

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          You can check with USEFP – they have a prep center in ISBD

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    Hi, I’m very interested in taking a GMAT course. I am currently living in Lahore, and would like to take the next course available. Where do I register for it and what is the contact number\e-mail? Regards.

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      You just need to come on the first day of the classes and register after that. Contact number is 0331-4513196.

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    Dear Omar, I am a mid career professional. I qualified the initial round of Full Bright Humphery though I don’t have good grades in my academic life as I was schooled in a ‘tree school’ in a tribal area and in Pashto medium.
    But I couldn’t qualify the interview round. Do you give any preparation for interviews in Rawalpindi/Islamabad?

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    Hello bro!
    i am also applying for Fb and i am almost done with the application form but i haven’t appeard in GRE test because Islamabad is too far and the other case is the shortage o time… your suggestion plz..

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      Hi Sabina, I replied to you on email 🙂

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        My name is syed ali. I am doing B.E Civil Engineering in China. I just finished my 5th semester. i will be graduate in 31 January 2018. can you please tell me when should i apply for F.B

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          Hello Ali, you can apply in 2018.

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    sir i have an imp question……… GAT more preferable than GRA for pakistani students as its fee structure more economical…….

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      Hi Ali, GAT is not accepted by many universities in Pakistan and no university abroad accepts GAT. GRE is an international test and is accepted by all.

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    hi cn u tell me any name of the book which will help me in preparing GRE

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    kiya aap mujhe bata sakty he 2015 ke new scholarship aaey he

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      It will come next year in Feb now inshAllah

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    hello sie how are you , I’m very interested in taking a GMAT course. I am currently living in islambad, and would like to take the next course available. Where do I register for it and what is the contact number???

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      Hi Ahsam, The next course starts 24th October. You can register for the course anytime before the session starts – you can even register online if you want. My contact number is 03314513196.

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    Is it better to take GATE instead of GRE for Engineers?

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      HI, GATE test is not a requirement for graduate programs in USA. 🙂 Only GRE

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    Assalam o Alaikum!
    Dear can you suggest me Best books for preparation of GRE. Please suggest Best books. I will be thankful to you.

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    A very basic question. Does CGPA matter at any stage while applying for Fullbright? What are the other requirements beside GRE score?

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    Dear sir I want to apply Fulbright scholarship guide me about GRE where should I get admission

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    sir , I am from engineering back ground but I want to apply for MBA is it possible I am a fresh graduate from NUST am I eligible to apply for FB for MBA
    ang if Yes what

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    AOA Sir,
    I am a recent graduate with engineering background from NUST I wanted to apply for MBA through FB scholarship program is it possible for students with engineering background to make through for MBA scholarship if YES what are the possible chances.
    secondly I desperately need coaching to get through with GRE but my job is vehari based so is it possible for me to take the mock test at your preparation center.
    and last I have a number of confusions about application procedure is it possible that I you take out some time if I visit your coaching center during office hours on some Saturday .


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      WAS Sara, You cannot unless you have 3 years of full time work experience 🙁 Yes you can take mock tests at my place. You can contact my team at 03314513196 to check the availability for FB application consultancy. Thanks 🙂

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        when will be the moch test? how much is the registration fee of mock and GRE?

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          Which Mock test? GRE registration fee is 200 USD

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    dear plz tell me the adress of ur teaching centre and fee for GRE Preparation

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    what is fee for GRE Preparation

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      Ubaid it is 25,000 for 2 months.

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    HI Talha I want to ask the success rate of your institute preparing GRE. Thanks

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      Hi Omar – what would be your definition of success in GRE?

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    Dear Sir, Kindly tell me if I can apply for FullBright Scholarship. I have done LLB (Hons) from University of London after doing And my total years of education are 15 not 16 as they are required by the FB. Can I still apply

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    Please if my CGPA is 2.80 with ielts 6.5 and GRE above 300, can i get schlorship abroad . I am student of Industrial Engineering Final year.

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    Hello Talha, An appreciable step i must say!
    I am an undergrad doing BS in Applied Bio-sciences from NUST, my sophomore year is just about to finish. I am too much concerned about my future studies. Could you guide me (better if in mail) as to what steps should be taken from this stage for getting admission in prestigious institutes in USA?
    I ‘ll be grateful.

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      Hello Taskeen, Thanks 🙂 Have you taken the GRE exam yet? If not then it is the first step to a graduate program in USA 🙂 I would advise you to spend your summers preparing for it and make sure you do really well because it is an important exam!

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    can i start preparton for gre at home with out joining any acadmy to score good.plz any advice coz i cant afford

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      Hello – Of course you can , just make a proper schedule and follow it for your prep.

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    Hello Sir, I gave my GRE a few days ago and got 151 in Quant and 152 in Verbal. I was hoping for a figure close to 160 in Quant and about 155 minimum in Verbal. I have a BSc in Chemical Engineering and want MS in Petroleum Engineering. The universities I was to apply have emailed me that they would generally suggest 155 or more in Quant so I’ll be retaking my GRE. How much time would you suggest I take for GRE this time? I prepped for 3 months and used The Manhattan Review, Princeton Review and ETS official guide with all exercises and 3 mock tests (PowerPrep and Manhattan free test). The test day was terrible as anxiety got to mr and I hadn’t slept at all which I feel contributed to my low score as well.

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      Hello Fahad, Just spend another 2 to 3 weeks and focus on full-length practice tests and timed quizzes 🙂 InshAllah you will be all set!

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    Hi plz help
    I am the student of chem and i want to continue my education in Germany for ms and PHD plz help

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      Hello Naveed, Unfortunately we do not deal with Germany!

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    I want to take classes for GRE. Can you please tell me where to register and when can I start. I am not looking for a crash course.

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    ASLAM-O-ALAIKUM how are you sir, im doing my beachlor in civil engineering fron muet. And i want to get fullbright scholarship for my master’s programme and im belonging to poor family,so can u suggest me to clear GRE in first attempt.and it is necessary to join any academy for preperation of GRE.

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    sir! would you please tell difference between GMAT & GRE? and what are the perequisites to get recruited in top universities like harvard, mit for MS. in engineering?

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    Hi Talha

    I have a background in English and find no problem in the verbal section, but I am poor in maths. I have covered some topics of maths with much difficulty but have come to the conclusion that I can get good score in maths if I practice continuously in that segment of GRE. Nevertheless, I cannot practice maths questions individually as I have to stop wherever I do not understand some point. The solution to this problem lies in combined study and practice. You teach on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which means the remaining 4 days are for practice and assignment. My question is whether you allow students to form groups and come to your place daily for combined study and practice?

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      Hey Ashfaq, Of course I do – in fact I form groups of 4-5 people who can come everyday to practice at our place and we have others to help them over there as well 🙂 so don’t worry about that.

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    Hi Talha

    One more query. Is GRE subject test is different from GRE general? If so, what you prepare the students for is GRE subject or GRE general test?

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      Hey – Yes they are different. One is subject specific whereas the other focuses on Math and English only. We do not prepare for subject test 🙁

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        Dear Talha, i am planning to apply for Phd Economics in US and for that I need to appear in GRE (general) or GRE (subject)

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    Want to know about GRE Subject plz.

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      WAS – yes what do you want to know!

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    I live in Karachi. Do you guys have any branch in Karachi? If not, then will you recommend me how to do prep for GRE?

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    Dear sir, can you tell me good prep class in multan

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      Hi Asghar – actually no idea about Multan.

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    what are the charges to appear in gre test and what are the closest dates fro nw???/

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    How to prepare GRE to get fulbright scholarship??
    How to get best GRE score???
    I have asked earlier but i cant get the reply

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    Sir, I’ve recently done my Engineering and plan on taking GMAT. Although I eventually want to do MBA but I don’t intend to pursue it at least for the next four years until I have sufficient job experience. I’ve already registered for your July session. Should I take GMAT now or should it be later?

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      Hello – well GMAT is valid for 5 years and it is usually best to do it when you have time – doing it with a job becomes really hard!

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    hello sir
    what is most effective way to do well on verbal secion of GRE?

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    sir m from electrical engineering 2nd year
    can u tell me how much on an average score do u need to pusue mtech in a reputed university’?
    and moreover studying in foreign countries is quite expensive
    so how can one get scholarship, i mean wot is the criteria or average score?

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      Hello please contact us at +92 300 9448672

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    A rea of triangle ADC=ara of triangleCDE as AB is parallel to CD and they are standing on the same base and between the same paralles.CORRECT ANSWER IS C

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    A.O.A Sir,
    I was completely unaware of GRE, but few days ago I come to know about this GRE and FullBright sort of things,, can you please suggest me where do we take classes for this in Rawalpindi? I’m so excited to know how can I prep. and how can I give its test?

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      WAS – Unfortunately we are not sure about prep places in Pindi/Isbd 🙁

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    Hi Sir,

    I am facing some difficulties in catching up GRE verbal part. I have weak vocabulary but i am below average. these days i m using a software GREbible and it is helpful however your further expert opinion would definitely help a lot.

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    Hello Sir, For full bright one need to have good gre score, I need to know if anything else is needed for getting admission in US. Like do we also need to have Ielts or TOEFL.

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    Hi ,
    I an having difficulties in online registration for GRE. Please led me know if someone has already done. I have been trying many time through ETS official site but after seat selection there is no way to go forward. I can’t come to Islamabad personally .
    your help would be appreciated.

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      You should call ETS asap – there are payment issues these days

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    when GMAT session will start now? i am interested to attend for PhD admission.

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    Hello Sir,
    I am doing BBA from C.U.S.T Islamabad and it will be completed in July 2017 IN.SHA.ALLAH. So can you suggest me when should i take admission for the preparation of GRE and is there any branch of your institution in Islamabad ? if not, please recommend me any best institution regarding the prep ration of GRE.
    Adil Altaf

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      Hello Adil, You can start with our classes in July end which is when we start in Islamabad inshAllah!

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    sir, i need some help regarding books for better verbal preparation…………..

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    AOA I need to get 600 score in GMAT for my admission in EMBA, do you conduct classes in ISB / RWP , if not any guidance where to go from prep.

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      WS Umer – We will be starting a gmat session in Isb inshAllah in Oct/Nov

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    sir i want to know that is there any other scholarship in US which based on GRE rather then full bright

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      Hello – Nope. Direct scholarships are available though.

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    Sir, I have don BBA, so should I prepare for GRE or GMAT?

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      GMAT is you want to apply for MBA

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    AOA Bro…
    I am BS civil engineering student and i will be graduated in august 2019. when i should apply for Full bright and also tell me how many months are sufficient to prepare for good GRE score?? thanks

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      W.S. Zafar – You can apply in 2019 May – 3-4 months is ample time to prepare for GRE!

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    i want to prepare gre i am doing graduation in electrical engineering from ajk kindly help me out.

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    Sir i graduated(electrical engineering ) in 2007 Since then doing job.Now i want to appear in gre test to acquire scholarship from my organization and my age is 34. The main problem is now i am not in habit of reading, learning etc and afraid how it will be manageable with office routine .ow much time will be required as my verbal and vocabulary is also week .I go through this website and get motivation by seeing the review of peoples. When tis course will start in islamabad

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      Hello Qasim, I will first advise you to start preparing for verbal on your own and spend good 2-3 months on it. Start from and also – The articles contain a lot of GRE vocabulary and GRE level reading. Once you become frequent in that then you can move to joining the course. The course requires good basic reading ability. We will start again in February 2018 inshAllah in Islamabad

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      did you got admission in USA.Please let me know

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    HI Talha, I have done MBA from Quaid E Azam University, and have work experience o f 5 years in good multinationals , Currently serving in OGDCL as Assistant Director, what makes me confuse is to select field of study for my MS as i am not interested in Managment, HR and Finance and i am well aware Fulbright scholarship rarely given to Business fields, I want to select program for my MS which can help me to get preference in PHD scholarship in full bright scholarship program can you please suggest in this regard.

    Aasim Ali

    • Avatar

      Hello Aasim, It all depends on your work experience. If you have extensive work experience in say HR then you will not be able to switch to any other field. HR will be your prospective field in that case – in case you have diverse experience then you might be able to build a case for any one of those areas. Normally FB gives funding in the area where students generally have prior experience and education in.

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    I am completing diploma on a polytechnic institute. Will I be able to give GRE exam ?

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      Yes you can give the GRE Exam

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    sir how much time is required for obtaining a good score starting form nearly zero

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    Sir I really want to start my preparation from karachi, how it is possible please suggest me as I am willing to apply for foreign Phd scholarships.

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    Hello Sir, i wanted to get admission at LUMS for MBA but m not prepare for test. i mean my quantitative level is almost zero i want to prepare my self for the test??

    • Avatar

      Hello – you can definitely prepare for the test on your own – just follow the Manhattan guides for the prep!

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    I am M0echanical Engineering student and I am studying 3rd year .
    When should I give GRE ?
    I am preparing for exam from 1 month .
    Can I give it in the month of June?

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      Hello – Yes give it max by July/August or before your semester starts.

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    i am of 36 age and i have done and i have nearly 12 year experience. As i have not done any research work.So opting for PHD is bit difficult.

    Can i do the MS in USA to get 2nd postgraduate. Plz help

    • Avatar

      Yes definitely you can do a 2nd Masters. You just need to make sure that you have valid reasons in your application to back it up!

      • Avatar

        Thanks for your reply.. Valid reason is to pursue Phd. but due to lack of resarch exp. would do MS and then go for PHD.(Doctor degree). Or in while in between doing MS change it to PHD.Could you share your idiea on my mail id It will help me alot.

        • Avatar

          Yeah an MS as a stop gap is also a great option btw!

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            Thanks Sir for giving your valuable time.YOu are really helpfull.

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    Hai sir , I want prepare for GRE please suggest me…..iam still a 3rd year studing in engineering don’t knoe abt GRE …

  63. Avatar

    Where are you located in Islamabad? I want to take a chance with this GRE thing.

    • Avatar

      Our office is located in College of EME, NUST. You can set up a time if you want by calling at 0331-4513196.

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    Assalam u alaikum Sir,
    I am Usman Rafique, student of University of Sargodha (UOS). I did my Graduation degree of B.Sc (Hons) Agriculture from UOS in 2016 with CGPA of 3.11/4.00. Now i am doing M.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture, my degree will be complete in June of 2019. Should i apply for 2019 intake of F.B scholarship even i dont know about GRE and want to join online upcoming session here. I want to apply for Ph. D and little bit worried about my Graduation CGPA and there is no publication until to now. My M.Sc CGPA is good and expected to 3.9. i have one year experience of Social NGOs (GODH) and now a days i am doing work as a researcher with international research project of University of Canberra, Australia.
    What should i do?

    • Avatar

      W/S Usman, Given that there is no research and no accolades I would say apply next year or later. PhD is competitive and to get in you must have a good research profile. Generally PhD students have 2-3 years of research experience with 1-2 publications.

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    Next GRE classes start date after march 2019 kindly.

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    Need to prepare for GRE Subjective for Electrical Engineering, please provide some relevant resources.

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    Asalam o alaikuim.

    Will new classes for GRE General start in NOV or Dec 2019?

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    AOA are there any classes for english onlu .

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