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Last year ETS (Educational Test Service) made a major announcement regarding GRE scores – the ScoreSelect Option. According to ScoreSelect, if you are taking the GRE test more than once, you can now chose which GRE score you want the ETS to send to the universities. This means that you no longer need to submit all of your scores to the universities.

ScoreSelect provides GRE test takers with various possibilities to send their GRE scores to the prospective universities. The process is simple and works as given below:

On Test Day

If you take the GRE and want to send your scores to universities on the test day then ScoreSelect gives you two options. Note that on the test day you can send upto 4 score reports for free.

All – This option lets you send all of your scores from the last five years.

Most Recent – This option lets you send your most recent GRE test score. In this case it will be the score for the GRE exam you took on that respective test day.

Everyone knows GRE scores are valid for five years. By simply opting for Select All option you can send all of your GRE scores from past 5 years to any school of your choice. You can only send up to four score cards for free. It’s up to you if you want to send scores from current test or you want to send scores from the past GRE tests which you have taken.

Note that on the test day you will not be able to pick which GRE score to send.

You can even choose either one of these options for different universities on the test day. So if you want to apply for both Harvard and Stanford, but you wish to send Harvard your most recent score and your most recent score to Stanford, you can do that with ScoreSelect option.

After Test Day Option

If you have already taken the GRE and want to send your scores to universities after the test day then ScoreSelect gives you three options:

Any – This option lets you send score from one or more test from past five years.

All – With this option, you can send scores from all the past five years.

Most Recent – This option lets you send score from your most recent test administration.
The point to be noted is that these three score options are not free. You will have to pay for every option an additional fee. If you observe these options closely, you will notice a new option that says “ANY”. Yes, this is a very useful option introduced by ETS to encourage more students to take the GRE. Though the option is a paid one, students get a chance to select any one of their score reports.

The “ANY” option lets you send any scorecard for one test from the past five years. You should definitely reserve this option for you in case you have given multiple GRE tests in past few years and had managed to score well only once. This also relieves the students since now you know that if you are unable to do well on the GRE once, you can retake the test and if you improve then you can send your most recent score. In case you perform worse the second time you still have the option of selecting ‘Any’ score that means you can still send your better score.

One important thing to be noticed while opting for this choice is that students can’t pick any particular section from GRE test exam. Students can only pick the test score; that is, if they have scored 160 in quantitative section and didn’t do great in verbal section, the score presented to the school will be overall score of test.

If any student wants to send any additional report, he/she has to pay a fee to send the report to the institution.

The ScoreSelect option is available for both GRE subject tests and GRE revised General test.

The new announcement by ETS gives you more confidence. It gives full control to the students on what scores to be sent to the schools. If somebody still wants to give one more attempt on GRE test, they can do it.

This new option added by ETS would surely increase the students’ interest towards GRE and can be a deciding factor for students who are thinking of whether to take the GRE or the GMAT. With the flexibility of sending the preferred score to the institutions, this test can become the most favorite tests among students.

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