LUMS MBA Admissions: Ideal GMAT/GRE score

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GMAT or GRE scores at LUMS business school keep inching higher with each passing year. The average score on the GMAT rose 30 points from 2016 to 2017. LUMS MBA program accepts either the GRE or the GMAT exam and does not have any preference between the two. So what is a perfect GRE or GMAT score to get into LUMS MBA program? Check out in this video.


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    I hope you are well!

    just wanted to know if i take my GRE test now and apply for MBA in LUMS in 2 years would it remain valid or i ll have to retake it?

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      Hello – GRE is valid for 5 years.

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      Here’s my profile.

      Bba from FAST. 2.99 CGPA
      Gre score 145 in verbal 150 in quantitative.
      Work experience 4 years in family business.
      What are my chances?

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        Chances are low especially due to GRE – at least a 156 on GRE Quant

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    What is required for mba at lums. Gre or gmat?

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    . I have Bs Economics with 2.83 cgpa and MS with 3.5 cgpa. 1 year voluntary work and 2 year job experience in NGO. How much GRE should I score and can I get fully funded Phd or Fullbright with this profile ? please evaluate it and recommend further what should I do to get the high chances?

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    When the admission for Mba will open? And what is the last date to take the Gre test according to Lums for admissions of 2019.

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    I have a Bachelor’s of Commerce from Deakin University, Australia (68%).
    I have been working at a private bank in Pakistan since September 2016 (more than 2 years).

    What would be an ideal GRE score for me to get into the MBA program at LUMS?
    Also, what are the minimum criteria to score a merit-based scholarship at LUMS? Do I still have a chance despite a very ordinary Bachelor’s score?

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      An ideal score will be 310+. For 50% merit scholarship, you need a 326+ on the GRE. Your chances will be good if you score 310+ on the GRE!

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    I have done my undergraduate degree from Canada with a B average. Currently working in retail strateg in Canada. Have 3 years of experience in total. Can you please provide some colour in regards to GRE score

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      W/S Around 300+ is a good score for your profile!

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    Any idea of minimum GRE/GMAT score for EMBA 2019 admission at Lums based on previous years admission data!

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      530 was the average.

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        Hi. I would like to know what is GRE score is good for MS(CS) admission to LUMS, both with and without scholarship?

        I will be graduating in June 2019 and cgpa is 2.52 in BS(CS) from FAST.
        please mention if I’ll be able to get scholarship and on what score of GRE? Thanks.

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          Hello Arham, 165+ quant and 150+ verbal is a fine score with a scholarship. Anything below and your scholarship chances will be low. If you have good projects then getting funding will be easy.

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    Can i get into LUMS MBA with the following credentials:
    CGPA: 3.73 from NUST
    GRE: 312
    Experience: 6 months in a reputable organization

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      Hello – yes you can! Although work experience is a bit less but GRE score is fine!

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    Hey ,
    I have completed my BBA from Comsats Islamabad recently with 2.6 CGPA . What would be a good score in GMAT for Applying in LUMS in MBA and Mphil Leadershio and Manegment Studies . I have done internships in 3 reputable orhnazations of 1 month and 2 months . Thank You

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      Hey – For MBA around 680+ and for Mphil 600+

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        Can i get into LUMS MBA or MS econo. Ics program with following scores?
        CGPA 3.4 from BNU
        GRE 304
        Work experience of 6 months with additional 3 internships

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          You can get into MS economics program if you have 160+ quant. For LUMS MBA you need a 310-315 ideally with 1.5+ years of work experience. For MS Econ no work experience is required.

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    hello.i have done my bs hons in ALLIED health sciences having no job experience rather 6 month training from govt i eligible?

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      Hello – Yes you are eligible but chances will be low – at least 1.5 years of work experience is competitive

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    I have a 3.52 CGPA in B.A
    And have a part time job of 2 years
    I got a score of 460 in GMAT
    Can I get admission at LUMS for MBA

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      The score is too low for LUMS MBA. At least a 560 is needed in your case

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    I have completed my BBA from IoBM, Karachi with a CGPA of 3.5 and an MBA from the same university with a CGPA of 3.61. I have two years of work experience at a multinational firm and would like to apply for MPhil ELM at LUMS.

    What would be a reasonable GRE score to secure a scholarship based on my profile?


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      Hello Alia, 160+ Quant and 150+ on the verbal will be an ideal score.

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    I have the following profile:

    Graduated with 2.98 from NUST (2017)
    Work Experience: 2 years by Aug 2019

    What will be an ideal GRE Score for me?

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        I got 310 (160 Quant).

        Chances for MBA?

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          If you have 2 years of work experience then yes good chances.

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    312 gee and a cgpa around 3.5; with a non degree program semester and school internships and one university internship. What are chances for lums mba and ms econ.

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      You need full-time post-graduation work experience to stand a strong chance.

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    Hey MBA: CGPA: 3.76
    how much GRE score required?
    EXperience: 3 years plus

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    CGPA 3.4, Work Experience 2 years, Mechanical engineer. Ideal GMAT score ?

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    Dear Mr. Talha omer.
    Can you kindly predict my chances for admission in LUMS MBA program on scholarship basis
    Undergraduate: UET Peshawar CGPA 3.4: Graduated ( September 2018)
    IELTS: 7
    GRE: 308
    CEO: Mechanical Entrepreneurs ( Since 2018 – till date)
    Research Assistant: CECOS University ( Feb 2019- till date)
    3rd Cohort ” National Incubation Center”
    If possible, can you also predict which country should i opt for to pursue Masters program in Mechanical Engineering (USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA)
    Thank you for your valuable time.

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      For LUMS MBA it is an average or below avg profile with regards to experience. For MS you can opt for Canada and US. But 60-100 ranked programs.

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    Dear Talha,
    CGPA 3.48
    Mechanical Engineering from UET Lahore
    Industrial experience 2 years and 4 months
    GMAT 520

    What are chance for LUMS MBA admission?

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      The GMAT is too low – but you might still get to the interview stage due to your work experience. Must apply

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    Dear Mr Talha,

    Please evaluate my profile.
    Bachelors: NUST, Electrical engineering, CGPA :2.91
    GRE : 317, Quant 164, Verb :153
    Work experience: approximately 2 years, but not working anywhere right now.
    What are my prospects for LUMS MBA?

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      Chances are great – you must apply

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    Salaam talha bhai,
    Graduated from UET Lahore
    CGPA 3.86
    My question is what is necessary to apply for LUMS MBA program, whether to go for GRE or GMAT? What minimum scores are required for GRE and GMAT ? Moreover can we apply for this program without any work experience?

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      W/S Moiz, GRE is better since it is easier. 310+ is a safe score. 0 work experience will lower your chances drastically. So better apply with 2-3 years of work experience.

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    AOA talha bhai. I want to know If I have internship experience of 1 year after graduation. will that be considered as fine or not?

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      W/S Yes definitely it will be considered.

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    I am completing my BS Mechanical in Sep-2019. I am working full time since 2016 and studying part time, IS that experience acceptable? and what will be best for me GRE or GMAT? and my current CGPA is 3.6.

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      W/S – Yes the experience is acceptable. GRE is better.

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        I have a gpa of 2.52 with experience of 2 years( working since june 2017). Do i have a chance of getting admission into ms economics or mba program. A score of 300-310 in gre is enough for the admission or the gpa is too low

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          W/S – The score is a bit low for LUMS but your experience is fine. I would say that given the competition at LUMS lately, you should aim for something between 310-315 for GRE.

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    If score in GRE is 140 verbal and 142 quant. With experience of working for 2 years is good to get admission in masters at lums?

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      Salam Talha bhai,

      I would like to add further. I did my BSc hons in management and I.T from BEACONHOUSE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. MY CGPA WAS 3.67. And i am a distinction holder too.

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        W/S Emmad. Your GRE is too low for LUMS admissions!

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      The score is low for LUMS.

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    Hey, I am aiming for SOE Mphil in ELM, what Score for GRE would be good for me? My CGPA is 3.1.

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      Hello – 310+ is a good score.

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    AOA Talha bhai, I’ve done B.E Mechanical with CGPA 3.55 and 2.5 years working experience in a reputable but engineering related company.. My question is how much should be the GRE score for LUMS MBA both, with and without scholarship.. Like what should be the individual sections score (Verbal & Quan:) if one wants to go for 50% scholarship?


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      W/S Junaid, For scholarship you need a 327+ and without it anything above 307 is a good score. For funding they look at overall score and not just quant/verbal separately.

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    Is experience required for ms program in LUMS and what GRE score shall be valid for scholarship?

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      Experience is not required for MS programs. Above 315 is a competitive score for LUMS

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        please share the list of the mock exams

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          Manhattan, Kaplan, Princeton, Power Prep

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    AOA Talha,

    BA(Hons) Business Administration, Middlesex University london. UK with 2.2 Grade
    Work Experience: 12 Years
    Currently working as National Manger Operations at one of the SME’s in Islamabad, Preparing for the GRE exam for LUMS EMBA session 2020, what should be a safe score for admission ?

    Thanks / Umer

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      W/S Umer, 157+ Quant and 150ish verbal will be a safe score.

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