GMAT is Now Required for LUMS MBA – LMAT NO Longer Valid

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In order to up the admissions standards at LUMS businees school, the LUMS MBA program now requires applicants to take the GMAT. LMAT has been discontinued and is no longer an option to apply to LUMS. Even applicants with previous LMAT scores need to take the GMAT. GMAT registration fee for all selected applicants will be reimbursed.

Admissions to the Suleman Dawood School of Business are purely based on merit and are highly correlated with the GMAT scores – apart from GMAT LUMS MBA program also requires applicants to show managerial and academic potential. A minimum of sixteen years of education from an HEC recognized university is mandatory along with 2 letters of recommendations – work experience is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Initial decisions on MBA admission are made after closely scrutinizing the applications and after that an interview is carried out. The LUMS code for receiving GMAT scores from ETS is 0679.

Students who have taken the GMAT more than five years before the admission deadline are not valid. In case you have taken the GMAT multiple times, the best GMAT score will be considered. Moreover LUMS requires you to have your GMAT score ready at the time of submission of online application. For more information please go here.

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