Fulbright Scholarship Program now Open for 2014

Posted by on February 8, 2013 in Fulbright Pakistan | 464 comments

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Great new today! Fulbright aspirants desiring to go to the U.S. next fall to pursue a masters or a PhD. degree can now apply for the Fulbright Program Pakistan 2014. Approximately 200 Pakistani students will be awarded this scholarship for 2014 fall. Deadline for applications is May 15, 2013.

As most of you must be fully aware, the US government funds Fulbright scholarship. It is awarded entirely based on merit and fully covers tuition fee, allowance for textbooks, air ticket, a monthly stipend, and health insurance. In short it is one of the most generous scholarships available to Pakistani students. Moreover Pakistan has the largest pool of Fulbright scholarships in the world, meaning that we have ample opportunity. There are numerous advantages and just a few disadvantages of the Fulbright scholarship 2014.

Since its inception in 1950, more than 4,000 Pakistanis students have participated in this program.

The primary purpose of the Fulbright scholarship is not only to train and nurture the best Pakistani minds but also to develop cultural understanding between Pakistan and the U.S.

Minorities, disabled people, women and students belonging to regions like FATA are highly encouraged to apply. All disciplines except clinical medicine are eligible for this amazing scholarship. Since energy is a major crisis in Pakistan, therefore fields such as water, agriculture, energy are amongst the favorite subjects for this year.

In order to apply for the Fulbright scholarship’s masters or PhD. program you must ensure the completion of the following basic requirements by May:

Once you have been shortlisted after the initial application, you will be called in for an interview. After the interview, you will be notified whether or not you have been selected.

More information about this program can be found at www.usefpakistan.org.

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    Dear Talha
    Could you guide, what should we write in Fulbright application in section of “Personal Financial Information”. If we don’t have much personal funds.
    Secondly, could I provide for my wife from the Fulbright stipend? Is this stipend sufficient enough? and Is this okay to write this in application form.


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      Hi Mohiqab,

      Now here is the thing. Nearly all FB programs provide for full funds – so really there is nothing to worry about. It says “Because some scholarships provide only for part of the cost of an academic year in the United States, it is necessary to know what portion of the total expenses you and your family can pay from personal funds.” So if you have no funds mention it – if you have something write that down and don’t fret about it. These things do not affect your application decisions in case the scholarship provides you with everything.



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        hi hope you are doing good. i want to know abot the fields. i m doing mphill in finance. does this offer scholarship in finance as they mentioned that there is no opportunity for medicine and business administration. i am confused. kindly help me

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          hello, yes anything is eligible except medicine…MBA is also eligible this year.

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            That’s great to listen that MBA aspirants are now eligible.

            Do they accept GMAT as well instead of GRE?

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            Hi, Unfortunately you will have to take both the GRE and the GMAT in order to apply for MBA through FB 🙂

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          i have done my masters in English and i want to do M.phill is there any program for that???????????

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        hi hi hi hi hope you are doing good. i want to know abot the fields. i m doing mphill in finance. does this offer scholarship in finance as they mentioned that there is no opportunity for medicine and business administration. i am confused. kindly help me. quick response will be appreciatied

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        how can i get application form

        • Avatar

          all details are available above. please read them thoroughly

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        Assalam o alaikum talha bhai. I am Imad Khan from abbottabad and I am a student of MS mathematics(1st symester). can I apply for this scholarship?

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      hi talha. i just want to know could i apply for ph.D in microbiology. please help me

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        For FB yes you can 🙂 Good luck!

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      hi mr Talha today i have seen this site,but unfortunitly now i m late for applying tihs scholarship because date have been expired, so what can i do??i want to apply..

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        Unfortunately you will have to apply next year.

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          I have done M,Sc mathematics.i want to do MS but i cant clear GAT.

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            Why do you want to take GAT?

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      AOA.dear i belong to mohmand agency.i hve recently completed BS MICROBIOLOGY.how can i get scholarship for M.Phil.i am weak financially.plz guide me.thanks

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        WAS yes you can and you will be given preference due to your geographic location

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    Assalam o alikum

    thanks for your guidance and helping the people.
    i m a student of final year of BE and it will completed in Dec 2013.i want to know that can i apply for Fulbright program.

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      Hi Muhammad,

      Yes you can apply for the FB. You will have no problems.



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    sir, how can i attest my b.sc degree from HEC? how long does it takes as i am in islamabad now?
    secondly, if my university will give me my degree and transcript after the Fulbright deadline, what documents then i will need in place off my degree?
    I really appreciate the help you are giving us ,thank you .

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      Hi Hussain,

      Here you can find all the info for attestation – get started with it now since HEC sometimes takes a few weeks to return your documents.



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        Sir i have a question regarding work experience, i was to pass and get my bachelors degree two years ago in march 2011, but i failed in a subject and instead of clearing it then, i started doing a job(with uni. permission). I worked for 18 months and then left it in September 2012, now that i have re-enrolled my remnant subject in my university and am working on it and inshallah will pass before April this year. Kindly guide me that if i apply to FB this year, will my experience count, will they reject me on basis of a late (6 year) degree, or how to overcome this disparity of a late degree.

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          You won’t have any problems….make an application and your experience will be counted. Good lUCK!

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            SIR I have done M.Sc mathematics i want to do M.Phil i am belong to Mohmand Agency i am belong to vrey poor family. can i apply it

          • Avatar

            Yes Amir, definitely 🙂

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    Sir i need to know can IELTS score work instead of TOFEL ? What is a good score of GRE for wining full bright ??

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      Nope. IELTS does not work. you must give TOEFL. GRE has no minimum requirements in case of FB – however try to aim for something around 310.

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    I have a question regarding work experience, i was to pass and get my bachelors degree two years ago in march 2011, but i failed in a subject and instead of clearing it then, i started doing a job(with uni. permission). I worked for 18 months and then left it in September 2012, now that i have re-enrolled my remnant subject in my university and am working on it and inshallah will pass before April this year. Kindly guide me that if i apply to FB this year, will my experience count, will they reject me on basis of a late (6 year) degree, or how to overcome this disparity of a late degree. kindly reply so that i may make my mind regarding Fulbright.

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      Hello Ali,

      Apologies for the belated response – this time of the year is really busy with FB applicants. You do not have to worry about your situation – i would suggest apply for FB after fulfilling all of your requirements this year. Moreover your experience would count and so will your degree as long as you have it. When you write your personal statement just make sure that you write down every bit of details in there regarding your situation – explain to them through convincing arguments about your situation.

      Good Luck!


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    mr. talha, please reply to my question as i am in qualms regarding Fulbright this year, will be highly thankful.

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    Sir it is request to you, kindly tell me that I have got pass certificate in BSc in the year 2009 and now I want to apply for fb, but one thing is that I have not gave any TOFEL etc test, without it Can I APPLY for master??? PLZZZ Sir

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      You do not need to send your toefl score at the time you make your FB application but after you apply do take it at the earliest. TOEFL is required when you go in for the interview for FB.

      Apologies for the belated response – lately have been engrossed in the FB flood 🙂



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    I have a question about the educational documents. Do we need to get them all ( Matric/O Level, Intermediate & Bachelors) attested by HEC before sending off with the FB application?

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      Yes you should have everything attested by HEC….that includes all your prior educational documents

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    I will graduate in August 2014. So when should I apply for a FB scholarship>

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    Dear, what is the usual time in days that we will get the GRE test result report ?
    if May 15th is the deadline of fulbright,how much late can i get to appear for GRE,and what if my GRE test result report gets late,can i still apply for fulbright?
    thank you

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      Hello, It takes 15 days to get the results. The latest that you can apply is 15th May since FB accepts applications from candidates who appear for FB till then. However i always recommend taking it by 1st May since you would not your application to be complete by then.

      Good luck!


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    i have not appeared in any GRE test before , so can i apply for fb if i havent given any GRE uptil now?? when is the next GRE test?

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      Mariam, You must take your GRE before 15th May else your FB application will not be considered complete hence ineligible.

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    please help me regarding the subjects in GRE test?

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    i am student of m.phil going to complete in oct 2013, can i apply for FB phd scholarship? i case i can what would b minimum cGPA required?

    • Avatar

      As long as you would get your degree by the end of this year, you are ok with applying…Good luck

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    Can i give GRE after submitting my application and submit my score later

    • Avatar

      Hello, Unfortunately you cannot…you must take your GRE before 15th May.

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    Hey Talha,

    I want to apply for PhD and my MPhil is in progress and expected to finish lately this year, so can I apply for PhD ?

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      Hello, As long as you get your degree by the end of this year you would be fine….so do apply 🙂

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    talha sir, yu r lik a god father here nd v realy appreciate wht u r doing for every one. i have got 63 marks in GAT General so will it work instead of toefl and plus non of pur family member hav even bank account nor i am able to cmplt my education on my own financial sourcese so can i then apply ??

    • Avatar

      Hello Asif, thank you for your compliments…GAT does not work for FB…You must have a GRE test score….toefl is also a must requirement…bank statements or account info is not required for FB…You must fulfill your educational requirements before you apply…good luck!

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    hello sir hi,plz sir tell me that what is the address that we send the FB application form and another is that can we send only one complete application form or we should send one extra copy of the application form as well.
    also told me that recommendation letters should be send by our professor or not?

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      Hello Saif, You need to send your FB application to “P.O. Box No. 1128, Islamabad”. You do not need to send any copies of your application forms. Your referees can give you the reference letters in a sealed envelope which you can include in your application package or they can send them directly to USEFP as well. Hope this helps

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    sir can u plz tell me about a fullbright phd scholar after returning to pakistan, has he/she to serve for two year in an institute selected by hec? during this period does he/she get pay?

    • Avatar

      No. you can work at the institute of your choice. The condition is just to return to PK after your graduation. Hope this helps!

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    sir when we apply for phd fullbright scholarship, then will we take gre general or gre subject?

    • Avatar

      Hello Saima, You must take the GRE general test – it is compulsory. However regarding the GRE subject test i would suggest that you must check with your prospective university, whether or not they require a subject test. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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    sir aoa.i want to admisson in anthropology or sociology and i apply for m.phil leading to phd.basically i want information about expenses

    • Avatar

      Are you applying to FB scholarship? If yes then you don’t need to spend anything. it is all covered by FB.

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    sir ii m the student of BBA(HONS) 8th semster and i want to get admsion on scholarship in any foreign university for master degree can u plzzz help me in further proceding …can i eligible to get a scholarship ??? my current cgpa is 3.12?? plzzz tel me something which help me in future??

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    sir i have a query that will this scholarship be announced in JANUARY or in fall? as i have little bit issue regarding GRE, because i belong to Quetta and here, no GRE center is availabe and it will require to go out of city to take the test…

    • Avatar

      The scholarship deadline is 15th May 2013 for admissions in fall 2014. Can you please be more explicit when you say ‘announced’?

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    sir i have a question regarding the documents. am i supposed to attest all the documents from HEC or first from the universities/board that issues the degree and then from HEC?
    reply asap, il be thankful.

    • Avatar

      i forgot to mention that my question is about FB scholarship

    • Avatar

      Hi, you are supposed to get your post-Intermediate degrees and transcripts attested from HEC. Hope this helps

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      Salam sir. sir i have done master in chemisrty from malakand university in 2011 and now job in pharmaceutical and field marketing now i want m.phil or phd in a branch of chemistry( envirnmenal chemistry ) so what is the process of admission in this field and can i apply next year under this program? please guide me in detail i will be highly thankful to you for this act of kindness. thank you

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    hi i hope you are doing well. sir i have question for my eligibility to the FB scholarship i have got only two year degree in commerce am i eligible for this scholarship i have not completed sixteen years of education can i pursue master degree on the basic of fourteen years of education

    • Avatar

      Hello Arif, Unfortunately you are not eligible for FB….You must first complete 16 years of education in order to apply for FB.

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    hello sir…. i want to know the procedure to apply the scholarship and get the scholarship…. please sir help me i need this scholarship… thanks alot

  26. Avatar


    Can we use the NTS GRE for FB scholorship or we should go for ETS

    • Avatar

      You MUST go for ETS….NTS is not accepted

  27. Avatar

    im a dual canadian/pakistani national, am i eligible for FB?

    Thank you.

    • Avatar

      Nope you are not.

      • Avatar

        “Persons with a dual U.S./Pakistan nationality or those having a spouse, parent, fiancé or child over 18 years of age who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.”

        doesnt it mean only those who have dual US/Pakistani nationality?

        • Avatar

          Yes that means dual nationality.

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    Dear can you tell me whether a GRE score of 149V/158Q is good enough for masters in any engineering subject for fulbright?
    my cgpa is also a bit lower than 3.0,how would you rate an fulbright application with such scores?

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    Hey Talha,
    I needed some urgent advice. I have been preparing my FB application for a while and its all pretty much done, however I made the mistake of deciding to give the GRE this late. I had to cancel a previous date I picked due to personal circumstances, and now when I check to reschedule, there are no dates left except for 1st week of May (6-7th) near my city. There is no way my results will reach before the 15th. Do you think I should still do it? Or just scrap the idea? I am pretty upset over this, but I need to make a decision fast.

    • Avatar

      Hello Sehr, No need to worry about anything….the last date by which you can take your GRE without having any problems is 10th May. Once you take the GRE on the 6th or 7th just put your unofficial scores on the FB form and attach a copy of your registration card with your FB application. You are safe don’t worry. Good luck with your application and do share your outcome with me 🙂



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    I have heard that if you are applying for Post doc you don’t need to give GRE. Is it true?

    • Avatar

      Hi Bushra, yes that this correct.

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    dear talha, my teacher, who will write a recommendation letter for my FB application has said that he does not use internet email and will be unable to further communicate with fulbright if my application has be passed forward, he offered me to use any other email id so that the verification process goes without hindrance, what should i do as he is amongst the best referee for me ,can i use an email on his behalf as per his offer? please guide in line with your past experience of referees and their email ids

    • Avatar

      Hi, Please do not use any non-official email id on his behalf…non official email ids(gmail, hotmail etc.) are not considered as eligible and therefore you must either use his official id or ask him to write you a paper based recommendation….Paper based recommendations must be signed by him and sealed in an envelope (there should his stamp and signature on the seal as well). You can then send the letters then along with your application to FB. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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    Dear, Kindly let me about: To avail Post Doc fellowships in USA, is it necessary to have GRE score (even if he has already completed his PhD) to avail FB..


    • Avatar

      Hi Aun, GRE is not required for post Doc FB fellowships. Hope this helps!

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    sir,i passed my b.A exam in 2012.now i want to get admission in LLB on scholarship in any university in khyber pakhtunkhwa . sir can i eligible to get a scholarship .and i want to know the procedure to apply the scholarship and get it

  34. Avatar

    I want to know that since there is a complete ban on printing Pakistani passports these days, I am unable to get mine renewed. Is there a chance that FB understands that and gives Pakistani nationals the leverage to send their GRE scores later?

    • Avatar

      hello, i would suggest you talk directly to USEFP and discuss your situation….problem is that FB starts reviewing its applications after the deadline….contact then and ask if they can extend your timeline.



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    Aoa, sir i did my BBA(HONS) with major in finance, in 2012 and i plan to apply for fb. my GRE Is on 7th may. i want to know whether i can apply in MBA programme as it is clearly mentioned at FB website that students should not apply for MBA without 3 years work experience. Also can i apply for Masters in human resource development or masters in international business instead of MBA having a degree of BBA with major in finance?

    • Avatar

      Hi Isma, given that you do not have any prior experience so MBA is out of scope….MS in HRD and IB are accpetable fields so you can target them. Good luck!

  36. Avatar


    I have done MBA and MPHILL in Finance and I am planning to get a PHD in Finance. Am I eligible for Fulbright scholarship?

    You wrote in an earlier blog that PHD in Business Administration with major in Finance is not allowed, while PHD in finance is. What exactly is the difference between the two?


    • Avatar

      PhD programs titled business administration are not allowed.

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    Hi Talha hope you are doing well. I have applied to US universities on my own for fall 2013 and got into some but without any funding. In fulbright application there is a section in which you have to write the names of US universities you have applied to in previous three years along with the results. What do you suggest? should I leave it blank or will filling it have any negative impact on my application. Also I think I shouldn’t leave it blank because on my GRE score report the universities I have reported the scores to would be clearly mentioned. Waiting for your take on this! Regards

    • Avatar

      Hi Saad, You must mention your priority uni’s and your application is not in any way affected by listing them down. Be comfortable about it and fill the form fully. Good luck and let me know what happened!



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    i applied last year to fb and got rejected,my friend applied and he was selected.we prepared our apps with coordination and had almost same academic credentials,but difference was the refrence letter!
    I got my letters from my teachers which were like writtem in a hurry whereas my friend used ambiguous source letters and it very well supported his proposal as well,my worry is that if we can make our own then why to go to others/teachers? and how is it possible that someone baffled FB?

    • Avatar

      Hello Junaid, It is unethical to use fake LOR’s. I know some people do it but get away with it but sometimes people also get caught. I would never suggest you do any such thing as it would be morally wrong….I may sound didactic but unfortunately we must maintain uprightness

      • Avatar

        what if we get caught…what are actions taken?

        • Avatar

          you ll be barred for life to get admissions in the U.S.

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    Helo Talha..
    I have done the exam of matric class..I want scholarship at the age of me now i enter in college…i want to study abroad i want to know the procsee of scholarship at my age 16+..
    I’ll be very thankfull to..

    • Avatar

      Hi Zoya, I am sorry but i am not aware of any such scholarship.s You will have to do a little search yourself…good luck!

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    sir aslamoalaikum m taking some information 4rm you I m tring to get fb I have completed msc in statistic 2008 as well as b.ed I have 3 year teaching experience m preparing gre test now adays maths is easy but English is too much difficult time duration is very short plz suggest me how can n from which materials I make strong my verbal n analytical issue task n argument it is so difficult for me to know complicated words and my b.ed degree will be issued after 15 can I attach dmc and will HEC will attest all documents before 15 may and last thing m asking u can I take GRE test after 15 may n after registeration I will attach registeration slip with documents n scores will send before 1st june I thing this is the requirement of fb in case of late test thanks I hope u will help me in detail

    • Avatar

      Hi Asima, You cannot take the GRE after 15th May. Now since the deadline has been extended so you cannot take the GRE after 22nd May…To study for the GRE verbal please do the princeton review word smart….do it completely and you must finish it thoroughly….along with that read a lot from the newyork times and newyorker….read book reviews on these websites….my suggestion is read as much as possible.

  41. Avatar

    Hello sir, I am an undergraduate student and I want to apply for this scholarship. am I eligible for this?

    If I am , then please help me what is the procedure of applying and also the requirements for applying????

  42. Avatar

    I got 147 in verbal and 154 in quant in GRE in 2011. Will it give me a fair chance? I could not apply for a retake since GRE is pretty expensive and I was not sure whether I ll get in.

    • Avatar

      Hi, Yes you can apply with these scores….I dont know what fields you are applying into but your scores are ok and rather than retaking the GRE i would suggest that you focus on other parts of your application such as LOR’s, SOP etc.

  43. Avatar

    Hello Talha,

    I was in a mess regarding my GRE score submission, and thought of you to ask for help,
    I sent my Scores to USEF pakistan on the test date and they recieved it after a few days, what i was wondering about is do i have send a copy of score report with the form or electronically sent scores are just what they want? if i have to send a copy, where should i get it from? my GRE account?

    Please reply and save my life!

    • Avatar

      Hi Sumaiya, you do not need to send anything to USEFP from your end regarding the GRE. They only need the official score report sent to them directly from ETS. Hope this helps!

  44. Avatar

    Hey Talha. Would one be considered ineligible for FB if s/he has his/her immigration for US filed but is most likely to have been exempted from it for being overage, i-e 21??

    • Avatar

      If your immigration is pending at the moment then you will not be eligible for FB.

  45. Avatar

    Hello ! Hope this post finds you in good health ! Does FB offers the preparation for the GRE and TOEFL exams under the supervision of US embassy in every country ? Because passing the GRE and TOEFL then you are eligible for the scholarship and if not done yet you are required to mention the date in the form so how would we be able to know when they will conduct preparation classes in our country and how to apply for that ?

    • Avatar

      Well in Pakistan USEFP does offer preparation for GRE and TOEFL under their own supervision and not under the embassy. I am sorry but I am not sure about other countries. You can contact FB directly to ask them if they offer it in particular countries. Good Luck!

  46. Avatar

    Aoa, sir i did my BBA(HONS) with major in finance, in 2012 and i plan to apply for fb. my GRE Is on 7th may. i want to know whether i can apply in MBA programme as it is clearly mentioned at FB website that students should not apply for MBA without 3 years work experience. Can i apply for Masters in human resource development or masters in international business instead of MBA having a degree of BBA with major in finance?

    • Avatar

      Hello Isma, yes you can apply…you won’t have any issues 🙂 Good Luck!

  47. Avatar

    aslamoalakum I think you u did not receive me msg above by the same name if u read plz reply ok can gre test give after 16 may

    • Avatar

      replied above…please look 🙂

  48. Avatar

    Hello Sir,

    I have done my MS Computer Software Engineering in 2012. Now I am serving as Lecturer at NUST. I have cleared my GRE but not with really good competitive scores. I want to apply for FB, this year the only field i find is mixing somewhat computers with agriculture. What do you suggest…?

    • Avatar

      Hi Sadaf,

      Hmmmm from CS to agriculture is a pretty big jump…i know you would do some interdisciplinary thing but you must have genuine reasons for this change. Switching fields is ok just make sure you have convincing reasoning to back up your steps.

      Good luck!


  49. Avatar

    aslamoalaikm sir ; I m preparing gat test for MPhil I want to get higher score above 70 inshallah so plz tell me best books of gat or any other which have gret or complete requirement of verbal n analytical section thanks waiting for reply

    • Avatar

      Hi Asima, Unfortunately I am not aware of any GAT preparation books. 🙁 Sorry could not be of much help here.

  50. Avatar

    sir u r saying in ur post that Lsat is a best book for GAT prepration so plz tell the author or edition of book. thanks

    • Avatar

      Hi Asim, can you please point out where I have mentioned LSAT as a good book for GAT prep?

  51. Avatar

    sir yes your post was delivered you can remember to read this GRE can help you prepare for GAT posted by omer talha November,20 2012 in GAT sir now you will write in google above statement then you can explain me ok thanks

  52. Avatar

    actually LSAT have many publisher companies like DOGARS barrons etc if you have information then suggest me which book of lsat I took which can be help ful in GAT test n u were saying for analytical portion

  53. Avatar

    hi Talha…i ‘m doing job in inland revenue service and wanna apply for FB scholarship 2015.what field should i opt that can help me in my professional career.

    • Avatar

      Hi Ali, Unfortunately I cannot tell you about the specific fields you can apply to. I would suggest that you do some online research and see what kind of courses suit your interests etc. Good luck!


    • Avatar

      Hi Ali, Unfortunately I cannot tell you about the specific fields you can apply to. I would suggest that you do some online research and see what kind of courses suit your interests etc. Good luck!


  54. Avatar

    Sir Talha
    me graduated. how apply for full bright scholarship program plz
    Shenaz baig

  55. Avatar


    I am currently working and two of my refrees are my supervisors.So do i need to attach a seperate experince letter with my application.

  56. Avatar

    Hey Talha,
    I have a dual Pakistani/Canadian Nationality but I reside and work in Pakistan. I called the USEFP lahore office twice and the lady reassured me that I am eligible to apply for Fulbright. But I think I read in one of your answers (to a query) that a dual nationality (even if non-US) makes one ineligible. Is that true? I have worked so hard for the past two months on my application to find out now that maybe it will all go to waste. That means that USEFP office itself is giving out misleading/incomplete info. I dont know what to do now.

    • Avatar

      Saira i am also a dual citizen canadian. Did you get fullbright scholarship??? i know this post is too old but i am in the same predicament i dont know what to do!!

  57. Avatar

    Aslam 0 Alaikum Sir ,

    CGPA = 2.949 in Electrical Engineering from UET lahore

    Quant = 154
    Verbal = 159
    Analytical = 3

    Experiecne = about 3 years in Power sector

    Does this make a case for FB scholarship for Masters in EE with majors in Electrical Power Engineering ?


    • Avatar

      FB depends on a lot of factors. This is just one of them. Apply and write a good SOP and study objectives. Do well on the interview and you will do fine. Good Luck!


      • Avatar

        do you think I should retake GRE or not , for my marks in the Quant section are not that good, I suppose (couldn’t manage the time constraints well ) .
        I have already applied this year with the mentioned GRE score so the question regarding retaking GRE is for the future endeavoours as whether in future I should go with the said GRE score or try to improve these .
        Thanks .

  58. Avatar

    Hope you are doing well.I have few queries regarding FB application.
    From whom all supporting docs be attested?some government official of at least 17 grade?
    Secondly,it asks for submitting an additional copy of whole application.what it should include?
    Doez this mean we need to attest two copies of each post inter degree and transcript and 2 copies of each reference letter from one referee?
    I had sent my GRE and TOEFL score last year to USEF.do I need to resend it this year too?
    I need address where to send application.po box address doesn’t allow courier delivery.
    Please reply asap.

    • Avatar

      Hope you are doing well.I have few queries regarding FB application.
      From whom all supporting docs be attested?some government official of at least 17 grade? [HEC for university degrees and transcripts and board office for metric and fsc.]
      Secondly,it asks for submitting an additional copy of whole application.what it should include? [all the exact documents as in your orginial copy.]
      Doez this mean we need to attest two copies of each post inter degree and transcript and 2 copies of each reference letter from one referee?[yes]
      I had sent my GRE and TOEFL score last year to USEF.do I need to resend it this year too?[yes]
      I need address where to send application.po box address doesn’t allow courier delivery.[tcs will handle it]
      Please reply asap.

  59. Avatar

    hey talha. keep up the good work.
    I need to ask a few questions .I am a bit confused. I don’t know when to apply for FB .I will be done with my graduation this year .I am doing my bachelors in mechanical engineering. I want to apply for a masters program. can you tell me about the list of courses from which I am supposed to make a pick? other than that when I am I supposed to apply? MAY 2014??

    • Avatar

      You must apply for FB this year. As long as you will get your degree this year you will be fine. You can pick any course you want except for clinical medicine. Apply right away. Good luck

  60. Avatar

    hello am saira,am dental student,can you please guide me about this scholarship.am i eligible for this or is there any other scholarship for pakistani students in USA for Advanced placement programme

    • Avatar

      Hi Saira,
      Unfortunately medical professionals and students cannot apply for FB. I am sorry but i am not aware of any other funding types for dentists.

  61. Avatar

    is the FB last date is over . now how i can apply for it..

    • Avatar

      Yes it is over now…you cannot apply anymore

  62. Avatar

    i will be getting my degree next year. in march probably. what does it change?

  63. Avatar


    • Avatar

      Hi. Your interview will be held in islamabad….I am not sure if they pay for the interview travel and accommodation or not. You can contact the USEFP to check if they do….do let me know what they say. Thanks


  64. Avatar

    Hi Talha,

    I have done my Masters with First position and also awarded with gold medal. I want to get admission in M.Phil on scholarship. Am i required to have GRE, if yes, do u know about any good institute at Karachi for prepareation. Presently i am working in a Govt Department.
    what is the coorect time to apply, which documents should be in my hand at the time of applying. Pls tell me the relevent sites to visit also.
    God bless you always, for this great job.

    • Avatar

      Please be specific of where you want to apply? Pakistan or abroad?

  65. Avatar

    sir please help me i wana to go abrod through scholarship
    please let me know how i can get scholarship for abroad
    thank you sir

  66. Avatar

    A.o.a Talha.
    I want to pursue for PhD in Management Sciences/Business Administration. I have several queries regarding Fulbright scholarship.
    1. I have 18 years of education. Recently completed MPhil in Business Administration ( majors HRM) in March ,13. I have my transcript but not the degree since convocation is due next year. Can i still apply for FB this year?
    2. Am I required to take GRE/GMAT/TOEFL or any of these?
    3. I have very little work experience such as worked for 6 months in 2012 before perusing my MPhil and worked for 4 months as Substitute Lecturer from Oct 2012 till Feb 2013.
    Does all these queries make me eligible for Fulbright?
    Looking forward for a kind response.

    • Avatar

      1) Yes you can.
      2) GRE is required
      3) Work experience does not matter.

      Yes you are eligible.

      • Avatar

        Thankyou Sir.

  67. Avatar

    talha brother, i am a graduate with b.e
    textile eng. , and my domicile is of
    SInd Province, i am giving GAT test on
    7 july 2013. if i get a good GAT score,
    how can i use it for scholarships? will
    my domicile be also counted in getting
    scholarship? and how can i best utilize
    my GAT score for its 2 year limit? can i
    get other than HEC scholarships?
    plz answer all of my questions.
    warm regards.

    • Avatar

      GAT is not accepted for the FB program. You must take the GRE exam…plus i am not aware of any HEC scholarships.

  68. Avatar

    i want to apply for Ph.D. in Law through FB. i have done my Masters from Karachi University. Should I first get admission in Foreign University then apply for FB? Is there any list of Institutes recommended by FB to get admission in?

    • Avatar

      No. you just apply to FB and they will take care of it. FB does not have any preferred institutes. You can apply to any.

  69. Avatar

    hi,i have completed my mphil mathematics .I want to do phd from abroad.suggest me how can i apply for schlorship.

  70. Avatar

    can medical students apply for this?????

  71. Avatar

    dear hi,
    i have given Gre last month for Fulbright masters in engineering,my scores are V150,Q157,AWA 3.0. I am worried whether it is a good score or not, especially AWA score of mine as it appears low. kindly guide me further please!

    • Avatar

      AWA is low…4 is the average…for engineering a 157 quant is a poor score. Good applicants are in the range of 162-167

  72. Avatar

    Sir I have passed my M.Sc. in Statistics and now i want to do M.Phil in this what are the requirements for FB and I am eligible for this and what is the best procedure for me. thanx

  73. Avatar

    My TOEFL score is 85. Is it acceptable for Fulbright awards. I am applying for PhD.

    • Avatar

      You will need a minimum score of 90. 85 is unacceptable

      • Avatar

        Ok thanks but please let me know if I need to take this test now or wait for being asked to do so. Also tell me about the minimum scores on all three subtests of GRE.

        • Avatar

          Wait till asked. Minimum is 136 Verbal, 138 Quant…with your scores you are not eligible for FB

  74. Avatar

    IN GRE, my scores were verbal:144, quatitative:137, Analytical: 2.5. I need your guidance please

  75. Avatar

    hi sir, i have done m.phill in pharmaceutical medicinal chemistry. in which subject shold i take GRE to apply for FB.

    • Avatar

      You need to take the GRE general exam.

  76. Avatar

    dear sir
    i want to get admission in Ph.D Zoology at any united state university. what are the procedure for the admission in the united state and what is the procedure for getting financial support. plz guide me

    • Avatar

      Please contact the prospective university where you want to go and ask them for their respective requirements.

  77. Avatar

    Actually i wanted to know tht can apply for havard we yni or stanford through fb..as i called to usef office few days back they were like that we have only 6 to 7 ubiversities on our panel..???im asking about the mba…kindly reply sir.. want iogo havard

    • Avatar

      Please ask FB about the panel uni’s.

  78. Avatar

    Asslam o alaikum sir! hope u’ll b fine..
    I am an undergraduate student and I want to apply for this scholarship. am I eligible for this?

    If I am , then please help me what is the procedure of applying and also the requirements for applying????
    i want to apply aftr my b.s program..for ms..pl guide me….

  79. Avatar

    asslam o alaikum sir hope u r fine………sir i am a pharmacist and i want know is there any FULLBRIGHT scholarship for pharmacists??ur help will be highly appreciated…thanks

    • Avatar

      yes FB accepts applications from pharmacists.

  80. Avatar

    Please tell me what are the acceptable gre scores for public administration?

    • Avatar

      anything above 300 is acceptable

      • Avatar

        300 as in combined (quant and verbal) according to the new GRE or on the old pattern individually?

  81. Avatar

    how USEFP verifies our letter of recmdations? any idea? my teacher wants to know about it.thanks

    • Avatar

      they ll call the teacher, the university department or contact on the official email id to inquire.

  82. Avatar

    AOA Talha,
    Nice to see your patience.
    Could you please tell, is there any requirement regarding CGPA (minimum) in master’degree to apply for FB PhD?

    • Avatar

      Nope no minimum requirement. You just need to have a degree thats it. Good luck 🙂

  83. Avatar

    sir i m doing bsc hnrs in mass communication.,.,from Forman Christian College lahore., after completing my bsc hnrs ,can i apply 4 mphil in mass communication in full bright program or 4 phd in mass communication.,,?

  84. Avatar

    Hello… How are you..?
    sir I need some guideline regarding full bright scholarship prog.
    my graduation will be completed by the next Year in may.I will be free for six months till i get the degree.in the mean while i want to get prepare for FB scholarship.For this i need some guidelines.
    please provide me the details.will be thankful to you.

  85. Avatar

    i m a dentist and want tp apply Fb in dental public heath? any option? as it doesnt require licensure exam for admission.

    • Avatar

      You cannot apply for FB if you are a dentist

  86. Avatar

    sir, i want to know whether FB Scholarship is awarded for PhD in Molecular Biology ?

  87. Avatar

    Dear Talha, may Allah bless you with guidance excellence. Brother, can you help me to guide regarding my son who is completing his BS (Hons – Microbiology) in 2014 and requires full scholarship for M Phil in abroad especially in US, as I cannot support him financially to study abroad, thanks.

    • Avatar

      Hi, You can email me and i will be more than happy to help. Talha

  88. Avatar

    AOA Plz tell me the selection criteria For FB? Because i have good marks in master and and bachelors plus matric but unfortunately may marks in intermediate was not good. I want to apply for full bright master or PHD scholarship. I am also doing MS in CS.

  89. Avatar

    Mr Talha can children ( 13-15 ) apply for FB.
    If you give me information about this so I will be very glad to you.

    • Avatar

      Hello, Unfortunately children cannot apply for the FB program. It is only for undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates.

  90. Avatar

    Dear Talha,

    is 160 in Quantitative a decent score for an engineering student? Also, do they give priority in the selection procedure to the applicants from rural areas of Pakistan apart from FATA and Balochistan?

    • Avatar

      160 is a decent score though for eng scores are usually around 165. Yes they do give priority so inshAllah you will get in. Good luck!

  91. Avatar

    hi talha.i ve done masters in english literature from punjab uni.i ve done masters in education from numl.i ve also done diplomas in tefl(teaching english as a foriegn language.im working as deputy headmistress in public sector.can i apply for full bright.in which field i can apply?pls guide

  92. Avatar

    brother what is the criteria for applying for the full bright scholarship & when it will be started for 2014 .

  93. Avatar

    AOA I’m dpoing my M(CS) i want to be afb scholar for phd degree so what is the duration of PHD degree & how much score is requires for MS(Computer Science) in each section as well as over all any other suggestion regarding to phd please tell me

    • Avatar

      Hi Beenish! Minimum duration is 4 years. Can you please clarify by what you mean each section score for MS?

  94. Avatar

    hello, i missed the deadline of May 2013. i am also doing M.E rite now,and it is likely to be completed by December, i wanted to avail this scholarship for next year..when are they announcing it next ?

    • Avatar

      They will announce it in Feb next year.

  95. Avatar

    My question is not about FB because i am afraid i cannot wait for a whole year after graduation. My graduation course will end in June 2014 and i’ll probably get the degree in August 2014. I actually aim for giving GRE & TOEFL this year and apply for scholarships and financial aids in some universities in US, in January 2014. I have a CGPA of 3.85 and i haven’t started my final year project yet but i’ll be working on it when i’ll apply. My questions are:
    Can i apply for scholarships and financial aids even when my degree will be incomplete at the time of registration?
    Can i get a scholarship or financial aid just on the basis of my exceptional GRE scores (i hope, i’ll try hard)?

    • Avatar

      Waalikum Asalam Moaz,

      Yes you can apply even if you do not have a degree by then. Oh yes GRE is vvvvv important Moaz. I have seen people with exceptional GRE scores go to top uni’s with full scholarships. Good luck!

  96. Avatar

    Hi Talha,
    Since this seems to be the center of fulbright pakistan. Did you hear of someone getting an interview call so far (2013 applications). Is there a forum where discussion is taking place regarding fulbright pakistan?

    • Avatar

      Hello Ali, not yet. I guess after Eid we’ll start hearing from USEFP regarding Fulbright. As for the forum we are currently working on it. InshAllah in a weeks time we will make it functional. Thanks & good luck!


  97. Avatar

    Dear talha brother, i need ur opinion for this:
    I have aplied to FB this year and am doing a job in private sector org. and soon i am going to quit it for a ful time masters degree from pakistan on my own expense.
    if i am called for the FB intrview aftr eid and if by that time i have started my MSC. , should i tel them about my job? i fear that my SOP is in best supported when i tel them that i am at my curent job. and telling them tht i have started a MSC in a unrelated field i may jeopardise my chances of getting FB.
    Pls give a detailed reply.

    • Avatar

      Yes you are right. if you tell them that you quit that would damage your application badly. I would not suggest you leave your job at the moment because if you get called in and you tell them you are still working (and actually you have left) they may verify and that will hamper everything. Wait till the FB decisions come in and try to be as honest as possible. Good Luck!

  98. Avatar


    Please tell me the name of some official GRE books which are recommended by USEFP organization and which are available in Pakistan.

    Your information about this is so helpful. May You live with full blessings of Allah.

  99. Avatar

    hello talha..hope u will be fine and fit fat, sir i have completed my degree i.e doctor of pharmacy and nw wish to apply for FB for MS/Phd progrm. plz tell me wether i prepare for GRE or GMAT.

    • Avatar

      Hey Attiq, I am well thanks. Hope you are fine too. You need to take the GRE only and make sure you do well since FB decisions are heavily dependent on your GRE scores 🙂 Good luck!

  100. Avatar

    hi talha
    i did my mbbs from china and came back and did my housejob and everything… now i want to do m phil,, can i get fb … what do i have to do? kindly guide me…

    • Avatar

      Hi Ahmad,

      Unfortunately, FB does not offer scholarships to MBBS and other medicine fields 🙁 You will have to explore other areas then.

  101. Avatar

    I m currently a student of BS(BA) and completed 6th semesters now two more to go….m i eligible to apply now for fall semester 2014 or i will have to apply in next semester?

    • Avatar

      my degree will be completed in june 2014 and i dont want to waste a whole year…and if m eligible when do i have to give GRE exam?

      • Avatar

        Yes Mariam, You can. just please make sure that you get your official degree by december next year. Goodluck!

    • Avatar

      Yes you are eligible. Just make sure that you get your official degree by December next year. Goodluck!

  102. Avatar

    Sir i am preparing myself for FB scholarship 2015…as you know we have to submit application forms till may but we complete our degree in June ,and receive our Transcripts in July…..So what to do if if we will not able to apply that year…..Then i will have to aplly for FB 2016 wasting a complete yeaar of me……..Plz suggest me what to do

    • Avatar

      Nope. You can still apply. Tell FB about your situation and they will cater to it. You will not be wasting anytime if you apply in may 2014. Good luck

      • Avatar

        Assalam-O-Alaikum Talha! I want to apply for FB scholarship in the coming year. when it is expected to be announced,so that i can plan my GRE test accordingly

        • Avatar

          WAS! FB will be announced in Feb 2014 and the deadline is May 2014

  103. Avatar

    please tell me about CA program scholarship plz

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately I am not aware of it.

  104. Avatar

    Hi Talha, i want to take admission in some film school for a degree in film making. What should i do. can i apply for FB or they give scholarships for a degree in film production. I have masters degree in Mass Communication with more than six years of experience in media related fields. also tell me the other ways to get a scholarship for film school.

    • Avatar

      Hello Adnan, Yes FB does give scholarships in this field so you must apply. You can also directly contact universities and programs in your field and tell them about yourself and your professional work. If your profile is impressive they will definitely give you some financial aid. Good luck!

  105. Avatar

    Hi Talha!

    I have a low GPA in my bachelors. Around 2.6. And I want to get into any top MBA program. Would that affect my application? How much score in GRE and GMAT will comfortably get me into a top ranked MBA Program through FB? However, now, I have got almost four years of professional experience. Would that benefit me? Please guide me on that. Thanks in anticipation!

    • Avatar

      GPA usually does not affect your application for FB. GRE atleast 320 and GMAT at least 680. Well MBA requires 3 year min experience. So i don’t see 4 years of experience adding any extra benefit to your application. Good Luck!

  106. Avatar

    hi, i sat for GRE exams in 2011 and i have the results which i understand are valid for four years. in my application form, i indicated the schools i would like to go to but am not sure if these schools have my results already and would like to apply for admission (2014 fall) please help me on how to go about with the application! REGARDS!

    • Avatar

      it is valid for 5 years. I didnot get your second point. please elaborate and i will try to help. Thanks

  107. Avatar

    hi talha bhai, i need ur help i wana 2 qualify fulbright scholarshp. plz help me out

  108. Avatar

    im a law student. 1 year z left thn i wl kmplt my education

  109. Avatar

    Hello Talha,

    I have applied to FB this year in May and have already received a confirmation of submission of application in June. Do you have a clue what is the next step in the process? If I do get dinged when will USEFP inform me?


    • Avatar

      Well Naveed, I guess they ll start sending out interview invitations after Eid sometime. Moreover you will get a rejection letter by mail so either way you ll know your status. Be patient. Good luck! 🙂

  110. Avatar

    Sir,,,, i have passed intermidiat. Now i have need scholarship for highr education,,,
    how wil do it? Sir

  111. Avatar

    Salam Sir,

    How much stipend is given to a FB master student? (for accomodation, food and others)


    • Avatar

      Hello, It varies. Depends on which state you are in since living expenses vary. But anywhere from 800 to 1900 per month

  112. Avatar

    Although the question is answered before but following questions needs to be asked for further clarification:

    !) What are the complete documents requirements for applying to American universities?
    2) Documents that are needed to attested from HEC are post intermediate documents or all the academic credentials ?
    3) Other attestations are required for documentations?
    4) Minimum numbers of GMAT for getting admission in MBA ?
    5) Best preparation institute for GMAT in Pakistan?

    I would encourage if the answers to be delivered to my mail box

    • Avatar

      Hi ANU, Please refer to your email with the same questions.

  113. Avatar

    Asalamoalaikum sir.

    i want to know what if someone gets selected for fb scholarship and then he /she is not available on interview date or for other steps of the process for some very valid reason. Do they cooperate in such case? my mom recently passed away and now my dad wants me to perform hajj in lieu of my mom, which is just a matter of 40 days.

  114. Avatar

    Its a very helpful forum. I am impressed by your patience and the fact that you have replied to every single query very well and politely. Thank you for that!

  115. Avatar

    Hello, since the May 15 2013 deadline has passed already, which program are we supposed to apply for in case of a masters fb programme? This was for February 2014. Is there are a program for August 2014 whose deadline I have not missed?

  116. Avatar

    I am a working as a teacher in education and literacy department for last eighteen years. I have done Masters in English and I have got 3rd division. I am interested to get higher education through Fulbright Scholarship. Dear Sir/Madam, am I eligible for this?

    Thank you

  117. Avatar

    Talha bhai I think I forgot my signatures on Fulbright application form occidentally. Can you help me through the process of how should I inform them or should I even worry about it or not 🙁

    Waiting for your reply. Regards.

    • Avatar

      Yes you must inform them immediately and make sure you get some official response from them. But i don’t think it would hamper your application – but still check with them

  118. Avatar

    salaam sir , as i have done my M.A in English literature, and doing a government job since 2 years.
    And i want to do M.Phil and PhD from U.S. kindly tell me sir can i apply for fullbright?????

    • Avatar

      Indeed you can…just fulfill the FB requirements and apply

  119. Avatar

    I ve done MBBS but I m not practicing neither I Wana persue as a physician.I HV worked in health and hospital management.can I applied for some allied health fields other than medicine like health managmnt

    • Avatar

      Medicine is not eligible for FB

  120. Avatar

    What are the timelines for Fulbright? They say interviews are from June till September but we are at mid August. Anyone heard anything yet.
    I am a bit worried. My CGPA is above 3.5 but my GRE scores are not good enough. They are Q 158, V 156, and 4.5 and I am applying for engineering.

    • Avatar

      Well Monal i have not heard any one getting an interview call for FB…lets wait and see…

      • Avatar

        Thanks. I guess competition each year is increasing with many applicants scoring 160 + in both sections and also having a very competitive profile. That must be making it harder for the officials to make a decision.
        I didn’t put in adequate effort into GRE, only preparing from free material online and took it once 10 days before deadline. Needless to say not the wisest decision.

  121. Avatar

    TOEFL is Valid for this Scholarship???

  122. Avatar

    Bro. Is’nt USEFP late this time in calling people for interviews ???

    My GRE score is fine though not excellent 162Q,, 158V . Can you tell me about chances of students winning fullbright while going a “bit” away from their major. My major in undergrad was Electrical Telecom but I opted for Mechatronics ??

    A friend of mine told me that I would be called for an interview because of a nice GRE score but after that selection depends on profile/interview e.t.c

    How much candidates do they choose every year ??

    • Avatar

      They have started calling people today. 2 of my students got calls today and lets hope you get one as well. Good luck for that. Your chances are good. It doesn’t matter if you changed your field as long as you justify the change. Yes your friend is right. 200-250 candidates are chosen each year.

  123. Avatar

    Also what are the disadvantages of a candidate who does not have a job ?

    • Avatar

      The disadvantages are only if you have not been working for more than 3 months.

  124. Avatar

    I just called them to inquire about interview process and they said that they have started calling for interviews from today.
    Anyone who received the call must mention?

    • Avatar

      Yes a couple of my students from this year got their interview calls today 🙂 Good luck to you too.

      • Avatar

        can you share their gre scores? and educational backgrounds..
        were they from Lahore ?

        • Avatar

          I ll be posting something on it later in the week.

  125. Avatar

    is there any scholarship schedule for m.sc math……

    • Avatar

      yup. You can apply for fulbright scholarship

  126. Avatar

    Thanks a lot Talha. Do you know that when would they finish calling the candidates.

    And please tell about whats the date of the interview of your students, how were they called for the interview, was it by email or phone.

    My cell was off for 2 days, I just turned it now. Thanks for notifying Omar.

  127. Avatar


    I have recently graduated from GCU, lahore. I have majored in Psychology and wish to take Fullbright for Masters. Do I need to give GRE international and TOEFL both? Also, how should I go about the process? It seems very overwhelming.


  128. Avatar

    Hello Sir !
    Does cGPA consider for FB ?

    • Avatar

      Not at all….most important is your personal statement and GRE scores…

  129. Avatar

    A.O.A talha bhai,
    I have done M.S. in mangement sciences. I wat to get my PhD degree in Business Manag. What steps I should follow to apply for this scholarship. kindly guide me for this. Do this level requires IELTS or TOFEL ? or what else ??

  130. Avatar

    Dear sir ,
    I want to apply for PhD with majors in human resource management . Am I eligible ? What is next deadline to apply ?

  131. Avatar

    Assalam o Alaikum sir,

    Few of my friends received interview calls last week. I want to know how long it takes them to call for the interviews? I mean, do I still have a chance of being called or they just have finished their job within one week?

    • Avatar

      WAS! They will keep calling by the mid of september…

  132. Avatar

    Hey! When applying for Fulbright in May, I submitted hard copies of three reference letters along with my application. Now USEFP has asked me to fill another online application (embark) that requires submission of three ONLINE reference letters! I just wanted to ask whether I have to ask my professors again to submit the letters electronically or the hard copies I submitted earlier are sufficient?

    • Avatar

      No. If you submitted the references earlier then you don’t need to submit the references….

  133. Avatar

    How are you sir? Dear, I have completed my degree, “Doctor of veterinary Medicine (DVM)” from University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore in 2013. I have seen your advertisement today. Sir, I want to get admission in M.Phil leading to PhD/ direct PhD by your full bright scholarship program. If you have any seat for DVM doctor, kindly inform me. Waiting for your kindness…!
    With best regards.
    Dr Muhammad Adnan Malkera

    • Avatar

      no doctors allowed for FB 🙂

  134. Avatar

    Hello Sir, I got a job in the middle east after applying fulbright application. Just 2 – 3 months here. Now they have called me for an interview. Will my case become weak due to foreign employment?

    • Avatar

      No it will not unless you are working in your specific area of specialization.

  135. Avatar

    im a llb graduate from university of london and wish to apply for full bright for llm. I just wanted to know is there any minimum gre score required for people who are applying for an llm?

    • Avatar

      Maira i replied to you on the other post 🙂

  136. Avatar

    Hello.my interview didn’t go that well. There were some questions where I zoned out due to nervousness. I wanted to know what do you think what exactly are the interviewers looking for so that I can personalot gauge my interview.

    • Avatar

      Well to be honest with you interviews are very unpredictable…in my experience i have seen people with worst interviews being accepted and the ones with the best interviews being rejected…..but all those who make it have one thing in common…they are all very very sure what they want to do later on in their lives and with their degree…plus they are also sure of why they are applying to U.S. and in the respective fields….if you are one of them and they can see it from your applciation and interview you will surely get in…Good luck!
      read this

  137. Avatar

    hello i want to know is there any scholarship available for clinical psychologist???? also tell me when will it be announced??

    • Avatar

      Nope…none that i know of…

    • Avatar

      Everybody can apply except medicine and one more thing i don’t remember, but u can certainly apply

  138. Avatar

    right now I am doing BS.Hons, in mass Communication and management with 3 semesters left,Sir I would grateful to you if you tell the exact requirements and eligibility criteria for a scholarship. thank you so much

  139. Avatar

    I have an okay gre but good statements, strong recommendations and lots of achievements. My major is English and Ive seen that they have interviewing people from Lums, Lse, Nust alot. They have called barely 2-3 candidates from other universities.
    Are they still calling? and is English Literature not preferred?

    • Avatar

      Well there are mixed responses when it comes to if FB is still calling in people for interviews….My guess is they are not since I probably know over a 100 applicants personally and of those 39 were called in a while ago….they all had their interviews as well so probably that’s it for Masters….for PhD applicants I don’t know any yet who got a call….so I am assuming that they’ll call the PhD. applicants in a few days time….

      I agree LUMS is big when it comes to FB….it has been over the past 5-6 years and again this year it is….

  140. Avatar

    hi hope you are fine. I want to ask that is there any work experience required to apply for MBA?

  141. Avatar

    Assalam- dear talha omer..i m a student of BBA(H) ..in last semester of my program!!! will get my transcripts and pass certificate hopefully in march !!!! … I want to do MBA .. kindly guide me and recommend me what tests should i take for Full bright scholarship!!! GMAT or GRE.. adn Ielts??? Please guide me about this !!! I wil be thankful to u 🙂

    • Avatar

      for FB MBA you need to take both the GRE and GMAT

  142. Avatar

    Hello sir..I’m a junior year student of Mechanical Engineering from Pakistan…Yet now I have CGPA above 3.00…Can I apply for full bright scholarship now during my BS for MS…? I want full bright scholarship for my MS in US or in England…Is GRE test compulsory for this program? How much CGPA is required for this program?? need your guidance please…

    • Avatar

      GRE is compulsory and yes you can apply for this program.

  143. Avatar

    Mr. talha i want to ask that i m final year BDS student,so can i apply for full bright scholarship? i will be waiting for ur reply.

    • Avatar

      No dental student is eligible to apply

  144. Avatar

    I am looking forward to go to MIT for my masters,…does full-bright take my choice under consideration?

    • Avatar

      Yes it does if your are as good as MIT wants you to be!

  145. Avatar

    i complete my pharm d receintly
    i wana apply for germany scholorship
    plz guide me
    other wise i will bound with consultant

  146. Avatar

    hi my name is sher khan i completed bscs now i elegible for the scholership plz resplse quick

  147. Avatar

    Asalamualikum. can you plz tell me what is terminal degree?

    I’ve to apply for this scholarship em i eligible on BE-Telecom basis?
    Your reply will be appreciated.Tnank you

  148. Avatar

    Asalamualikum. can you plz tell me what is terminal degree?
    I want to apply for this scholarship em i eligible on BE-Telecom basis?

    Your reply will be appreciated.Thank you

  149. Avatar

    Hey Talha
    Thanks a million for sone awesome responses.
    Well Talha I ve a query too, firstly I want to apply for my Mphil in economics n finance so wanna know is this field available. As in can I apply for it.And secondl next year when can I appky as in do you know the date whwn it’ll be announced!!

    • Avatar

      Hello, Yes this field is available and you can apply next year after Feb 🙂

  150. Avatar

    Hi Talha, I am dental surgeon and working in reputable academic organization. Pakistani population is having more oral cancer patients compatively earlier. Is their any reseach based programme for eradication of this deadly disease from our country( PREVENTIVE). Your response will highly be appriciated.

    • Avatar

      FB does not sponsor docs 🙁

  151. Avatar

    hello, talha can you please tell me about the grading criteria for FB scholarship
    because at the end of my bachelors degree i got seriously ill and my grades effects but i have 3 years work experience so can i apply for FB?

    • Avatar

      GPA does not matter for FB….GRE+LOR’s+SOP+Work experience does 🙂

  152. Avatar

    Dear Mr Talha,

    I have 12 years of related work experience. I have recently completed my 1 year masters degree in public policy (recognized M Phil equivalent by HEC). Now I have 17 years of education. Will I be eligible for a Fulbright PhD Scholarship as they require 18 years of education?



    • Avatar

      Well thats tricky…I guess you will be eligible as long as you did the required # of credit hours in your graduate program. You just need to tell FB about it – that is you did the 2 year program in one year or something

      • Avatar

        HEC for M Phil level program are as follows: ” complete 24 credit hours of course work along with a minimum of 6 credit hours for research work/thesis.”

        My program fulfill this criteria. Thanks for the reply. Regards

  153. Avatar

    Dear Talha Omer,

    Its nice that you are helping people for acquiring scholarship. seriously you are a great help for all those who want to peruse studies abroad but due to less awareness regarding programs and scholarships, we lose hope and end up doing nothing. my question to you is same like many others, and you might have answered many times but since I am new to all this. I would be bugging you to guide me that how can I get the Fulbright scholarship details. I have been trying but could not figure it out. I have done masters in statistic and wanted to peruse my career in pubic health.
    I would highly appreciate if you guide me or send me a link for their latest programs.

    Thanks and A lot

    keep up the good work

  154. Avatar

    Aslam-o-Alaikum Sir
    I am MPhil Zoology and recently i have passed my GAT subject(Zoology). Now i want to apply for any scholarship (indegenous or foreign) for PhD. I need your guidance because i really don’t know what to do ahead. Please tell me how n where i should apply.

  155. Avatar

    What about M. Phil? I have finished by M. Sc now need information about M. Phil..

  156. Avatar


    I am british pakistani a d I have done my garduation from uk am I eligible for fb?

  157. Avatar

    A Facebook group ‘ Fulbright Pakistan 2014 cohort’ for the successful candidates has been set-up. So, please join in and get to know each other. Here is the URL to the group :


  158. Avatar


    I’ll be completing my bachelors in June 2015. Can I apply for fulbright in 2014 for the 2015-2016 scholorship program? Applying after completing my degree will delay my masters further and I cant risk that. Its either Fulbright USA or UK. What do you say?

    • Avatar

      Nope you can only apply in 2015 🙁 Thats the drop back of FB

  159. Avatar

    I belong to quetta is there any relaxation or extra benefits for Balochistan students?

  160. Avatar

    Dear Mr. Talha, i plan to apply next year but i am married and want to take my spouse along. does FB allow spouse to join the selected candidate?

  161. Avatar

    hi !
    how r u doing? ,
    I just want to know that what should I do if im doing M.Sc ( Part II ) in biotechnology,, after getting admission im feeling that I had more interest towards genetics.. so is there any chance to get scholarship either in biotech or genetics if im doing M.Sc in biotechnology)??? .. im in second semester of my M.SC (Prev). Thanks
    Regards !

  162. Avatar

    I want to get admission in post Doctorate in the field of economics. pl. guide how to move.

  163. Avatar

    me luqman sir i am the student of MBA finance 3.5 year which will be completed in june 2015. can i apply for this scholorship?. and plz tell me that what is the last date?

    • Avatar

      Please read the blog post above

  164. Avatar


    Is fullbright scholarship also awarded in the field of Biotechnology?

  165. Avatar

    talha i want to know that how to fill and submit refrence letter please help me . because few ppl are saying that refrence letter must be submit via online … and few are saying through post box… and how many refrence and recommendation letter are needed for undergraduate exchange program 2013…

  166. Avatar

    Hi Talha
    You are doing great work here!!!
    My query is regarding my eligibility for PhD. program. I have done 4 years software engineering and then an MBA. My work experience is of 5 years which includes 3 years of teaching at Masters and Bachelors level in Business Schools. Now GRE is required but is GMAT also required for a PhD. degree in management sciences?

    • Avatar

      Hi Tooba, Thanks 🙂 Yes you do require both GRE and GMAT. But nowadays many universities accept GRE as well for their business programs. So just check with the schools that you are applying to whether or not they want GMAT. Thanks

  167. Avatar

    aoa sir
    i am doing BBA(Hons) from IUB. i will complete my degree by the august 2014.. i want Fb schlorship for my MBA program let me inform the necesry test performed to be eiligible?when to apply?
    thank you

  168. Avatar

    salamz ..are the dentists eligible to apply ? and who else are included in clinical medicine?

    • Avatar

      Dentists cannot apply unfortunately.

  169. Avatar

    Salam Sir..
    I want to know abt the eligibility criteria for GRE. I m from Fata..N i got 2nd division in B.E from NED. M i eligible with such grades in GRE test?

    • Avatar

      WAS Ali, Yes you are eligible for GRE. Anyone with at least 14 years of education can take the GRE.Just prepare well for it and work hard to get good grades on GRE.

  170. Avatar

    Hi. I m a studnt of 2nd yr ( pre- engineering) from Gilgit Baltistan.I wil hav completed my Fsc by augst 2014. Aftr Fsc I want to aply for FB. Can I avail FB? Is there any relaxation for students from gilgit baltistan?

  171. Avatar

    salam , i want to know about petroleum master scholarship in usa, for next year i mean 2014, so what is the
    whole procedure of submitin application

  172. Avatar

    Assalam-O-Alaikum Talha! I am planning to apply for FB next year InshaAllah..bt the problem is I dont have any work experience so would I be able to get FB easily i mean as compared to the ones having work experience!

    • Avatar

      Work experience is not required unless you are applying for the MBA program.

  173. Avatar

    Dear Talha Umar !
    I have read ou all Questions and answers, I just have one concern that although my academic record is over all very good except in B.E I got GPA less than 3, I have one year experience too,yes I can apply for FBS but what %age of chance that I got FBS and what will be reasons that I would be selected for FBS that may be based on GRE and Toefl score?

    • Avatar

      Hello, GPA will not matter much! What matters the most are your GRE scores and the personal statement. If you have a genuinely convincing reason of going abroad and coming back to Pakistan to make an impact on our society then FB is all yours for the taking 🙂

  174. Avatar

    hi…i m a fresh graduate of army medical college ….i have done my bachelors in dental surgery and am also a bachelor of sciences…i aim at applying to USA for MPH…..i need to know that how are the scores of our universities equated with the universities of states…..ans what are the best books to prepare for GRE

  175. Avatar

    I have a score of Q:165 V:157 AWA:4.0….I will be re-applying this year for Fulbright…..Last year I was rejected after the interview….I have the time to retake the test. Do you think it will be a good idea?…I believe I can do better than that with the experience of taking it once under my belt.
    I am applying MS Electrical Engineering.

  176. Avatar

    assalaam.o.alaikum! talha
    i want to ask know that i have done private masters in international relation from university of Baluchistan in 2011 & MBA -2 years from virtual university of Pakistan.can i opt for phd program in management,i have 19 years of experience in government service, my age is 43.how strong will be my case for phd in management.thanks for helping

    • Avatar

      WAS Aamir! Are your degree accredited by the HEC? If yes then you can definitely apply. People like you who have vast experience especially in the public sector are highly encouraged to apply for FB….so i would definitely suggest that you apply.

  177. Avatar

    very nice.

  178. Avatar

    I will be done with my Bachelors degree by May 2015. Should I apply for Fulbright this year i.e 2014 or wait till next year?

    • Avatar

      Natasha unfortunately you will have to wait till next year!

  179. Avatar

    Aoa. i m doing mphil in english literature. its my coursework year, first semester here. i will be done with my coursework by august 2014. i want to apply for scholarship for research in american literature in USA. can u plz guide me is it possible and if it is then
    how much GPA in mphil is required and when should i apply.hope will get the reply soon.

    • Avatar

      WAS! For Fulbright there is no GPA requirement. You can apply as long as you have a legitimate degree. You will have to apply by May this year.

  180. Avatar

    hello mr talha i want to know that right now i am inmatric class so can i take GRE exam after matriculation exam….if so please guide me properly..

    • Avatar

      No you can take it after you have done your Intermediate!

  181. Avatar

    Interest in PhD Public Policy
    Experience 9 years CSS officer
    Master from Warwick GPA 3.90
    Gre verbal 149 quant 160
    Thesis published in international magzine
    education 17 years
    pls tell me chances of selection in fb?

    • Avatar

      I think you have very strong chances. I would encourage you to apply.

  182. Avatar

    if i can get your contact number or any official number so i can get enough understanding…..

  183. Avatar

    hello Talha,
    I am currently doing my MBA from GCU Lahore, and I have passed 1st semester with good grades. so I wanted to ask you that when I should apply for the scholarship a my degree will be complete in 2105. I want o apply for Masters program. I also wanted to know that what exams or tests I have to pass in order to be legible for scholarship.

    thanking in advnce

    • Avatar

      Hello. You will have to take the GRE exam by the end of May this year in order to be eligible for this scholarship. Yes you can apply if you graduating by 2015 June. Good luck! 🙂

  184. Avatar

    Hello Talha,
    I am currently doing MBA with majors in marketing along with CGPA of 3.3. Its my last semester now. Next I want to go for PHD in US. Can you please guide me how should i apply? through FB or directly to university? what are important dates to remember?

  185. Avatar

    salam dear

    i am doing my Bs in environmental science now in 6th semester in 2015 i will finish it inshallah, i want to do my Ms in USA or Australia,, what should i do thanks!

  186. Avatar

    – I wanted to ask if i apply for 2014 when will I actually go?
    – I am trying to do a Masters in Avionics engineering how much GRE score required (1600 is max). They start at 400 points.
    – IELTS should be given after I have been selected?
    – What should I write in Personal Statement?

  187. Avatar

    Hi I wanted to ask some questions,
    – If I apply on 2014 scholarship when will I actually go?
    – I am applying for Masters in Avionics engring how much GRE should I score. They start at 400 and max score is 1600 fyi.

    • Avatar

      1) You will go in August 2015.
      2) They start at 260 and max is 340 now. GRE pattern has now changed.

  188. Avatar

    i am serving army officer with 15 years of experience,including 1 years United nations Mission abroad with two master degrees,I want to know Armed forces Personals can apply for FB and what are their chances of success ?

    • Avatar

      WAS! Yes armed forces personnel can apply for FB. Ejaz, chances depend on multiple factors such as GRE, GPA, Work experience, Personal statement, research objectives, references and so many other things.!

  189. Avatar

    I am a PharmD gold medalist, done Mphil in biochemistry and 4 years teaching experience in pharmacy university. I want to apply for PhD in clinical sciences or pharmacy. What to do? and what are the chances? is GRE must for everyone?

  190. Avatar

    A.o.A,I am serving Army Officer,17 years national + 1 year International (united nations) experience ,2 Master degrees want to apply for FB,want to pursue masters or phd in HRM form us,what are my chances for FB?

    • Avatar

      I replied to your query on the other page!

  191. Avatar

    i want to know about the eligilbility for full bright scholarshpip. recently i am doing bs(cs).AM i eligible for full bright scholarship

  192. Avatar

    A.o.A sir i m disabled person curently stdy in 8th semeste in telecom enginering witg cgpa 2.1.can i m eligible in usef scholarship 2014 and how many chances for disabled persons with low cgpa.plz guide me i m highly thnkful to u.
    cell :0301 6508415

    • Avatar

      WAS Waseem, Disabled person’s are preferred under the Fulbright program. GPA does not matter by the way. Focus on your GRE scores and your personal statement and you will do fine inshAllah 🙂 Good luck!

  193. Avatar

    sir I have completed my DVM Degree ,I belong to FATA Bajaur Agency. sir my GRE genral is clear with score 58(88 percentile). Can I apply for master to this scholarship in my relivent field?
    please help, tell me your email id, cell nomber.

    regards Aminullah

  194. Avatar

    AOA sir .. i am doing BS in english linguistics from Kinaird college for women Lhr .. i am in 6th semester now and my degree will be completed in june 2015 .. i want to go for m.phill in linguistic in fall 2015 .. can i apply during my degree ?? so that my time will not be wasted .. plz sir guide me about all this ..
    how and when can i apply ??
    when should i take my GRE test ??
    how my documentation will be proceeded as i am not having a complete degree of BS ??
    and how can i get the form for applying ?
    my family cannot support me but i want to continue with my further studies without wasting my time .. i cannot afford wasting time for one complete year .. plz sir guide me that how can i apply now ??
    plz sir help me out

    • Avatar

      Well you will have to apply next year now. You must take your GRE by May next year. Unfortunately with Fulbright you will have to waste one year now. There is no other option to apply for FB.

  195. Avatar

    Hey.!! I m a Computer Engineer.!! i have to apply for Master’s.!!
    how can i get ac scholarship.?
    Please guide me.!!

  196. Avatar

    Hi, My scores are Quant 151, Verbal 150. What are my chances of being accepted for PhD in Business or Management. Specialisation could be Tech Management, Supply Chain, Marketing or General Management.

    • Avatar

      GRE is not the only determining factor – there are many other factors as well.

  197. Avatar

    My father’s brother has applied immigration application for my family on 2007. Since I am 24 years old and not eligible for “Follow to join” and my parents will have to apply for me once they get the citizenship. My question is, am I eligible for the Fullbright’s fellowship program?

    • Avatar

      You just spammed this message everywhere!

  198. Avatar


    I wanted to know whether the scholarship program is open for dental students (as clinical medicine is not included in the program)?

    • Avatar

      WAS! Yes FB is open for dental students!

      • Avatar

        Hello. I want to know for what time span we can study through FB. since i want to apply for m.phil in clinical psychology. Is the field available? Everwhere i checkd the time span was 8 to 10 months which worried me since a mphill program requires minimum 2 years.
        Secondly, is there any hard and fast rule that how much CGPA is required or prefered for the FB?
        I ll be really thankful for your help.

        • Avatar

          For Masters and PhD only. No hard and fast rule on GPA 🙂

  199. Avatar

    Dear Talha Omer, I really appreciate your efforts about guidelines to every one.
    I did my Pharm D. My GRE Score is 149(verbal)/151(Quantitative)/ 3 Analytical writing. My TOEFL score is 93. Is there need to improve my GRE or TOEFL score?
    Secondly, Please let me know about recommendation letters, weather these are required from USA universities or from Pakistan university?
    Thirdly, please send me links of USA universities where I can get scholarship directly.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Muhammad Rafique

    • Avatar

      Thank you 🙂 I would say your GRE is ok. You don’t need to improve it. LOR’s are from your advisor’s, teachers or managers.

  200. Avatar

    brother hope you are fine and fit. brother i have done BBAIT (hons) and now want to apply for scholarship, so in this regard kindly guide me for all the eligibility as well as course in which i may successfully get scholarship opportunity.
    zahid shah

    • Avatar

      Zahid you can apply in any program that makes sense in applying for you given your background and experiences. Any field is eligible under the FB program so simply chose the filed which interests you.

  201. Avatar

    brother iam waiting for you r kind reply . kindly update me in this regard .hope you will response me .
    lookink farward to your kind reply
    zahid shah

  202. Avatar

    I have done the exam of B.Sc exam..I want scholarship at the age of me now i enter in university…

  203. Avatar

    Deer sir!

    i am doing Master H.R.M from Peshawar . i will complete my degree by the august 2015.. i want scholarship for my program let me inform the necessary test performed to be eligible?when to apply?

    • Avatar

      To apply please follow the details given above and also check your eligibility.

  204. Avatar


  205. Avatar

    Dear Sir-

    Deadline for FB APPLICATION is May 14,2014. I will not be able to appear for GRE by then. Can i get myself registered for GRE for a later date and send proof of registration with my application by May 14,2014? Will my application be considered?

    And if that is the case, when is the last date/deadline by which i need to essentially send scores to usefp for fb scholarship consideration?

    Your guidance would be extremely valuable. Regards

    • Avatar

      Hi Bilal, Yes you can do that and your application will be considered. Whatever the next available date is after 14th May you MUST take that else your app will be wasted.

  206. Avatar

    sir,,i want to know about undrgraduate progrme can i apply now???if no then when will be it announced?? i

    • Avatar

      Hi, I am sorry but i am not much informed about the undergraduate program of Fulbright. Better check with the USEFP site.

  207. Avatar

    Is there any scholarship for B.A or B.A,LLB

    • Avatar

      Check the Fulbright program above.

    • Avatar

      The U.S. does not offer LL.B. The equivalent degree is J.D.

  208. Avatar

    Hi sir,
    I wanted to knw how to apply for fb.max score for gre n toefl is??
    And if i want to apply nw what will b the nxt fb scholorship date?
    Is ths possible to go on scholorship with wife?
    Gre n toefl should be frm ETS?
    As i ve done BS biotechnology…is there any fb scholorshp for MS biotechnology?
    Ill b very thankful frm core of my heart if u gude me..

    • Avatar

      Hi Farisha, There is no max score for FB. The max the better though. You will have to apply next year now. Yes you can take your wife but you will have to bear her expenses. Yes GRE and TOEFL must be from ETS. Yes FB gives funding in Biotech

  209. Avatar

    i have need of money
    i want to gate admission bs

  210. Avatar

    hi sir i want to ask u smg my wife hv done m.phil in education n want to do phd in FB program
    but i cant send her alone so fb students can go wd theire spouse ?

    • Avatar

      Hi Harris, Yes you can go with her but only after 6 months of her joining her program. Plus do note that you will have to bear your own expenses in the US. FB will not provide for you.

  211. Avatar

    I completed my five course work for MS-M-Phill in Statistics and Computer science, three course work is left + thesis, should i get admission in any university anywhere in USA. if yes, what should i do

    • Avatar

      Hi Ali, Yes you can of course 🙂 You simply need to decide which universities do you want to apply to.

  212. Avatar

    helo Mr. talha.
    i have done MSC in zoology, back in 2004, now i am serving as a lecturer of biology in department of education. now i want to apply for further studies in usa, can u give me any advise.

    • Avatar

      Hi Querishi, I would advise you to take the GRE exam and then apply for this program since it does give a lot of funding to people in your area of interest. FB applications will reopen in Feb 2015 and close by May – so you must apply and take your GRE before May.

      • Avatar

        Talha can i have your attention.

  213. Avatar

    Aoa, hope you are fine.
    Sir kindly tell that when should i apply for this scholarship? i’m in 2nd semester doing masters in governance and public policy. i will complete it in Feb 2016 inshAllah and want to apply for it immediately after the completion of this degree.

    • Avatar

      WAS Zainab – You can apply for it in May 2016.

  214. Avatar

    AOA Talha bhai, I am doing BE (mech) from NED and I will graduate in Dec 2015. Can I apply for Fb next year?

    • Avatar

      WAS Junaid, Yes you can 🙂

  215. Avatar

    Dear TALHA,
    is it possible if some one has passed his GAT Exam So is he eligible ?
    or he must attempt to get GRE ?

  216. Avatar

    Dear Talha,,,,

    is it possible if some one has passed GAT instead of GRE so is he eligible ?

    • Avatar

      Hi, Nope not possible. GRE has to be taken.

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