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About Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan

A couple weeks back I requested my students and some nice people following me on Facebook and Google+ to submit their most important question regarding studying in U.S. Not to my surprise the questions revealed concerns regarding scholarships and funding options. They also revealed things related to what I regard as the ‘best’ Scholarship for studying in the U.S. – the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan.

Today I’ll answer questions around the Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistani students.

When it comes to educational scholarships for Pakistani aspirants, I have not yet seen a better and highly rewarding Scholarship than the Fulbright Pakistan reward. Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistan is a fully funded higher educational program given by the U.S. government through USEFP to deserving students in Pakistan. The U.S. funded Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistan is available to students who have an established educational or research record.

It is uncommon for Pakistani students to qualify for a USEFP Fulbright Scholarship without a good academic record. Students who do not have an established academic history generally will not be able to receive this exceptional reward.

I must tell you here that Pakistan has the world’s largest Fulbright program in the world. Therefore we must take full advantage of that and strive to apply for a free degree program in the United States – the most favored country for top quality higher education.

What are the Types of Fulbright Scholarships available to Pakistani students?

There are 6 types of Fulbright Scholarships for Pakistan. These scholarships cover all kinds of educational programs except clinical medicine and a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

  1. For Undergraduate Studies (Bachelors)
  2. For Graduate Studies (Masters or Ph.D.)
  3. For Post Doctorate Studies/Research
  4. For Teachers
  5. For Mid-career professionals
  6. For Working Professionals

Today I will focus on the Fulbright Scholarship for students in Pakistan for Graduate studies i.e. Masters or Ph.D.

Advantages of the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan

The benefits of Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistani students are many – it is aimed towards applicants who want to pursue a Masters or a Ph.D. degree in the U.S. for free and then return to Pakistan and serve this country. The Scholarship is extremely gracious and covers all expenses – from fees, books, air ticket, a fixed monthly income that is sufficient to cover food and accommodation expenses, health insurance and visa fees.

Disadvantages of the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan

There is one little disadvantage of a Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistani applicants. You have to return to Pakistan immediately after you are done with your degree program in the U.S. The reason that USEFP cites is that it is a cultural exchange program where students from Pakistan share their knowledge of Pakistan with their U.S. colleagues. On returning, Pakistani Fulbright students share their U.S. experiences with colleagues in Pakistan.

Personally I do not agree fully with this ideology. In my own experience a degree complemented with some work and professional experience is much more useful that just a degree. With some real practical experience in the U.S. and one can serve Pakistan in a far better and productive manner.

So if any one of you is looking to stay in the U.S. and work after they are done with their education, Fulbright Scholarship is not for you.

What is required to apply for Fulbright funding in Pakistan?

Essentially you need the following things if you are considering the Fulbright Scholarship program.

  • GRE: The GRE general test is required.
  • TOEFL: THE TOEFL is required only if you get selected for an interview.
  • Letters of recommendation: 3 letters are required by people who know you professionally or academically.
  • Personal statement: You must submit your study objectives in a coherent and cogent essay. Use my personal statement guidelines for Fulbright scholarship to help you write an excellent statement of purpose.
  • 16/18 years of education: If you are applying for the Masters or Ph.D. program you need to have at least 16 or 18 years of formal education respectively.
  • Work experience: Work/research/teaching experience is required if you are applying for the Ph.D. program.
  • GMAT: It is required only if you have applied for an MBA degree and your prospective university needs it.
  • GRE subject test: Again it is required only if the university to which you have applied has made it compulsory.
  • Interview: An interview with the Fulbright committee in Pakistan is mandatory if your initial application gets shortlisted.
  • You must be willing to return to Pakistan immediately after your degree completion.

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What makes me eligible to apply for this Scholarship?

If you want to do a Masters then you must have at least a total of 16 years of formal education. This includes having a 4 year Bachelors degree or a 2 year Bachelors and 2 years Masters Degree from a recognized Pakistan university.
If you are planning to pursue a Ph.D., then in order to be eligible you must have a minimum of 18 years of education. This includes having a Masters degree or an M. Phil from an accredited Pakistani university.

Please note that this Scholarship is only meant for Pakistani nationals. Applicants with a dual U.S./Pakistan nationality cannot apply.

What makes you ineligible?

If you own dual nationality of Pakistan and America or have a parent, wife/husband or child who is a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. then you cannot apply for the Fulbright Scholarship.

Also if you have a pending application for immigration to any country or have already availed one Fulbright Scholarship from Pakistan you cannot apply to this program.

Do I need work experience to apply for this Scholarship?

If you are aiming for the Masters program then the answer is no, you do not need any work experience to apply for this Scholarship. In fact USEFP encourages fresh graduates to apply for Fulbright Scholarship.

However for the Ph.D. program USEFP prefers candidates with teaching or research experience in Pakistan.

What disciplines are not eligible for the Fulbright Scholarship in Pakistan?

Clinical medicine and PhD in Business Administration are not eligible under the Fulbright Graduate program.

Do I need to take the GRE exam in order to apply?

Yes. GRE is compulsory irrespective of your field of specialization. Moreover a 136 is the minimum score required on each section of the GRE.

Please note that this does not mean that if you have a 136 on the GRE you will get the Scholarship. Scoring above this makes you eligible to apply only.

In my experience the GRE score of admitted applicants depends on their individual field of study. But the better the score better will be your chances of making it through.

How important is the GRE score in the selection process for Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistani students?

Although Fulbright does not give any benchmarking numbers, I personally think that GRE is one of the most important factors for getting selected to the Fulbright program in Pakistan. The reason is simple: GRE provides common grounds for the evaluation of diverse applicants from Pakistan.

So for example, musicians, artists, engineers, MBA’s and students from many other fields apply to the Fulbright program from Pakistan. In order for the Fulbright committee to choose the brightest amongst these would require them to evaluate them on the same scale. GRE does exactly that. Therefore stress a lot on your GRE score especially if you have a poor GPA or prior education.

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My university does not require me to take the GRE. Do I still need a GRE score?

Yes. GRE is a core requirement of USEFP for the Fulbright program in Pakistan. You have to take the GRE irrespective of the fact that your university or your program does not need it.

I am applying for MBA which requires GMAT, do I still need to give the GRE?

Yes. Although GMAT is required for admission to the MBA program, GRE is a Fulbright requirement and has to be given.

Is the GRE subject test required?

This is a good question and the answer is maybe. Of course the GRE general test is compulsory requirement. However the subject test is only required if the prospective university requires it. If it does not then you don’t need it.

I have heard TOEFL is required as well?

TOEFL is a Fulbright Scholarship requirement in Pakistan. However, you only need to give the TOEFL exam after you are shortlisted for an interview.

I gave the English exam in my O-levels and A-levels and got an A grade. Do I still need to take the TOEFL?

Yes, regardless of your background you need to take the TOEFL. Even if you have your previous education from a foreign country you still need to take the TOEFL exam once you are shortlisted for the Fulbright Scholarship in Pakistan.

Can IELTS be given in lieu of TOEFL?

No. IELTS is not accepted by the Fulbright program in Pakistan.

Do I need a bank statement to apply for the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan?

Since Fulbright is a financial reward or a Scholarship that provides a student with all the money and funds, it does not require an applicant to prove or show any financial status. Many students belonging to backward areas of Pakistan have been rewarded Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan in the past which clearly shows that the Scholarship is entirely based on merit rather than your financial status.

Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan requires a personal statement. How can I ensure I write a good personal statement and what should it include?

First of all – I have seen a lot of Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan applicants have their personal statements being written by someone else. This is not something you should do and I strictly prohibit any one doing that. In fact the Fulbright committee can easily catch you doing this and bar you from getting a Fulbright Scholarship in Pakistan. As the name suggests “personal” statement is something personal and you must write it yourself.

It must include the following:

  1. What are your reasons for studying in the U.S.?
  2. Why do you want to study/research in the field you are applying to?

You should write in detail about the above topics. In short a personal statement should contain convincing arguments and a cogent narration of your study objectives. In cases where students are switching their field of study, the personal statement becomes very crucial since you need to explain logically the reasons for doing so.

Is the Personal Statement an important part of the application?

For the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan – yes it is a very important part of the application. It is used not only in the selection process for the Fulbright Pakistan but also by universities in deciding whether or not to admit an applicant. Students around the world spend a great deal of time perfecting their personal statement which includes their study objectives. Since you will ultimately be competing against students from all over the globe for placement in a U.S. university, you must put a lot of effort into drawing up a perfect statement.

Regarding letters of recommendations, whom should I ask to write?

Please make sure that all 3 of your letters of recommendation are written by people who you’re your work and not those who know you personally. Only professional letters are accepted by Fulbright Pakistan and all personal ones are rejected.

Ask your professors, advisors, managers or other professionals who are familiar with your work. Moreover recommenders who have an international reputation will dramatically improve your chances of admission to Fulbright Scholarship in Pakistan – for example if you have a professor from MIT write you a letter will garner much more attention from the Fulbright committee than someone from a local university.

Make sure that at least one letter is written by someone who knows you academically.

How important are the letters of recommendations?

Letters of recommendation are required by every university in the U.S. and are a very important part of the application process. Letters of recommendation are a deciding factor in the Fulbright and university admission process mainly because it adds immense credibility to your application since someone reputed writes kudos for your work. Again I must point out here that no part of the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan can be ignored or weighed lightly. All of us must put in our best efforts to get the best letters from the best people who we have worked with.

Can I get admission to a university on my own and then ask Fulbright to give me a Scholarship?

No. In order to qualify for the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan you must make an application to the USEFP and they will find an appropriate university for you. They will apply to the universities that they think best suits you and your needs as per your personal statement. You can definitely state your preferences in your application, but there is no guarantee that you will be given those.

Is it necessary to return to Pakistan after the completion of the program?

Yes. Fulbright Scholarship in Pakistan requires you to return within 30 days after you are done with your program. You are required to then work for two years in Pakistan and share your experiences of U.S. with your colleagues. Fulbright Pakistan requires you to sign a bond that states such.

I want to apply for the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2013. What is the deadline for that?

Now here is a thing that many people are unaware of. In order to be eligible for Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan you must apply almost a year and a half prior to your departure date. So for instance if you want to go to U.S. in 2013 September then you must apply for Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan in 2012 May. The Fulbright only takes one batch every year and that group of students leaves for the U.S. in September following year. There are no early or delayed departures or admissions.

I want to apply for the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan in 2014. By when should I have my application fully ready?

Those students who plan to go on a Fulbright Scholarship in 2014 will make an application by May 2013. So you must have your application ready by then. Take your required exams like the GRE and TOEFL by March 2013 so that you have your official scores with you by the time you apply.

You can get more information about the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan by visiting the official website of USEFP.

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  1. If I am already enrolled in an academic program in Pakistan, can he/she apply for the same program, only for the sake of better education?

    • Hi Mehwish,

      You can of course. But know that you will not be able to transfer your semesters, course and projects that you have taken already in Pakistan. Also Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan will not consider Pakistani applicants in the field of Clinical medicine and Ph.D. in business administration. I hope it helps.


  2. Hi,

    I am currently in third year of my university education. I will obtain my degree in 2014. I want to apply for a masters scholarship. So, in that case, when should I consider applying for the Fulbright Program? Will it work if I apply in 2014? If I apply in May 2014, when will I be joining the program (if I get selected)?

    • Hi,

      Since you are graduating in 2014 you will have to make your application in May 2014. You cannot make your Fulbright application before that. Moreover also please make sure that when you apply in 2014, you should have completed your degree by the time Fulbright seeks your admission to a university (this is usually around September 2014).

      When you apply in 2014 May and you get accepted by Fulbright you will be joining the program in August 2015.

      Hope it helps!


    • sir.aoa.sir.mainy master degree zoology main k hai .kia main fullbright scalorship kily apply kar sakt ho?

  3. Is there any Cumulative GPA required for Fulbright Scholarship Program 2013. Please inform me via email.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Hi Ali,

      There is no formal requirement for a cpga in order to be able to apply for Fulbright…you just need to have a passing gpa and a degree by the time you get your fulbright….but a good academic record always helps..

      hope it makes sense


      • sir Is there any (specified) GPA required for Fulbright Scholarship ? will he/she be accepted,if they have a GPA less than 3?
        thank you .

        • No GPA requirement, You may apply with a GPA less than 3

  4. I have been awarded FB. One thing is important that exceptional academic record is not vital. I got this with well below average academic history. What you need to demonstrate is your leadership skills and future potential.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences….It is true that Fulbright does not look only at the academic achievements – it also focuses on non-academic skills…but better the academic history the easier it gets…to prove leadership can be challenging but not your academic accomplishments.

  5. Dear Talha,

    Can you tell something about USEFP Fullbright Scholarship program Interview Experience.
    What sort of questions they usually ask. All stuff about interview.

    Thank You.

    Ali Sheikh

  6. Thank you sir for such a treasure chest information. can you let us know some how more precise of personal statement, what should we write in it to make sure our participation.thanks

    • Hi Irshad,

      Read my post which will help you greatly on writing a personal statement for Fulbright….just remember that you need to be honest with yourself and focus on your leadership skills and inspiration for pursuing your particular field. In case of any questions, do let me know 🙂


      • Hi sir! thank you for providing excellent information. Could you please provide sample of personnel statement that help more about how to start up. please tell me about writing personnel statement of 1 semester program(Undergraduate exchange program )

        • Hello Salman, I am sorry but we do not provide other’s personal statements for reference 🙁 for writing PS please follow this link: http://www.brightlinkprep.com/all-posts/personal-statement/

          • Sir , Is it the same pattern of writing personnel statement for Global Undergraduate Program (UGRAD)? I am in 4th semester of BBA and prepare my self for upcoming Global Undergraduate Program (UGRAD) in 2014.

    • I’ve been to the U.S before under an exchange program for a non degree one semester studies administrated by the USEFP. Will they prefer me for Fulbright Award. I am going to apply next year.


      • Well preference is usually given to those who have not been to U.S. before for their studies. But nevertheless if you are a bright prospect for Pakistan then surely they will consider your application.

  7. i did b.com (2 year) and now doing ACCA,iam at final level of ACCA can i apply for Master program ..

    • Hi Aleem,

      Yes you can apply if you have 16 years of education by the time the Fulbright makes decisions. If you do then there will be no problems at all.



  8. Hey can you please tell me the site where i can apply for this fullbright scholarship?

  9. hi dear
    i want to apply for this i am in third year 5th semester i m confused about the personal statement plz will you send me a sample of any personal statement .another confusion is that whether this one semester is considered in my regular degree r not .,,,

  10. aoa
    can i apply 4 such scholarship???r they fullyfunded???i m student of Msc(hons)in soil scence…any scholarship present???

    • Yes Huma,

      You can apply for this scholarship and it is fully funded…there are more than 200 such scholarships and you are eligible to apply for it before May 2013…the admissions will take place in the middle of next year 🙂

  11. Dear Talha,
    Thank you for sharing this valuable information. What i have collected from your article is that this scholarship is more meant for fresh graduates. Is that so? Now i have done my graduation 2 years back and so i wanted to know do i stand a chance?

    • Hi Hasan,

      Thank you for your message. Yes you can apply for this and you do have a strong chance if you do well on your GRE and have a decent GPA at the undergraduate level. What you need to do is show that you have a mix of academic and leadership traits. So for instance I know a lot of Fulbrighters who had like 3-4 years f work experience and had excellent leadership skills but were not very good academically…just try to focus on that and do well on your GRE…InshAllah you will make it. 🙂 Good luck

      • Dear Talha,

        Is there any minimum work experience required to apply for any MBA Program through Fulbright Scholarship ?

        • Hello, Yes Hamza! FB requires a minimum of 3 years of work experience for applying to an MBA program. Moreover FB is not a big fan of MBA programs as I have not seen many applicants get in for an MBA. Nevertheless there is no harm in applying. Good luck!

          • Dear Talha,
            Thanks for the quick response
            I will have Full time experience of 2.8 years by May 2014. To my understanding If I apply for FB Scholarship next year and If i get it I will be enrolled in university in year 2015. So my work experience will be more than 3 years at that time. So can I apply for Fulbright scholarship for MBA next year ??

            Secondly, what kind of profile should aspiring FB MBA candidates have ? I have an engineering background with Full time core technical experience of 2 years in industry, have won 4 national and international business plan competitions, a failed start-up experience (I was doing it part time) and I have recently co-founded a small service provider company with a Chinese partner in Ningbo, China…….But the problem is I dont have sound management tactics and have unnecessary/unrealistic optimal approach towards ideas/ projects which has resulted in failure in past .Thats why i want pursue MBA.My question is what kind of extra ordinary skills or motivation you should have to be a competitive candidate for FB MBA scholarship ? And do you have any acceptance rate stats of FB MBA scholarship holders ?

            Anxiously waiting for your reply,


  12. Talha, indeed you are doing a great job for providing a guideline for education. i want to apply for phd through fullbright. how should i apply and what should be my experties in all that?

    • Hi Saqlain,

      Thank you for the appreciation 🙂 I am glad you found it helpful.

      What is your field of expertise? Nevertheless the basic requirement to apply for Fulbright is the following:

      1) TOEFL
      2) GRE
      3) Letters of recommendations
      4) Statement of purpose
      5) Undergraduate transcripts and degree
      6) Publications (if any)
      7) Other achievement certificates etc.
      8) 18 years of education (for PhD.)

      To apply for Fulbright you will have to visit this website http://www.usefpakistan.org

      Please note that applications would open in Feb/March and close in May 2013 for admissions in 2014. You must have all the above things before the application deadline.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂


    • Sir i am doing Electrical (Telecom) Engineering..please guide me about fullbright scholorship…. hw i apply for it…??please

  13. Hi, I have done my BS Physical Therapy.
    Is there any Scholarship for MS or MS leading to PHD?

    • Hi Aftab,

      With regards to U.S. there is only the Fulbright scholarship that offers MS leading to PhD. funding at a handsome amount…outside U.S. I am sorry but I do not know of any such scholarship…



    i find your initiative very insightful. you have mentioned that phd in business administration is not allowed. having finance background ,i fear that this will also applicable for this particular subject

    • Hi Faisal,

      Thank you for your positive response. If you are doing a PhD. in Business Administration with a major in Finance then you will have problems getting a Fulbright. However if you are doing a PhD. in finance then you are eligible for Fulbright.

      I hope this helps.


  15. Salam,

    I am surprised and glad to read your answer and this website, Thank you, I am working in police department as an Inspector of Police, can I apply too? I wanted to get scholarship in policing can you please advice how and which kind of further study I should apply? I am a graduate and was participant of UN Peace keeping mission in Kosovo for one year as well. I am working in police department since 1995.

    • Wasalam Nighat,

      Great to hear from you. I am very delighted to see that some one from a non-traditional background wants to go for the Fulbright. I will encourage you to apply – in fact a lot of my students who are from civil services and police apply for Fulbright and other scholarships. They pursue different majors such as Public Policy, International Relations, Criminology, Security and Disaster management etc. I would suggest you explore each of these and see which one interests you the most.

      Good Luck and keep me posted! Let me know if you have any further questions.



  16. salam,
    Talha i am bit confused if i go for full bright coz i did my MBA from a university which has 16 year equivalent masters degree and before that i did B.Com hons which is also 16 years.. If i count my credit hours than i have 18 years equivalent education but according to that university where students having 2 years of bachelors can also get admitted, are also equivalent to 16 years MBA. Rules have changed now but i want to ask can you guide me in my case that in which program i can get admission according to my eligibility.
    And want to add that the above guidance given by you is excellent.. 🙂

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Usama, i am a bit confused – can you please clarify? I got 2 impressions from what you mentioned:

      1) Do you have an mba and a 2 year bachelors degree? If that is the case then you have 16 years of education and you are eligible for applying to Fulbright masters program.

      2) Do you have a B.Com (2 years)? In this case you are not eligible to apply for Fulbright since it is less than 16 years of formal education. It does not matter what these degrees are taken as in pakistan – what matters is what fulbright thinks of them and they will not accept your application in the second case. 🙁

      Hope this helps!


  17. Hi Talha I want to have some guidance about GRE preparation.kindly give some tips and recommend some material for that.
    thanx alot

    • Hi Riffat, Could you please be specific regarding the help you need on the GRE? That way I can help you much better. Talha

      • Hi Talha i want to ask that is barrons GRE (book) enough for preparation or not? n should i focus on vocabulary foremost.because i am good in maths but little tense regarding verbal section specially.so kindly suggest some material for verbal section.
        bundle of thanx

        • Hey Riffat! Barrons is an ok book. Personally I do not like it although it has some very good questions – but they are not many. Moreover the book is a bit ugly and it takes a lot of patience to sift through its material and comprehend it entirely. I would suggest that you should use Princeton review for the verbal section preparation – barrons can be used for practising verbal but not for its strategies. Quant is also a bit too messy and many of the concepts tested on the quant section of the GRE are not explained well. For more details you can read my review on the barrons book http://www.brightlinkprep.com/blog/gre/review-of-barrons-new-revised-gre-book/

          ….my suggestion – use Princetion review and barrons for your prep…. there is no single book that would do justice but these two will serve most of the purpose.

          Good Luck!


  18. Dear Talha,
    Could you tell me when should I take GRE and Toefl exams?

    • Hi Ahmad, Are you asking with regards to FB scholarship? If it is FB then GRE must be submitted at the time of your FB application deadline which is in May – TOEFL for FB only needs to be taken when you have been accepted by FB 🙂 hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions

  19. Talha is there no way i can now apply for fulbright programme 2013?

    • Hi Aisha, you cannot apply for the fulbright right now. the applications will open in march 2013 🙂

      Hope this helps


  20. I am a student of medicine.i did my graduation from China,do have RMP also.I want to know that student of medicine can apply for Full bright scholarship or not,if yes then is it fellowship or something different.what is a criteria for doctors?

    • Hi Nabeel,

      You cannot apply for Fulbright if you want to pursue a graduate degree in medicine. However if you are pursuing a degree related to non-medicinal fields then you can.



  21. Dear Talha, Thanks for the very informative post. I have a few queries about full bright you might be able to answer. I am a faculty member in a public sector university and have almost 3 years of teaching and research experience. I have luckily completed my MS engineering through a split program from Pak as well as Australia. I am interested to take a chance on full bright PhD scholarships and planning to take GRE by april in coming year. The only hesitation of mine is a bit low GPA which is around 2.84/4 in BS and bit better 3.2/4.00 in MS. All I need to ask is if I score exceptional in GRE are there some bright chances for my selection for full bright as well as in a prestigious university like NC state. Apart from it I have already got admission offer for PhD from a good university in europe but I am still more interested in NC state university. And yes one thing I will definitely quote here is couple of research publications of mine in reputed international journals of my field recently. Please analyze the prospective strength of my application and guide accordingly. Thanks in anticipation for your help. 🙂

    • Hi Noman,

      GPA though vital, is not the most crucial component of your Fulbright application. In fact I have seen much low scorers get in easily. What matters is your potential to make a difference upon your return to Pakistan – what is your vision and how can you make it a reality. In short are you a go getter and some one who can lead from the front.

      International Publications also make a huge difference so I can see you as a bright candidate 🙂

      GRE is extremely important. Since U.S. admissions committee and Fulbright evaluators do not know the standards of education in Pakistan, GRE is the only means for them to asses that you are competent analytically. Therefore work hard towards getting a great GRE score.

      Good luck!


      • Dear Talha,

        Thanks for encouragement. I have plans to take GRE soon and apply for the upcoming full bright scholarships. In this regard, as I have seen on your website, the preparation option at brightlink seems great. The issue with me is I am based in Faisalabad and it will be hard for me to keep rushing towards lahore at weekends for taking classes. Is there something you can suggest in this regard? I am more interested to take some special attention of yours apart from classroom environment. thanks for your time. Noman

        • Hi Noman,

          Unfortunately I do not take any other classes except for the ones that i conduct regularly (i.e. the weekend and weekday ones) As far as special attention is concerned, all of my students who take my GRE classes have the luxury of taking as much of my time as they want. 🙂 If you are considering studying GRE from me then you will have to make some arrangements of attending the classes. I expect 100% attendance and full commitment from my students.

          Good Luck with your endeavors. Let me know if you have any further questions.



          • Thanks Talha for the prompt response. Right now I am in abroad but will be back by second week of January. I will contact you then for making some arrangement in this regard. Can I join the weekend course at any time or I need to wait for a particular batch to start? Wishes, Noman

          • You will have to wait until the new batch starts. The next batch starts on 12th January. I hope you can make it in time 🙂 Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

  22. Hello sir, i just read on USEFP website that 3 years work experience is required if applying for MBA is that true?

    • Hi Anum,

      For any good MBA program in the U.S. you would need at least 2-3 years of work experience. Infact an MBA is pretty useless without prior work experience. I would suggest that in order to apply for an MBA program via the Fulbright you must get yourself some years of genuine work experience in order to ensure that you get the scholarship with ease.

      Good Luck!


  23. hi talha,
    i”m in my 5th semester of BBA, which means i will graduate in 2014. should i start preparing my application for this year ie May 2013 to avail the September 2014 FB program? or do i have to wait to get my degree before applying?

    • Hi Salim,

      Yes you should prepare your application and apply this year. If you are selected by Fulbright and then by the university you will then be made a conditional offer of admission – this will convert to a confirm offer when you provide them with your degree. However you must ensure that you get the degree by May 2014.



  24. Hello Talha Omer,
    the information that you have posted here is termendously helpful and authentic of course as i already know many things, now my question is about my GRE and also the personal statement, When should i exactly give my GRE, mid of April would be fine or earlier? and your personal statement guidelines were really good, but can you list down specific questions that i have to address in it particularly, i want to get into neywork university, i know its not sure that i will, but at least want to write a great personal statement and maybe that’d help, i am really desparate for fulbrightship and have been preparing since last two years, if any kind of consultancy that you offer, please do tell.

    • Hi Sumaya,

      You must give your GRE at least 3-4 weeks before your Fulbright application deadline. Since you have to send your GRE score with your Fulbright application, therefore get your scores by then. Mid April is fine.

      Regarding personal statement focus on 2 questions primarily: Why do you want to go for a graduate degree in your chosen field and what would you do with it when you come back to Pakistan. Moreover do not forget to be as relevant as possible since the admission committee hates to see wavering statements.

      I do offer consulting for personal statement and GRE but not anything aside from that.

      Good Luck


  25. Hi Talha,

    I have done O-A levels, followed by 4 years BBA and 1 year MBA. I want to apply for phD program, can I do that? Or I will be rejected based on 17 years of education?


    • Hi Yasir,

      No you will not be rejected if your MBA has been accredited from an authorized institution. However please remember that Fulbright gives only a handful of business related scholarships each year and that they are very competitive. If you have a good profile then you must also apply to the universities directly on your own as well.

      Good Luck!


  26. Hello, thanks for the reply.
    i do have some more questions i am looking forward for u to answer if u know, i was going through my checklist for fulbright and that i am concerned about degree attestation part. what degrees do they require attested? i possess a four year Bachelors in Business Administration, since i am applying for masters and that do they require intermediate and matriculation cerficates attested by HEC? does HEC attest intermediate and matriculation? please turn to me if you know… would be thankful!

    • Hi Summaya,

      I am sorry but really don’t know if HEC is the only place to get the documents attested. An acquaintance applied for the FB last year and got his documents attested by the notary – and it worked as well.

      I am sorry but I might not be able to answer your question with confidence.

      Let me know if you find out.


      • Hey, thanks for your reply again, its nice of you for helping everyone, so i found out about the attestation part of the degree for fulbright, HEC website has a link for degree attestation, we just need to fill the form and send all the original certificates/ degrees and marksheets/transcripts, alongwith the photocopies, attached with the form we get from HEC link, they tell us the amount of attestation, 800 rupees for originals and 500 rupees for photocopies, and then we pay the chalan, send them by post, authorized person or by our ownself. they attest only the graduation and postgraduation if any. and they keep photocopies for HSC and SSC or o-levels and A-levels.
        Fulbright takes only the attestation of HEC, what i have read until now and told by my mentors.
        so i hope this helps your students and everyone!


        • Thanks a ton 🙂

        • Regarding degree attestation, do I need to get just my bachelors degree attested or transcripts as well. I have just asked and payed for the degree only. Can I not send my transcript attested by a professor of my university? kindly reply

          • You need to get both of these attested. A degree without a transcript is not of use. Please send the transcripts as well to avoid last minute worries 🙂 good Luck!

        • can you please also explain the attestation of Matric and Intermediate Certificates. From where they should be attested and what is the detailed procedure.

          • You can get them attested from the Notary public or the respective boards

  27. First of all Thanks for the tips……….
    But i ma geeting my degree in 2013 can i apply before complete degree or after the degree completion ?

    2: Can my cgpa effect the Fullbright program or gre is enough good for applying?

    • Talal. you can apply before that.

  28. I want to get information about Masters admissions.
    Currently i am studying Material Engineering In University Of Engineering And Technology,Lahore,Pakistan.
    At that time i am in 3rd year(6th semester) and i want to get admission in Masters.
    Kindly guide me how can i get admission there,please guide me with full procedure.
    How can i apply??and when will i??

    • Hi Mudassir,

      Please be a bit more specific. Which universities and country are you planning to apply to and for what program?

      Let me know and i ll try to help you the best i can.



  29. Asalamualikum. Thanks Sir this post is so help full. I need to ask that from where i can prepare for GRE? Should i prepare by myrself or i should get admission in any institutes? Waiting to hear from you soon. Thank you

    • WAS! It depends on what your background and level is. If you are from a Science background with sound educational background then you do should prepare for the GRE on your own. However if you are from medicine/arts or any other non-mathematical background then it is better to join a good institute for your prep. Hope this help! 🙂

      Good Luck


  30. are there any work limitations for full bright scholars on their return from US? are there any specific jobs that they are bound to do becaause of the bond they have signed?

    • No! There will be no restrictions when you come back. You can work anywhere and can do anything. The only restriction is on working in the U.S. which ofcourse you will not be allowed to do after you graduate. you will have to return immediately to Pakistan.

  31. Salam!
    I foud these thread helping keep it up. I am going to apply this year 2013 for FB so may get enrolled in 2014. what I want to know is
    1. from where to get application form?(usef.edu.pk guide me to a page where i am enable to find a downloading link)
    2.Should I apply for both GRE and TOEFL? I heard that TOEFL is required after getting inn the list
    3.What are the last dates of submission?
    4.how much time will it take to apply & get scores for both GRE & TOEFL?

    • Wasalam,

      The forms are currently not available on the usefp website but they will be within the next few days. You do not need your TOEFL score at the time you make an application – however you must have your TOEFL score when and if you are called in for an interview (which is around July). Please note that you must have your GRE scores with you at the time you apply for Fulbright. The deadlines for the FB scholarship is in May and once the form is available within the next few days you will be able to know the exact date.

      For GRE you must give yourself 2 months of stringent preparation time. That means if you have not started preparing yet, you have till the end of April to give your GRE exam.

      Good Luck!


  32. i want to ask that can a student change his/her field of study?? can a person apply in some other field than the one in which he/she has acquired bachelors degree?

    • Hi Asma,

      Yes you can. However you need to have lucid and convincing reasons for changing your field – please keep in mind that the Fulbright committee looks very closely at those students who are switching fields. Hence make a cogent case for changing your majors.

      If you have any questions do let me know
      Good Luck!

      • thank you for the guidance. i want to ask one more thing. how much impact do the referees make in our application. is it good to choose renowned professors? or is is good to choose the people who know us well?

        • O yes. Referees are super important. Getting a good reference from a top professor is gold. Try to get good academic and professional references from reputed people with whom you have worked academically or professionally. It is mandatory that you have worked with them.

          • hi,

            i am confused i have done my master degree in the year 2009 and since then i am a full time lecturer in a private organization. my academic background is not that extraordinary but average. the problem is that i didn’t apply for my MS or m.phil in any pakistani university. am i eligible for the master program?

          • Hello Natasha,

            Yes you are eligible to apply – however you must take your GRE exam by the end of April so that you are in time for the application.

            Good luck!


          • Sir, one more thing I want to ask. When are the interviews conducted? And when does a person knows that he/she has been selected? can you tell me the months please?

          • Interviews are conducted between June and October….

  33. Hello Talha,

    First of all, I must congratulate you on this very informative blog here. Secondly, my question is whether MBA degree holders can apply for a PhD programme via fulbright? I heard somebody saying that for PhD, you need to have a masters degree and MBA is usually not consdered eligible.

    Any idea on this?

    • Hi Ali,

      According to my knowledge, Fulbright does not have any such policies. However usually Fulbright does not prefer MBA or business related applicants. The seats for business related applicants are extremely few and the competition is severe.

      I hope this helps


  34. I want to get information about Phd admissions.
    Currently i am studying Msc(Hons) Poultry csience In University Of agriculture faisalabad ,Pakistan.
    At that time i am in 2nd semester and i want to get admission in Phd.
    Kindly guide me how can i get admission there,please guide me with full procedure.
    How can i apply??and when will i??

  35. Hello Sir, firstly let me commend you for the generous work you’re doing helping students like myself.
    I just want to know a few things; firstly when the application for fulbright will be up on the usefp website? Secondly, an honest opinion as to the possibility of someone who sucks at math (dropped it in Olevel final year and numbers give me nightmares) to take tuitions for 5 weeks and learn the basics and start from scratch, all the while focused on how to score the max at the GRE, to get a decent enough score. English isn’t that bad.
    Lastly, what does the new score range mean? It says one needs a minimum of 136 on each section but how does that work exactly as the score range starts from 130?
    Thanks in advance sir!

    • Hello Bilal,

      If you are bad at Math, then GRE is going to be a humungous task for you. My sincere advice to you would be to give yourself at least 3-4 months for your prep. GRE math is getting really tough, hence it will take a lot of effort from your end to get a decent score. Coaching is not a good way to start for a person like you. I would recommend that you take hold of a very basic book for GRE such as Gruber and start with that. Once you are done with that, let me know and i will help you with the rest.

      136 is a pretty bad score. You must strive to go beyond 150 on both quant and verbal….GRE is scored on a scale from 130-170, therefore 150 above would be a decent achievement.



  36. Also, if you don’t mind, I’m planning to give my GRE in mid March type; seeing how one has to apply in May. But is there any idea as to the exact date of May that is the deadline? Early mid or late May? That way maybe it’s feasible to give it in April even I guess. I graduated in June last year and am working at an Eng newspaper presently, just thought I’d let you know. But I want to study something like Public Policy, etc. I’ll be bothering you with the application/personal statement details once they’re out. Thanks, best!

    • Hey Bilal,

      The Fulbright deadline will be published within Feb. March i feel would be too early for you to take the GRE.

      We do offer professional personal statement design and editing services. Infact we have a guy from abroad who specializes in public policy – he can completely guide and counsel you throughout the process.

      In case of any further questions please do let me know.

      Good luck!


  37. I want to register on GRE site but I am getting problem in my name. my name is “Atta-Ur-Raheem”
    my passport show this. when i register on ets website i am unable to get it this same way! and it says to keep name in same way. middle name option can carry only one word!
    what to write and how to write

    • Hi,

      I would recommend that you go and talk to the relevant people at the prometric testing center. This happens but in case you get the wrong info in you will not be allowed to take the GRE. Hence go and talk to them directly to resolve your issue.



  38. Hello Sir. i have recently completed my MSc. in Chemistry from Peshawar university but still result of MSc, Final is awaited . Hopefully it will be announced in Februaryf 2013. Sir FIRST of all tell me that can it is possible for me to get admission in SEPTEMBER 2013 by Fulbright scholarship. then tell me secondly that can i get admission in M.Phil. Leading PhD Program. thirdly tell me that is Pakistani GAT test is eligible or i should take the international GRE Test, my Fourth Question is that should i need to take the TOEFL test in coming months that is March, April etc or after shortlisting they will give me the opportunity to take the TOEFL test. KINDLY Answer me .I Am so confused.and lastly suggest me number wise that what should exactly i do for applying and getting this scholarship.

    • Hi Ishaq,

      No. Your admission will be in September 2014. Either you will get admission in the masters program or the Ph.D. program. GAT is not accepted for Fulbright – only GRE is. TOEFL must be taken before you are called in for an interview (in case you are shortlisted). You must have your GRE scores by May when you apply for Fulbright.

      I would suggest that you should take your GRE and TOEFL by end of April and then apply for Fulbright in May.

      Good Luck!


  39. Hello Omer,

    I want help with my personal statement, its almost three months now that i am working on it and its not working at all, i have literally made 50 drafts of anecdotes, almost 50 statements and i need help, i need it to be critically viewed, can you help me with it?

    • Hi Sumaya,

      I don’t personally check or critique personal statements – however, we do offer consulting for editing and writing personal statements. If you are interested in getting a consulting on that, let me know and I will connect you to the appropriate person in my team. However you will have to come in for a 1 hour session either in person (if you are in Lahore) or over the phone – after we discuss with you in detail about your career objectives, we will start working on it.



      • Thanks so much, and yes i am interested cause i have written like a 100 statements but its not working, i have been in consult with a friend but thats not working for me either, so yes, please help me with it, connect me to someone who could help me write appropriate statement for fulbright. and well, thanks for the earlier advice, my GRE is due in mid april.
        i live in Hyderabad, so its not really possible to meet in person to one of your consults, but phoning or skype could work for me quite amply. Please Let me know!

  40. THANKS Talha. you have suggested that i should take GRE test in April. Either it is April 2013 or April 2014. either i should apply this year or next year for FB Scholarship 2014.

  41. where i can find that center?

    • It is in FC college Lahore. You can also check USEFP website for it location in other cities

  42. Hello Sir,

    i am working as a lecturer in a public sector university since october 2011. overall i have seven years of professional experience both administrative and teaching.i have done Masters in Computer Science(M.Sc) from University of Peshawar.
    can i apply for FB Phd program. or if apply for Masters then is it Masters leading to Phd..

    • Hello Masood,

      You can apply for the FB Ph.D. program only if you have 18 years of education. If that is not the case then my suggestion would be to apply for the masters program only.

      Good luck!


  43. dear sir
    i have read your informative knowledge regarding fullbright scholarship. i have done masters in education so i intended for further study.. can i apply for Mphil and when?

    • Hi Shamshad,

      Fulbright does not offer an Mphil program. It only offers a masters or a PhD. program therefore you can only apply for either. The 2014 applications for fulbright are now open so you can check those right away. Here is the link: http://www.brightlinkprep.com/blog/fulbright-pakistan/fulbright-scholarship-program-now-open-for-2014/

      Good Luck!


      • hey , talha :):) great work must be appreciated .
        i m afraid , that i have just completed my MBBs , i want to apply for my masters in oncology , wat they mean by clical medicine ? we are”nt eligible ?

        • Hey Sanam,

          FB allows applications from all disciplines except me clinical medicine – so you are not eligible for an application.


  44. I’m in first semester of Doctor of Pharmacy. Am I eligible for applying? If yes, then when?

    • Hi Saman,

      The only discipline that is not eligible for application is the clinical medicine. Pharmacy I guess does not come under that so you can make an application.



  45. hi,
    I’m planning to apply for a PhD. Im looking for some help regarding statement of purpose and personal statement.
    could you kindly guide me for it or recommend someone who could?

    many thanks

    • Hey Hasan,

      We do provide consulting for the Statement of purpose (aka personal statement), applications and etc. if you are interested in getting a proper consultation, do let me know and we will take you on from there.

      Good luck!



      • Dear talha,
        thanks for the prompt response. I would like to request more information. I am ready to work on it as early as possible.
        I would appreciate if I could get some help in designing study objectives as well.
        profound regards,

        • Hey…Can you meet us in person so that we can discuss in detail? We are located in lahore so just let us know and we can set up a time convenient.



          • I’m actually located in Karachi.
            We can talk on phone and exchange information through web. if its feasible…

          • That is perfect! I will get back to you.

  46. Dear Talha,
    I have done grads as pvt student with economics, done M.A. Economics (Pvt) & MBA Finance regular with CGPA 3.4, also did Diplomaed IBP Banking and Associateship will be completed soon, having 8 yrs working experience in Banking, want to pursue PhD in Corporate Finance or Development Economics. Do fullbright can help me in this scenario.


    • Dear Murtaza,

      What do you mean private? Only if your degree is accredited from a recognized university, you can apply for FB.



      • Talha,

        thanks for your prompt response, i am impressed by your professionalism

        Well here we have self preparation based exams taken by the university without having regular classes and candidate appeared in the exams as external or private candidate.

        Degrees are awarded by University of Karachi an accredited university by hEC.

        Also for PHd do I need to have M.phil or my two masters degrees can make me eligible
        i.e. 18 yrs education

        • Hello,

          In that case you should not worry and apply for FB? Have you taken the GRE test and fulfilled other documentation formalities?



          • GRE not yet, need your assistance init

          • assalam o alaikum wrw ..i did Bsc 2year can i apply for fbt scholarship .

          • WAS! Unfortunately you cannot – you must have 16 years of education at least.

  47. Sir,
    I have comnpleted my 14 years of education. My academical record is good. Moreover, I have a good command over English language. Am I eligible for any of the programes of fullbright scholarship. If yes, than what’s the criteria for it. Waiting for your response impatiently.

    • Hi Zeehsna,

      Unfortunately, for FB scholarship you must have at least 16 years of education – hence you are not eligible.



  48. Hello Talha,
    I was wondering whether you’ll be able to help me out with a little problem, currently I’m in the 6th semester of my Electrical Engineering (Communication) program at the undergraduate level. I want to apply for the Fulbright Masters program. I have a very strong academic background with 3.99 CGPA. Will it be possible for me to apply this year? Will my application be valid? I would be really grateful for your help on this issue

    • Hello Fawad,

      You can apply now 🙂 FB will make you a conditional offer and once you have your degree then you can submit it to FB next year and your offer will be converted to full time. btw great GPA – i would suggest supplement it with a good GRE score and personal statement



  49. Hey,

    I will be graduating in 2014 August and I want to apply for a Masters degree. So should I apply right now if I want to join September 2014 session? Moreover, can I apply now? Or do I have to wait till I graduate and hence apply in May 2014?

    • Hello Amnah,

      You can apply now 🙂 FB will make you a conditional offer and once you have your degree then you can submit it to FB next year and your offer will be converted to full time.



  50. AoA Sir,
    Great servie you have done by thi swebsite.
    I am telecom engineer with 10 years of experience. I am NUST gradute an dmy Bachelors CGPA is onlly 2.87.
    Can I qaulify for FB? What score on GREI Should target?

    • WAS Shahzad,

      Glad to hear from you – i am also a former NUSTIAN 🙂 GPA is not an issue however i would say target for something around 310 on the GRE. Write an inspiring personal statement and research proposal. Submit that and off you go 🙂

      Good luck!

  51. Also another related question is that how Fullbright would come to know that I have a pending applicaiton of another 3rd country immigraiton? Do they check all the countires embassies?

    • o yes. you cannot make an application to FB if you have a pending immigration application. You do that and you get caught (which you will be) FB is going to impose penalties on you applying in the future – so my suggestion is not to try and trick their system 🙂

      Good luck!

  52. one query about fullbright Masters.. is this Masters considered equivalent to MPhill in Pakistan i mean after getting masters can i go for Phd. or i again needs to do M.phill

    • Hi Masood, You just need to make sure that you have 16 years for formal education to do a Masters degree from U.S. and 18 years of formal education for a PhD. in the U.S.

  53. Hello Talha, just wanted to confirm about the degree attestation bit in the application. Correct me if I’m wrong:
    The University degree and transcripts need to be attested by HEC while the O,A level certificates should be attested by the school. Right? Is that all the attestation that’s required?
    And about the references, if the chosen people send them on a different date, much before the deadline, is that fine?
    Also, how honest should one be in filling the ‘personal financial’ form? I mean we are applying for the scholarship because we can’t afford the degree so..I don’t know I’m confused about it.
    Sorry to bother you man,
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Bilal, i replied to your comment in another post where u asked the same question. Hope this helps

  54. Hi , Sir ,
    I am giving my Fsc .II papers , after F.sc i want to do graduation From Us , I want to do Bachelor in Accounting and finance, is there any scholarship in this regard, or any other bachelor course scholarship in US ? Plz guide me through this Thanks

    • Hello Zakir,

      There is a program for FB for undergraduate applicants. Explore that. But usually the number of scholarships for that are pretty low. You can get more details about it from usefpakistan.org website.

      Apologies for the belated response – lately have been engrossed in the FB flood 🙂



  55. hello sir i want to get admission in ph.d, now i am doing m.phil but i want to leave it from here and to do ph.d from US… i have some queries plz help me and also kindly reply me via email
    1- i am not sure that whether i am eligible for fulbright ph.d scholorship after masterz degree?
    2- is there discipline of ph.d Linguistics(english)?
    3- i wsant to apply in this programme whose dead line is 13 may 2013, but i did’nt any type of test like GRE or any other test? what should i do know?
    plz help me in all these regards..thanx alo

    • you are eligible for PhD. if you have 18 years of education. Yes there must be a field for that…in the U.S. there is a field for everything…just do some googling and you find out….Take the GRE before 25th April…your GRE scores must reach FB by 15th May…Good Luck

  56. Hi, I am done with my first attempt with GRE yesterday, and scored 153 verbal, and 154 quantitative, I am expecting a good score (5) in the AW section. I have a CGP of 3.7 (Cum laude) in my bachelors program, with a working experience of 1.5 years as business analyst and business manager. I want to pursue a masters degree program in Finance and Development. What are my chances of getting a fulbright Scholarship???

    • You GRE score is good….apply for FB…No second thoughts and don’t waste anytime

    • Hello sir! First, Allah will give u reward for yr patience for students. Sir, i m student of Law, I have done LL.B from P.U, pls tell me can i make good score in GRE test within one month and can i get FB scholarship?And please guide me from where i can prepare it,especially regarding Books.

      • Hello Kalim, Thank you for your message and appreciation 🙂 Yes you can definitely do well on the GRE within one month if you can spare 5-6 hours each day for your preparation. Although there is no single book for GRE preparation, you can kick off your prep by going through Barron’s, Kaplan and Princeton review. Once you are done with these you can then do the official guide by the ETS. Hope this helps and Good Luck 🙂

  57. I have a tricky situation . I am planning to apply for full bright scholarship for masters student. I have to give my GRE exam but i have traveled to Australia for hollidays,. I can send it my application but CAN I GIVE MY GRE EXAM FROM SYDNEY, i am a Pakistani passport holder only…. please guide ..

    • Yes you can give your GRE wherever you want in the world

  58. i have completed my secondary education and i wan to apply for MBBS on scholarship. Is there any info related to this, can i apply for full bright scholarship. if there is any chance then please do inform.
    i have also many co-correcular certificates like sports, community service, leadership quality, debating and testing compition. please help me i will be very thankfull to u TALHA.

    • Hello, MBBS is not eligible under FB. Unfortunately, they exclude clinical medicine and related fields from this.

  59. Hey!

    I will be graduating this december..that is in 2013..but ofcourse the degree takes a bit of a time to b issued like probably beginnin of 2014..however i will hav my final transcripts hopefully by december this year inshAllah..n m applyin for fb 2014..will i hav any probs?

    • Hello Madiha, That would not be a problem…however please not that it shouldn’t be later than December.

  60. Hi,i want to get information about the complete procedure of applying i have downloaded the application form where i have to sumbit it or email it. plz help me out bcz i will complete my honrs in july 2013

    • Hello Mehwish…on the first two pages of the application form you will find detailed instructions on how to fill the form and submit it etc. Moreover scroll to the end of the form and you will find where to send it etc.

  61. Salam Talha
    i am applying for fulbright scholarship and the last date for the submission of application is May 15, 2013. i have been through the ETS website and they say that we send the GRE score in 10 to 15 days after the test date. so my first question is that can i take the GRE on 25 March as i would be able to get the official result before May 15. and second i wanted to know that how much score is required in the AWA(Analytical Writting Assessment) section of the GRE is required for the fulbright scholarship. according to their flyer, they say 136 on Quantitative and 138 on Verbal section is required, but there is no mention of the AWA section marks. so do i need to have any specific marks on AWA section or fulbright committee dont care for AWA section marks. actually if they dont care about it much then i am thinking of not attempting the AWA section. its too boring. REgards

    • yes you can take your GRE by 25th March…that is not a problem….AWA the minimum bench mark is 4.0….anything below that is very bad so even though it boring you must cross the 4 mark 🙂

  62. Dear Talha,

    First, you are doing a tremendous job out here.. Seriously.. Is is really hard to find dedicated fellows these days.

    Second, i was going through the Q&A’s, I read a question asked about a job experience requirement of 2-3 years for a MBA scholarship. Although MBA is severely competitive indeed and they do prefer experienced applicants, but in my opinion this part can be overlooked considering other application areas such as GPA, GRE score and most importantly your ‘Personal Statements”. If you have a strong personal statement which supports your future goals that are implementable in Pakistan on your return, you still have a bright chance of getting the scholarship even with less than an year job experience. Now how can i say this? I say this coz this has happened in my case 🙂 I did my BBA from Peshawar, and had a 9 months job, prior to joining LUMS for my MBA.. During my first semester , I got my acceptance as a principal candidate for MBA (of course after a rigorous interview of 40 min) and as of now, am waiting for the visa process to start. So I would say, if one believes in his/her potential, go for it. And about severity of competition, ITS HELLISH.. out of 200 FB grants this year, approx 5 of us have been awarded MBA grants…

    Once again, a tremendous service you are doing Talha.. I hope to meet you some day since I plan on doing something same in Peshawar on my return..

    Regards and Respect


    • Hello, Thank you for your appreciation 🙂 Awesome share….it would be amazing if you can share your FB interview experience for the MBA program….a lot of people would be interested in it…infact i can put up a seperate detailed post on it if you can give me enough info 🙂

  63. Hi Talha..!

    I am an MBA in marketing with 1 year of professional experience. Does work experience is compulsory to get admission(MBA) in US through full bright? Do i need to take GRE or GMAT or both? I have average scores in my previous academic record. I have 2.97 cpga with 76% marks in MBA. What areas should i focus to win the scholarship for year 2014?


    • Hi Salman, there is no harm in applying..although MBA through FB is competitive but i would suggest that you go ahead with it…yes you will have to take both the GRE and the GMAT…Focus on your personal statement and get a good GRE/GMAT Score…forget about the gpa…it doesnot matter a lot

  64. Hi Talha i hav done M.Phil in reproductive biology and want to do Ph.D can i apply for FB?and for submitting application 14 May is last date so can i take GRE on 20th April and get report till 10th May so would be able to apply if qualify.

    • Hey Riffat, 20th april is perfect…it takes 15 days for the USEFP to receive the GRE scores so you should be all set by then 🙂 Good Luck with your applications 😉

  65. hi talha! i have done BBA Hons(HR) last year and wanted to apply for MBA. unfortunately i have no work experience still i want to apply for full bright schlorship 2014.suggest me if i can apply for masters in HRM????

    • Hi Meher, MBA is tough to get through FB since the competition is tough and FB prefers Energy, Public policy etc and related fields. I would suggest that what ever field you chose (HRM etc.) just make sure that you can convince FB for your choice. What matters the most is that you should justify the choices you make in life. GoodLuck!


  66. i have done pharm D and now doing MBA ..will get free in june . can I apply ?? for MS or PHD ??

    • Yes you can….however people from business backgrounds are generally not encouraged by the FB scholarship – moreover i really don’t get the point of doing an MBA after a degree in Pharm D and then going ahead with an MS/PhD. If i were on the FB panel i would have easily blasted your case….on the surface it looks pretty unconvincing…however work on it you know better about the reasons for this choice of path.

  67. Hi Talha,

    I have a question: The GRE website says that it will send the scores 10-15 days after the test date and since the deadline for FB is 15 May, around what date is the absolute latest I can take the GRE and still be safe for the test score to reach FB commission by 15th May. Also when taking the GRE, if we write the code for fullbright on the GRE then will it send the score directly to where it is supposed to go for FB application or do I have to send the score manually to FB?

    • Nopes you donot need to send the scores manually….the ETS will send it directly…1st May is the recommended deadline for taking your GRE so that your things reach in time 🙂

      • Thankyou!
        I’ve got my answer already. You are doing an amazing job Talha, GOD bless. Smiles. I got 91 percentile in GATwith 98 percentile in English and Analytical, but GRE is giving me nightmares. Its my first attempt with it. Kindly suggest any academy or any coaching for GRE starting now for coming 2 weeks if the test date is around end april.
        Thanks, please respond and keep smiling

  68. Dear Talha,

    Can you elaborate on the rule barring Phd in business administration? Does that mean that Phd in specifically business administration is not covered or does is prevent Phd in any of the business related disciplines? for instance strategic management or marketing etc?

    • Strictly speaking marketing and strategic management are not forbidden. You can make an application under that….i had a student from last year get in PhD Marketing under FB.

  69. Aoa i want to apply for fulbright this time i dnt know how to get registered for gre what isthe procedure and please give me some tips what and from were should i prepare as i have tio give the test now and the personal atatement is also one of the thing i am confused in kindly help me

  70. Sir, I have been selected as a principal candidate for 2013 Fulbright cohort. My case is under process and most probably I ll be sent to University of Texas, Austin for my PhD (Chemistry) degree. I have also taken CSS 2013 attempt and now waiting for the result. I hope to do well in the competetive exam. I am a bit confused over the selection of my future career as Fulbright and CSS are two different things. Can you please guide me in this regard? Problem is actually to select between CSS and Fulbright.

    • Hello Ahmad, Well the decision depends on your own personal goals and objectives but to help you out a little bit a lot of my students are serving civil servants (CSS officers) which is a clear indication that many of the CSS guys also go for FB eventually in order to boost their careers. With experience at their hand they are more likely to get the FB scholarship and mover abroad. Moreover they gain more benefit out of their education since they exactly know what the problems and issues are that we are currently facing. If i were in your position (and had been selected for the CSS) i would have taken up the CSS job and a few years down the road reapplied to FB/Chevening and other scholarships. That way i would have benefited more out of it and also become part of the elite civil servants of Pakistan.

      However you may think otherwise 🙂 Good luck and let me know whatever you end up doing eventually.



  71. my gre score… quant 156, verbal 153 and awa 3.0… i have a cgpa of 2.72 in electrical engineering…what are my prospects?? should i improve my gre scores and particularly which section needs most improvement????

    • Your GRE scores are above average (slightly) for FB. I wouldn’t recommend retaking your GRE – work on other parts of your application and try to hone them…work hard on your SOP. Good luck!

  72. Thankyou!
    I’ve got my answer already. You are doing an amazing job Talha, GOD bless. Smiles. I got 91 percentile in GAT with 98 percentile in English and Analytical, but GRE – ETS is giving me nightmares. Its my first attempt with it. Kindly suggest any academy or any coaching for GRE starting now for coming 2 weeks if the test date is around end april.
    Thanks, please respond and keep smiling

    • Hello Zaufishan! Thank you for the appreciation 🙂 Which city do you belong to?



  73. Hello sir, i want to ask about GRE? from where i can get? how can i apply? please can u send me GRE exam details? moreover it is accepted through NTS if they are taking?

  74. Hi Talha

    I have just completed my M.Phil in statistics and already scored a HEC indegenous scholarship for Ph.D but i am not satisfied uptil now for this i want to have my Ph.D from somewhere Abroad. i want to apply for Fulbright scholarship this MAy. can i apply? i have not taken GRE but going to appear in GAT subject. wat the requirement for appling now. please guide me

    • Hi Iram, Here is what you need in order to apply for the Fulbright Scholarship. GAT is not acceptable for FB.

      GRE: The GRE general test is required.
      TOEFL: THE TOEFL is required only if you get selected for an interview.
      Letters of recommendation: 3 letters are required by people who know you professionally or academically.
      Personal statement: You must submit your study objectives in a coherent and cogent essay. Use my personal statement guidelines for Fulbright scholarship to help you write an excellent statement of purpose.
      16/18 years of education: If you are applying for the Masters or Ph.D. program you need to have at least 16 or 18 years of formal education respectively.
      Work experience: Work/research/teaching experience is required if you are applying for the Ph.D. program.
      GMAT: It is required only if you have applied for an MBA degree and your prospective university needs it.
      GRE subject test: Again it is required only if the university to which you have applied has made it compulsory.
      Interview: An interview with the Fulbright committee in Pakistan is mandatory if your initial application gets shortlisted.
      You must be willing to return to Pakistan immediately after your degree completion.

  75. Assalam-o-Alaikum
    Sir today I have contacted with USEFP about attesting the documents. He told me to attest the photocopies of bachelor’s transcript from HEC and photocopies of matric and inter from their respective boards.
    I also came to know that HEC takes approximately one month to attest documents by courier and as the deadline is also near for fulbright, I want to know that if we submit documents without attestation , do they affect our application..? Kindly inform if you have any idea about this.
    Thanks very much

    • WAS! Azhar you need to go to HEC in islamabad directly and get your stuff attested within a day. By courier you would miss the deadline…if you go there you will get it done with 4-5 hours.

  76. Hi,

    Firstly, I want to appreciate the way you provide guidance to the students like us.
    What I want to know is my chances getting the Fulbright scholarship?
    I did Bachelor of architecture from U.E.T Lahore. My CGPA is 3.098, however I had managed to get good GPA in my 9th and 10th semester which is above 3.5. My GRE score is 144 in verbal , 150 in quantitative and 3 in analytical writing. I want to apply for master of architecture. We architects also have to submit a portfolio along with the other supporting documents of Fulbright application and that portfolio is considered during the selection process , I have a very strong portfolio of my design projects. what are my chances of getting this scholarship?

    • Given you have a strong portfolio i would say that you should apply for the FB with your current profile. GRE is an important criteria and i think you messed it up. 150 and 144 is a really bad score and it may just play against you. But you never know. if you have another shot at the GRE, retake it. Best,


      • Hi Talha,
        I was not aware of the application deadline and now that i have been hit by the shock, i am pretty far behind. Is there a way that i could apply and give my GRE score later. I will be an Engineer next year and i really wanted to do my masters right after it.

        • Hi, Bad luck….you have to take the GRE before the deadline for FB 🙁

  77. Hi,

    First off, I think you’re doing a great job providing guidance and support on the Fulbright program.

    I have a few questions about the Fulbright which aren’t really covered by their FAQs. If you know anything about this, I’d really appreciate the help.

    1. I’d like to apply through Fulbright for Masters and also apply for PhD independently, possibly to the same universities. I’ve heard someone say that the Fulbright people take issue with this. Do you know anything about this? Am I required to disclose other applications?

    2. With regard to the home country residency requirement, I know that the J-1 visa conditions restrict entry to the US other than as a tourist for at least 2 years. Do you know if this also means that I can’t go somewhere else for work e.g. Europe etc.? How do they monitor the returned scholars to ensure the restriction is met?

    3. With the J-1 visa, it is possible to get a J-2 visa for your spouse and have him/her come live with you in the US. The information page on the J-2 visa states that you can get a permit to study or work also. Do you know of anyone who has actually done this? Also, I remember reading somewhere that on Fulbright your spouse can only join you after the first semester. Can you confirm this?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,

      1) There is no issue….you can apply.
      2) yes you can go and work elsewhere.
      3) yes you can have your spouse join you after the 1st semester

      Hope this helps!

  78. Hi,

    So I need to ask you for a a favor? Is there anyway you can review my personal statement? I need your expert opinion.

    In addition to that, I have scored 160 in quantitative and 148 in verbal. I know my score in verbal is low but would TOEFL(105/120) would be able to cover it up? I have graduated as an engineer from NUST with a 3 CGPA and have a 2 years work experience. I wish to apply in masters in information systems . What do you think are my chances? 🙂

    P.s Great help with SOP . Your efforts are appreciated.

    • Your chances are good….get good lOR’s and write a shining SOP. Unfortunately I do not review SOP’s for applicants. Good luck! Talha

  79. Hey,

    I want to apply for Fulbright 2014. Can i register for GRE right now, send the registration number along with my complete application and give GRE later? Is that a thing?
    Please reply ASAP!

    Mariam Tariq

    • Hello, Unfortunately you cannot. Have to take the GRE before the deadline but contact USEFP and if you have genuine reasons they might push your deadline 🙂

  80. Assalamo Aleikum,
    I am a student of 6th semester 3rd year and I want to know that can apply for fall 2014 on 22nd May 2013??

    If I apply next year then it would mean that I get enrolled in fall 2015 which means a whole year wasted??? How fo I prevent that then?

    • Unfortunately you will have to do that. The FB application works like that.

  81. Hi i want to ask wat is the minimum gpa or cgpa requirement for this program? If the gpa is below 3 is there any chance that one can get it on the basis of test toffel and letter of rec etc. My second quest is that my graduation is going to end in june 2014. What if the app submission date is over and thn i ll have to submit appl in 2015 instead. In that case my 2 years ll b wasted what should i do in this sitiation ???

    • No minimum requirement. Since you are graduating next year therefore you will have to apply for fb for 2015. Your 1 year will be wasted so do something productive during that time frame.

  82. Hello,
    I am an undergraduate student and i got in USEFP one semester exchange program. I am to go abroad in 2013 spring. Now, the thing is My parents are really concerned about what is going to happen?about the stay and stuff and to say that I am totally at ease with all of this would be a big Fat lie. I just wanted some help and some questions answered. Please, Do reply!

    • Hey! Dont worry. USEFP will assist you with everything. Moreover you will get a lot of assistance with everything so you do not need to fret about anything. Good Luck!

  83. Hello!
    I just have a simple question that If we are currently in the matriculation means in 10th Class so Can we Apply for it?

  84. Hi…
    I want to know whether I need to attest/approve My academic degrees from Higher Education Commission/Local university from which I had done my education etc to become eligible for full bright scholarship program.
    Plz give answer in detail to encounter my doubts about this matter.
    Secondly I want to Prepare myself for GRE and Toffel exams,Is there any institution from which learn and get prepared myself 4 these tests.

  85. Hi…
    One more thing that i want to say, In your site you told about free trial classes how i can take these to know about yourself/your teaching method before taking admission actually…

    • To take a trial class please call us at 0331-4513196. Thanks

  86. I completed my M,phil now want to apply for a PhD through full bright scholarship, when i apply and how i apply for this program

    • Deadlines for this year have passed. Next year in may you can apply for FB program.

  87. Hi,
    I want to apply for FB for my Ph.D. which require research work experience. Since I am working as a 19 Grade Officer in the same field, which itself is an expeience. do I need some other work experience or that is sufficient. Being Govt. Official we are not allowed to do any other job. kindly guide me. My Masters degree is in the same field of study, in which I want to do Ph.D.

  88. Hey Talha bhai,

    How are you? Sir you are amazing…….I got selected for USEFP undergradutate program and I got almost all information from here. So I guess I owe you big time….:p
    Anyway, will I be eligible to apply for USEFP Masters, if I go to US for undergraduate program? Seconodly, will my chances decrease to be selected for USEFP Masters if I go now?

    Araiz Murad.

    • Hey Thanks a lot for your kind words. Yes you will be eligible and no your chances will not decrease. Good Luck with everything and stay in touch 🙂

  89. I have 2.14 cgpa in bachelor’s(4 years)and scored 308(159 and 149) in gre with 5 in analytical portion.I have applied for FB..What are my chances of selection?

    • Unfortunately i cannot tell what are your chances since FB makes its decisions on a lot of factors like your SOP, LOR’s, interviews etc.

  90. Hi Talha A.A My academic qualification is M.Sc Chemistry and professional education is M.Ed (science education) At present I have been working as Teacher educator in a teacher training college. My experience is 13 years. Now i want to do PhD in science education. I have passed GAT(general) instead of GRE. I want to ask may I eligible to apply for Fulbright scholarship.What requirements I will have to meet further.Is there any age limit ? If i have a chance to get fullbright scholarship my kids will accompany me? please give me directions and instructions

    • Yes you can apply and take your kids along as well. However you will have to take the GRE exam since GAT is not accepatable. Good thing is that your field of interest is very likely to be selected by fulbright scholarship. I would say definitely apply for it next year. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  91. Dear sir,
    I am student of economics. My Gre scores are verbal 145 and quantitative 148. Want to apply for Master in Economics. Please evaluate my chances regarding Gre score for getting FB scholarship. Have an idea about the least Gre score of an applicant overall or in economics that got selected for Fb.
    Fahad israr

    • As replied to you in the other post

  92. Dear Talha thanks a lot for such a wonderful guidance service.
    Can u kindly answer following:
    1. Which exam do you think is comparatively easier GRE or GMAT. How much preparation time is required by an average candidate to prepare each of these. Are there any similarities?
    2. What is a good GMAT Score FOR this scholarship
    3. What are the reasons that FullBright does not give preference to MBA?

    • Hello SAJ. Thank you for the appreciation. GRE is easier compared to GMAT on the quant side but on the verbal its the other way round. So overall i would say both exams are equally difficult although the GMAT questions adaptive nature makes it more tricky sometimes. GMAT is not accepted by FB so you must take the GRE and i would say that a score of around 320 on the GRE is a very good score. Well is a corporate money making degree after which you ll get good salaries etc. So rather than getting a scholarship for MBA they want you to invest in your education since you will be making a hefty return inshAllah nevertheless. Hope i make sense 🙂 Let me know if you have other questions. Good luck!

  93. hi talha:
    Thanx to give us your precious time.
    I want to know FB selection criteria .
    my cgpa is 2.97 in bachelor (4 degree) .what you would suggest me , to improve my cgpa or to get how much marks in gre?

  94. I m a 6 semester student currently enrolled in a 8th semester engineering program.I plan to apply for full bright 2014 , but i don’t have my degree yet.Am i eligible.I will get my “Detailed marks certificate” some time between august and September 2014

    • Thats not an issue. You can apply and tell FB about your situation. They will definitely consider your application. Good Luck!

      • Hi talha
        I am student of chemical engineering enrolled in 4th semester. I want to apply for full bright scholarship. Can i apply and continue my same degree program and what is procedure ?
        guide me please.

        • hello Umed, You can apply for FB next year inshAllah but you will have to apply for a masters program. You cannot apply for undergraduate degree or you cannot transfer any credits.

  95. HI talha,
    I did masters in mass communication (1999). I want to apply in full bright scholarship. As i did BEd in 2013, I want to do masters in education. I want to appear in GRE in january. I need your assistance.

    • Hello Sanober, You can contact me directly for any GRE related assistance. Best,

  96. Mr. Talha Omer reading your above comments I found you very helpful. I am doing BS Hons in Genetics and want to continue it abroad also I am a topper of my class getting 4.00 GPA consecutively if u help me for achieving the scholarship?

    • Hello Ayesha, let me know how can i be of help and i will try to assist you in the best possible way. Thanks


  97. US Government provide good educational scholerships for Pakistani students and realy it is a big victory

  98. Hi Omer.
    This is Ambar Hussain, hope you are well.
    I have completed LLM in 2013 and i am a politician. Yet i am interested in this vital program.
    I will be glade if you help me to understand this program. Just got to ask numerous things regarding this.
    ambar.hussain@gmail.com, this is my id, you may send me your contact number or a simple reply at my id.
    Rgards: Ambar hussain.

    • Hello Ambar, For ease of students I have put in all the information regarding FB on my blog. You can also read the comments and my replies….still if you have any questions unanswered you can always contact me.

  99. hello Mr Talha,

    I am a government officer, age around 37, and working in a security agency. Does Fulbright offer scholarships in the field of ” Counter terrorism, intelligence and security ‘ and am i eligible to apply for it because i hold masters degree in Chemistry.


    • O yes definitely. I had one student (a DSP) who went on FB in the field of Counter terrorism, intelligence and security. So definitely apply and inshAllah you will make it. Good luck

  100. Im recently doing CA. M I eligible to apply for fulbright scholarship.

    • If CA equates to 16 years of education then you can apply for FB.

  101. recently im doing CA ..can i be eligible to apply for fulbright scholaship?

  102. HI talha bhai…I’m doing B.E Mechanical Engineering..I’ve applied for MS Engineering Management in USEFP full bright scholarship 2014..I am in the last semester of my bachelors program…My current CGPA is 4(offcourse according to conversion scale of my uni)..I have good acdemic record and many extra curricular activities…My GRE score is 300 (142 Verbal and 158 Quant)..What are my chances…?

  103. I am in my fist year of o levels and wants to study abroad .how can i avail fulbright scholar program. please guide.

    • FB is only for undergrads and postgrads…u cannot apply

  104. Hi, i wanted to ask that if somebody holds a masters degree from a pakistani university and have strong research background, could he or she still be eligible to apply for another masters through fullbright with a change in his/her area of expertise??

    • yes you can. Just make sure you are able to justify the change.

  105. Hi Talha Bhai..I am in last year of B.E mechanical engineering..I’ve applied for full bright scholarship in MS engineering management.I’ve excellent academic background.I’ve a CGPA of 4(according to my university conversion scale) and lots of extra curricular activities but I’ve a gre score of 300(verbal 142 and quant 158) ..what are my chances…? hope to get reply soon

    • GRE is v low and GPA does not matter at all so i would say are at a disadvantage. Plus FB doesn’t bother toooo much on extra activities. So lets keep fingers crossed and keep praying.

  106. Hi Talha,
    I was wondering do I have to take GRE Engineering if I have to apply for Masters in Engineering or do I just have to give the General GRE Test?

    • Nope you will not have to take it if you are applying for FB. However please note that if the uni you are applying to requires GRE engineering then you ll have to take it.

  107. Hey,
    I was wondering if you know the timeline for when they get back to you regarding the Fulbright Interviews. I got a notification in June that my application was received but no news since then. Should I remain hopeful until I get a definite rejection? Do they even tell you if you didnt qualify or they keep mum about it?

    • To my knowledge no one has been notified of being shortlisted or not till now. Rejected applicants are notified by mail probably with all the documents that they sent to USEFP and those selected for interviews will be notified by email. So i guess remain hopeful 🙂

      • They have started notifying today 🙂 Lets hope you make it. Do let us know

      • Thankyou!

  108. Is it a good idea to call up USEFP in case one does not get shortlisted for the interview?

    • Yes ask them in case you don’t get anything by the end of September.

  109. And till when do they call for interviews? Some say they can until end of September while some say they make all the calls in the span of 5-10 days. Can you clarify please?

  110. Hi, I got an interview call yesterday… what to expect?

  111. Clinical Medicine include which fields?

    • Check with the prospective university please.

  112. How is a score of 154V and 162Q? For a policy/Economics program? Good enough for an interview?

  113. hiii iam currently doing ma bachelors..i reaaly want to apply for mba as soon as i graduate..i dont have any work experience but i possess strong acedemic background plus co curicular activities..iam also an active member of ngo..are their any chance???..will FB accept my application??

    • FB requires minimum 3 years of work experience in order to apply for the FB MBA program. Hence you are not eligible.

  114. Dear Talha,
    I am going to study in uk on student visa, can i apply during my masters in uk for the phd or masters program of full bright scholarship? I am a pakistani national. If yes than can u guide me about when to give gre as my course in uk is going to start next month and it is a tough course.

    • FB is only for USA and not for uK….

  115. Dear Talha Bhai,
    Do they notify the shortlisted candidates through email or a phone call? Can you ask your students who have been shortlisted for interview this time around?

  116. Hi talha
    I have done my masters from PU in 2012 and currently working as a professional in a well known private university.Iam planning to avail the fulbright scholarship for masters program and i need assistance. kindly tell me that how am i going to register for educational advising for full bright programs? is that registration paid? i’ve seen the USEFPs website for educational advising? why the registration form asks for TOEFL and funding amounts. i havnt done these i only want an educational adviser for me. please help me out with the issues. you’re doing such a noble job looking forward to your response.

    • Hello Mehreen, No it is not paid…to register for the USEFP educational advising please follow this link:
      Funding it asks because for some of the fb scholarships, only partial funding is available…hence they ask you to give proof of the remaining fee….if you have any questions please do let me know. Talha

  117. Hey! I got shortlisted for the interview (Thank God). I’ve heard that at this stage the interview is the deciding factor? Is that true? cause I’m really not good at giving interviews..

    • Hello Sara, Congrats and yes it is the deciding factor….just make sure you know your personal statement really well 🙂 They just ask things revolving around your personal statement and long term goals. 🙂

  118. Does anyone know how many applicants are shortlisted for the interview? And then how many of the interviewed applicants are selected for the Fulbright?

    • Around 1300 applied this year and 300 are shortlisted….final number of applicants depend on the number of scholarships available..

  119. Thanks Talha bhai for your response. Are they calling people on the basis of their respective fields?

  120. Hello! at all.

    So I had my interview and I don’t think it went well at all. Apparently there was a nice panel on that day that was asking about your hobbies etc and a tough one and obviously I got the tough one. They literally only asked me technical things (related to my field) and cross questioned me on every response I was giving. I gave answers to everything but I stumbled one some things and they just kept looking confused and unimpressed. I came out feeling really depressed. Can you please tell me very honestly what this means so that I can move on or still be hopeful? My application is good though but if the interview was the deciding factor then I dont see myself getting this.

    • Sara, Don’t be discouraged. You just never know. Maybe they were hungry 😉 Pray that all goes well for you good luck!

    • Sara dont be discouraged. Mine went really bad and almost like you. I also cancelled my other options when I got the interview call as I got so excited and the fact was that I was quite well prepared in my subject area. However, I couldnt say much in the interview and now I only have my faith on Allah. May be we all get through InshaAllah.

      • Thank you S and Talha, one more thing..

        is it true that these people have already sort of predetermined who theyre probably going to select and who they wont? In which case they take easy breezy interviews for the sure ones and tough ones for the unsure ones? Or is it that after being shortlisted each candidate is on the same level and then the interview decides who gets it or not. Both sound not so unfair to me honestly. If it is the latter then they really need to make their interviews more standardized (like they shouldnt be about hobbies and movies for some and questions on technical aspects of the field for others). Let me know if you have any reasoning for this.

  121. Aoa ; thank U , for sharing all this information.
    AS my BBA(hons) program is completing in dec-2014, can I apply for the full bright scholarship for the januuary batch in the Austrlian universities ?? And also let me know that what other things I need to get the scholarship and how I can apply for it and time framework.????

    • FB scholarship is only for USA.

  122. GRE test is free of cost for undergraduate programe?

  123. Asalam o Alikum Sir i just want to know one thing if some one can’t afford the tofel and GRE fees then should he/she Apply for that …. I mean to ask that u also support in that or not because u know thats too expensive.

    • Unfortunately there is no work around that. You have to pay.

  124. Thank you S and Talha, one more thing..

    is it true that these people have already sort of predetermined who theyre probably going to select and who they wont? In which case they take easy breezy interviews for the sure ones and tough ones for the unsure ones? Or is it that after being shortlisted each candidate is on the same level and then the interview decides who gets it or not. Both sound not so unfair to me honestly. If it is the latter then they really need to make their interviews more standardized (like they shouldnt be about hobbies and movies for some and questions on technical aspects of the field for others). Let me know if you have any reasoning for this.

    • I have no idea about this sara. May be Talha can share this with us from the past experiences of his students.

      • Another thing to be pondered is that someone here said that he was the first candidate to go into the interview. So is the no. at which you are called shows your priority?

        • Not at all….it doesn’t have any correlation with your success 🙂

          • HHey Talha
            Thanks a million for your great responses. I have a query im planning to do my M.phil in economics n finance… Firstly can I apply for. M. Phil as it sayz that the scholarship program is for Masters n Phds!
            Secondly if yes I can than is my field of interest available as in can I apply for it!

          • I replied on the other page for you 🙂

  125. AOA,
    I would like to know about Undergraduate program, I am doing my second year. So want to know about the deadline and all the stuff related to the procedure…. Have read all what is written but it is about Masters or Phd level. Actually i am interested in Architectural and software engineering, so I would be really contended if u guide me completely. Moreover i have no idea about “GRE” and the documents that would be required . If u could guide me all in steps(understanding things is bit hard for me at once) 🙂

    • There is no undergraduate program for FB that I am aware of currently which allows you to move after your second year. You will have to wait till you graduate 🙂

      • THANK YOU.

  126. Hello Talha and others… I have 2 questions pleeease tell me what you know
    1.I was wondering if people are still getting interview calls? Since some got them in August and I heard it might go on till end of October? I mean how do I know its Over?
    2.Secondly .. Is verbal=157 , Quantitative=153 a good enough GRE score for FB? if applying for a Masters in social sciences.. (CGPA 3.9/4)


    • Well unfortunately the interviews are over now. 🙁
      Its a decent score. Whats your overall profile like?

  127. Oh and do rejected applicants get notified somehow?

    • Probably they don’t…lets see if they do that this year.


    • You fall under the regular FB program 🙂


  130. HI Talha
    I have done masters in Physics but now i m serving as Gazetted officer in income tax department..i want to go for full bright scholarship 2014 but is confused about the field of study.Physics is of no use in my professional career now, and i don’t know if i change my field from Physics to public policy etc,will it be entertained by full bright authorities ?

    • I guess I answered your queries the other day 🙂

  131. hello sir
    hope ur doing well =) I wanted to ask u I have done acca and bachelors is applied accounting and finance from oxford brookes university . I got the degree on the basis of my acca after submitting the thesis .
    so am I eligible for applying for Fulbright ?

  132. Dear Talha

    Indeed a great work you are doing! God bless you! 🙂

    I would like to know a few things if you could quide me in this regard.

    1. My parents’ Canadian immigration application is pending. However, I’m not an sponsored child but I’m included as a dependent. This does not gaurantee that I’ll will be given immigrant status if my father sponsor me after he gets his immigration and reach Canada. In this scenario Am I still eligible for FB Sholarship?

    2. Although this question has been asked twice here but let me be more explicit and share my case. Currently, I’m enrolled in M.S/Ph.D Program at the University of Karachi in Psychology department. I have finished my course work with 3.5 CGPA and have just started working on my dissertation. However, I strongly feel need of supervised training in my filed of specialization (Psychology). In the past, I have worked as a psycho-social counselor and currently I’m working in acdemic settings since a year. I have a keen interest in pursuing Masters from an American University where I can get trained and cetified in my field and work as an authentic counselor/psychologist. Given that I’m already in the middle of a Masters program, Am I still eligible for another Masters in the same field? If yes, what are my chances of approval?

    Thanks much in anticipation. And Eid Mubarak! 🙂


    • Hey. You are welcome 🙂

      1) No it doesnot affect your FB application so apply without any worry 🙂
      2) Well it is difficult to do that nowadays as you will have to convince them hard. I would say PhD would make more sense but still if you have valid reasons you can give it a try.

      Eid Mubarak 🙂

      • Thanks much for your reply!
        God bless 🙂

  133. i have done A-levels and now I am doing ACCA. I have completed 4 papers, am I eligible for Global Undergraduate Program? I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thank-you!

  134. Hi,

    I am currently working at a management position in Telenor, Pakistan and would like to apply for the fullbright scholarship for the year 2014, would appreciate if you could kindly point me in the right direction. Need to know the process of applying and by when should I have my application ready?


    • Everything is available in my posts to give direction. Please read them thoroughly 🙂

  135. Dear Talha,
    How about having poor grades in your last attended degree and the rest OK,l Any assistance provided by you in application preparation, SOP fine tuning etc. Regards

    • Hello Shoaib, Poor grades don’t matter. Do well on the GRE please. SOP, application preparation consulting is provided by me. Please email or call me for further details

  136. U r doing grt jb. I m a studnt of 2nd yr (pre enginering) & i want to stdy abrod . Can i avail fb & when?

    • No you cannot. You have to be a graduate or about to….

  137. Greetings Mr. Talha, I have a sixteen year academic history including 2 years of bachelors and a 2 years masters program. I got done with my masters in 2001 and have a work experience from 2002 till date (11 years) in the field of education. I was looking to apply for a Phd through Fulbright but it seems they require an 18 year academic background for that. Can i still be eligible for a Phd given my work experience? I know I am eligible for the masters but i was interested in the Phd. If I don’t qualify for the Phd, could you please guide me what are the options for me here in Pakistan (a sandwich course or program i can do) that will make me qualified for the Fulbright Phd scholarship. Thanks for your time and patience 🙂

    • Hello Sahar, Unfortunately you cannot apply for FB PhD with 16 years of education. You must have 18 years of education in order to qualify. Either you can apply for FB masters and if you get selected inshAllah, you should go to U.S. and do your masters and then follow it up with a PhD later. Or you can do a masters degree in Pk and then apply for PhD. Hope i make sense

  138. hie….. i am a bachelors in sciences and bachelors in dental surgery . i am applying for public health programme (MPH leading to PhD in public health) . does fullbright provide scholarships for a masters programme leading to PhD or do we have to first apply in masters and then come back to pak and then apply for PHD

    • Yes Amna, FB does provide scholarship to you guys 🙂 yes you will have to apply for Masters first – get in, complete it and then ask FB to extend it if you get a PhD. offer 🙂

  139. Aoa talha sir u r doing gr8 job no doubt
    When will th next scholarships will be announced ? I want p.hd scholarship in business management .

    • WAS! It will be announced in Feb 2014 inshAllah

  140. Hi
    I have an LLB degree that is a 17-year education. Now I want to apply for M. Phil leading to Phd. Can I get a fulbright scholarship for that? Or will I have to apply for LLM (M. Phil) only?

    • Yes you can apply for FB program

  141. A-o-a
    sir my graduation degree will be completed in january 2015.when can i apply for fulbright scholarship ? can i apply for fulbright during graduating?whether GRE must be clear before applyinf for fulbright or not?

    • Hello. GRE must be cleared before the deadline of Fulbright. You can apply this year if you want since you will be getting your degree by the time you are ready to leave Pk.

  142. i have compeleted my msc in chemistry and get first div. recently how can i apply through fb

  143. what is the process of membership of fulbright scholarship program?

    • Hi Rida, Please follow the instructions above to know the process of FB program.

  144. sir,
    i want to ask that right now i am studying in HSC part 2 i want to study in US through FULL BRIGHT and according to me i am eligible for this but i want to know WHERE I CAN SUBMIT THE FORM FOR YEAR 2015 after getting into the sites that u had mentioned in previous comments . waiting for your reply anxiously!!!

  145. salams sir talha..its indeed a very nice job done by you. Sir i am in my sophomore year of engineering degree. plz tell that what is the decent range of GPA u recommend to maintain? secondly how to develop the leadership traits that u had previously discussed?? kindly give detailed reply sir…i shall be thankful to you.

    • WAS! Thank you for the appreciation Tahir! I would say anything above 3 is a good gpa. You can take up several initiatives that impact the society around you to develop good traits. For example you can participate in activities like voluntary teaching, writing, blogging or helping the needy around you. You can even take up internships with organisations that will help you make an impression on people around you!

  146. Aslam-ale-kum
    How i get fullbright scolarship i m studying doctor of veterinary medicine . ?

  147. I wanted to know if specialist dentists can have a Fulbright scholarship in any capacity e.g, PhD.

    • Yes Faiza. You guys can also apply.

  148. hello Omer . i want to know about the best GRE preparation center in karachi in ur best knowledge ? if there is any kindly share it

    • Hi Raja, Unfortunately I am not aware of any GRE prep places in Karachi – may be USEFP conducts some GRE courses there and you can check with them. Thanks

  149. Hello, i am 34 years married women.. Working in a bank for past 8 years. completed my graduation in 2012. So can i apply..

  150. hi talha,
    i am currently student of mechanical engineering. i am right now in 2nd semester. is there any fully funded scholarships for UG STUDENTS for doing bachelors in US, UK or Germany?
    please guide me.
    thanks in advance.

    • Yes you can check the UGRAD program by USEFP. But it is only for Pakistani students.

  151. hello sir
    i did masterz in Economics nd i a wanna avail full bright scholarship vl u suggest me some scholarships related to my field that i can easily avail…

    • Hello Nelofar. I am just aware of the FB scholarship in Pakistan for Econ ppl

  152. aoa
    sir if one is selected for mphil, can he carry on his studies or he have to work for 2 years? and what if job is not found?

    • You just have to spend two years in Pakistan. Thats it. Doesnt matter what you do here 🙂

  153. Hello talha,,, I v done my MBBS,, I got first division throughout my academic career, given GRE before few days,final result is still pending,,my estimated result was 141 verbal,,and 149 quantitative,,appeared in ielts last year and got an overall score of 7.5,, but I guess ielts doesn’t make a difference,, I want to apply forMPH ,, could u plz tell me what do u think abt my GRE score,,.?

    • Hello Farzana, Well I think your GRE scores are below par. However for MPH, GRE score requirements are in the early 150’s on each section and I think you should improve on them. That being said FB looks at the whole application and not just the GRE scores to make decisions – therefore focus on every aspect of your application rather just the GRE scores. Good luck!

      • thanks alot talha…although that was a little disappointing. 🙁 … What about mphil prograns in basic sciences..like physiology..are the gre requirements the same or higher …

        • Physiology is lower but a 149 and 141 is still not going to be enough for any program in the US and for FB. 🙁 Unless you have a bunch of publications and a really strong personal statement that depicts that you are going to make a big difference to Pakistan, society and economy.

          • I really appreciate your response talha.. thanks again.. 🙂

          • 🙂

  154. as i m student of operation theater technology 2nd year,can i apply for the same degree to seek best ott ?if i can apply so whats the duration of that in US?

    • i replied to you in the other post 🙂

  155. i m in 2nd year operation theater technology.can i apply for it?
    if i can so whats the duration in US?

    • how many years of education do you have so far?

  156. How many publications are required for PhD scholarship in international relations?

    • No fixed number but in my experience 3-4 at least for a top program

  157. Hi Talha,
    I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree (Electrical Engineering) from a foreign university. My CGPA is about 3.3 with decent amount of Extra-curriculars. I recently took the GRE with scant preparation and managed a score of 168 on the Quant section and 154 on the verbal section. My Analytical writing score is 5. I would like to know whether i am eligible for Fulbright application (Masters) having studied from a foreign university? Also, let me know whether I should consider retaking the GRE as I feel my verbal score is a bit low?
    (My Toefl score is 109/120 and IELTS 8.5/9)
    Awaiting your reply.

    • Hi Azeem, Thanks for the message. Verbal score is low given you are applying to top programs around the world. Moreover FB gives preference to those who haven’t ever studied at a foreign institution before. However that being said there are still many students who got FB despite having a foreign degree. I would suggest you definitely apply with a strong application and inshAllah you will make it through. If you have any queries you can also contact me on my email at info@brightlinkprep.com Thanks

  158. I Just want to ask if there any time period restriction after getting degree to work in pakistan??

    • Yes you need to come back to Pakistan for 2 years.

  159. I m a student at the AKHSS.I ve completed my 11th grade(1st year) a month ago…Am i eligible to apply?

    • Hi Ali, this scholarship is only for graduate applicants. However you can check the UGRAD program by USEFP

  160. Hi Talha,

    I need your opinion about FB.

    I am an Electrical Engineering from NUST and am currently in my final year.I will graduate by mid-June 2015.
    Can I still apply for the FB next year in May,given that I will not have degree in May ?

    Moreover, I have 3.04 Cgpa. Is that considered low? Furthermore , does a stellar final year project improve chances of getting shortlisted? Also, what sort of extra curriculars can improve my application?

    I am currently interning at Ufone.Does work experience matter? Moreover,Will a rec from my employer help?

    Lastly, I am not sure when to give my GRE.I want to give it before my university starts in September, since after that I wont have time.How long are the scores valid and are retakes considered?Also, can it be prepared for at home?

    • Hi Urwa, Yes you can apply definitely. FB has no min GPA requirements. Well getting FB is a complex process and one cannot say just by looking at the projects etc. if your chances are high – one needs to thoroughly review and discuss an individual before creating the perfect FB app. Yes work experience does help a lot and so will an employer rec. GRE is valid for 5 years and it can be prepared at home provided you follow a sound routine and dedication. 🙂 Read the FB profiles, interviews on my website and you will get more idea. Good Luck

  161. sir i have done i.com.i want to apply for FB 2015..what is the deadline for that or 2016?what should i ve to do for thsa?

  162. A.o.A!!!! plz will u info me that GRE general or specific is required to apply for m.phil leading to phd? via fullbright scholarship

    • WAS. You have to take the GRE general test only.

  163. Hi,
    I have just done my BS (hons.) in physics with CGPA 3.23 and want to do my MS over there.I haven’t done my Gre right now,am I eligible to apply now?and in case i get selected in which year batch I’LL be considered.

    • Hi Maryam, you cannot apply unless you take the GRE exam. You will now apply next year and will be considered for 2016 🙂

  164. Can you please let me know if anyone has received interview call for fulbright 2014-2015? Thanking you in advance.

    • Hi Khadija, Yes all the potential candidates have received the call and been called in for interview 🙂 Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

  165. Hello Talha,
    Ihave a question plz, is the FB scholarship for phd assumed to one year or two years? and am i going to have a phd diploma in the end or a certificate of research from the american university? My discipline is accounting
    Thank you in advance

    • The PhD scholarship is 4-5 years in duration. You will get a PhD degree in the end of the course.

  166. Asalam Wa Laikum, Sir I am applying for the Undergraduate Exchange Program 2015, Sir wanted to ask that can I write a Personal Statement of more than 250 words, or do I have to strictly follow the rules, currently my statement is of 524 words including spaces etc, any help in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks

    • WAS Hassan, Unfortunately you cannot exceed 250 words – that is strictly the limit.

  167. Hi, you mentioned that this schoalrship is available to Undergrads too, but most of your directions apply to only post graduate. Could you tell me if I’m applying for Undergrad Mathematics Honors will I have to give the GRE? Im giving the SAT already and Ive given my O levels too.

    • For Undergrads their is another program called UGRAD – you don’t have to take GRE for that. But for UGRAD you need to be in your 3rd or 4th year of studies 🙂

  168. Aoa sir i hav done msc sociology and working from 3 years in overseas employment corporation sir i am interested to gain this scholarship for International Relations or other social sciences Master degree prog and my cgpa is 2.467/61% in masters sir am i eligible to apply for that? and which one test is suitable for me?please guide me.

    Alya Rehman.

    • Hello Alya, yes of course you are eligible and you will have to take the GRE exam by May 2015 🙂

  169. respected sir,
    I am in 12th grade doing intermediate in F.A.is there any USA fully funded undergraduate program for four years .i wish to pursue my bachelors degree abroad .i would be grateful if you provide me with the information.


    • Hi Yashfeen, Unfortunately there is no such program in particular – however you may apply directly to the programs in US and ask for funding directly 🙂

  170. Assalam u alikum Sir.
    I want to ask that i will complete my Intermediate (H.S.C) in 2015 and have my Result in August 2015 so i want to ask that am i eligible for Fulbright Scholarship?. If i so when and how i can apply for Fulbright Scholarship for UNDERGRADUATE program.

    • WAS Hannad, this scholarship is only for those who have done their Bachelors in Pakistan and you are not eligible for this at the moment 🙂

  171. Hi Talha
    Awesome job on helping so many Pakistani students with their applications. I wanted to ask you if my score in the GRE is competitive. My quant score is 158 and verbal score is also 158. I got 4 in AWA. But the problem is, I’m an engineering student from GIKI, and all the programs I want to apply to in the US need at least 165 on the quant. My GPA is also just average( 3.05), though it is good as far as my uni is concerned. I’m also confident I’ll get a research paper published on my final year project. What do you think are my chances? Do I need to retake the GRE?

    • Thanks 🙂 Your quant is below par to be honest – it must be around the 165 mark. You must retake your GRE at the earliest and try to get beyond 165 on quant.

  172. AOA, i hope u are fine,
    i am in 2nd semester doing Masters from NUML islamabad, and my degree will be completed in September, 2015 inshAllah. i want to ask that when should i apply for this scholarship? plus what extra tests will i have to pass to be eligible for the application of full bright scholarship? kindly tell.

    • WAS Zainab, Take the GRE test and apply by May 2015 🙂

  173. AA, thank you very much for sharing this valuable information, may ALLAH reward you for such an exceptional work.

    I have this question that, I was born in KSA and that I have an overseas NIC, but I’m residing in Pakistan now and doing my bachelors in Lahore and that I am expected to graduate in August 2015.

    Am I still eligible for a Fulbright scholarship in such scenario?

    And that I have a resident visa of Saudi Arabia too, but I don’t have citizenship for such country. And, I’m committed to spending my two years in Pakistan after Master’s Graduation from US under a Fulbright Scholarship.

    Lastly, what are the deadlines for 2015s application submission for the prospective year 2016.

    Again, thank you for your time and dedication.

    • WAS Hisham, Thanks 🙂 You are eligible – plus you have to come back and spend 2 years in PK, no exception to that. Deadline would be in mid May. Although it hasn’t been announced yet!

  174. Aslam o Alikum .sir i have done architectural engineering. mine examination system is annual .so we have percentage not GPA. can I apply for fullbright scholarship. mine result is expected in Apirl 2015.and i have got 80% in my previous years.

  175. how can i apply for a masters degree?

  176. i am working as lecturer in Physics (Punjab Higher Education department) , i am interested in Particle Physics and string theories , i want to earn my PhD from Stanford or MIT as these 2 institutes are leading in my field . sir maths no problem for me ,hope by grace of God i will complete the mathematical portion, but English? there may be ?? some? kindly tell me how much score in English will help me to get the FB.

  177. Respected Sir,

    Saad Ishtiaq is here from Pakistan. I 2012 I done my BBA Hons Finance from COMSATS INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ABBOTTABAD.
    I have two year Working experience. Now I am working with (SAVE THE CHILDREN USA) as a Finance assistant. Kindly mention me that only GRE test is required? And How I can Apply for scholarships.

    Saad Ishtiaq

  178. Hello Sir. I have done MBBS. Now I am trying to get scholarship for PhD in Public Health. I can’t solve the mathematical portion of GRE test as I am in medical feild. Is there any subject GRE test for medical personnel also?

    • Hello – nope no subject – you will have to take the General test.

  179. Sir, I am applying for Fulbright scholarship for my MS degree in engineering discipline. I am a mechanical Engineer with a CGPA of 3.7/4.0. I have taken my GRE and got 152 in quant and 143 in verbal, If you could let me know is this score is competitive for Fulbright scholarship application ?

    • Hi Zahir – this score is not competitive at all and you won’t have any chance to compete on this for engineering.

  180. Hello Sir!
    I wanted to know, is it possible for a fulbright scholar to go some else country like Canada, Australia after completion of MSc in US or is serving in Pakistan compulsory?

    • Hello – no Rizwan you have to fulfil the bond in PK before leaving permanently.

  181. sir please guide me about the toefl score recipient institution codes and dept code?

    • Hello, It is the same as the GRE 9388

  182. Assalam u alaikum.
    I want to ask that if somenody is working outside Pakistan but has a permanent residence in Pakistan, can he apply for fullbright scholarship for Ph D program.

  183. need to ask is there any scholarship in USA as split site PhD. in which Phd enrolled student in Pakistan can go to US only for research as part of Phd thesis and return back for defence. I mean visiting scholar fellowship for 6 or 12 months.? please guide. regards

  184. slam talha…plz tell me name of masters field in FB.thanxx

    • WAS – what ever you are applying to just write that.

  185. Hi Users !
    How are you ? I hope you would be fine. I want to ask whether 3.00 out of 4.00 CGPA in M.Phil / MS with IELTS / TOEFL certification is enough for getting fully funded scholarship in USA / Europe ? Is there any age limit for PhD scholarship ? Is study gap accepted ? Please I need complete information regarding it. I will be very thankful to you !

    • Hello Yes GPA is fine. You might need a GRE as well. Plus will advise you to call us at +92 300 9448672 to discuss your case.

  186. Assalam-O-Alaikum !

    Respected Mr. Talha Omer !

    Thanks for responding to my message.

    As you mentioned:-

    ”PhD in Business Administration is not eligible under the Fulbright Graduate program”.

    Question.1. If I have MS in Business Administration then in what PhD discipline should I apply ?

    Question.2. Moreover, I want to ask what is the minimum CGPA requirement for getting fully funded PhD Scholarship in USA or Europe ?

    Question.3. Can anyone easily get fully funded Scholarship for PhD in USA / Europe after completing MS / M.Phil regardless of CGPA but with IELTS /TOEFL certificates ?

    Please give answers of all three question separately !

    Thanks !

    • WAS!

      1) Any thing but PHD in BA.
      2) None
      3) Noe – you need int’l publications for PHD admissions

  187. i need guidelines for For Teachers program, at which i usually get confused

  188. A.o.a Talha.
    First of all i would like to appreciate you for creating such a platform for students to find abundant information related to full bright scholarships.
    I am currently doing MS in business administration and plan to in sha Allah to do PhD. you mentioned above that FB scholarships is not given for Phd in business administration but is it available if someone wants to do a phd in a fieldof business administration like Human Resource Management (Phd in HRM)?
    Will be waiting for your reply.
    Hira Kanwal

    • W.S. Hira – Thanks for the message. Yes it is available in HRM and other related fields. But generally extremely slim chance of getting one in these areas!

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