2015 Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan is Now Open

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Fulbright 2016 application are now open. Read more.

Excellent News today! Students in Pakistan who are aiming to go to the US for a graduate degree can now apply for the Fulbright Scholarship program 2015. The deadline for applications is May 14 2014. You may have heard about the Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan from your friends, colleagues, college seniors and many other multiple sources. You may have also heard that there is no better US scholarship for Pakistani students than the Fulbright program. The extent to which this is true depends on what your goals are. Simply put – if you want to come back to Pakistan after you graduate then Fulbright is for you. Otherwise don’t waste your time and effort in making the Fulbright application.

Last year, the Fulbright program in Pakistan, headed by the USEFP, selected 161 students from Pakistan out of 1,311 applicants. A total of 300 students were shortlisted for the Fulbright interview and 35 of these were selected for a PhD degree and 126 for a Masters program. These students will be leaving for their respective universities in August 2014.

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To give you a brief overview the Fulbright scholarship is funded by the United States government and is solely awarded on merit rather than financial need. Under the Fulbright scholarship almost all fields are eligible to apply except clinical medicine. The scholarship has the following merits:

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  • 100% tuition fee coverage
  • Full allowance for books and material
  • 1 annual return air ticket every year
  • Monthly stipend to cover your living expenses
  • Complete health insurance
  • Research allowance if needed

As you can see this is a very generous scholarship but surprisingly one of the least competitive in terms of the number of students who apply for it in Pakistan. Pakistan has the largest cohort of Fulbright scholars in the world and in 2013 alone, over 200 Pakistani students got the Fulbright scholarship. Over 4,000 Pakistanis students have participated in this program since 1950 and it envisions to produce the next generation leaders, scholars, scientists and politicians of Pakistan.

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Students with disability and those belonging to backward areas such as Balochistan and FATA are give slight preference during the application process. In order to apply, you must keep the following things in mind which are the essential requirements of the Fulbright 2015 program.

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Once you have been shortlisted after the initial application, which will happen in September 2014, you will be called in for a Fulbright interview. After the interview, you will be notified in October 2014 whether or not you have been selected.

For more information about this program can be found at www.usefpakistan.org.


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    Hello. I am a graduate from a university in Pakistan but at the moment i am working in the Middle East. Will i be eligible to apply for the upcoming phase of the Fullbright Scholarship? If so then how much do you rate my chances of getting the scholarship succesfully? I wish toapply in Economics and have done my Bachelors in the same field from a reputed university in Lahore with good academic results

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      I replied on the other page!

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        Please link the other page as I have a similar query and I couldn’t find the relevant page

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    AOA! I intend to appear for gre exam on 15th of April.Will i still be able to apply for FB 2015 program ?

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    what should be the minimum GRE score to achieve this scholarship for PhD degree ..? what are scholarships other than fulbright for a candidate desirous to settle permanently in USA ..? please guide me .. and also explain whether those scholarships/funding can be achieved by applying independently to universities in US ..?

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    this is for students who want to join from fall 2015?

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        i want to apply for this schlorship .so tel me canw i apply now

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          You can now apply next year between Feb and May

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          i am a new student of fsc can i apply for it

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            No. You cannot

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    i did Bsc(Hon) in agriculture then i got MBA degree with specialization in Human Resource Management still jobless getting aged i have applied for job so many time still jobless what i do with this kind of education degree’s i wast 18 year to complete my education today an ordinary shopkeeper is better then me what i do where i go i don,t know how i solved my financial problems
    text me aminpress123@gmail.com

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    From where can I download the application form?

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    AOA..recently i have done my masters in economics from a Pakistan uni..i want to apply for this scholarship for higher studies..how can i apply for this and what is the criteria for this scholarship???

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    I will graduate in Fall 2014. Can I apply for FB program with my recent transcripts without attestation from HEC…??

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    I am a final year student. My degree will complete in June, 2014. Am i eligible to apply for this program or do i need to have Graduate Degree before applying?

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      Yes you are eligible to apply – you dont need your degree at the time of applying.

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    Dear Mr Talha,

    Can you please share about the university placement of PhD Fulbright Scholars?
    Are they placed at universities like Harward, MIT and IV League?
    What are chances of placement by Fulbright to a uni if a student secure admission at its own?



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    Dear Mr. Omer
    How crucial is the CGPA when it comes to securing the Fulbright award?
    Suppose I’m applying for a social sciences graduate program and even though my social sciences’ courses are As and Bs but my CGPA is a lousy 2.8, should I even bother them and/or myself with the application?

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    I am working for a USAID- funded program. I am not directly employed by USAID but am on the payroll of USAID’s implementing partner, am I eligible to apply for the Fulbright scholarship?

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      I think you will have to check with USEFP if they allow you to apply. I think they may but i am not sure.

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      Tanya, it would be extremely helpful if you could share the information you received from USEFP as to whether you will still be eligible.

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    Could you please elaborate how you see this program one of the least competitive in terms of number of students applying for it. As per my information and knowledge this is a highly contended scholarship and only the best of the lot get a chance to avail it after rigorous selection procedures.

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      1311 applied last yr and 200 got selected. πŸ™‚ I guess no other scholarship has such a low applied to selected ratio. For chevening for example 15000+ apply and only abt 25 get it….that tells you the difference.

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        now when admission entery fall again in november 2015 or when?

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    salaam sir,
    i am doing b s c electrical engineering nd my degree will be complete in 2015 sir i want to do master in engineering nd i don’t know about this scholarships e t c…nd i am from k p k so plz help me about it’s …
    i will be very thank ull of u…..

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    Hey! I applied, unsuccessfully, for Fulbright last year. If I need to reapply do I have to resend my TOEFL and GRE scores to USEFP?

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    please tell about the programs/feild offered in Fulbright scholar ship programe

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      Hi Yousaf, Any program except clinical medicine and PhD in Business Administration is eligible to apply for FB!

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    i am planning to appear in GRE in october, is is possible to apply for fullbright scholarship 2015 without GRE? when i can provide them GRE score in October?

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      Yasir last date to take the GRE is 14th May 2014 if you want to get the Fulbright 2015.

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    I am re-applying for FB, do I need to re-submit GRE scores?

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    DEar Talha,
    I gave GRE today scored 156 in quant and 157 in verbal that makes 313 in total . I plan to do MS In Finance. Do you think i have a good shot ? Further i have a professional accountancy qualification i.e ACMA . The teachers from whom i have studied were mostly not PHD’s rather they were Industry professionals ACMAs and ACA etc. What do you suggest about that ?
    Further i am teaching in a public sector university as a visiting faculty. Can i get that refund ?

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      Hi Shujat, Yes you can get a refund. Well finance program is competitive in quant so a 156 on GRE quant is a low score. But nevertheless FB looks at the whole application rather than just the GRE scores. So i would encourage you to apply. Meanwhile if you get a chance do improve on your quant score.

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    I am also doing a job which is accounts related. Although i have studied finance too but my degree is more accounting related. But i am looking to change my field somewhat and do MS in Finance.

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    Dear Talha,

    I have been looking at various US schools for MS Finance and it seems like there are a very few ones who offer it as a two year degree program. Further it seems like the ones that do offer it are geared towards financial engineering. I was looking for one more directed towards corporate finance and strategy. Can you help me out on this? Or can you guide me on that ?

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    Sorry forgot to add. What about MBA with specialization in Finance. I do have an experience of 3 years in the field of accountancy. Will that work ? Is the quant score of 156 low for MBA too ?

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    Asalam o Alikum,
    If there is someone (i’m not saying it’s me! πŸ˜› ) with a GRE score of 151+151+3.5 *scratches her head* from 2011, an expired TOEFL score of 109 (but a new test registered), an extremely bad CGPA of 3.14 from 2011, but three research publication (1 published, 2 submitted), one review article, and loooottttsss of creative writing publications, yeeeeaaarssss of freelancing experience (does that even count? πŸ˜€ ), role of honor (co-curricular *scratches her chin* :P), certificate of merit (Co-curr.), certificate of distinction (co-curr), but a serious passion for her field i.e., agriculture (ta-da-da! :P)..would the Fulbright people reject the poor person’s application or at least give it a thought? πŸ™
    P.S. The person is extremely witty too. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ Americans could use some of that, I know. πŸ˜€

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      LOL Amna, Academics is not the only criteria for getting the FB. I think you have a really strong chance if you have shown your passion for the field in your SOP and SO πŸ™‚

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    I never knew GRE was such a mushkil test, otherwise I would have prepared for it. Please people prepare for it. Read all the books mentioned on forums…nobody’s exaggerating. πŸ˜› And eat your lunch well before the test…especially if you were offered biryani before leaving your house. That’ll haunt you throughout the test… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

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    Sir, my son named Muhammad Arib is mental retired by birth. aged 14years .In these days i,m much distrub due to their medicine expense. and school expenditure, If u have any schalors /grant for auttis child please help me thanks

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      Fulbright is a good option – it gives preference to disabled students.

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    Mr. Omer,
    AOA…i will complete my Mphil Finance in april 2015…..therefore when I will have to apply for this Scholarship.

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      Hi Mahwish, WAS! You can apply in 2015. FB will open its applications in Feb 2015 and the deadline will be in May 2015. Make sure you complete your application requirements before May – FB has a long list of reqs such as GRE, 3 reference letters, 2 essays etc. If you get selected inshAllah you will depart for US in August 2016. Let me know if you have any further queries. πŸ™‚ Good Luck!

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    I’ve done my BBA hons. in marketing specialization and my degree is completed in June 2014. Now please guide me that can I apply for FB 2015. I want to apply for MBA program. GMAT and IELTS are required for application? Please guide me. I want to achieve this scholarship. Also Tell me the minimum GMAT scores for this scholarship.

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      Hi Wajeeha, For FB you need to take the GRE and TOEFL. If you are applying for an MBA program through the FB program then you also need to take the GMAT – there is no minimum score for FB however in order to have good chances of making it to the FB program you must do at least an 80 percentile on the tests.

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    I came to know about fullbright just now and the date is over. Is there any way that could make me enable to apply?

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      You will now have to apply next year in Feb 2015.

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        sir i want to apply for FB..recently m doing CA..past qualification is I.com..would i be eligible for that?

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        Sir I want to go US for MBBS by full bright scholarship and hope you help me in that. I did my FSc and want to be a doctor. But want to study in foreign. So please do help me please.

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          MBBS is not offered by Fulbright

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    hi ! i completed my Msc in june 2014, so when can i apply for this scholarship /

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    hello. my bsc will complete next year. when should i take gre and toefl?

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      Hi Tehreem, Best time to take the GRE/TOEFL is during your final year of undergraduate studies πŸ™‚

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    Could you please set up a page for 2015 Fulbright applicants? it would help them a lot in sharing/ exchanging information and ideas well in time.

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    HI Talha omer, sir can i apply now for this scholarship programme

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      Hello Basit, you will have to apply next year in February now.

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        hello which time again start too apply full-bright scholar ship plz help me ………….. my master degree complete in 2014 end MPA finance

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          Hi Falak – FB will open again next year in Feb and you can then apply for it.

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    Hello! I’ve completed my MBA (HRM) in Dec, 2013. As the phd for business studies is not included in FB, and I have strong desire to study furthur to notonly get an experience from renowned universities of USA but to secure a good career too. What does the FB brings for MBA graduates then, what do you suggest me?
    To add in I am passionate to do the Phd.
    Many Thanks!

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      Hi Urooj, How many years of work experience do you have?

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    Furthur I need to ask is after doing MBA do I still need to appear for TOFEL and Gre? :/

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      Hey Urooj, Yes you will have to give TOEFL and GRE no matter what background you have πŸ™‚

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    assalam u alikum sir………….
    i am final year student of doctor of physical therapy and my degree will be completed in febuary 2015. i need information about foreign scholarships for MS/ PhD in physical therapy

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      WAS~ I would suggest that you apply for the FB scholarship when it opens next year in February. Till then get done with your GRE test.

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    thanks for your sappourt specially for poor one
    i have clear the examination of Msc Economics
    i was a private student can i apply for M.phill

    • Avatar

      Hello Yes you can of course πŸ™‚ Just take your GRE exam and make sure you do well on the test. Good luck

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    hi, sir i m ali i m student of fsc of computer science and i had cleared my fsc can i apply for bcs computer science bachlor cegree

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      Yes you can πŸ™‚ but not under the FB program since it is only for graduate students

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    i am interested in securing a Phd scholarship in English literature. I have recently completed Ms in English Lirterature from International Islamic University Islamabad, with a CG PA 3.2/4. kindly guide me as to the procedure for applying.
    Shaista Malik

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      Hi Shaista, You cannot apply until Feb next year now. In Feb 2015 the FB program will launch again and then you can apply at http://www.usefpakistan.org. Let me know if you have any further questions – thanks

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    Can anyone tell me about the initial screening for interviews of fulbright 2015

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    Sir I just finished my A Levels with average grades and I want to apply for the FullBright Scholarship Program. So what is the proceedure to apply for it and what are the academic requirements and I didn’t give any SAT or IELTS test so am I supposed to appear in any of these tests? If yes then how much am I supposed to score for the scholarship? Thank you for your support!

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      Hi Hussain, For FB you will first need to take the GRE exam and score at least a 310 on it to make sure you are safe. Plus you need to have an undergrad degree as well – so you cannot apply right now.

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    Hello. Do you know whether FB has made calls to applicants for interviews this year?

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      Hi Fhd, Yes they have made all the calls now and are even about to end the interviews within the next week or so. Let me know if you have any further questions – thanks

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    Has anyone been shortlisted or has been invited for an interview for Fulbright Scholarship 2015? It will be good to share such information.

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      Not yet. I am also waiting. GRE 328

      • Avatar

        Got a call for 8th sept noon!

    • Avatar

      Yup I got the call for interview.

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      I was called for fulbright interview on 12th September:) fingers crossed

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    Sir I have recently completed my intermediate wold you please guide me about up coming undergraduates full bright scholarships for this year

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      Hi Naila, FB is not valid for undergraduates – it is only eligible for graduates.

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    hey i am a pharmacy student , my degree will end in may 2015, i dont have my transcripts now, but i want to go for higher studies in usa through scholarchip, what criteria should i adopt? what tests i need to pass? please guide me.

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      Hello Aisha. you need to take the GRE exam and TOEFL to apply. You can apply for FB for 2016 if your degree is ending in May 2015. πŸ™‚

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    I’m student of Bs.Hons 5th semester.I want to apply for fall 2016.I want to know that when can I apply for FB scholorship.

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      Hi Fiza, You can apply next year before May 2015!

  47. Avatar

    Hello, Salam
    Dear, When would they be short listing and calling for interview for 2015.
    Best regards

    • Avatar

      WAS Sajjad, Interviews and shortlisting is over now for FB πŸ™‚ Let me know if you have any further questions πŸ™‚

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    sir i have done my bachlar in social work can i apply for this n what is for gre means passing score

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      Hi Mehwish, Yes you can apply – you need to take at least 310 on the GRE to stand a good chance. πŸ™‚

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    how much chances are there for a Fullbright scholarship candidate from balochistan to get selected for for this scolarship

    • Avatar

      Hi Najma, For Balochistan, FATA etc there is a special preference given to such students. If you are from Balochistan then you will have a huge edge over other applicants. πŸ™‚

  50. Avatar

    Has anyone received their interview letter/ call?
    Last year people received it in August and its now mid September.

    Kindly please do let me know


    • Avatar

      Interviews and calls were made in September – final selections have also been made πŸ™‚

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    AOA Sir…
    i have done MBA and i want to study for further ..
    i have got 2.82 CGPA from university of the Punjab Pakistan.
    i need full bright scholarship because i belongs from middle family…

    Sabir Hussain

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    AOA,sir i have complited my m.phill sociology in fab 2014.sir how can i apply for ph.d and when?

    • Avatar

      WAS Asma, You can apply next year in Feb 2015 when the scholarship will open again. Meanwhile please take your GRE exam πŸ™‚

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    What test do i have to take to apply for an Architectural or an interior design course, for masters?

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      Hi Saba, You will have to take the GRE exam first πŸ™‚

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        hello, I have many many manyyy questions and have no guidelines, searching over the internet has become too confusing at this point, can you guide me a little as to what to search for whom to contact? about scholarships and the processes and everything.
        Also when is the next opening for scholarships, is there for 2015 that i haven’t missed yet?

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          Hi Saba, Scholarships for this year have closed but will reopen in Feb 2015 for the Fulbright.

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    AoA Mr.Talha,

    I have done MBA(Finance) with C.G.P.A 3.19 , But I want to do MS in HR/MANAGEMENT via fullbright scholarship.
    Should i go for this try. I am a graduate from University of Pakistan(International Islamic University Islamabad).
    As my C.G.P.A is not that much extraordinary to compete. Need you advice.

    • Avatar

      WAS Ayesha, GPA does matter ur GPA is fine – students easily get FB with these GPA’s. Focus on getting a decent GRE score and make a great application πŸ™‚

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    Does fullbright offer any scholarships for undergraduate students?

    • Avatar

      Hello Mahnoor – FB offers a UGRAD program for undergraduates which is an exchange program lasting 1 semester.

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    Hello Mr Omer
    I hope you are doing great. My name is Nadia Khan and I have done my Msc from Brunel University London in Sep 2012 and currently I am working in Pakistan its been more than 7 year I am working in Animation and Advertising industry as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director. Now I would like to pursue my career in industrial and game designing but unfortunately in Pakistan we don’t have any institution for these studies. I would like to know is there any possibility that I can apply for another FB masters in game design from USA. its going to be a great addition to my career.

    I have my Masters from United Kingdom do I need to give GRE and TOEFL ?

    • Avatar

      Hi Nadia, Thanks for the message. Unfortunately FB is a program that gives funding to those who can contribute to the economy and society of Pakistan – you want to do a degree only because it will help ‘you’ in your career growth. That is a huge turn off for FB and chances of that happening are really slim through FB πŸ™ You should either mould your story to fit that criteria or look for funded programs in US on your own πŸ™‚

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    hy talha em kinza em diong BBA in 5th srmstr so can i apply to this scholarship

    • Avatar

      Hi Kinza, You can apply in the 7th semester. πŸ™‚

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    Alhamdolilah, got nominated as principal candidate for US Fulbright πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      When did you get the call ? Any Idea how many have been contacted so far.

    • Avatar

      When did you get the call

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    hey Mr. Talha, i am visual artist n did M. Phil from NCA and now pursuing my Ph.D from P.U. CAD. i am interested in research programme of full bright so is the GRE or Tofel is necessity for research scholar programme.
    plz reply me i am waiting for ur kind reply

    • Avatar

      Hi Wardah, Yes GRE and TOEFL are necessary to apply for FB πŸ™‚

  60. Avatar

    Alhamdolillah I am selected, If you are selected, please join the facebook group so we may stay connected first and more importantly help each other out.

    search Fulbright Pakistan 2015 on facebook

    • Avatar

      Great Farhan πŸ™‚ Congrats

  61. Avatar

    @ DM and Very Anxious, I was emailed on 10th October and got my letter on 12th.

  62. Avatar

    don’t know how many have been contacted so far cz i didn’t ask them..
    By the way I was thinking about making a group for the 2015 Fulbright cohort from Pakistan, just waiting for other students to post too who have been nominated

    • Avatar

      I already made the group. Bright would you be the admin. Please join

      its fulbright pakistan 2015

      • Avatar

        Hi Farhan, Can you please email me the group credentials at info@brightlinkprep.com

      • Avatar

        Are all the members of the group principal candidates?

    • Avatar

      Great new, I got selected as well πŸ™‚ Alhamdulilah.

      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        MashAllah πŸ™‚ Congrats

        • Avatar

          Thanks Talha.

        • Avatar

          Hello sir
          is there any scholarship for us after fsc in pakistan….i want to study social sciences

          • Avatar

            There is none specifically.

  63. Avatar

    dear sir i complete BSCS(software system) now i apply for master lead to phd how it possible through scholarship i have also 2 year experiences one year in software house and one year experiences in university .now i am also lecturer in university.till me that how i can gain this scholarship

    • Avatar

      Hi Zeeshan, Have you taken the GRE exam yet? If you have then let me know and if you haven’t then first take that if you want to apply to a good program for scholarship πŸ™‚

      • Avatar

        Hello Mr Omer
        I hope you are doing great. i am doing bachelors in design final year and i am from Kashmir and earth quack victim (oct 2005) .i just wanted to ask that can i apply for the scholarship on the basis of earth quack victim?

        • Avatar

          Hello Maryam, No you cannot apply just on the basis of that – you can only apply if you meet their eligibility criteria regardless of your background πŸ™‚

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    Hi Talha omer , i am a Veterianry graduate . i am appearing in GRE on this 23rd , i have taken ielts securing 7.0 bands overall , is IELTS ok for Full bright or do i need to take TOEFL for FB application

    • Avatar

      Hi Junaid, Unfortunately IELTS is not accepted and you will have to take the TOEFL exam

  65. Avatar

    Aoa. I an a student of forestry range and wildlife management and having a c.g.p of 2.7 can i apply for scholorship?

    • Avatar

      WAS Ahmed, of course you can – in fact i would encourage you to take your GRE exam and apply for this program coming year.

  66. Avatar

    Assalam o Alaikum .. Brother i am doing Engineering of IT in 3rd year and want to go out for BSc IT .Can you please help me in this case so that i can study in USA on Scholarship..

    • Avatar

      WAS Shoaib, FB offers an exchange program called UGRAD that you can look into – it will be really suited to your needs and wants πŸ™‚

  67. Avatar

    I got a doctorate degree in field of Plant molecular genetics and biology and looking to continue Postdoctoral program in US via full bright scholarship….Any specific information plz

    • Avatar

      Hi Ali, Unfortunately FB does not offer post doctoral funding – its only for MS or PhD so you will have to look for alternative ways of seeking funding.

  68. Avatar

    aslam o alikum sir i have done my master in islamic study now i want to do m.phil through full bright scholar ship program please guide me how i can apply for this

    • Avatar

      WAS Amna, You can now apply next year before May 2015 but before that you must take your GRE exam πŸ™‚

  69. Avatar

    Sir i have recently done BBa (hons) in Finance from a university in pakistan and wanna to Apply for the MBA Finance , Can i Apply for the Scholarship ???

    • Avatar

      Hello, Ofcourse you can πŸ™‚

  70. Avatar

    @ Farhan, good to hear that:) i searched fulbright pakistan 2015 and i got a search result as “Fulbright MS, PHD and FLTA Pakistan 2015-16 (Unofficial)”.. also, congrats S.Agha. I am a principal candidate, how about you?

  71. Avatar

    i’m simple graduate , than i have done diploma in Tv direction production … so i want to know am i eligible for this or not ?

    • Avatar

      yes Ali it is eligible πŸ™‚

      • Avatar

        sir..i did masters in mathematics ..i got 80% marks in masters now i want to applu for fullbright scholarship.but i got 2nd division in bachlors please guide me for this

        • Avatar

          Hi Naveed, What is your GRE score?

  72. Avatar

    hallow sir..!
    tell me about the pressure too apply for Fulbright scholarship????
    now i m graduated , before 2 days my result will be announced , i want too apply for Fulbright scholarship sir

    • Avatar

      Hi Wasim, First you have to take your GRE exam and then apply before May 2015 πŸ™‚

  73. Avatar

    sorry………. prpcessure

  74. Avatar

    My daughter had done Fsc recently, and she want to apply for scholarship.
    and what is this GRE please do tell?

    • Avatar

      GRE is a standardised test required by all major graduate programs in US and other countries. Your daughter will have to take the SAT exams and not the GRE exam for admissions at the undergraduate level.

  75. Avatar

    plz tell me about GRE test.??? i don’t know how and where it can be done.

  76. Avatar

    hey i just wanted to know how can u apply for the scholarship here ?????? can u apply it online or not or can u apply it now or its too late ….. ill be waiting for your reply

  77. Avatar

    Hi, I want to avail FB scholarship for Harvard University in the Law Faculty. I just wanted to know which test is better for me, the ‘GRE General Test’, or ‘GRE Subject Test’.And if ‘Subject Test’ is better, then which subject should i go for.

    Thank You

    • Avatar

      Hi Naveed, GRE general test is required for FB and not the Subject test.

      • Avatar

        Talha..im doing my mba from NUST.. i want to apply for full bright scholarship but i dont know about the best universities across the world neither the process. can u guide me plz.

        • Avatar

          Hi Mehjabeen, I would advise you to check usnews.com and then look at the program websites of the well ranked universities to see which one fits best to your objectives. πŸ™‚

      • Avatar

        Thank you Talha, and do i have to take any sort of NTS test as well, or i would have to directly take GRE with FB.

        Thak You

        • Avatar

          Just GRE

          • Avatar

            AoA Umar, just tell me that what should be the font and font size for writing the personal statement, research objective statement and reference letters.


          • Avatar

            WAS Naveed – 12 size Times new Roman

  78. Avatar

    I have completed my BDS in year 2014. I want to apply for a one year masters program in john Hopkins.. do I get a scholarship for that..?

    • Avatar

      Yes Hamid, FB does allow such cases – take the GRE and apply.

  79. Avatar

    A.O.A I have MPhil political science with 3.25 CGPA. Please tell me minimum credible GRE score to get inducted for Phd under FB. Please also mention, are publications mandatory for Phd and if not then upto what extent they might help to secure FB.

    • Avatar

      WAS Adeel, publications are not mandatory but highly recommended. GRE score should be above 310 in your area.

  80. Avatar

    Mr Talha Omer please tell me that the students who had done fsc (pre eng) and now want to apply for any field of engineering in full bright, are they elligble for this ?

    • Avatar

      no – only graduates with 16 years of education are eligible.

  81. Avatar

    Please also tell the dates for registration for the year 2016 ?

    • Avatar

      InshAllah it will open in Feb 2016 and end in May 2016

  82. Avatar

    Hi Sir, i am Abdul and i am M.A English and M.ED in education, i want to apply for Ph.d. My TOEFL score is expired last month, So being a student of ENGLISH language GRE/ TOEFL is necessary for me FOR Applying..? Hoping to hear you soon..Thanks..

    • Avatar

      Hi Abdul, Yes these 2 tests are mandatory to qualify for the FB program.

  83. Avatar

    HI, recently i have passed my intermediate and now enrolled in a 5 years graduate programme in DVM ( Doctor of veternary Medicine) can u help me to get fulbright scholarship and which programme will suit on me , that my study may not disturbed………

    • Avatar

      This scholarship is only for students who have 16 years of education – do you have that much?

  84. Avatar

    Asalam O Alaikum..sir recently i have done masters in secondary education from punjab university as a regular student and scored 3.72 cgpa…i want to apply for full bight visa scholarship need ur guidance….what should be the first step …

    • Avatar

      WAS Tayyaba, Your first step should be to take the GRE before May this year πŸ™‚

  85. Avatar

    may i eligible for fullbright im student of bs part 2

  86. Avatar

    sir, iam in inter class at the moment can i apply for this now?

    • Avatar

      Nope – only after you graduate.

  87. Avatar

    Hi sir i have complete my (bachler) in BS Telecom and now i want to do MS .So which feild good for me thanks

    • Avatar

      Hello, Any field related to your interests and majors is suited for you πŸ™‚

  88. Avatar

    I have done masters in Economics some 5 years ago. It important to apply in a US university for FB scholarship? Minimum band of TOFEL and GRE test. GRE could not be replaced with something else?

    • Avatar

      FB is only for USA – GRE is mandatory and you must score above 315 for economics.

      • Avatar

        Thank you sir for your prompt reply. It means, for my subject, GRE is only required compulsory test? IELTS is not required? what is the full marks of GRE? I am so sorry to bother you again.

  89. Avatar

    sir a schlrshp sir phd k liye ha ya udrgraduate k liye b

  90. Avatar

    For Masters do you have to apply after graduating or in the final year? Or in the 3rd year so that you will get placed by the time you graduate?

    • Avatar

      You have to apply either after graduation or in your last year.

  91. Avatar

    I am a Retired Army Officer, 55 years old and have done MS(IT). Can I apply?

    • Avatar

      Hi Muneer, Definitely you can!

  92. Avatar

    Hello sir, i m student of doctor of pharmacy 3nd prof did any recent scholarship which i can applied

    • Avatar

      Hello you can apply for the Fulbright program – it will open in a couple of weeks time.

  93. Avatar

    I have passed B.A 1st div in 2015. I want to apply for scholarship for further education in Economic. Can i apply? IF yes, Please guide me. I am disable and from province Baluchistan.

  94. Avatar

    AOA, Talha, let me knw best refrence book for GRE PREPARATION i would be tahnkful to you though i belong to karachi …

  95. Avatar

    Hi, THIS IS ABDUL, i have done BS-Hon’s in Microbiology recently 2014. Now willing to get Fulbright scholarship and can you tell me how much GRE score is needed to meet with eligibility criteria to my relevant discipline.??

  96. Avatar

    I’m currently student of msc psychology and i will complete my degree in February 2016.Can i apply for fb without compilation of my degree in 2015?

    • Avatar

      WAS – No you cannot apply this year!

  97. Avatar

    Hi Umair, You can apply by the end of this month when the Fulbright opens πŸ™‚

  98. Avatar

    sir, I am Miraj khan from kurram agency FATA, Pakistan. i did BS(HON’S) in geology from university of Peshawar and got 76% marks. i want to be awarded Fulbright scholarship….what is the procedure and test the i will achieve my goal. please inform me in brief. thanks

  99. Avatar

    Salam Sir I m FSc student taking exam this May ..i want to study MBBS there .can i apply for this??..if yes so what are the requirements ?? many thanks

    • Avatar

      Hi Shoaib, Unfortunately not aware of MBBS scholarships.

  100. Avatar

    Hi Talha
    Em a certified disable person with master in english 2011-2013
    how could i apply n could i get selected?

  101. Avatar

    Hi Talha,

    I am a law graduate and I want to apply for M.A in theological/ religious studies on Fulbright as well as on my own (to Harvard Divinity School, UoChicago, Florida State and a few others). I have to take my GRE in March

    Could you help me with my PS? I mean I have made a draft and I can send it after my GRE.


    • Avatar

      Hi Fatima, Can you please contact my associate at tim.cleary@brightlinkprep.com. That is my team which looks after the essays and statements. Let me know if you have any queries.

  102. Avatar

    hi dear ,
    i have done fsc pre medical ,now i want to study medical sciences from states so let me know regarding full bright each n every detail.. please

    • Avatar

      Hi Shahid, FB does not give funding to medical students.

  103. Avatar

    SALAM SIR. my BS microbiology degree is in progress and hope it will be completed in coming august… i want to do ms in the same field now tell me the procedure how i avail this scholarship…

  104. Avatar

    Hi sir i am a student of BBA Honr and now in 5th semerster. and i want to do MBA NOW tell me the procedure how i get this scholarship

  105. Avatar

    salam. i m studying in QAU BS-4th with cgpa 2.8 can i apply for undergraduate ?

  106. Avatar

    sir m phil scholorship available han?

  107. Avatar

    Aoa.I have done my MBBS from Allama Iqbal Medical College this year. Can I apply for scholarship for M.phil in Public Health?
    Do they give scholarships for M.phil too?

    • Avatar

      WAS. Yes you can apply for MS or PhD not for MPHIL

      • Avatar

        Can I apply for Phd without having any masters degree?

  108. Avatar

    Sir, I need a little guidence ………there I go. I am doing BS inE nglish Literature, student of last semester. How can I apply, What is needed, FB time duration, and am I eligible for that?

  109. Avatar

    i wanna schlorship ………………………
    i have done bsc (hons) in food science and tecnology

  110. Avatar

    Dear Omar bhai, I have cOmpleted my graduation in 2007, can I apply for dis program now??

    • Avatar

      Hello Saira, Yup you can πŸ™‚

  111. Avatar

    I have a gre score of 303 with q161, cgpa 3.08/4.00(masters) and three years of teaching experience at public sector engineering university. applying for PhD in materials Engineering. what are my chances as overall score is not appreciable…

    • Avatar

      Less chances because your verbal score is too less.

  112. Avatar

    i am a BBA student, can i apply for BBA HONR?? can my credits be transferred or i have to start all over again?

  113. Avatar

    I am currently in my 6th semester of BS and my degree will complete somewhere in November 2016. Can I still apply for Fullbright 2016? Please advise

  114. Avatar

    Dear Talha. i have done chemical engineering in 2012 from NED. i want to know that is Master in chemical engineering included in their program? i want to apply Master in chemical engineering.

  115. Avatar

    sir im student of bs(education) i m in third year. am i eligible ?

  116. Avatar

    Done with my final year MBBS how can i apply

  117. Avatar

    Greetings. i have done my masters in English literature and linguistics from National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. i am currently working on my MS in Applied Linguistics from Foundation University, Rawalpindi. I have completed my coursework with a 3.98 cgpa and my thesis is in progress. i want to know if you have any consultants in Islamabad who can guide me regarding pursuing a PhD degree in Linguistics from English speaking countries preferably. Regards

    • Avatar

      I have also replied you on your email.

  118. Avatar

    Would you please tell me that how can I apply for M.Phil, as I have recently done my Masters in Biotechnology from University of Karachi, Pakistan.

    • Avatar

      WAS – MPHIL is not offered by FB – either MS or PHD.

  119. Avatar

    Sir i have done my ics in 2o14.how can i apply for undergraduate program?can you guide me plz.ielts is required or not?
    is admission start or not?

    • Avatar

      FB does not offer undergraduate scholarships.

  120. Avatar

    Hi Talha…. I have done Msc in Statistics. I m working as a lecturer in a semi govt college . Can I apply for fb scholarship?

  121. Avatar

    I have done BBA(Honors) in HR and I have been working in a Business Process Outsourcing firm in Karachi, based in Washington. How can I make a strong enough case in my personal statement to increase chances of me getting selected? Do HR people get preference in Fullbright?

  122. Avatar

    Please let me know that GRE is also compulsory for postdoctoral research studies? You have shared data of PhD and masters Fulbright 2015 admitted candidates, excellent. what about postdoc candidates. when it is going to announce?

    • Avatar

      FB does not give funding to post docs.

      • Avatar

        Its very strange to know that FB is not funding to postdoc. I have appied my self on a prescribed form provided by USEFP website. and they are funding postdocs from alst many years. I am waiting for result about shortlisted candidates and just saw your website so post a comment. but you really did not know about the FB program detail.

        check this link

        • Avatar

          The link you sent does not work – it is expired or something. Why haven’t you received any response on the app yet if you applied?

  123. Avatar

    Hi. I am LL.B. degree holder from PU in 2009. Later I was selected as a lecturer in a Public Sector University in 2012 and served there for almost one year and 11 months. There I had one international publication to my credit. Recently I was appointed as a Civil Judge. Though I am not teaching anymore but I am still interested in further education. I want to know whether I am eligible to apply for this scholarship as I am not studying or teaching anymore. Is there any age limitation or any preferences regarding age? I took IELTS and got 7.5 band, would it be considered instead of TOFEL?

    • Avatar

      Hi Humaira yes you are eligible πŸ™‚

  124. Avatar

    Hello ! . I have done graduation in Zoology . Could you please tell me that is masters in Zoology included in this program ?

  125. Avatar

    Dear sir i did MBA=M-phill in business administration how can i get phd scholarship and what to do for it?

  126. Avatar

    Hi Talha, i have a Bachelor’s degree in Furniture design and manufacture from Pakistan. I went to UK for a course during my bachelor’s degree as it was an optional part of the degree. I would like to apply for FB in Interior Design. Do they offer this field and is GRE a requirement? I graduated in 2012 and have been working since then. Thank you.

    • Avatar

      Hi Fatima, Yes GRE is a requirement and FB does offer it in interior design. Good Luck!

  127. Avatar

    hello Talha,

    I want to avail the Fulbright Scholarship for an MBA, and there is a 3 year work experience requirement for that. Do you think it is a hard limit or would they consider someone with a 2-2.5 years of experience with a fairly decent profile otherwise?


  128. Avatar

    Sir my question is, what if one apply for MBA after engineering. Does it diminish one’s chances to get full bright scholarship?

    • Avatar

      For MBA you need 3 years of work experience to apply for FB

  129. Avatar

    can students of doctor of physical therapy program apply for fullbright scholarship ?

  130. Avatar

    Sir i have done DAE Civil engineering and now i want to take admission for B,Tech Civil. Tell me can i apply for scholarship?

    • Avatar

      No you cannot apply because you have a diploma. A degree is required to apply

  131. Avatar

    sir i am disable person .i have done m.com in 2014 can i apply for m.phill degree?any seat reserve for special person?

    • Avatar

      Yes applicants with disabilities are encouraged to apply!

  132. Avatar

    mention new date of applying?

  133. Avatar

    hi.i have done B.S (4 years) in physics .i got 3.91 C.G.P.A .i want to avail fyllbright scholorship 2016.i read all the detail,i have no tofle no gre yet.kindle plz advice me in all these criteria what should i prefeere first .either tofle gre .i want to prepare my self fully for applying in FB 2016,from where i start

    • Avatar

      Hello Seher, Start with GRE first and try to maximise your score in it πŸ™‚

  134. Avatar


    sir, i have done BS in electronics and electrical system from lhr . All subjects in my degree are similar to electrical engineering, but my degree is not recognized by PEC.Can i apply for ms electrical engineering through fb.

    • Avatar

      WAS Ahsan, Yes you can apply πŸ™‚

  135. Avatar

    sir please help me i am hopeful to get 42+ marks in the test plz tell me kuch ban sakta hai ya nai plz help plz help as a brother

    • Avatar

      As long as you have a decent score in GRE and a degree, chances are high.

  136. Avatar

    I have passed my Intermediate exam in 2013, but because of some personal issue I wasn’t able to get admission in university, now I am looking for fully funded scholarship in Engineering field, how I can apply for your program ?

    • Avatar

      You will first have to give the GRE exam and apply next year by May.

  137. Avatar

    how can i apply for fulbright scholarship ?? i have a Bachelor of Education and Science in biology and geology Can you help me with some informations ?

  138. Avatar

    hi! sir i want to ask that i am doing pharm-d from uol and i want to do M.d…can i apply for it ? what is the criteria for applying it…how much gpa is required for it ? and what is the method for applying ?

  139. Avatar

    Hello, can i apply for Engineering scholarship for full bright 2015 programme?

  140. Avatar

    Kindly guide me when interviews for FB 2016 ate scheduled. I had already applied for it and also emailed the requisite detail to USEFP as desired by them. When will interview candidates list be published/ announced.

  141. Avatar

    sir i want to study for free mbbs .how i can apply

    • Avatar

      There are no MBBS scholarships for US.

  142. Avatar

    Dear Talha Omer,

    I have been invited to a Fulbright Interview. However, I have been also accepted to a UK university for a one year Master’s program. My visa appointment is in September. What should I do in case if I win the Fulbright Scholarship? Should I let know the interview committee about my plans related to UK?

    • Avatar

      Hi, Well in case you tell them about UK then you must have a genuine reason of why you don’t want to pursue that and go for Fulbright. If you have a good reason they will favor your application πŸ™‚

  143. Avatar

    Hi i am Mohsin .i have recetly completed M.Sc .i want scholarship for P.H.D .i am pakistani

  144. Avatar

    i have complted my master degree ..i want to apply for mphil ..
    is fulbright offer mphil or not?

    • Avatar

      WAS FB only offer MS and pHD

  145. Avatar

    im Mustafa from Pakistan.im a student of fsc (HSC!) ive done matric and have scored 84%
    I want to apply for this scholarship, what is the procedure and way could u guide me nd elaborate please !

    • Avatar

      This is not for FSC students – only for BS and MS students.

  146. Avatar

    I have cleared my 2nd year with marks 806 in science subjects i want schlorship plz brief me??

  147. Avatar

    Hello sir..
    which is GRE exame brief me kindly???

  148. Avatar

    hi, any 1 give me suggestion about the scholarship of MBA program in karachi, scholarship on the basis of merit only????

  149. Avatar

    there is any scholarship for MBA on merit base i have done my BS in computer sci n want scholarship on merit ???

  150. Avatar

    Is there any full undergraduate engineering scholarship in USA for pakistani students

    • Avatar

      None for PK in particular – but uni’s give funding in US if you apply directly to them with a great profile.

  151. Avatar

    sir am new student of CA can i apply for scolarship

    • Avatar

      Yes of course.

    • Avatar

      I am working professional having experience of more than 7 years and I am in age 41 , having physical disability. Can I apply for any scholarship? thanks

  152. Avatar

    i am a student of bs mass communication 3rd semester can i apply for FB scholarship?if,so please share the link of application form and required details…..

    • Avatar

      You can only apply either after graduation or in the 7th or 8th semester.

  153. Avatar

    And how about age? I had completed my masters in 2007.. I was 29 on 2nd of May 2015. Would i be able to apply in 2016?

  154. Avatar


    Sir I am Khalid Usman ,I am recently done Msc Ecnomics from Kohat university of science and technology,i have done the Research process with the primary data to 5 percent plagiarism.I am also physical disable on one foot,but still i more interested on the education field up to M Phil.
    can any scholarship available for disable students in the M Phil stage??????
    if possible the reply on Email then; kuk4243@gmail.com

  155. Avatar

    A.O.A. Hy i am geologist from A.J.K University Muzaffarabad. I had done B.S (Hon’s) in geology. can i have chances for M.S in petroleum geology from any university through the scholarship. and kindly explain the to apply???

    • Avatar

      WAS – you can apply after giving GRE and then follow the steps outlined above πŸ™‚ You have chances in any field you want to apply to

  156. Avatar

    I passed my B.com (honr,S) Last year in 2014.I got CGPA 2.98 can i apply for this scholarship now plz tell me instantly I will wait till your repply.

    • Avatar

      Yes you can πŸ™‚ if it is a 4 year degree

  157. Avatar

    i have done my BS in POLITICAL SCIENCE.can i apply fo my M-PHIL IN IR?

  158. Avatar


    • Avatar

      WAS Nope you cannot. It requires 16 years of education

  159. Avatar

    sir can i get this scholarship in my country pakistan

    • Avatar

      Nope it is for US only.

      • Avatar

        I m from Pakistan and i need ur good suggestion for my study in abroad.

        • Avatar

          Yes sure πŸ™‚ please ask

  160. Avatar

    I done my Master’s degree in n telecommunications 3.04/4.00 and now I want to do MS or any other course in my own field of study …
    Please guide me for the further process.
    M I eligible or not ??!

    • Avatar

      Yes you are eligible just give GRE.

  161. Avatar

    hello sir!
    i am student of BS computer science and right now am in 5th semester can i apply for full bright scholarship??

    • Avatar

      You can only apply in your 7th/8th semester or after graduation

  162. Avatar

    can you tell me this time which scholarships are available………????

  163. Avatar

    I have done my fsc with 603 marks and got 7 bands in ielts can I apply for this scholarship in us for law?

    • Avatar

      Only after your undergrad.

  164. Avatar

    Can one apply for a Phd Scholarship after Msc (i.e 16 years of education)? If so, how much of preference is given on the research work of the student, because as an MSc student you get little to none.

    • Avatar

      Research is mandatory and most important part of a PHD application

  165. Avatar

    I am From Pakistan . Recently i passed FSC-2 , I Belong with poor family Having enough money Study further . Can you give me any Scholarship to fillful my Dreams to be a doctor . Thus i can serve my country please

  166. Avatar

    Assalam-u-alikum Sir. I did B.E in Mechanical Engineering from NED with a CGPA of 3.7/4 in 2013. I have two years of works experience till now. I had worked for one year in a well known power plant and currently I am working in an Oil refinery. Both of the work experiences resonates well with my field of education. I have given GRE recently but unfortunately the scores are not up to the mark. I scored 147 in verbal and 156 in quantitative. Are there any US universities in which I might have bright chances of admission and funding.

    • Avatar

      Hello Farhan – admissions are possible in many programs but not any funding πŸ™

  167. Avatar

    Aoa. I have done mbbs can i apply for fb

    • Avatar

      WAS – Yes if you want don’t want to pursue clinical medicine.

  168. Avatar

    Assalam-O-Alaikum! hope u will be fine! Sir I am student of last semester of doctor of pharmacy(Pharm. D-5 years). Can i apply in Master leading to P.H.D(5 years) in full bright scholarship? Another question is Can i apply in following subjects:-
    1. Clinical Pharmacy 2. Pharmacology 3. Pharmacy Practice As in official website it has been cleared that u can not apply for Clinical medicine and other patient care field, but Clinical pharmacy or pharmacology or Pharmacology are different fields of pharmacy than Clinical medicine e.t.c

    • Avatar

      WAS – I am great – hope you are fine too πŸ™‚ Fulbright does not offer MS leading to PHD. Yes you can apply in these subjects.

  169. Avatar

    being in final year of undergrad program should i apply for this year or next year?

  170. Avatar

    A.O.A. sir I am doing M.phill economics and Finance from Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), my degree will be completed in september 2016 I.A. pleasee tell me I am eligible for FB.

    • Avatar

      WAS yes you can apply this year

  171. Avatar

    sir i got 2.5 cgpa in BS(HONS) can i avail FB

  172. Avatar

    i have completed the course work of Ms in management but thesis are near to be finalized.can i apply for GRE subject or GAT subject?
    guide for any course which is must for PHD in Pakistan and abroad also

    • Avatar

      Neither is must – for abroad GRE general only

  173. Avatar

    Respected Sir,


    I am a Pakistani student. I want to take admission P.H.D in Saudi Arabia scholarship base. My current age 32 years.I have a β€œvery good” post graduation university degree.please give me guide line for applying process . Please tell me about requirement and admission criteria.My husband live in Saudi Arabia. I shall be very thankful to you for this great kindness.
    Thankyou very much…..

  174. Avatar

    Aoa sir ! I did b.com from PU. Currently im doing CA . can i apply for fb ?
    Secondly if i can apply for fb .. Than ill be able in future to do some side job during my studies in US . Plz let me know the detailed information . Thank u in advance


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