Fulbright Pakistan Interview Experience # 4 – 2014

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Hello Guys,

Here is an interview experience of an electrical engineering applicant for Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2014. Here it is in his own words:

Some Statistics for 2014 Fulbright Scholarship Program:

# of Applicants for Fulbright in 2014


# of Applicants called in for an Interview


# of Scholarships

Depends on the funding

My Profile

Undergraduate: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
Years of Experience: 1
GRE score: 312
Applying for: MSc Engineering

“Hey Guys, Asalam-O-Alaikum!

I also had the opportunity of giving the Fulbright interview on 29th August 2013. Well the panel I faced had 2 Americans and 2 Pakistani Fulbright alumni. I am Gold Medalist of my undergraduate course and have a CGPA of 3.89. I have over 1 year of work experience plus a bunch of extra and co-curricular activities.

My area of interest is Aerial Autonomous Robots and the first question that the Americans threw at me was “Drones? You want to work on drones?”

This made me and the whole panel laugh out loud. This question removed all of my anxiety and i felt at peace and very comfortable. I gave a prompt and confident reply and the American nodded in acknowledgement.

I felt really proud of myself for getting such a positive response from the panel and the rest of the interview went smoothly. My GRE scores were not that high like I mentioned in my profile above so the Pakistani guys asked me if I am flexible in studying at any university.

Overall it was one of the most learning experiences I ever had in my life and yes I know that engineers are a minority at Fulbright interviews especially electrical engineers. But don’t lose hope guys and don’t be demotivated.

Treat them like they treat you. Don’t think they are here to select you. Think of it as you are there to check whether these guys are suitable for you or not! Good Luck!”

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  1. I am a bit confused about the fact, that if we apply to foreign universities this year, we would be admitted for the Fall 2014 program, but Fulbright admissions that’ll open in 2014 would be granted for admissions of year 2015. Can you please elaborate a bit on this?

    I also dropped you an email, but haven’t received a response as yet.

    • Yes you are right….it will start in 2015….I usually respond after a week to FB queries on emails….

      • Actually I am referring this comment to the person who shared the Fulbright Interview Experience # 04. I am very similar profile to yours, bachelors in EE, applied for MSc through Fulbright, and a GRE score of 312. Therefore I just thought that may be we can be in each others contact and let know of the Fulbright result.

        • Hello Osama, How was your interview expeirence?

          • Hello Sir Talha:

            Overall, I thought that the interview went well.

            I was interviewed by a panel of 4 consisting of 3 Americans and 1 Pakistani. The questions were about what I want to study further, why do I want to study further? What do I like about Pakistan? Am I a proud Pakistani? Extracurricular etc. They didn’t ask me anything like if you’d have any problem studying in a low-ranked university or not? The more I think about my interview the more anxious I feel. I felt nice about the interview. Now the rest in on Allah.

            Kindly pray for me.

  2. Are they still calling ppl for final selection or is it over ?

    • Nope now they are not…i guess they are done.

  3. Hi, 2 questions. 1) Does one have to be working/studying at the time of the application? 2) Do the references have to be sealed?

    • 1) No restriction as such on working or studying – you may be doing anything
      2) Yes

  4. Hello dude,

    I belong to Quetta. I have done BS in Petroleum and Gas Engineering from BUITEMS Quetta and then MBA from IBA Karachi. I have have got 4.5 years of teaching experience plus 1 year field experience of supply chain management.

    I want to do PhD in Business i.e. Building Supply chain Chain Management model. Am I eligible?

    • Yes of course you are – just give the GRE exam now.

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