Fulbright Pakistan Interview Experience # 2 – 2014

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Hello Guys,

This is another Fulbright interview experience from another Fulbright applicant from Pakistan. He sent me an email a few days ago detailing his experience of Fulbright scholarship Pakistan 2014. I hope it will be informative for you guys πŸ™‚

Some Statistics for 2014 Fulbright Scholarship Program:

# of Applicants for Fulbright in 2014


# of Applicants called in for an Interview


# of Scholarships

Depends on the funding

“I was shortlisted for Fulbright 2014 and gave my interview today. I have given my best and rest is up to Allah but i wanted to thank you for you had been a part of this partial success.

For your info my credentials are;
GRE: 319 (Q:162 V:157)
Discipline: Mechatronics Engineering NUST
CGPA: 3.62

And one thing you could note is that the ratio of engineering students being shortlisted is very small compared to those who are of public policy and related sciences. Out of the 40 who were interviewed today in a total of 2 batches only 2 of us were from engineering and just 2 of MBA. So a public policy student has better chances of being shortlisted than an engineer. Also almost all of them were from LUMS with excellent credentials and communication skills.

And in reply to a comment of yours we were given a handout today congratulating us and mentioning that from a total of 1311 applicants this year approx. 300 are shortlisted and the final number of to be selected candidates depends upon the funding available.

Please pray for me, i really need them now.

My Advice:

  • Engineers should not have high hopes. They are not favoring engineers this time.
  • Stay calm during your interview as they will try to confuse you.
  • No need to wear a suit. Simple pant and shirt would serve the purpose.

Questions Asked:

  • Why did you chose Mechatronics engineering as your field in Bachelors?
  • What would you do if you were offered a job in the U.S. after graduation?
  • Do you think Pakistan has any future in Robotics? What is currently being done in Pakistan to promote Mechatronics?
  • Why did you have a low Quant score in your GRE exam considering that you are an engineer?

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  1. Wow! Seems like they grilled just about everyone. I thought I was the only one :/

    • Madiha, Would you share your experience with us?

  2. The number of applicants seems ridiculously low. I mean 700-800 would have sent applications from Lahore alone.

    Any idea if this information is correct?

    • FB applicants are generally low because of the GRE requirement….1311 is the correct and reliable figure. πŸ™‚

      • can you please tell me the figures of last year (2013 program). how many people applied for fb 2013 and how many got calls and how many get selected ?
        reply is appreciated πŸ™‚

        • last year it was 1098 who applied, 379 got calls and 200 were sent abroad πŸ™‚

  3. I had my interview for PhD yesterday. It went amazingly well. I wonder if they are this friendly to the PhD candidates only, since everyone else on the forum is complaining about the panelists’attitude. Mine was basically very focused. There was one American guy who really knew the area of my expertise, so I had a really good time discussing it with him. At the end we also came up with a few common friends working in the same field (Political Science with specific focus on Pashtun belt).

    • Nice Aamer, My guess is that PhD people are more mature in terms of their personal focus and ofcourse are better prepared technically to answer all types of questions on the interview. I wish you best of luck with everything and please do let me know what transpires πŸ™‚

      • Hello Amir,
        nice to hear about your PHD interview. I had given my master`s interview on 30th August. Like you, i also came out of the interview room quite contented. There were no out of way questions of anything that could have made me stammer.
        Anyhow, i want to know from you that when we were interviewed they had given us a sheet on which it was written 1311 applied and 300 have been shortlisted.
        Are you given the similar sheet? or there is some separate shortlisting figure for the PHD candidates. Share please if you can that whether you got the same number n sheet or you were given some different stats.
        They are over with the Masters interviews i think pHD would also be ending in this week

        • Agreeing with Ali…Amir please do share if you got something different πŸ™‚

        • 300 is the total number of shortlisted candidates both for MS and PhD. we PhD candidates got that same sheet. but Mr. Talha do you have any information about how many of phds got interviewed? in my session we had 20 phds. now i dont know how many of them were in the morning session or on monday. please do tell. πŸ™‚

  4. hey, kindly tell whether equal scholarships are given to MBA students at FB or whether MS students are given more preference over MBA? i mean what has been the past trend. it’ll be better if the answer is in percentage form, though there is no need to be exact answer, it can be a rough estimate as it will help in comparison. because i think there are already more MS candidates applying for FB scholarships, so it will not give a true representation if we look over the numbers only.thank you.

  5. A Facebook group β€˜ Fulbright Pakistan 2014 cohort’ for the successful candidates has been set-up. So, please join in and get to know each other. Here is the URL to the group :


  6. Hi Mr. Talha,
    I want some info regarding FullBright.
    I completed BS(CS) from FAST-NU with 3.1 CGPA and have GRE score of 311. Also work experiece of about one year hardly. I want to go for MS(CS). What will be my chances?

    • Hi Atif, if your quant is 165+ then chances will be strong. Work experience also needs to be relevant.

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