Fulbright Evaluation Criteria and Weightage

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Fulbright gives hundred’s of scholarships to Pakistani students each year – seeking the most promising students in terms of academic rigor, leadership potential, and personal traits and achievements.

The USEFP does not base its admissions decision on a single factor while evaluating candidates, in fact they take into account multiple factors such as your previous educational performance, 2 essays (personal statement and study objectives), standardized test scores (GRE in this case), 3 letters of references or recommendations, work experience or publications and later on an interview. They consider each application holistically, and take your academic background, experiences, fit with the Fulbright vision, aspirations, and accomplishments into account.

Over the past 3 years I have personally collected and analyzed data for individuals who eventually were offered a place on the Fulbright program. Based on this data I have come up with pretty accurate estimates of the weightage that each individual factor is given by the Fulbright panel while evaluating them.

Intellect and Aptitude

In assessing intellectual rigour, Fulbright panel believes that your attitude toward enhancing your intellect is as important as your aptitude. They expect you to share your devotion, passion, and interest in expanding your intellectual prowess.

USEFP also considers the steps and initiatives that you have taken to enhance your knowledge. If you have taken any measures to master concepts that may not be immediately relevant to your intended career, you will be given extra attention.

Demonstrated Leadership Potential

Fulbright is an exchange program, which seeks individuals who have the potential to lead and bring change to the society in Pakistan. Therefore they constantly strive to select candidates who have influenced the people and organizations around them, and the way those experiences have shaped them. They consider your awareness of what you do well, your strengths and the areas in which you can improve, your weaknesses and your openness to criticism and feedback.

I think that Fulbright gives preference to students who have done ordinary things extraordinarily well. What you make of an experience matters to them, not simply the experience itself.

A word of advice: Take time to think on who you are and remember that there is neither an “ideal” candidate nor a “typical” Fulbright student – however focus on these weightage.


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    Hi Talha Sir,
    I gave my GRE 2 days before and I scored Q-164 and V-154.How is this score for fullbright scholarships and for admission in middle rank universities of USA.
    What is a good TOEFL score for the fullbright. What is the level of TOEFL as compared to GRE Verbal?
    Sir GRE quantitative section appears much more difficult than Powerprep Q section.In powerprep and a mock test I easily manged to finish me quantitative sections with 8-10 minutes remaining and scored almost 165+ every time.But in actual gre during ist section I left with 3 questions in last 5 minutes and in 2nd section I left with 5 questions in last 5 minutes.Almost I answered 4 questions without any idea of answer,just closed my eyes and marked on one option.Percentage questions were quite complex and time consuming.Actually questions were not very difficult but they were time demanding.
    But verbal section was a relief.First section was terribly difficult,2nd and 3rd were quite average ,and a person with good verbal preparation could easily cross 160.I scored almost a constant figure 0f 149 in powerprep,mock test,manhattan practice test but in actual GRE I reached 154 which is 4 points above my expectations.
    Overall score is according to my expectation,with disappointing performance on quantitative(as I was not sure of about 10 questions),but verbal scores gave me reason to cheers….

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    Sir I am working on my statement of purpose these days.The SOP contains everything regarding my interest,my study objectives,plans for graduate school,career,research interest.Now for fullbright do I need to separate the study objectives and study plans?

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    Dear Sir,

    How to apply?
    How to know the eligibility criteria?
    what’s the deadline to apply?


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    Hi Talha Sir,
    If a person have stammering applies for fulbright, then his chances of selection increased or decreased?
    As you have mentioned above, a person having disability increases the chances. But you also wrote that if a person does not have leadership potential then his chances decrease. As due to stammering, that person does not have leadership qualities due to his speech problem. So, is the stammering really increased or decreased the chances of selection ?

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      Hi Aleena, I answered this query of yours on the other forum!

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    Dear Omer,
    kindly let me know what is the next coming schedule of GRE test.i,ll be much obliged to you.

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    Hi Talha,

    Why is significant academic experience in a developed nation a -10%?


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      Well that is the way the FB works – they want to give opportunity to those who didnt get any so far.

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    HI Talha
    Just wanna confirm if i am not Pakistani national but doing my bachelors in here so i am eligible to apply for FB from Pakistan or not ?

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    Sir kindly guide me about applying for full bright scholarship after dvm degree for admission in m.phill…eligibility,procedure and good score? thanks

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    Hello Talha Sir, I am doing Bs (hons) Biochemistry and want to apply for fullbright for masters, kindly guide me is MS Biochemistry is offering under fullbright? if yes than what is application procedure, eligibility etc?

    hope ofr your kind response

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    I am from Balochistan province and I want to apply for Fulbright master scholarships. I have done my bachelor degree in international Relations but got overall 50 percent which is called second division and also in Matrix and F.Sc I got second divisions. May I be able to apply for the scholarship? Is there any concession for Balochistan students regarding second division.

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      Yes you can apply and there is some preference to students from Balochistan.

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    Hi. I’ve scored 161 V and 162 Quant in the GRE ? My GPA is 3.0 and I’m a lums student. Is this a competitive application ?

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      Well can’t really say – a lot depends on your objectives and personal statement. But academic wise it is good.

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    AoA Sir

    Thanks for your guidance. I just wanted to ask what does significant academic experience from a developed country mean? I have done my masters from abroad, does that mean I should not be so hopeful about fulbright as it has already reduced my chances?

    Thank you

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      WAS – Yes Fulbright prefers those who have not been abroad before 🙁

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    Hi, I will be completing 3 years of my experience on October 2016 (including trainee ship period). Also I have done 2 six week internships. I want to apply for MBA program but it requires at least 3 years of experience. Should I apply now or wait till next year round? Also please tell me what are the prospects of getting scholarship for MBA as it is not a priority course of Fulbright program.

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      Hi Myra – you should wait for next year. 3 years of experience must be at the time of the FB application. MBA prospects are not too great. Very few get it

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    Hello sir, can you please guide me about the letter of recommendation
    Do i need the letter on the letter head of my company or university? or my referee directly has to mail the recommendation letter

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      Referee had to fill the reference form in the application form and seal it and give you – you can then send it with your applications

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    hi Sir! I have did my B.Sc(Hons) in agriculture economics in 2006 and also have 4 years job experience in agricultural government project ,now working in an international organization in field of agriculture. im married and have kids now. i am female belong from kpk and want to get admission in MS Agriculture economics in US. My husband is also an agriculturist.Am i eligible for FB scholarship(im 33 years old).

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      Yes you are eligible – both you and your husband must apply

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    Hi Sir! Is there any Brightlink-Prep branch in peshawar . If there is any please give me an adress. If there isn’t then please guide me how can I get all the learning material of Brightlink_prep in hard or soft form. If there are any charges for getting them by post or e-mail please give me the details.

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      Hello Zakia – Can you please contact us at 0331-4513196 to discuss in detail the kind of material you need and what we can offer. Thanks – we are only located in Lahore

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    good morning sir. sir i want to get some information about full bright scholarship. sir i have completed my M.Sc, and M.Phil is continue from Government Collage University Faisalabad ,Punjab Pakistan.can i get Fulbright scholarship and what requirements i have to complete?

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    hello Asalam o alikum sir,
    i have recently completed my graduation from ned university with a 3.4 cgpa. i want to do the master program ffrom USA, will you please guide me how to apply??

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    I hope you are healthy and happy sir.
    As you have mentioned that we can give GRE test after last date also, but yesterday I called the USEFP office and asked him that, Can I give GRE test after last date of application form submission if I apply before for GRE?
    The person told me no, I have to submit official or non official score result with application otherwise it will be not evaluated.
    What you can advise to us?

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      You can give the GRE by 30th May 🙂

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    Hi Talha Sir,
    I got 151 in Verbal and 154 in GRE plus I have a CGPA of 3.3 in BS Business Administration from Quaid-i-Azam University. Do you think I stand a chance for getting selected in FB? I have two internships as my work experience and I am applying for Masters in Marketing or Entrepreneurship??

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      Hello Rafeh – based on your profile there is nothing special to be honest there. Unless you have taken up a good start up venture or something that can back your profile. Thanks

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        hello sir talha ,
        i applied for Fb this year , my cgpa for bachelors in psychology :3.85 ( 2016) , GRE SCORE :270 (I know its low and intend to improve it ) but didnt get
        i was wondering what can i improve other than dong internships , volunteering and work …that can give me an edge , your input would be great help

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          Hello – publications in int’l places matter a lot – try to get those and you will have the edge you need

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    Dear Talha Omer, I would like to ask you regarding the last criteria of your analysis (about foreign academic experience). I was an exchange student in the framework of Erasmus program, should I worry about -10%? Thanks!

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      Hello – Criteria is simply experience.

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    salam sir,
    i am PhD student and want to study in US on six month scholarship financed by HEC. how can i get admission for my six month research

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    Assalam o alaikum sir! I won a free GRE voucher on scoring 300+ on my mock test. Originally I was planning to apply for fulbright in 2017 after the completion of my bachelors in engineering, but the free GRE made me take the shot.
    I got a score of 314 (154v, 160q). Is this a decent score? I am planning to pursue my Masters in Energy.

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      WAS – Yes this is a really good score for MS in energy. Focus on your app now, don’t retake the GRE

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    Dear sir,

    I am a sociologist. i want to do my masters aboard. can i apply for GRE?

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      Hello Sofia – Yes you can apply for GRE!

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    Respected mr talha omer, i have done my masters in business admin back in 2010. Since then i have worked in local private companies as marketing officer and as admin officer. Now my aim is to get a scholorship in usa or canada. My gpa is 3.2 and i havent appeared in GRE. Please guide me what to do now and also tell me about the chances of an MBA getting a scholorship in US universities. Thanks

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      Hello, you have significant work experience, so make sure you capitalize on it. Get done with GRE and score above 315.

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    hello sir talha. i am mhpil student of fatima jinnah women university.i have completed my course work and i am working on my research proposal.sir i want my phd from USA.bt my degree will complete in October 2017. sir can i apply for full bright scholarship in May 2017.secondaly should i give GRE or TOEFL. my current cgpa is 3.5.my area of interest is Education.please guide .

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      Yes you can apply next year. Give GRE general.

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    Dear when the application is submitted for the FB kindly know me the months when it will be started

    and also the GRE EXAMS DATES
    and what is the test score to apply for the application

    Kind Regards

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    Just want to know if IBCC attestation is mandatory for Matriculation and Intermediate certificates. Will attestation from respective issuing boards be enough for Fulbright application?

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      Nope not required. only boards attestation is fine

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    Hello respected Talhaiarn, I’m doing M SC criminology which will complete with 3.90 cgpa in Feb 2017. I’m a police officer can I get fulbright scholarship for Phd. Which of the USA universities offer this subject PhD?

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      Yes you can get Fulbright 🙂 You will have to use usnews.com to identify prospective programs in this field. Thanks

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    Dear Sir, I am preparing to apply for PhD Fulbright program in 2017-18. I want to know whether it is mandatory to sign a contract with HEC that will bind me to return to Pakistan immediately after the program in the U.S. and serve the country for the number of years equivalent to the length of their scholarship program????

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      Hello – yes you will have to sign an agreement and come back to Pakistan once you complete your PHD. You have to stay in Pakistan for 4 years after your PHD

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    i want to apply for the m.phil
    how to apply

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    Assalam o Alaikum sir; if someone has done Masters and PhD from Thailand and apply for FB, and he gets selected for the interview, how much chances are there for future selection? what are the steps after clearing the interview?

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      WAS yes one can be selected still. Although chances are low. FB will inform you of the steps once you are selected.

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    Hello, today i recieved an email from fullbright team and unfortunately i wasnt one of the selected candidat, i want to know who are the best candidats to be chosen by the team? Need more info please P.S i didnt have toefl score at the time of applying . Can this be considered as weak point? Thank you

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      Hello – TOEFL is not a weak point. We will be sharing the profiles of successful students once we compile them. Thanks

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        If you dont mind, my weird kind of question ? can i send you my subjective and objective letrers to review them and tell me how can i improve them? I will try over and over again but i need help. Thank you sooooo very much even if its nt possible to review my letters.

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    Aslam o Alaikum Sir,
    I am undergraduate premedical student. I want to get full bright scholarship to continue my studies. I want to become an MBBS doctor, nutritionist or physiotherapist. I want to study in America on full bright scholarship. please tell me about gree test requirements.Now I am waiting for MDCAT result. I have got 93 percent marks in metric and FSC premedical. If you have any scholarship for me then guide me.
    . I am very thankful to you.

    • Avatar

      W.S Mehak, Well you can only pursue non-clinical programs under Fulbright. For those programs GRE requirement is 310+


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    Please tell me about scholarship after DPT program. Have you any scholarship for Ms kinesiology or Ms anatomy or Ms physiology.

  36. Avatar

    If someone’s want to do MBA from top ranked or middle ranked University in USA. What are the chances for him to get Fulbright scholarship (if there are any chances)…?

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      Hello Abdul, Yes FB can be availed for MBA. MBA profiles for MBA requires 3+ years of work experience and GRE scores above 325+

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    I m police officer sp rank psp and want to apply for lllm what is the requirement

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    Dear Highly Respected Sir,

    I am in a very urgent need of an Fulbright Statement of Grant Purpose Essay. Please kindly provide me with one that is appropriate for me.

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    I need to know about selection email date. When will FB start sending selection/rejection emails to candidates for 2019 session. ?

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      By End of August/early September

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        Assalam o Alaikum Sir I want To know The last date of application submission for fullbright scholarship program ? Is it Still open or Closed ?

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          W.A.S Seemab, It is closed for this year. It will open in Feb next year and close in May next year.


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