Fulbright Deadline Extended to 1st June

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The registration deadline for the Fulbright Scholarship 2016 has now been extended to 1st June 2015. Initially the deadline was 13th may 2015 but due to a large number of applicants who were unable to take the GRE exam because of unavailability of seats, USEFP has pushed the submission date to June 1st – a welcome relief for many students. More information can be found on the official website of usefp.

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  1. Thanks Talha. But the USEFP website doesn’t show any update on this.

  2. can we send Fulbright application through TCS?
    If not how should we send application

  3. CAN I send my application on Monday (June 1) or does it have to sent before the deadline?

  4. Just read this. Why not TCS?

  5. I was going to send in my application through TCS today. Do you know anything about hand delivering it? Please reply asap!

    • You can hand it in person to USEFP Islamabad office – but you can do that on Monday now.

  6. Submitted my application yesterday at five! I think I might have an aneurysm by now. Could you tell me about the time it takes for them to complete their review for the interview short list?

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