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The Fulbright program 2015 for Pakistani students has been launched and the deadline is May 14 2014. Here is the application form that you need to submit by the deadline.

Download the Fulbright Application form 2015

Do keep in mind that you need to submit the following before the deadline:

1) Complete Fulbright Application form
2) GRE general test scores
3) Personal Statement
4) Research Objectives
5) 3 Letters of recommendation
6) Attested photo copies of your degree and other documents
7) TOEFL Scores

Good Luck with your application!


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    Why does your checklist for things to submit before FB deadline have TOEFL scores? It is not in the checklist given in the fulbright application form! Please reply!

    Thank you!

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    Hello Sir,
    I am from Hyderabad, Pakistan..
    I’m a graduate in Analytical Chemistry like just completed BS honors in dec 2012. this year in May I’m planning n preparing to apply for MS fullbright for which I have to take GRE in upcoming dates as 14th may is deadline.
    I want your help regarding preparation of GRE and SOP.
    Kindly guide me plz. I’m goin for online registration as well.
    reply soon

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      You can ask me questions anytime 🙂

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    guys. will
    it be really difficult

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    Hi just wanted to ask, do we have to visit USEFP office islamabad to submit our applications? it doesn’t say anywhere. It only gives a PO BOX number.

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      You cannot visit the USEFP to submit forms. you have to send it to that PO Box.

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    Hello, is work in the Middle East. I called the USEFP and asked them if i could apply. They said that i have to be in Pakistan during the application process for my application to consider and that ill have to leave my job here to do that. Is there any way around it?

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      Nope. there is no work around. You will have to be here.

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    Dear Omer, can you summerise factors of strong application along with bench marks. Is it necessary to give university perference names, age factor is of any impotance. I mean what specifc is needed to do well so that the scholrahip is in my kitty

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    I have got Q: 161 V: 155 AW: 3 CGPA: 3.74 with 3 yr work experience …what are my chances of getting through with such a low AW score?

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      What is your field of interest?

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    how can i find that full bright has been offered in public health or not? i cant find the list of fields one can apply anywhere plus what abt universities. which universities comes under this program

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      Komal, Public health does come under FB program. I think i missed it out. Thanks for pointing out.

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    Do I have send the reference letters separately, as these are the confidential? and secondly, I am applying for MS Finance, so what are my chances for being selected?

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      No you can send them with your application in a sealed envelope. Can’t comment about your chances since I know nothing about you. Good luck

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    Salam Brother,
    I wanted to ask that in the application form there is a section of Personal Financial Information Form in which we have to indicate all funds in U.S currency. Why are they asking for it and how to fill it out? What to indicate?

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    The guidelines before the application form specifically state that the references need to be sent directly by the referees to USEFP. There is no harm in getting them sent directly, is there?

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      I replied to your query on the other forum 🙂

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    when this scholarship registration come again in 2014?????kindly let me know, so that i can apply before dead line

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      Hi Tania, This scholarship will come again in Feb 2015 and the deadline will be in May 2015.

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    i want to apply for m;phill and i am married is there any possibility to get this scholarship aviled along with my familyif yes then let me know the process

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      Hi Sadaf, Yes you can take your family but do note that you will have to look after their expenses 🙂 If you have sufficient funds you can take your family along!

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    Is this form is universal for both MS and doctoral programs?

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    I intend to appear for GRE exam in the first week of May 2015. Will I be able to apply for Fullbright scholarship program this year?
    If yes so, I heard it takes more than a couple of weeks to get the official GRE result so can I attach my unofficial result with the full bright application?

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    Hi, I am intend to apply for the fullbright scholarship this year . Can I appear in the Gre exam in the first week of May? If yes so can I send my unofficial score with the application form? because I heard that it takes more the two weeks to get the official score..

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    this program is good

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    I can’t figure out if I have to get my Matriculation and FSc. degree attested by BISE too? Can you please elaborate the attestation process for secondary and post secondary degrees?

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      WAS – Yes you have to. BISE for metric and IBCC for FSC

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    how can i aply 4 fb scholrshp i want to do ms.now i m doing bs which will be comp[leted in june 2015

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    Is it necessary for the application to be filled out on the computer and then printed? Handwritten applications are not accepted?
    And what about the reference letters? Do the referees need to type those out, print them, and then sign them?

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    Dear Mr Talha,
    I hope that you are in good health.I have recently done CELTA from Bangkok.Am I eligible for this scholarship program?
    I am 39 years of age and I want to do M-Phil in English.

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      Hi Rubina, I am doing well thanks 🙂 Yes you are eligible!

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