Finally No More Paying for Your GRE Test

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Here is some great news for Fulbright applicants 2016! Those of you who are currently attending a public sector university in Pakistan or are currently teaching there, can get their GRE test fee reimbursed by the USEFP at the time of applying for the Fulbright scholarship 2017.

You must send your official GRE scores with your complete Fulbright application and request a refund. Please note that you must have the following scores on your GRE test if you want to avail this.

For Engineering and Science subjects: 300
For Humanities and Social Science subjects: 290

If you are not applying for the Fulbright program then you CANNOT avail this opportunity. Simply attach a cover letter with your application requesting a reimbursement of your GRE test fee. Requests will not be considered unless they are received along with the complete application. USEFP has the funds to approve up to 50 such reimbursements available for 2017 therefore earlier requests will be given preference.

Good Luck!


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    Still confused regarding full bright. can I get this scholarship to go to us ?

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      Yes this scholarship is only for US

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    Talha Bhai, should we send an additional letter along with our fulbright application, requesting a reimbursement?

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      Yes 🙂

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        i finished ,y PHARM D from Dow university in 2013,my gre is in APRIL 2014…can i still get my fee reimbursed?

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          Nope you cannot since you are not affiliated with the uni now.

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    dear talha. I have 296 score in GRE which is much lower. can i get admission in USA uni’s on my own funding??

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      Tariq, Your GRE scores are really low. Plus which program are you applying in?

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    AOA… plz tell me i completed my graduation in 2013 from public university so can i applicable to this reimbursement ??? and secondly i want to ask that at which maximum date i should give GRE so that i can apply for this schlorship keeping in view of GRE result ?

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      WAS! Max date by which you can take the GRE is 14th May. You cannot get the reimbursement since you are not affiliated with a public uni at the moment.

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    I just passed out from a public sector university, will I be getting a refund?

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    Can you mention an original source where this information was displayed? Also what about people working at public sector universities other than teaching?

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    While filling the fullbright 2015 application do we need to have score report at that time ? I am planning to attempt GRE on 13th may, still I can apply for fullbright 2015 and would be eligible for reimbursement by usefp as well? Same query for the TOEFL test as well, can i attempt TEOFL later on or we need to have scores before filling the 2015 fullbright application ?

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    Hello, when is admissions for 2015-16? did i missed the submission of forms or it is due in May 2015? any age limit to get admission in masters?

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      There is no age limit. Its now in May 2015.

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    hi again, what is the minimum score in GRE for a person who want to get admission in fine Arts or interior Design.?

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    Does professional experience count ?
    and what is the marks distribution in all this for Engineering Student?

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    Talha Bhai Hope you are doing good. I am going to apply for this session for Sociology or Anthropology, so kindly guide me how much score should i secure for Socio or anthro in GRE, and can i apply for GRE subject for sociology or i will apply for GRE General? and tell me in how many days i will get my GRE result if apply for coming test which is in March i think? Thanks

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    Dear Talha,

    I am a PhD student in Engineering management at NUST. I have done MS Engg from NUST also. I have been in the faculty of NUST as well. Can you please tell me:
    1. Will I get the GRE refund?
    2. What score is good for me if I want to apply for PhD in Engineering Management

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    I am BS chemistry student,8th semester,if i wanna apply for MS programme then GAT General Test will be taken or GAT subject?

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    Dear Talha, its great to read your valuable input to help fellow Pakistanis!

    I have also a querry, hope you can help me too. I am planning to apply Fullbright 2016 but still not appeared for GRE. I will be taking ‘GRE Prep Classes’ at USEFP Islamabad starting from March 30. Will be finishing the session after five weeks on April 30.

    Not sure whether result of GRE will be announced if I take it in the first week of May 2015 and the deadline of Fullbright application is May 13, 2015. Do I need to submit the GRE result at time of submitting my application or I can mention in the application about waiting result?

    Confused, could you please comment on it for better understanding. Thanks in advance!

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    Talha bahi can u please tell me of any good GRE preparation academy in islamabad!

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    Plz tell me the procedure for applying for GRE test

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      You can go to and registration details are available there

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        Sir what is the procedure of getting 50 percent refund back as i have cancelled my test.Since the fees was transfered thtough a virtual debit card.

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          They will be automatically reimbursed to your debit card after a few days!

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            But it was a virtual card for one time transaction but it was linked to my main account.

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            contact your bank about it and ETS as well

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    This reimbjrsment option is only for students of public universities? What If a student of private university scores more than 300? Can they get the fee reimbursed?

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      Nope – he or she cannot get reimbursed

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