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Hey all,

I am pleased to tell you that you can now follow us on Facebook as well. We plan to post informational articles and a lot more on the Facebook page, which you can find here:

Go on, check it out – and if you want us to keep you updated via Facebook just hit the β€œlike” button while you are there. Thanks


  1. hey talha how can i see u ? am doing law and am free these days so wanna take my gre exam but am findng it really confusng so can u help me wid it plz

    • Hey Sara,
      Thank you for your message.
      I have my office hours from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. You can call me up and set up a time convenient for you over the weekend.
      I hope to clarify your confusions.
      My contact is 03314513196. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

      Best Regards,


  2. hi

    i wana apply for fullbright scholarship can you guide me as i dont have more time i should take this test this year so i will forward my application so how can i do it in short span of time. please reply soon

    • You cannot do the GRE in less than 6 weeks if you are looking forward to get a good score.



  3. Mr.Talha,
    AOA…just got your link while looking for GMAT preparation in Lahore. I am looking forward to take GMAT test in next few months and for doing so i need tuition for good preparation. As i liked your biography so i am interested to become your student. Please tell me how can i approach you.


  4. Hi, Hope to find you in the best of your health.
    Well, I am an Engineering Graduate and really want to get the FB scholarship. Can you please guide me that how can I best give my energies to score very well in the GRE test despite I can’t attend the classes in Lahore as I am the resident of Islamabad.
    Secondly, when will the admissions for new session be started? Some tentative date please?

    Anticipating a quick response.
    Good Day :]

    • Hi Marium, Get hold of the following 4 books and do them thoroughly.
      1) Kaplan
      2) Barrons
      3) Princeton review
      4) ETS official guide for GRE

      If you do these 4 books thoroughly i am pretty hopeful that you will do well inshAllah.

      Next sessions for the GRE will start in August πŸ™‚ Please go here for more details:

  5. and most importantly, what will I do as you offer the preparation/coaching only in Lahore :[
    please reply!

    • Yes we only offer our GRE prep courses in Lahore

  6. AOA. Sir kindly GRE test ka schedule to bta dyn plz

  7. Hello! just passed through your post. I am interesting in applying for US full bright scholarship for which i need guidance from a experienced person related to different related issues. Is it possible for you to guide me?

  8. Hi,
    I am based in pk and currently doing a PhD in Economics from a uni in the UK.I wanted to know about Fulbright post-doc opportunities and the eligibility requirements for the same.


  9. salam i m the student of 2nd semester and can i apply for the GRE test? and if i applied then how can i do my best in the test as u did… plz give some guidelines i really wish to go U.S

  10. sir please guide me . I am third year student of electrical engineering and want to continue master in america but my gpa is not good can i get admission in good american university with low gpa but good gre score?????

    • Yes if you have a good GRE score but a low GPA you can definitely make it to a good school in US! 320 + is what you should aim for on the GRE!

  11. hello sir
    i have just passed the Mcs in computer science…i want to get M.phil scholarship from Fulbright scholarship there any advertisement or not ? and also i am at Islamabad can you suggest me that which organisation i can take the Gre…and also when the schedule of classes for preparation start plz………….;) i shall be very thankful…..thanks

  12. Hay Talha ,
    I am an Assistant Registrar! Kindly Inform me about your New Session of GMAT going to be start form 2nd May 2o14 further , do let me know about Timing & Location of your institute. I am also interested to know about Total marks of GMAT test, the fee structure for the Test and the ingredients of GMAT test (e.g Quantitative Questions. Qualitative Questions etc ).

    Thanks & Regards

  13. Assalam o alaikum Talha brother.
    I’ve recently completed my BS Hons program in agriculture with majors in Agribusiness management. I am now looking to pursue MS in agribusiness management/agriculture economics on scholarship.
    I had 3.0 CGPA and 6.5 overall IELTS score.
    Can you please suggest a few scholarship opportunities ?

  14. Hey Sir.
    Can BBA students also get a full-bright if they want to apply for MS in business marketing?

    • Hello Myra, Only if you have 16 years of education – students with BBA (4 years) can apply for FB πŸ™‚

  15. hello sir
    i have just passed Bsc in physiotherapy can physiotherapy students get a full bright scholarship if they want to apply for Masters?

  16. Sir,
    My master is in Accounting & Finance but my Bsc. was on big Science ( Math, Phy, Chem) anf Fsc was on medical .
    Matter is that my full 16 years education not on a sequence and my educational scores also not good at all.. i have just passed my exam to clear my class year. can i get admission on foreign business schools on the behave of GMAT scores.

    • Hi Khurram – GMAT can definitely offset your poor academic performance but not totally – GMAT and academic credentials are just one factor. You will have to look at other areas such as work experience and its quality. A high GMAT score is a must for you.

  17. hey sir ,
    if we clear the GRE test for full bright scholorship usa then after that also they will require ILETS???

    • Hi Masood, After GRE you have to take TOEFL and not IELTS

  18. Asslam o Alikum

    When is the next GMAT & GRE course starting in Islamabad?

    • WAS Umer – tentative schedule is end of July/early August – but we will confirm by mid june inshAllah

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