Average GRE Scores for Princeton University

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Princeton University is one of the oldest institutes in the US and also one of the best in the word. It has an acceptance rate of only 10%, meaning that out of every 10 graduate applicants just 1 gets the honor of studying at Princeton. Moreover it has the biggest per-student quota of endowment fund and is without any doubt an elite Ivy League. Getting into Princeton means that you need to be the “cream of the cream”; and as always GRE is just one requirement for applying to this top institute.

Surprisingly, Princeton does not have schools of business, medicine and law. However there are some professional programs that are offered in collaboration with other departments.

Princeton is one the toughest universities when it comes to the engineering programs. Therefore it has an above par GRE requirement for students applying in these schools. According to US news, the quant GRE average score is 163 and the verbal average on the GRE for Princeton is 161.

Here is a table that will give you an estimate on the average GRE scores for other disciplines. I have used the ETS data on average GRE scores (and standard deviation) along with the US news rankings for each program to come with these numbers. This of course is not perfect but is sufficient to give you an approximate target score.

Program Rank Average GRE Quant Scores for Princeton University Average GRE Verbal Scores for Princeton University Average GRE AWA Scores for Princeton University
Average GRE Score for Princeton Biological & Biomedical Sciences 7 154 154 4
Average GRE Score for Princeton Chemistry 16 158 154 4
Average GRE Score for Princeton Computer and Information Sciences 8 159 150 4
Average GRE Score for Princeton Earth, Atmospheric and Marine Sciences 9 155 155 4
Average GRE Score for Princeton Mathematical Sciences 2 165 158 5
Average GRE Score for Princeton Physics and Astronomy 5 163 158 5
Average GRE Score for Princeton Economics 1 166 162 5
Average GRE Score for Princeton Political Science 2 155 160 5
Average GRE Score for Princeton Psychology 7 150 153 4
Average GRE Score for Princeton Sociology 1 155 160 5
Average GRE Score for Princeton ARTS AND HUMANITIES 1 157 164 5
Average GRE Score for Princeton English Language and Literature 4 151 159 5
Average GRE Score for Princeton History 1 155 163 5

Note: Admissions is not exact science. These GRE scores will not guarantee your admission to Princeton university – they are intended to give you an idea of the scores that you should be at least aiming for. Good Luck!


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    why is the average score for mechanical and aerospace engineering, and electrical engineering not listed out….????

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      It is not available right now actually.

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    Hi Talha!
    According to your mentioned score we require 309 combined score in GRE for COMPUTER SCIENCE program at the Princeton University.
    So tell me that if I get 309 gre and have gpa of around 3 in BS(CS) can I get admission in princeton university on scholarship or financial aid as i can not afford their coat of attendance which is about 60000+ dollars a year including everything. ?
    And also will I easily get a Student Visa ?

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      Hi Ali – 309 is the average to gain admission not funding – generally for funding a GRE has to be above 325 and 2-3 research int’l publications and 2-3 years of work experience.


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    Hello, I am Mechanical engineering graduate of 2007. I was teaching physics since last 10 years for IIT JEE. GRE physics 940, GRE 314. what are the chances of getting admission at Princeton. thanks

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      Hello – Chances are good in case you have publications etc.

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        Hi , I am computer science graduate and have 4 years experience in IT . My gre score is 308. will i get admission at Princeton.


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          Hello Hema, Generally Princeton requires 167+ quant GRE and 158+ GRE Verbal. So 308 won’t cut the deal unless you have really impressive work experience/research work and publications

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    Is gre the deciding factor to get into princeton?

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      Yes it is an important part of your overall scores.

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    Hi Talha,

    I am preparing for MS from Princeton in Geotechnical Engineering (Civil)
    I have 2 Years of work experience in construction field but don’t have any Research.
    How can I get admission in Princeton.

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      Hello – Well without publications, you can get into Princeton for MS but you ‘ll need a really good essay, work experience, and also a good GRE score (325+).

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    Does architecture masters come under arts and humanities. If not, Then what is the average GRE score

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      Yes it does. Its average scores are around 310

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    Do the same scores apply for a PhD in operational research and financial engineering program ?

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      Yes they do! FE and OR are generally under the same umbrella.

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    Hi Talha,
    What are the minimum requirements of IELTS and GRE for Mechanical Engineering If I have an external scholarship so I will not apply for the university funding? And does Procedia conference papers consider as publications plus some under review papers?

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      Hello Esra, 165 Quant and 158 verbal is the average scores. For IELTS it is 7.5 band. Yes they are considered as publications!

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    i have a cgpa of 8.0 , a gre score of 320, what are my chances of getting into princeton

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      Scores are good enough for Princeton!

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    What are my chances of getting selected into Princeton if I received about 332 on GRE, got nearly 88% in undergrad in a prestigious Indian program., did some relevant online courses and took all necessary math classes? But, with minimal research experience,i.e. just a minor thesis.
    Any advice for me?

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      Yeah profile is pretty good for getting into Princeton!

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    Hi! I have a GRE score of 313(161+152) with extremely good projects, 2 international competitions, a GPA of 3.1 with one internship. I have just passed undergraduate course in EEE and wish to apply in the electrical department. What is your opinion, what are my chances?

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      Hello – chances are really good but primarily because of your publications. If possible take the GRE again and aim for 165+ on quant.

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    Hi, I have 5 years of experience as a cloud consultant And I am planning for GRE. How much score is needed for me to get into Princeton for doing MS in cyber security.

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      Hello – well given Princeton, you will need 165+ Quant and 160+ verbal

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    What are the odds of getting into Princeton for phd in electrical engineering if I have research experience (1.5 years with no publications ) from reputed research institute in India and a masters degree from Manipal with cgpa of 6.7/10 and gre score of 310? I have not yet given gre but in mock tests I am getting a score of 155 in each

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      Odds are low…. at least a GRE of 325 and 3-4 int’l publication will cut the deal.

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    Hi there,

    what are the odds of getting into molecular biology with a 152 verbal, and 153 quant, and 4.5 writing?
    Thank you

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      Hello – In Princeton it will be very tough….at least 157-158 on each section will be a competitive score.

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    Hi I am seeking to apply to Princeton University in mechanic and aerospace department My Gre is (Verbal: 152 Quant:165)
    2 publication: one submitted one in preparation. My GPA 3.96/4
    What is my chance thanks

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      Hello – Are you published already? Whats the impact factor?

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        The journal I chose to submit is from Q1.
        Therefore it will take time to become revised and accpeted.
        And the second one will be in ICEE 2019 which will be determined in two next month.
        Are they counted???

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          Yes definitely they are counted but obviously weigh less!

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    My Gre is qunat:165 verbal:152
    1 submitted publication in a journal
    1 in preparation
    GPA 3.96/4

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    Hi, I got 286 in GRE. Do I have chances to get into Any universities provided I have more than 5 years of experience in IT. Which universities I can get into.

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      Hello – The score is very low for Tech programs!

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    My GRE is Quant: 163 Verbal: 157 Writing: 4.5
    I have been published, have 2 National Science Foundation REU’s and have worked in an on campus lab for 2 years. My GPA is 3.69/4 and I also have Computer Science Degree. What are my chances of getting into grad school in Princeton’s Civil Engineering Department?

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      Your profile is pretty strong for Princeton.

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    Hello!what is the GRE score to for computer science in Princeton

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    Hello, I want to join in Princeton for masters in computer science with a good and well versed 2 years job experience and have 2 research papers published in Springer Journal. Will I be able to get into Princeton with 315 GRE score?

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      Hello – Score on GRE is low. I’ll advise retake and try to get above 325.

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    157 q/ 166 v/ 4.5 GRE. i am a math major 4.0 GPA and have passed two actuary exams. what are my chances of getting into Priceton’s MS of Finance?

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      Quant is too low for Princeton MS in Finance. At least a 165 on quant is whats needed there.

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    I did my bachelors from the university of Nottingham (Beng (Hons) Mechanical ) with a first class honors ( approx GPA 3.7). I have been working for 3+ years as a mechanical design engineer in the oil and gas industry designing storage tanks and terminals. Last year I applied with a GRE score of 257 V 163 Q 4.5 AWA but got rejected.

    This year, I retook the GRE and got 160 V 166 Q 5 AWA. Do you think I stand a better chance this year at getting into Princeton, MIT, UT Austin, Cornell, Purdue and the likes?

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      Hello – Well in my view it might make a slight difference but honestly, you also should focus on other areas of your app – such as research, better projects etc. Also, the application essays are extremely vital as well.

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        Thanks for the reply. Agreed, I’m working on polishing my essays as we speak. Unfortunately, I dont have much ‘research’ experience since I have been working in the industry (I have worked on some interesting and challenging projects though!). Do you think this hampers my chances at a top admit into MS Mechanical? (Targeting the top 20 schools)

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          Well if you are applying to top schools then definitely this will cause issues for you! However, if you don’t ask for funding then having no research experience can get you admission!

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    Hello. Please I have 162V 165Q 4.5AWA 3.66/4 GPA (4.39/5) . No research experience except undergraduate final year
    project. About 1 year work experience + internships
    Please what are my chances of getting into the straight phd electrical eng program in princeton (there are currently no open applications for masters)

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      Chances will be decent but if you have publications then chances will definitely be much higher!

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    What is the average score for mechanical engineering to get admission in Princeton ?

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    Hello Talha,

    I want to apply either for Masters in Finance or Masters in Economics at Princeton. Please review my profile and give your feedback.

    MBA Marketing (SZABIST, Karachi) CGPA 3.172/4
    5 year of professional experience of the banking industry
    6 internships to credit
    GRE 330 (167Q, 163V)
    TOEFL 97
    IELTS 7 bands
    Decent community work experience as well

    What are my chances of acceptance?

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      Your profile is really competitive – chances will be very good if your application is perfect.

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    Hello I’m a CSE Undergrad, with no work experience, GPA of 3.69, 1 internship experience, 2 major projects and 1 research paper which I might publish before admission process starts. What are my chances of getting into MS CS program at Princeton?

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      Hello – if you publish and have a GRE of 320+ with a 165+ quant, then chances are good.

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    what does one need to have in their profile to get a scholarship from Princeton University? I have a GRE score of 311(160-Q, 151-V) what can be compensated for this average score so that I can get a scholarship

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      Publications (high impact factor), GRE of 325+ and some 2+ years of good research experience.

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      Hello Talha,

      I have a GRE score of 159 V 151 Q 5 A. 4.0 gpa in my Masters program, two years of research experience and I am a veteran (if that matters at all). What are the chances of getting into Princeton’s doctoral program for history?

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        Hi Walt, Well chances are pretty high in fact. I have had a few veterans that I came across who got into one of the top programs such as Princeton. Will definitely encourage you to apply.

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    I got q/169 v/167 but with AW 3.5 on my second attempt and q/169 v/157 AW 4.5 on my first attempt.

    May I ask if AW 4 is a must for master program, especially the finance program? Thanks a lot.

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      Hello – Well AWA is not relevant at all for your area. Go with your first GRE score.

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    Hi Talha,
    I scored 306(151 in quant,150 in verbal).I have 8.09/10 GPA,8.0 in IELTS and around 1.5 yrs of experience in QA domain, what are my chances of getting admission in Princeton MS in Computer Science program?

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      Hi Aamna, Thanks for the email. Well nothing below 162 on quant will stand much of a chance for Princeton. We had students in the past apply with similar profiles and got rejected. 165 ideally should be your quant target if you are aiming for Princeton.

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