Average GRE scores of Pakistani Students

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My students often ask me, “What is the average GRE score of students in Pakistan?” This was impossible to answer until the ETS released their Snapshot report, which provides a summarized data of GRE test takers in Pakistan over the period August 2011 to June 2012.

The average GRE scores of students in Pakistan are:

Verbal: 147
Quantitative: 153
AWA: 3.4.

This translates to a total of 300 out of 340 on the new revised GRE – the global average being 302; 151 for verbal and 151.4 for quant and the AWA average is 3.7.

From Pakistan approximately 2200 students took the GRE test during this period whereas the global pool of GRE test takers stood at nearly half a million.

Is the average Pakistan score for the GRE important?

Well in my opinion it is not. The average scores are calculated based on a pool of more than 2000 GRE test takers in Pakistan. Now this is a group of students that are from diverse backgrounds and are applying to various programs and scholarships. Infact more than half of them apply for the Fulbright scholarship in Pakistan which has different requirements and includes candidates such as engineers, economists, lawyers, public policy makers, artists etc. For you what matters is the average GRE score for your particular field of study and you target university. If you are a science or an engineering major applying to MIT or Stanford you need to have an average math score of 163. If you are a public policy major you need a verbal of around 158.

How do I know the average GRE score of my program?

First of all you must identify your intended university in which you want to apply. Research their websites and go through the US News ranking report. If the average scores are not mentioned then contact the university and your specific program directly. Ask them to share the last years GRE statistics of all the admitted applicants.

Moreover the GRE scores are valid for 5 years. Hence many admissions committees have statistics on the old scoring scale. Use this GRE score conversion table to determine the correlation between the current and the old scoring criterion.

Major and important GRE statistics

By looking at the snapshot report I see very discouraging results for Pakistani GRE test takers. We score below average on all the 3 sections of the GRE exam. Given that many of the GRE test takers in Pakistan are engineers and students from science majors, the quantitative scores were expected to be high. Unfortunately we lack in all areas of the GRE exam. Read this post which gives insights on what a good GRE score is for Pakistani applicants.

China and India on the other hand are leading from the forefront. China for example has the highest GRE quant scores of around 163 – which is indeed very high.

In summary, focus on your GRE preparation and try to maximize your scores. Contact your targeted programs and ask them to share latest GRE stats on the recently admitted students.


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    This process of submission of forms and too lenghty . Most of the student fails to get benifit of this scholaship. this process should be made smaller so that many students become abble to apply.

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      I think the primary reason that why students fail to benefit from this scholarship is the GRE requirement and not the lengthy process. Almost all scholarships have lengthy submission process but they do not have the GRE which is why so many people apply to them.

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    sir i m student of MBA at international islamic uneversity islamabad please teel about fullr bright scholar ship

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    Hi i am a Pakistani BE(electronics) pass out, i got a score of 160(quantitative) and 148(verbal) in GRE, and my uni CGPA is 3.0, what are my chances of a good scholarship, and which country should i apply?

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      Apply to US and canada. You should also apply for Fulbright scholarship as it is very likely that you might get it. Good luck!

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        But FB scholarship program is now closed.. and i do not have much time to wait for next year… Can you tell universities of Canada where i can apply? and what about Australia?

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          Well i would recommend that you contact the uni’s in Canada and Australia directly to see if they have a deadline that you can still make. Unfortunately you will have to be hyper competitive in order to get funding from these two countries.

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    i have will be completed my degree of MSC economics (16 year education) regular……. which type of programmes are offered by Full Bright Scholarships in which i can admitted.. please help me

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      FB offers all programs except medicine

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    Assalam o Alaikum,
    I am a Veterinary Student of Final year. My cgpa is extremely low i.e. 2.84/4. I recently passed GAT- General Test with relatively better score of 84 having 99.91 percentile. I am also planning to take GRE test. Do I have a fair chance to get FB or other Foreign Scholarship offered by HEC?? Am I eligible?? Do reply.

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      WAS! GAT test is no indicator of how you will do on GRE. Once you take the GRE and have a score with you only then you can tell if you will be able to do well for FB

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      It’s highly likely that you shall also score good on real GRE test. However, you shall have to work very hard for GRE and let your high score on GAT don’t ride you brain… All the best.

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    Asslam u Aleikum!
    Sir! i want to ask for GRE eligibilty cretaria for admission , unluckily i had got 2.46 cgpa in bsc engineering .
    Am i eligible or not ??? Can i apply for GRE??

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      WAS Komal, GRE has no eligibility criteria. Anyone can take it whenever they want. You must do 310+ on the GRE to cover up for your low GPA! Good luck

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    Is it possible to get 320 plus out of total 340 scores of GRE ..? How much is it difficult ..? what level of preparation will be required to adopt ..??

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      Yes it is very possible. You can go through the GRE experiences of students in Pakistan who scored that much! http://www.brightlinkprep.com/all-posts/gre/experience-of-gre-students/
      You will need at least 2 months of thorough prep to do 320+ on the GRE plus lots of mocks and practice tests! The more you practice the better you will get at it. Make sure you do times practice of full exams!

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    I ve done my MSc in civil engineering with 4 GPA, how much score of GRE do i need for FB?

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      GPA does not matter Irfan. GRE does. try to score as high as you can.!

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    Broke my heart!!!
    I believe it has more to do with the lack of awareness i.e the fact that it’s unfortunate that most of the bright students do not take the exam or they take it without proper preparation. For example I gave the GRE without even opening the quant section and as a result got 166. In comparison in India however there’s a free flow of information.
    As for the verbal section Inida’s primary language is English whereas in Pakistan only a handful of people can express themselves in English with ease. (Although the number is increasing significantly Alhamdulilah)
    Now as for the Indians I knew their score would be amongst the highest considering that in addition to the fact that there are like a million groups of Indains on facebook, twitter etc serving as portals and providing guidance regarding the GRE and MS IN US, they have a thousand times more people that are in US institutions than Pakistanis, who support and guide them. I have seen softwares related to GRE that are made entirely by Inidans and some of the best websites on the internet are India based.
    However this site(Bright link prep) is one of its own as far as Pakistan is concerned, I truly appreciate the work Talha is doing. May ALLAH S.W.T bless him. I would like to mention that I have never met Talha. In fact I came across this site a few days back and it truly has impressed me immensely. the way Talha is striving to provide all the information under a single hood is truly admirable
    PS: . it is very difficult to post a comment on this website because the font is too light and i would appreciate if the admin could make it a little darker.

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    Broke my heart!!

    I would like to list certain reasons for this low average score of GRE as far as Pakistan is concerned. It can be attributed to several reasons, however I would list a few I consider to be the most important:

    1) Lack of awareness__ There is not a free flow of information in Pakistan unfortunately. Most of our most prominent students do not even take the GRE Exam. I am from UET LAHORE, the premiere engineering institute of the country and most of the students here just want to complete their degree and get a job to support their families. As for Indians they have a thousand times more people that are in US and US institutions and there’s a free flow of information there. Some of the most active groups and portals on Facebook and twitter etc are India based and some of the best websites and blogs for GRE, GMAT and other aptitude tests are India based. I have seen softwares for GRE made entirely by Indians. In this regard this site (bright link prep) is doing extra ordinary work especially Talha’s dedication is seriously admirable. I mean the way he is striving to bring all the information under one hood__ it’s remarkable truly. May ALLAH (S.W.T) bless him.
    2) English proficiency__ English is not our national language and most of our students come from schools where they didn’t even know the English alphabets till the 6th grade. So we simply can’t expect them to score high on GRE verbal section where the English is simply not of elementary level.
    3) Lack of Preparation___ Most of our students do not prepare for GRE at all. I for one didn’t even open the quant section for my GRE and scored a 166 as a result and if I had given only a few days to it I could easily have scored 170.
    4) GRE is not an indication to the technical capability___ I do not mean to undermine the GRE exam but I have never been able to understand its logic. To me it seems plainly idiotic. I mean how can you judge an engineer’s technical capability, his intellectual prowess and his potential to solve abstract problems by a test of general math and English. A good high school student in Pakistan can easily get 340 if you put him/her to it.

    PS: All of the above discussion is based entirely on my opinion. You can entirely reject it. I have never commented on any site before and it is extremely difficult to comment especially on this site because the font is too light to read. I request Mr. admin to take notice please. One more thing, I wrote this comment and it took me so much time because of the font and when I posted it, an error occurred saying that it has already been posted, undoing all of my effort and then I had to re write all of it again.

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    what about GRE mock tests.. are they resemble some how to that real one.?
    if would happen if someone attempts GRE without any mock…?
    and also tell me about any software that checks up the AWA section of GRe.

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      No Software checks AWA. Taking mocks is a good practise. Do that.

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    It’s Hamza, 23, from Karachi. I have just done BE (electrical) and cleared TOEFL with standard scores.. Now, I’m preparing for GRE (general) exams. I need some tips for passing GRE exam. I wanna go USA for post graduation. Plz contact me @ 03337344175.

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      Hamza. Please contact us for your queries. Thank you!

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    Assalam o alaikum !i have done hons in medical laboratory technology. i attempted gre on April 23rd 2014 without any preparation, i got a score of 150(quantitative) and 144(verbal) in GRE, and my uni CGPA is 3.3, i m interested in doing MS in microbiology..what are my chances of a good scholarship,

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    Salam, Hope You will be fine.

    I have applied for GRE and got 142 in verbal, whereas 161 in Quantitative.. What you say about it, as i am applying for Engineering field.

    Thanks and Regards.

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      WAS. Yes I am great. Thank you 🙂 Furqan verbal is very low 🙁 Quant is average for engineering too.

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    Hi. I wanted to apply got the full bright scholarship, I gave the GRE and my scores are bad.. i have 136, 138 and 3.5 🙁 ..I am applying for marketing field and my father is friends with one of the professors at a university at Kansas. If they recommend me, are there any chances of getting this scholarship?

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      Hi Ayesha, there is no way these scores are getting you anywhere 🙁 You must retake the GRE.

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    Sir ,I did MSc in I.R. I want to know every thing about GRE as i know nothing about it.So , kindly guide me for registration ,preparation, and time of GRE test . thanks

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    Hope you will be fine.
    I have some questions regarding MS program at KAUST. I have done BSc(Hons) in Elecctrical Engineering from UET Lahore with a CGPA of 3.9/4.0. Is GRE exam indispensable for me or can I make it without GRE? What are the prospects of doing MS from such a new university like KAUST?


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      WAS Bilal, Well you will need the GRE score for KAUST, else you can’t make it. Well at this point KAUST is more of an option for students who cannot afford higher education. It does not rank anywhere in the top and it also doesnt have very bright prospects right now. I would advice you to apply to US as well in case you are taking the GRE and do well on it.

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    i have gone through your group specially organized for GRE students. it is really helpful for all associated students with you.
    Ishaq Hussain
    Superintendent Police
    Gilgit-Baltistan Police

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      Thanks Ishaq 🙂 I hope you benefit from it.

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    assalamo alaikum to all . i have a question for MR Talha OMER . iam dentist . did my bachelors recently . i want to pursue for master s leading to phd . what score should i get in gre to get a scholarship . iam not that brilliant in english as credit goes to medical . how much study would it take . and what score should i keep in mind in order to get a scholarship . and why do some people regardless of having good marks tend to be rejected . i hope you answer my question . apart from that you are doing a wonderful job helping people .

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      Hi Ali, GRE is just one aspect of the application – getting a great GRE score cannot assure anything for you. However given the competition you must ensure to take at least 310 on the GRE out of 340. Plus if you do well on GRE chances improve if your other parts of app are good else you will suffer. Moreover a bad GRE score ruin any chances you may have 🙁

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    Assalam o alaikum Talha! when USEFP would declare result of full bright MS scholarship program 2014???

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    Assalam o alaikum Talha,i’m a pharmacist and I have also completed my M.Phil in Pharmacology I just wana know whether I’m eligible to apply for Full Bright scholarship to pursue my PHD in Pharmacology ??because there is an exception of clinical medicine and I’m not sure what falls under the ambient of clinical medicine as there is no elobration on the website.

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      WAS Siddat, Yes of course you can apply. Your area does not fall under clinical medicine 🙂

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    Salaaam Talha. By profession I am a doctor. I want to do Phd in Neuroscience. Does Fb scholarship supports doctors to pursue Phd in US or not??

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      WAS – Unfortunately not 🙁

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    salaams, i wanted to ask whether we can apply for the fullbright by only submitting the registration letter of the GRE exam? and laterwards submitting the score? i dont have enough time for prep, and the deadline is 13th may. if its possible than i’ll register a date and then lend them my score accordingly, please guide

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      WAS! Only if your GRE test date is before 13th May – you cannot take the GRE after 13th May.

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    Aoa Talha. I’m a lecturer of computer science in a university. Yesterday I took GRE and I screwed up. My scores are 155(quantitative) and 150(verbal). I could have scored much better in quantitative but yesterday was a bad day for me. My CGPA is 3.34. I want to apply for fulbright to pursue my PhD. Should I retake the GRE? Please guide. Thanks.

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      WAS. Oh yes CS and 155 is too low. at least a 160+ score on quant

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    I want to take GRE test for this year’s FB. Do you think the time I am left with is enough for preparation? Please let me know what is the best way for preparing for this test.

    Thank You

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      usually it takes 2 months to prepare well for the test – the best way to prepare is to run through the ETS official guides and the power prep software.

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    Aoa sir,
    i want to do phd in economics from US i have 152 in quantitative and 142 in verbal. is this a n average or reasonable score for applying in economics and secondly i want to ask you since i have good acadmic record through out i got more than 70 percent marks and more than 3.6 CGPAin my BS and MS should i apply for fullbright?

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    aoa brother.
    i am an electronics Engineer and have graduated with 3.3cgpa , i appeared in GRE and misjudged time especially in quantitative section,i git a total of 300 that constitutes 151Q ,149V ,3Awa. Now do i stand a chance for fulbright?
    moreover i am searching for some scholarships in US ,should i try or is it useless?

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      WAS – This is a very low score and you must improve it before applying.

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    Verbal 160,
    Quantitative 160
    An Electrical Engineering graduate , what are my prospects for Fullbright?

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    Thanks for the response ,
    Let me give you a little detail

    Matric 81%
    Fsc 90%
    B.E 2.65/4 Electrical UET lahore
    MS 3.0/4 Control Systems Engineering

    I am an electrical engineering graduate with specialization in power. I have recently completed my Masters in control systems engineering. I work at a power plant, here in my home country of Pakistan, as an electrical power engineer in instrumentation and control section. I have a passion for exploring renewable/alternate energy sources and I intend to pursue my doctoral research in this area. I am looking for some decent, esteemed research opportunity in some well reputed university. I am 26 years old. I have GRE score of 320 (verbal 160 / quant 160) and IELTS (7,7,7,7). Can you please suggest/refer to any relevant programs?

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      Well – if you have read the link i sent you, you will find that the essays are extremely important and so are you short term and long terms goals.

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    Sir , what GRE score is needed to get into universities like Harvard , MIT etc

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      Hi Hussain, It depends on your overall profile but for GRE i must say it should be in the 90th percentile.

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    Hey bro i am medical student and will complete my mbbs this year i want to apply for Master in public health in usa can u plzz tell me how much score is required in GRE to get fullbright scholership for top ranking uni,s.?

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      For top programs you need at least 315 on the GRE.

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    AOA sir ,
    I am computer science student and i will be graduating this year with most probably 2.25 GPA. what Score i need to have in GRE for application in top ranked university for my master program ??

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      WAS Binish, Well although admissions to top programs depend on many factors but a 320+ would be recommended.

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    sir what GRE score would u recommend for post graduation in Chemical engineering??

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    AOA Sir

    I took GRE Test in 2015 and scores were
    V=133, Q=137 and Analytical=3,

    I want to get a Masters Degree in Natural Resource Management (Forestry, Environment, Wildlife) from US. Am i eligible for Fulbright or should i take the GRE again?

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      Nope you are not eligible please take the GRE again

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    Assalamwalikum i am in last year of my bee enginnering am i eligible to apply this year ?
    my cgpa is 3.6 is this cgpa give me a favour and one favour please is it mandatory to take practice class for gre test i mean can i do my self by reading books ?

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      WAS Yes you are 🙂 You can prepare for GRE on your own. For GRE just get hold of the Manhattan 8 guides and the ETS guides. If you cannot find them in your area let us know and we can send them from Lahore.

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    Myself Syed Jahangir, I am the student of Agriculture Entomology last year having 3.7Cgpa out of 4.0. I have passed GAT with 62 score, I want to ask that how much time is enough for GRE preparation and is it possible to smart score in first attempt.

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    Dear Talha my name Adeel shah from Nawabshah iam lecturer at university in information technology i have scheduled my Gre test on may 4th .What score will be feasible for the phd in IT field.

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    Aoa. Talha can you share your views on average GRE score required for Columbia? I am highly interested in their International Affairs program.

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      WAS – I know a few students who got there – 315+

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    SIR I HAVE DONE Msc chemistry . now want to do mphill from abroad .
    can i get benefit from this programe
    is it full free programe ?

    • Avatar

      WAS – yes you can benefit and Fulbright is fully free but GRE prep costs 25,000 and the GRE test costs 205 USD.

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    I’m an M.Phil in English Literature with a CGPA 3.31 and gold medal. I intend to apply for a PhD in USA through Fulbright. I’ve 1st Division throughout my academic history. I’m a single parent with two dependents aged 5 and 3. My maths is not good, and I’m not sure if I’ll score well on the quantitative portion of GRE. Is GRE subject specific or all applicants take the same test? Both my kids are US citizens, will the US Government support them if I go to US on Fulbright? I’m financially not strong. Do people who are exceptionally good at English score well in GRE? What are their chances of getting the required score?

    • Avatar

      Hello Mariam, Thanks for the message. GRE is not subject specific for FB – it is general for all. US government will not support your kids while you are on FB. Well GRE english is more analytical than just a language test so you will have to work hard on it.

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    dear sir .

    sir I have done BS(software engineering) I want to get admission in foreign university in Saudi Arabia, through scholar ship . which need GRE . but I did not het know that my study field require GRE subject test or GRE general test. ???
    please explain it . . . .

    • Avatar

      WAS – GRE general is required not the subject test

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    I am an Teelcomunication engineer with 9+ years working experience. MBA in Marketing as well. I am interested to get my MS in Data Science from US universities. How much score do i need to get in GRE? Since i cannot found any university have mentioned required score in GRE, rather they mentioned that i need to submit TOEFL and GRE score.

    • Avatar

      Hello Rizwan – for DS you must score above 165 on GRE quant – quant score is most important.

      • Avatar

        what is significance of GPA in admission to good universities in USA.

        • Avatar

          It varies by program – some programs are very strict and they require 3.5+ GPA for eligibility.

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    I have done Mphil in Psychology and i want to apply for PHD by availing Full Bright. Before preapring for GRE ,what other things should I prepare because i want to do research on ombination of Psychology and IR. Should i first consult professors about my research proposal or there will enough time for it after GRE exam?

    When FB for 2017 will be announced? Shoud I wait for its announcemnet or apply for GRE? Because who knows what be the next step of Mr.Donald Trump 😉

    • Avatar

      Research and Study Objectives are foremost – then comes GRE. Make sure you are clear on which field to apply in. FB will be announced this month.

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    Asalaam o Aalikum,
    Dear Sir,
    I have done Bachelors in Geological Engineering with CGPA of 3.614/4. My Masters is in Petroleum and Gas Engineering with CGPA of 3.8/4. I have several International and National journal based research publications.
    After the end of bachelors, I had appeared for GRE. I was only able to secure very low points (Q=150, V=138, A=2.5). I had prepared for Quantitative part only.
    Now, I want to apply for PHD in Stanford University. Not only apply, I want to go there. What should be my strategy for preparation of GRE this time. Now, I feel I am much sound in basics of mathematics but my verbal part is still very weak. Kindly Guide me how I may secure full bright scholarship to get in Stanford.
    Thanks a lot for your time Sir.

    Atif Ismail

    • Avatar

      WAS Atif, You can try preparing from Manhattan GRE and ETS GRE guides

  45. Avatar

    Dear Sir,
    I am on job and could not prepare for GRE sufficiently. I Could give it only 7,8 days. Reluctantly, my scores are low. 147 in Quantitative and 144 in verbal. I have applied for full bright and my field of study is Entrepreneurship and Business. Should I expect selection based on mentioned GRE scores?

    • Avatar

      Your area of application is extremely competitive and with these scores it will be nearly impossible to get in.

  46. Avatar

    I got a 161 verbal and 154 quant, apply for a Masters of Law. Do you feel that its a low score?

    • Avatar

      This is a fine score for a LAW program 🙂

  47. Avatar

    I am MBA finance its consider to MS 3.5yearts student and i will be graduating this year with most probably 2.87 GPA along with research work as well what Score i need to have in GRE general for application in top ranked university for my PHD program. Or for lums require score.

    • Avatar

      WS Ibrahim, 310+ is a good score.

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    AoA Talha bhai,

    I wanted an advice. I just completed my bachelors from Air University with CGPA: 3.30. My university is offering me free MBA. Should i continue my MBA here and do Masters from abroad, after giving my GRE and applying for FullBright Scholarship, or should I work towards doing my GRE and doing MBA from abroad?

    • Avatar

      WS Daniyal – A Masters from abroad is definitely useful than a free MBA in Pakistan. You will just be wasting your time here.

  49. Avatar

    aoa i am a student of electrical engineering from nust with a cgpa of 3.00.What is optimal score required to take admission in lahore (LUMS) for masters ?

  50. Avatar

    Sir does my gre score effect my visa to canada.I have met many consultants and they gave me information about canadian universities whose rank is too low and there is no need to submit gre report for admission in those universities.moreover they say canada visa ratio is too low but i think low rank universities are cause of visa rejection.
    I am planning to apply concordia university ( 580 gmat score required and gre can also be submitted) and university of guelph(60th percentile is required) by myself.
    Suggest me something plz?

    • Avatar

      W.S. For low ranked canadian programs you will not get a visa. I can say that with almost 100% confidence. But if you plan to apply for a good program which requires GRE, then your visa chances will be high. Canada is very selective when it comes to giving visa’s and they only give to good programs

  51. Avatar

    Kindly tell me about books which are best for gre prepatartion?Are they availble on internet?Can we do gre prep.online or sites related to this ?

    • Avatar

      Manhattan GRE guides and the ETS official guides are the best

  52. Avatar

    Hello sir
    I have done MS Clinical Psychology and now i am looking for a funded scholarship for PhD Psychology in Australia. Can you please guide me . Further i want to know that i am weak in statistics and maths still can i clear GRE test?

    • Avatar

      Hello Sara – I don’t think Australia needs the GRE test score. Check with the uni if they do!

  53. Avatar

    hello sirr,
    This is Suhaib from University of Malakand KPK. sir i have got 3.44/4 CGPa in LLB hons, and i want to pursue my LLM in US. so what GRE score shall i need to obtain for getting Full Bright scholarship???

    • Avatar

      Hello – 310 is a good GRE for LLM programs.

  54. Avatar

    HI, I got 304 in Gre, have 3 years expeience at SBP, any chance for MBA LUMS?

    • Avatar

      Hi, Yes you should definitely apply – good chance.

  55. Avatar

    assalomoailukm sir! I am a pharmacy student current status is in the third profession looking for higher education in USA or UK or Germany on fully funded scholarship .i am much passionate regarding my profession just need little bit guideline I have more than two years to prepare myself for various tests I need your guide as well as support regarding this.
    kaynat Fatima

    • Avatar

      W/S – Good luck – let me know if you have any queries. Thanks

  56. Avatar

    i have done my BS in chemistry from quaid i azam univeristy with 3.1 CCPA.(9 semsters)
    Now I want to apply abroad for Masters.
    will this extra semster of mine affect my admission process?
    can you suggest me some good universities for MS chemistry.
    how much should i score both in GRE and IELTS to secure my admission?

    • Avatar

      Extra semester will not negatively impact your profile. GRE score should be around 157+ for quant and 150+ verbal. IELTS 7+

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