Average GRE scores for MIT graduate programs

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We all know that MIT is consistently ranked along with Harvard at the top of nearly all elite universities in the world. Above all MIT says that there is no minimum GRE score requirement to get into MIT – which makes one wonder; what GRE score it takes to get into MIT. Well if you ask MIT admissions office for the average GRE scores for admitted students over the last few years you will be astonished to see that they are all in the 90th percentile. Therefore my advice is to keep in mind that you will definitely need to score beyond that to stand a good chance of get in.

There are many other things that are equally, if not more important than your GRE scores – such as your personal statement, work & research experience along with reference letters and many other things as well. But do keep in mind that MIT is extremely selective, so an average GRE score is not going to do you any favors unless you are an ‘Einstein’ of your field.

For MIT engineering GRE scores are: According to US News the average GRE score for MIT engineering is 164 (quant) and 159 (verbal) which corroborates the fact that nearly everyone who gets into MIT is simply brilliant in academics.

For MIT physics GRE scores are: According to MIT physics department, there are many variables that are considered to review the applicant hence there is no minimum or average GRE score. However in my experience I have seen successful MIT physics applicants get a GRE score of 165+ on quant and 160+ on verbal.

For MIT biological sciences GRE scores are: According to MIT biological science department there average GRE scores of successful applicants are 86 percentile for verbal and 85 percentile for quant section with a 5.3 on writing.

For MIT chemistry GRE scores are: For chemistry the average GRE scores at MIT are 164 on quant, 161 on verbal and 4.7 on the analytical writing section.

For MIT computer science GRE scores are: The computer science department at MIT does not take GRE scores into account while making application decisions. Therefore you should not worry about the GRE scores if you are applying to the CS department.

For MIT economics GRE scores are: MIT economics states that there is no minimum score for the GRE. However, the department focuses on applicants with the highest quantitative scores. That means that you must aim at 166+ for GRE quant to get into MIT econ division.

For MIT earth sciences GRE scores are: MIT earth sciences graduate program has no minimum GRE requirement.

For MIT mathematics GRE scores are: Well needless to say, but if you are applying to MIT math program then MIT must be expecting a perfect GRE quant score and would care less about the verbal section. Moreover MIT requires the GRE math subject test but if the score on the math subject GRE is not very high then chances of getting in are slim.

For MIT psychology GRE scores are: For MIT psychology the average GRE scores are above 85th percentile for verbal and quant with a 70th percentile in Analytical Writing.

For MIT political science GRE scores are: For MIT political science graduate program there is no average GRE score requirement.

Will I get in with an ‘XYZ’ GRE score?

While I wish that I could give everyone an exact answer of their chances of getting in with a certain GRE score, unfortunately that is not possible. This is because the application process includes tens of other factors. My advice of MIT aspirants is to strive hard to hone all parts of the application and not just focus solely on the GRE scores.


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    Are you sure about CS department that they are not interested in GRE scores??

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    Hi, I am thinking about applying for Physics PhD program in MIT. How much score in GRE I need to score? How important is the Verbal score if I have a good CV, LOR, SOP?

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      Hello. Verbal 158+ is fine but quant must be nearly perfect

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    Hello! What about architecture courses?

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    What GRE score do I need for Industrial Engineering at MIT?

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