Advantages of Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan

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Yes, scholarship is important. It helps make education free for the deserving. Moreover in Pakistan where many deserving students do not get the opportunity to go abroad to a progressive country like U.S., a scholarship is the only means to the achieve that end. Therefore I decided to help you guys by explaining to you all the advantages of Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan.

When it comes to studying in America there is a great deal of hype around scholarships especially Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistani students. However, I have come to realize that many of the students in Pakistan don’t quite research deeply before choosing it. They do not explore many other opportunities that the U.S. presents before them other than, as I say, one of the ‘best’ scholarships around – the Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistan.

Choose the right scholarship or funding opportunity and it will create the most glorious experience for you at the university.

Choose the wrong one and it will create tear-inducing experience that will cause you to bang your head against the wall.

When I was studying in United States, I met several Fulbright scholars from Pakistan studying in different universities across America. To my surprise some of them were not happy with the Fulbright, whereas many were content. During my interactions with them I learned a lot about their Fulbright experiences and thought it would be helpful to share these experiences with future Pakistani Fulbright applicants like you.

On a daily basis I receive a lot of questions revolving around the advantages of Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan. Earlier I wrote an article that answers many questions about the Fulbright program in Pakistan. Today my main focus will be to help prospective Fulbright students decide whether or not the Fulbright Scholarship in Pakistan suits their career goals and ambitions.

I will shed light on the benefits of the Fulbright funding for Pakistani students and hope that by the end you will be able to base your decision on rationale rather a blinded one. In another post, I have also put some lime light on the negative aspects of the Fulbright program.

Advantages of Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan

Fulbright Scholarship is one the most financially beneficial scholarships to study in the U.S. for students from Pakistan. There are numerous monetary benefits of Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan such as the following:

100% tuition waiver

Under the Fulbright Scholarship program for Pakistan, every admitted Pakistani applicant gets a full tuition waiver i.e. they attend the entire degree program for free.

One return air ticket between U.S. and Pakistan

The Fulbright organization in Pakistan pays for and arranges the two way international travel of every student from Pakistan and back. So you do not have to worry about arranging a flight and scheduling it for the right time – all of this is taken care of by the Fulbright body Pakistan.

Sufficient monthly allowance for living & food

The Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan provides a monthly stipend based on the cost of living in the location of your university. Since every state and the corresponding university has different cost of living, therefore the allowance varies. For example someone studying in New York will get a larger allowance than someone in Texas – since NY is a very expensive place to live. But this stipend is sufficient to cover the living expenses of an individual student.

Free health, accidental and sickness insurance

One of the benefits of the Fulbright grant in Pakistan is the health coverage for accidents and sickness. Health and medical is extremely expensive in the U.S., hence having a fully covered and paid for heath benefits is one of the great advantages of Fulbright program for Pakistani’s.

Initial setup and relocation allowance

As part of the Fulbright fund every successful applicant gets a onetime allowance to help cover the cost of finding housing and buying items needed to set it up after arriving in the U.S. This amount of money is sufficient to buy all the necessary things needed to live comfortably.

Books, Stationary and Research Allowance

This allowance is used to purchase semester books, stationary supplies, educational materials and a computer or its accessories. Again the amount varies per program and host university.

Language study programs

English language training is compulsory for all Fulbright students in Pakistan and it is provided under the pre-academic programs. This has to be taken by every Pakistani Fulbright students irrespective of the fact that they have given the TOEFL exam.

It takes place just before Pakistan Fulbright students begin their academic programs in the U.S.; its focuses on language and communication skills especially in the academic setting. This provides Pakistani students a lot of assistance to succeed in their graduate programs. This program includes a bunch of activities and topics such as instructional seminars, research sessions, and academic writing.

Pre-departure and in-country orientations

As a Fulbright student from Pakistan you do not need to worry about getting your questions answered regarding America and its life. Fulbright does that for you so that when you reach U.S. you are already aware of a lot of things about this country.

Two major orientations are held by the Fulbright organisation for Pakistani’s – one on the day of departure from Pakistan and the other one on the day of arrival to U.S. These sessions mainly focus on a brief overview and description of the Fulbright Program for Pakistan – their legal rights and responsibilities as International students.

These seminars also introduce Pakistani students to the U.S. academic system and culture. Such orientations are very beneficial to us in Pakistan since they provide an early opportunity for Fulbright students to learn about U.S.

Once in the U.S., Pakistani students also attend social events so that they can introduce and mingle with the Americans. Special field trips are also organised as part of this awareness program for free.

Visa assistance and Fee

Although you have to submit your forms yourself in order to apply for the visa, the Fulbright does provide visa guidance and counseling to Pakistani Fulbright applicants for free. Also there is no cost for applying for a visa and that is waived off for all Fulbright applicants in Pakistan. Unless there is a genuine security clearance issues, generally I have seen Fulbright students from Pakistan get their U.S. J-1 visa easily.

To apply for Fulbright or get more information please visit the official website of Fulbright Pakistan.

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  1. If someone is already enrolled in an academic program in Pakistan, can he/she apply for the same degree via fullbright scholarship, only for the sake of better education?

    • Hi Mehwish,

      Yes one can. There will be no problems with that. However you will not be able to transfer any courses or credits that you have already studied. That is you will have to start the degree all over again. Moreover Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan does not accept applications for Clinical medicine and Ph.D. in business. Just to make sure that you are not in one of those categories 🙂 I hope it helps.


  2. ;Informative article 🙂
    Sir can you please tell about the chances of being successful to secure full bright scholarship? I am looking forward to pursue my Masters in Engineering next year from US. What’s the number of scholars selected each year under the program?

    • Hi Ali,

      There is no fixed number of Fulbright scholars who get selected each year from Pakistan. The number varies. But overall the number of Fulbright scholarships are more than 200. In order to get a good chance of getting in, focus on getting a good GRE score and having qualified professors write to great recommendations. If you have any publications or research work already published in a recognised journal that will be a huge plus. It increases the chances of getting to the interview stage. GPA does not weigh in much but having a very bad GPA will negatively effect your chances. Hope that helps!

  3. Excellent article,

    Do you have any idea what the interview for the fulbright program is focused on. What do they want to know ? The questions they ask? The weight age they give to different factors?


    • Hey Samir,

      Thanks for the kudos…I am putting up a post regarding the Fulbright interview for Pakistani students – the common/important questions and how should you try and answer those…I ll shoot you an email once I post it on this website…Hopefully you can look at it tomorrow 🙂 It will be pretty detailed so you may learn a lot from it…



  4. I have a querry. If someone is married and takes his family with him (spouse+kids) what about the children education ? is is free ! or not / expensive ??


    • Hi Ali,

      The children/wife are the responsibility of the Fulbright Scholar….In my best knowledge they are not sponsored in any way by the USEFP – and quality education is definitely expensive in the U.S. Infact if you are talking about rupee to dollar conversion there is already a huge rift there…therefore expect to pay somewhere between 8,000-12,000 dollars per child per year for all expenses including education, medical, etc etc… make your choice wisely…hope it helps! Good luck.

  5. Post was very informative.
    Talha could you post an estimated STIPEND a fulbrighter get each month/year ?
    I know you mentioned it depends… But a rough estimate from your own experience and other fulbrighters you used to get know ???
    It would be helpful though.
    One more question I want to know that do they allow you to live in private apartment or do they provide housing on campus ?

    • Hi Jal,

      You are right…there is no fixed amount that the Fulbright pays as stipend…however I knew a few Fulbrighters at Cornell who used to get $1400 per month. He was a PhD. student…one masters student i Knew at Virginia Tech got $900…so see it really varies…but a PhD. would get at least $1200 a month to survive 🙂 Fulbright definitely gives reasonably well and one shouldn’t have any problems 😀

      Regarding housing it really depends on you actually….rooms will never be shared…this is something uncommon for grad students in the U.S. However apartments are shared meaning that you can pay less to get a shared house/apartment for yourself…if you want a personalised apartment or something it depends on you actually…u can do that provided u have the funds…fulbright will not give u more stipend than what they allot you..

      Hope I make sense..

      let me know if you have any other question 😉 here to help


      • Hey,

        While going through your post and the comments related with, I have checked the average stipend of full bright scholar. Is it really so?? I am astonished, I know a friend who has been pursuing PhD in University of Houston, Texas, with a tuition waiver 100%, and monthly stipend of $1950 which can be increased during summer research work. He is not a full bright scholar but he applied on his own and fortunately got admission.

  6. Dear Talha,

    I wanted to know whether I could take the GRE and TOEFL exams and send the scores to USEFP before the applications open for the fullbright scholarships, or not?


    • Hi Ahmad,

      Indeed you can. That is not a problem since the USEFP actually retains your scores with them even if you send them before the application.



  7. when should TOEFL and GRE exams be taken? Could it be taken after submitting the application? Is work experience and extra curricular activities necessary?

    • hmmm…Fatima that is an easy question to answer. It is recommended to take the GRE and TOEFL before the application deadline. However, in case it is not possible for you to do that then I would suggest that ask your university if it is ok with them…

      Work experience, if relevant to your field of study will always help you get into a good program and also get a scholarship…extra curricular are important but if your other parts of the application are strong then you won’t have much issues… 🙂

      Hope this helps

  8. Hi
    Article was really informative n helpfull, but I ve some queries left. I’m a qualified pharmacist n I’ve done my Mphil in pharmaceutics n now I want to get scholarship for phd . Can u provide me with information either I can get fullbright scholarship or not in this area of research ..?

    • Hi Mahvash,

      Yes you can get Fulbright in this area. You just need to fulfill their requirements and apply. Hopefully you will make it through given you have worked hard enough.

      Hope this helps.


  9. sir! would you like to tell me ,how much marks in GRE test one should score….??

    • There is no minimum benchmark – however the better you score the better will be your chances. If i were you i would target something around 315 on the GRE.

  10. Thanx a lot for such meningful info.I need to know whether it is possible to work somewhere while studyng as a FULBRIGHT schoalr?

  11. hi :)! would you like to tell me about grading system of GRE …?

  12. My GRE score on my score report – Verbal 157 (77th percentile ) Quant 159 (82 percentile ) I took the test in Sept 2011. But if I look at the new conversion charts by ETS Verbal 157 ( 73rd percentile ) and Quant 159 ( 80 th percentile or 79 th percentile) which one would be actually considered true?

    • I’m applying for FB 2014, my GPA is 3.92 from NUST in mechanical engineering. I have also won Gold medal at the uni, plus I have many extra curricular achievements to present. What do you think about my chances for a Fulbright? And can you tell me that which are the universities in which Fulbrihters from Pakistan are placed? I’d take the GMAT next month and hopefully get a better percentile rank in both verbal and quant, as my intended program also accepts GMAT scores. Do we get placed into MIT, Colombia and other top universities?

      • For FB you must take the GRE….Yes FB does place you in top uni’s….

    • Hi, Your actual score report is the true one.

  13. I have applied for Fulbright , my score is 157 verbal and 150 quantitative .. is it good enough ? for humanities and social sciences

    • hi, yes this is a pretty decent score and you should do fine as far as GRE is concerned. However focus on other parts of your application. Good Luck!

  14. Talha bro i am doing bachelors in computer science . I will apply foir it INSHLLAH can u tell what is the best gre score for me ?

    • Minimum 300

      • GRE score should be good, but I have met some scholars with a GRE score around 290, so, dont lose hope that you cant apply with a low sscore

        • I did engineering in Mechatronics and scored 296. 153Q and 143V. Should I apply? My cgpa is 3.249

          • Your GRE is very low – quant is poor and you will not stand any chance.

  15. Dera Talha
    Thank you for nice information. I want to know weather a student having M.Phil. in Islamic studies can apply for PhD under fulbright scholarship? and according to your expert opinion, the chance of selection in this subject is same as for science and engineering students?
    Best Regards

    • Hello Nauman,

      Thank you for your email. Yes you can do a PhD in Islamic studies under the FB. Well i cant really say about the chance of selection as it depends on the overall applicant. But FB does not banish Islamic studies so my guess is it will be considered equally as other fields. Good luck!

  16. I want to avail this but the problem arises that is there any stipend for the children and husband in this FB? is this FB is only for individual not for married person who want to take her family with them?

    • Unfortunately you will not be getting any additional stipend for your family. In this case then you will have to rely on your personal funds to support your family.

      • personal funds like?….if my husband works and i study there with 2 year old child….will this help.

        • Your husband cannot work in US!

  17. Hi Talha Omer

    I have been nominated for the Fulbright Fellowship from India. I just wanted to know about the Stipend given by the Fulbright board in the US. It is mentioned in the website that the base fellowship is $1,870 and a monthly allowance of $2000. Will they really give this much for visiting PhD scholars?? Please reply…

  18. I completed my MSc economics back in 2010 with 2.67 CGPA. I have 3 years work administrative experience in from LUMS, private business, internships all put together. I am teaching A levels past couple months. Just took IELTS with 7.5 Band which unfortunately is inapplicable for MS/MPhil/PhD.

    1) What are my chances of gaining a FB for Masters?
    2) Can i still apply for FB Fall 2014 session?
    3) Do you also advise admissions in MPhil/MA/MS programs other than FB?


    • Have you taken the GRE? Yes you can apply for next year i.e. 2015. Yes I do advice admissions other than FB!

  19. Hey,
    I wanted to ask if there are any possibilities for scholarships for GRE and TOEFL tests?

    • Yes FB scholarship is an option after giving the GRE and TOEFL. Plus there are many university scholarships too – you can check them directly with the university!

  20. Salam.

    Talha please tell me if i am selected for Fulbright. can i do a part time job there?

    • WAS. no Faryal you cannot.

    • You cannot get a part time job off-campus but you really don’t need to; state department pays a generous stipend. You can however work as a TA or an RA after getting approval from IIE.

      • Hi SJ,

        Can you really wrok as TA or RA? Coz I heard somehere else you can’t. And what to you mean by IIE?

        • You can work but have to get permission from the USEFP!


  22. Salam Talha
    i have done M.phil in mass communication (media studies). can u please tell, what is suitable GRE score (verbal+quant) for FB

    • WAS Shahid! anything above 310 is suitable.

  23. Hi Talha
    Thank you for such an informative article. Is there any exception to the 2 year rule? If someone wants to apply for another degree in the UK for example after completing their degree in the US, would that be possible?

    • Hi Rameesha, Unfortunately there is no exception to the 2 year rule – you will have to come back to Pakistan after you graduate 🙂

      • Actually you can study in USA on F1 right after your Fulbright Program ends and you can study in any other part of the world too. You just can’t get an H1 visa or immigration to USA without spending 2 years in Pakistan.
        Also, there are some circumstances that can get you a waiver from the 2 year rule. You can find a list of them on state department’s website.

  24. Hi
    I have 2 years old baby and i want to ask you if FB allowed her to travel with me and i will pay for her plane ticket and all of her living expences

    • Hello Alyaa, Yes you can take her along!

  25. Hi Talha,

    I just passed MBA in Supply Chain Management by 2014 and going to apply FB. I have experience of 6 years in shipping industry. What are the chance for me???


  26. Hi Talha…..I have gone through most of the comments, especially your article on disadvantages of the Fullbright Scholarship. It is really helpful. Just want to know that do you suggest other scholarships and such guidance for study in the US?????? along with GMAT preparation……l

    • Hello Kashif – in my view if you have a strong profile with solid work experience, some white papers or research papers published and a good GMAT score of around 700+, then Fulbright should be your back up – you can find better funding opportunities in the US in that case.

  27. Dear Talha Umer, May you kindly inform me or give me idea about the monthly stipend offered by Full Bright Scholarship Program for Post-Doc ( Full Bright Scholar Fellowship) for a Pakistani Scholar going to complete his Post-Doc research in California, USA.

    • Hello – it is around 1800 USD.

  28. Salam I have passed my inter exam now may I apply for BS pathology

  29. Salam sir may I apply for BS pathology. …I have passed my inter exam now

    • WAS You can apply for MS and PHD programs under FB!

  30. hi, can you please give me an idea of how much a dependents health insurance may cost, and also is there any way ur dependents can accompany you at the same time u go to US.

    • Dependents cost around 6000 USD per dependent per year. Yes they can go with you to US

  31. Can Fulbright Aspirant support financially to his family back in Pakistan, by saving from stipends or by part-time Job?

    • Yes from stipends you can – part-time jobs are not available to FB grantees

  32. Hi, does Fulbright also provide funds to buy a laptop?

  33. Thankyou very much for being a helping hand.
    Could you please inform about the time required by USEFP for initial shortlisting of applications. And whether it is correct that Fulbright provides support for one dependant.

    • It is done by October. FB does not provide any support for dependents

  34. Salam
    Sir I have done BBA (Honours) and then did MBA (18 years of education) in 2014. Can I apply to PhD through FB? What should be the first step? Should I apply to FB scholarship or should I give GRE first?

    • WS Yes you can apply – first step is to take the GRE exam. Deadline will be in May next year but you can apply in March. Thanks

  35. Does Fullbright scholarship also provides a return ticket for the depandents?

    • No expense paid for dependents by Fulbright

  36. Doesnt fullbright provide stipend for the dependants? I mean I wish to do Phd in 2018 and want to take my both kids with me.

  37. Hi ! I have recently completed my BSc and now im getting enrolled in MSc. I intend to apply for UGRAD but im worried my English score in BSc degree certificate is unbelievably bad (44/100). Will it effect my selection ? And how do they test English proficiency if TOEFL is not required ?!

    • Hello Misbah – I have already replied to your email. Thanks – let me know if you have any further queries.

  38. Hi Assalam o Alikum
    I want to know about the USEFP semester exchange program scholarships for undergraduate pakistani student . I am still studying is 5th semester in a university and my CGPA is 3.40 . Will i be the able to get that scholarship ? And how much allownce did US give to the students of pakistan

    • W.S. Younas. Yes you will be able to get it. Allowance varies depending on which state you are going to be placed in.

  39. Dear Talha,

    I am looking forward to get a Ph.D in supply chain management. Does full bright scholarship cover this although my bachelors is in engineering, my masters is in Quality management.

    • Hello Azha, Yes FB does cover it under their program.

  40. Respected Sir
    According to this year GRE minimum requirements they have mentioned 138 verbal and 138 quantitative. Unfortunately I got 137 in verbal and 147 in quantitative. Am I ineligible to apply ? I went through their FAQ section and they have mentioned that in low scores they will consider GPA and other things. I want to apply for PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry and I got 3.94 CGPA in M.Phil. Please help me better in this matter.

    • Hello Fariha – you are not eligible to apply.Those are strict FB requirements

  41. Hi talha,

    Can u plz guide on scholarship options other than full bright available for paki students?

    • Hello Komal – you can apply for chevening, rhodes, erasmu mundus, ausaid, endeavour and common wealth. Mainly these are the available scholarships

  42. Sir! will they allow the full bright PhD scholar for part-time job???

  43. I option with me for PhD are operation management and operation research???? do FB cover this???

  44. Hi Omer!

    How does the FB candidates’ university placement take place? Are FB candidates required to furnish their university preferences in their application, and later the USEFPakistan takes up the applications to those universities for admissions, or the candidates are required to seek admissions in the programme as well as the university on their own and the USEFPakistan takes care of the funding like Chevening?


    • Hello Raza,

      FB takes the uni preference of candidates and applies directly on the candidate’s behalf. The candidate is NOT allowed to apply directly to the program.

  45. Does fullbright allows those students which are trying to get admission in universities , I means those,who recently completed intermediate .

    • Only those who want to apply for Masters/PHD

  46. Hi

    I am an undergraduate student studying Finance, Accounting and Management at the University of Nottingham, UK. I am currently in my second year but after I graduate I intend to go for a masters program in either Finance or Accounting at a reputed US college. Firstly, I wanted to enquire if I am eligible to apply since I currently reside in the UK for my education but otherwise am a Pakistani national. Secondly, what are the chances of getting into the FB program given the choice of my major?


    • Hello Jassim,

      Well you are eligible but your chance os getting the Fulbright are next to none because out of the 170+ students that Fulbright sends to U.S. only 1 gets in with a foreign undergrad degree. Moreover over the last 5 years only 1-2 students with foreign undergrads have made it on Fulbright!

  47. My masters’ results will be out in 2019 which will be my 16 year education by then so when shall I register for the Fulbright scholarship? I mean which month the online registration is available?

    • Hello,

      If you get your degree and transcripts by Dec 2019, then you can apply in May 2019. Else apply in 2020.

  48. Hello,

    My 16 year education will be done by 2019’s first few months since it is mandatory to hold 16 years education to apply for FB. So can you please guide me when shall I get myself register for FB scholarship and what are their demands to get up to their expectations from the applicants? Please remember I don’t know a thing about it.

    Thank you.

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