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Basically there are two things that I wanted to share with my readers and students on my “About Me” page: Ofcourse the first one is a bit about me, then a bit about why I started with BrightLink Prep.

On 21 September 2007 when I gave my GRE exam I scored 1590/1600 with a 800/800 in the Quantitative section. (This converts to a 339/340 on the Revised Scale). In 2008 I gave my GMAT and got a 97 percentile. Then I went to U.S. to pursue my postgraduate studies at one of the elitest IVY League – Cornell and also took up a couple of courses at Harvard.


Three and a half years later. . .


… when I was in Pakistan I started getting a lot of queries from students aspiring to go to the U.S. for higher studies regarding GRE, GMAT, Admissions, Recommendation, Statement of Purpose etc. . .

This propelled me to start BrightLink Prep – with the only aim of helping out prospective students in Pakistan getting into U.S. and doing the GRE and GMAT.


About Me


I am . . . Talha Omer

  • You know about my U.S. education and my scores.
  • I worked for 2 years at Telenor and now I am an independent strategy and marketing consultant for various companies.
  • My passion for teaching and U.S. education has motivated me to help out you guys get over the hurdle of GRE and GMAT and applying to U.S. colleges.

I am on. . .

  • LinkedIn, Facebook, and of course email: info at brightlinkprep dot com


About BrightLink Prep’s Spirit


Harvard and Cornell played very influential roles in my life. I have a dream – every fellow Pakistani who loves education should make it to such places. And I would love to guide you towards that goal.

I hope you find my courses and the associated blog to be of value.

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Study Objective of Fulbright Scholar at Yale

With an admissions rate of only around 15%, even applicants with the most outstanding profiles and GRE test scores get rejected from the Fulbright Scholarship program in Pakistan.

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GRE or GPA. Which is Important?

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How to tackle the GRE Verbal Section

Verbal section is a natural fear for most non-native English speakers and for those whose cognitive aptitude is inclined more towards mathematical reasoning than language and literature.

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Brightlink Starts GRE & GMAT Prep in Twin Cities

Brightlink has collaborated with the leading university of Pakistan, NUST, to begin GRE & GMAT prep classes for students in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

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From 294 to 327 on the GRE in 3 months

It took me a long time and the journey was extremely tough but I finally made it last week – a 327 on the GRE, 169 Quant and 158 on verbal.

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Umair Scored 338 on the GRE. Read His Experience

I write this to share my complete GRE experience: how I prepared for the test, what test strategies I figured out in the process, the role of BrighLink Prep and all the important lessons I learnt during this two and a half month ride.

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